I Became Invincible After Sweeping The Floor For 70 Years

Chapter 39
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The Demon Disaster Is Here

The 9th Prince’s expression also darkened. He said coldly, “To think a mere Demon Valley dares to wreak havoc in the territory of the human race, causing countless lives to be lost. Do they really not put the human race in their eyes?”

In the past, although he was a Prince of an immortal divine dynasty, he had never seen such a miserable scene.

After all, the Great Qin Dynasty was an immortal divine dynasty that ruled hundreds of millions of miles of the Central Province. Their army was also in the hundreds of millions, so how would the demons dare to invade such a powerful ancient divine dynasty? Such a bloody scene had naturally never happened there before.

“Let’s go and see Lu Xuan first,” Qin Chen said.

He and the 9th Prince silently arrived at a palace in Zhenyao City. The Taiyi Holy Lord was the only one there, and he was sitting cross-legged while circulating his power to heal his injuries.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes and saw the two of them. His expression quickly brightened as he stood up and cupped his fists towards the figure that was surrounded by light, “Greetings, Elder King.”

Qin Chen’s gaze fell on Lu Xuan. He could sense that Lu Xuan’s injuries were not shallow. He had an internal injury, and demonic energy had invaded his body, which he could not expel immediately.

Now that his aura was weak, it was obvious that he was heavily injured.

“You’re seriously injured, and demonic energy has invaded your body. It hasn’t been expelled yet. That Demon King is not weak,” Qin Chen said.

“Elder King, you are right,” The Taiyi Holy Lord said with a wry smile, “That Demon King is at least at level five of the Qiyao Realm. I’m far from its match, so I was injured during the battle.”

“Cough,” As he spoke, he coughed violently and blood flowed from the corner of his mouth. He was seriously injured.

Seeing this, Qin Chen strode forward. He placed a hand on the other party’s shoulder and said, “Don’t circulate your power, I’ll help you dissolve the demonic power.”

With that, a clear light shot out of his palm and entered the Taiyi Holy Lord’s body. It instantly circulated around his limbs.

To his surprise, the Taiyi Holy Lord found that the Demon King’s power that he couldn’t do expel even after long attempts and could only suppress was quickly dispersed and expelled out of his body once the Elder King made a move.

Qin Chen had displayed the unfathomable cultivation of the Elder King.

“Many thanks for the Elder King’s help!” The Taiyi Holy Lord said gratefully.

“It’s fine,” With a flip of his hand, a pill appeared in Qin Chen’s hand. It was as vibrant as fresh blood and was surrounded by wisps of light, “Take this pill. It can speed up your recovery.”

“This is... A blood spirit-restoring pill!” The Taiyi Holy Lord was shocked.

The 9th Prince’s expression didn’t change. He even looked at the Taiyi Holy Lord in disdain. It was just a blood spirit-restoring pill. Was there a need to be so surprised?

He had forgotten that his expression had been similar to the Taiyi Holy Lord’s back then.

Qin Chen nodded, “This is a pill that I’ve just simply refined. You can take it.”

A pill... That he just simply refined.

The corners of the Taiyi Holy Lord’s mouth twitched. However, when he thought about how the Elder King had become a peerless Venerable without anyone knowing, and how he had helped the 9th Prince and Ling Ran break through two levels in just three years, it seemed reasonable that Elder King also knew alchemy.

In short, the Elder King was awesome, and that was all!

The Taiyi Holy Lord didn’t hold back and immediately took the blood spirit-restoring pill. With that, his injuries recovered at a visible speed, and his aura rose. In the end, he returned to his peak. His eyes were bright, and he even felt a little stronger than before.

“As expected of the blood spirit-restoring pill. Not only did it heal my injuries completely, but it also made my blood energy stronger. Besides, as an intermediate seventh-grade pill, after healing my injuries, it’s only used up half of its power. The remaining power will gradually take effect in my meridians, and it can even push my cultivation to the next level. Perhaps it can help me break through and reach a higher realm,” The Taiyi Holy Lord was amazed by the efficacy of the blood spirit-restoring pill.

Qin Chen said, “Holy Lord, you have recovered from your injuries. Let’s head to the Demon Valley together. Let’s solve the demon disaster at its root and end all this.”

The Taiyi Holy Lord was shocked. Did the Elder King mean that he would kill the Demon King?

He was naturally very willing to do so. The Demon King in the Demon Valley was too powerful, and it would be best if they could deal with it.

Boom! Boom!

All of a sudden, the ground began to shake violently. Demonic energy surged into the sky in the distance. It was an astonishing sight.

“The demon disaster is here, and the Demon King is here!”

The Taiyi Holy Lord looked in the direction of the Myriad Demon Mountain Range with a cold gaze. They hadn’t gone to find the Demon King yet, and the Demon King had already come in person.

The three of them soared into the sky from the palace and stood in the sky. They looked in the direction of the Myriad Demon Mountain Range and saw all kinds of demonic beasts emerging from the huge gap in the mountain. In an instant, they gathered into a black mass of a demonic beast army, thousands of them.

The small ones were as small as mice, while the large ones were tens of feet, hundreds of feet, and even thousands of feet tall, like small mountains. They all exuded shocking demonic energy.

Some walked on the ground, while others soared in the sky.

From small demons at the Yiyuan Realm to great Grandmaster demons at the Liuhe Realm, there were all kinds.

The demonic beasts were endless. They were like a black mass, covering the sky and the sun. It was very frightening.

“The demon disaster is here!”

There was a bell tower in Zhenyao City. When the bell rang, the 1.5 million troops of the three great ancient countries were all awakened. Facing the demonic beast army that covered the sky and earth, although they were trembling and knew that they would most likely die if war broke out, they still didn’t retreat. They held their weapons and looked straight ahead, waiting solemnly.

Naturally, the Taiyi Holy Lord wasn’t the only cultivator in Zhenyao City. Many elders and disciples of the Taiyi Holy Land also rushed into the sky.

Their expressions were solemn and their hearts were heavy, but when they saw the two people beside the Holy Lord, they instantly relaxed.

Weren’t they the 9th Prince and the Elder King?

The 9th Prince was already a King of the Qiyao Realm. He was young, but his cultivation was profound. He was on the same level as the various Holy Lords, Family Lords, and Imperial Lords, which was extraordinary.

As for the Elder King, he was a God in the eyes of everyone in the Taiyi Holy Land.


Seeing the Elder King, the people from the Taiyi Holy Land were very excited. They came to him immediately and saluted him respectfully, “Greetings, Elder King.”

Qin Chen nodded slightly. These elders and disciples were quite courageous and upright, still willing to guard this place under such circumstances.

“Human army, stay where you are and don’t move!” The 9th Prince’s armor flapped as he looked ahead and released a terrifying King’s aura.

He rushed into the sky and came to the front of the battlefield. He shouted, “To think mere demons dare to invade the territory of the human race! You’re courting death!”

With that, a three-foot-long divine sword that was flowing with divine light appeared in his hand. He waved it at the demonic beast army that had crossed the Myriad Demon Mountain Range.


The sword light made the ground tremble!

A sword light visible to the naked eye that was tens of thousands of feet long crossed the sky in the blink of an eye like a long river, colliding with the power to sweep away thousands of troops with the army of demonic beasts that rushed out of the Demon Valley.

Blood splattered everywhere. In an instant, countless demonic beasts were beheaded by the sword light, and blood flowed like a river.

The might of a single sword attack!

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