I Became Invincible After Sweeping The Floor For 70 Years

Chapter 4
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Opening the Divine Sea!

Qin Chen was extremely surprised. He had actually obtained the Divine Spirit Source.

Spirit stones were the resources of the cultivation world. They contained an abundance of spiritual energy, and could help cultivators increase their cultivation speed.

But there were different levels of spirit stones. The Divine Spirit Source belonged to the highest level. It was equivalent to the refining of innumerable spirit stones on a large scale. Even with hundreds of spirit vessels, a Divine Spirit Source usually did not appear.

Moreover, the Divine Spirit Source rewarded by the system was the size of a human head, about one-tenth of a cubic meter. It was equivalent to at least three to four hundred thousand pounds of ordinary spiritual stones. Its value was priceless.

Qin Chen did not expect to receive a Divine Spirit Source at Taiyi Main Hall.

It was a huge surprise. Obtaining the Divine Spirit Source meant that he could start his cultivation journey smoothly, open up his Divine Sea, and become a truly formidable cultivator.

Of course, Qin Chen did not take out the Divine Spirit Source immediately. It contained quite powerful spiritual energy. If he rashly took it out of the system space, he would be easily detected.

Taiyi Holy Land was a very big place. Back then, it was an immortal holy land that ruled over the southern wilderness. Its land area was vast and wide, stretching for tens of thousands of miles.

Qin Chen had been a handyman disciple for a while, so naturally he had discovered quite a number of secret locations. Therefore, after returning, he searched for a relatively hidden cave. For years, not a single person had been seen there. Moreover, he was going deep into the cave, so any movements could be easily concealed.

Besides, Taiyi Holy Land was way too big. It was not easy for him to be discovered.

Qin Chen took out the Divine Spirit Source from the system space, and started to cultivate the Chaotic Imperial Sutra.

At first, the dantian in his body felt rigid. But after continuous absorption of magnificent spiritual energy from the Divine Spirit Source, it expanded rapidly. Waves of divine power appeared, having been transformed from spiritual energy by the Chaotic Imperial Sutra, and filled the divine sea.

The Chaotic Holy Body was the best body type from past to present. And the divine power being produced was derived from cultivating the Chaotic Imperial Sutra with that body. Just then, a divine power ocean with glowing golden ripples emerged. It looked like a trembling golden ocean, with surging, raging waves. It was a terrifying sight.

A blinding golden light shone from within his body, illuminating the entire cave.

Fortunately, he was inside a cave. It would have been dangerous if that had been discovered by the outside world.


While he was cultivating, Qin Chen felt the blood energy throughout his body circulating. A powerful energy surged in his body, increasing his strength significantly.

After successfully opening his divine sea, and entering the first human body realm – Yiyuan Realm, Qin Chen officially became a cultivator.

He was no longer a mortal, but a cultivator who could defy the heavens.

Qin Chen was elated. One day, he would finally be able to become a true cultivator who could defy the heavens.

If he cultivated to a high level, he would be able to fly in the sky, burrow into the ground and do many other great things. He might even reach the levels of the ancient great emperors.

Qin Chen continued to cultivate the Chaotic Imperial Sutra without ceasing.

After a day and night of cultivation, he finally stopped. He did not feel tired at all. On the contrary, he felt refreshed and full of energy, as if he could kill a scaled dragon with a single punch.

He was not afraid of being discovered because the system could conceal everything. Even the Holy Lord would not notice that Qin Chen had successfully opened his divine sea.

When he returned to the handyman yard, everything was as per normal. The elder in charge of the handyman yard and other handyman disciples did not notice that Qin Chen had disappeared for a full day and night.

Taiyi Holy Land was just too big. Each sweeper handyman was responsible for a large area that could take ten days or even half a month to finish. As long as their areas were sufficiently clean, the handyman elders could not be bothered.

That was exactly what Qin Chen wanted. After all, it would be normal for him to disappear for a few days while cultivating.

When he returned, it was already dark.

His residence was a small wooden house, and there was another old handyman inside drinking wine.

The old handyman was already more than 70 years old. Although lacking in talent, he was still an Yiyuan Realm cultivator who had opened his divine sea. So he could, to a certain extent, extend his life. Therefore, he only looked 40 or 50 years old.

Since Qin Chen arrived more than a year ago, the old handyman had taken good care of him, and never laughed at him.

He was eating and drinking wine at that moment. It was one of the few pleasures he had.


Qin Chen went forward to greet the old handyman. They sat down together, lifted their bowls and started to eat.

The food was provided by Taiyi Holy Land’s food court. It was made of some herbs and contained just a bit of spiritual energy, which was beneficial to the body. Of course, that was mainly meant for the ordinary disciples.

The old handyman was eating, when he suddenly looked at Qin Chen in surprise. The fallen prince looked different that day. He had grown a little taller and his eyes were bright. Something had definitely changed.

Could he have succeeded in opening his Divine Sea?

However, when he examined carefully, he did not sense the aura of a divine sea.

The old handyman sighed softly. He was thinking too much.

Qin Chen glanced at the old handyman. He knew that there was no need to worry about the old handyman’s actions. With the system’s concealment, even the Holy Lord would not be able to detect anything, let alone an old Yiyuan Realm handyman.

He could not tell anyone about his ability to cultivate, the old handyman included.

Once he was exposed, it would not just be a question of whether he would be able to cultivate. It would also expose the Chaotic Holy Body and even the Chaotic Imperial Sutra.

An ordinary man is innocent, but guilty if he possesses treasure!

He believed that many super experts in that world would be willing to fight tooth and nail for the Chaotic Holy Body and Chaotic Imperial Sutra.

The two handymen had a simple chat and ended it there.

The next day, Qin Chen did not go to Taiyi Main Hall because it would be suspicious if a handyman disciple appeared two days in a row. Instead, he went to a waterfall where official disciples of the holy land cultivated. He could sense that the spiritual energy there was rich.

The waterfall was three thousand feet high, producing clouds of mist. Cranes soared in the sky, and spirit deer galloped. It was a fairyland-like scene.

There were many official disciples cultivating in front of the waterfall, absorbing spiritual energy.

Many of them were the same age as Qin Chen, and had already opened up their divine sea. Some were even in the Liangyi Realm, which was considered outstanding at that age.

“Oh, it’s the fallen prince.”

“What prince? Don’t forget, he’s been expelled from the Great Qin Dynasty and is no longer a prince.”

“If I were the Great Qin Dynasty, I would not want to acknowledge such a useless mortal as a prince either.”


When those official disciples saw that Qin Chen had arrived, they merely shot him an indifferent glance. They were somewhat arrogant.

After all, they were official disciples who had opened up their divine seas and embarked on the true path of cultivation. In future, they would be reaching the Sancai Realm, with hopes of even becoming experts of the Sixiang Realm, doing magnificent things. On the other hand, handyman disciples of that sort often had no hope of cultivating in their entire lives.

Even if they could cultivate, they would only be able to reach the Yiyuan Realm at most. If they were lucky, they might even reach Liangyi Realm. But that was it.

The gap between them would only grow wider over time!

However, they could not help but feel a little uncomfortable looking at that divine dynasty prince. They should have been looking up to him. But now he was just a handyman disciple, looking up to them instead.

Qin Chen took note of the disciples’ expressions, but did not say anything. He had already gotten used to it.

Moreover, he was now able to cultivate, and was even the successor to the Chaotic Heavenly Emperor with the Chaotic Holy Body. He was destined to rise from the dust. His heart had suddenly opened, and he could not be bothered to argue with those people.

Low-key cultivation was the way to go.

Suddenly, a young lady in a long white dress appeared. She had an oval face, and her skin was as white as snow. She was 28 years old. The lady was extremely beautiful and attracted the attention of all the disciples present.

“Oh my God, it’s Senior Ling Ran. Even she has come here!”

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