I Became Invincible After Sweeping The Floor For 70 Years

Chapter 16: Qin Chen Returning the Favor
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Chapter 16: Qin Chen Returning the Favor

"Who's there?" Ling Ran let out a soft shout. She was keenly aware that someone had appeared. When she woke up, she saw a figure disappear from the window. She furrowed her eyebrows, feeling that the figure was somewhat familiar.

Just as she was about to call for help, she noticed a shimmering medicinal herb on the table, emitting a special medicinal fragrance.

She only sniffed it lightly, and she felt that the internal injuries in her body seemed to have healed a bit. She looked at the medicinal herb in shock. It was clearly a divine herb.

How precious was divine medicine? So precious that not even the entire Taiyi Holy Land had one.

Even if they did, they probably wouldn't let her use it so easily.

With this divine medicine, Ling Ran believed that her internal injury would definitely be completely cured, and she would no longer have to worry about the danger of dying.

On the other side was a book exuding purple light. A few large words were written on it: Zixia Heaven-ascending Sutra!

"The legendary 'Zixia Heaven-ascending Sutra'!" This made Ling Ran even more surprised than when she saw the divine medicine. This was because the Zixia Heaven-ascending Sutra was a peerless ancient Sutra created by the legendary Supreme Zixia Empress in the era more than one hundred thousand years ago.

It was rumored that the Zixia Empress also had the Zixia Body and had cultivated it to the peak, reaching an unprecedented level.

It was just that, wasn't the "Zixia Heaven-ascending Sutra" lost?

To think it had appeared here.

Ling Ran flipped through the Zixia Heaven-ascending Sutra and found it profound and mysterious. Although it was her first time seeing it, she could feel that it was perfectly compatible with her Zixia Body, making her certain that this was the real Sutra, and she was moved by the gift.

At last, there was only a note with a single line of words: This is to return the favor in the past tenfold!

She thought of the disappearing figure. She had thought that it was a thief who had sneaked in to steal, but the divine medicine and the "Zixia Heaven-ascending Sutra" that appeared on the table were all priceless treasures.

Who was the other party?

Why did he look so familiar?

Moreover, a favor of the past?

When did she give favor to such a mysterious expert?


On the Holy Son's mountain where the Holy Son, lived.

In contrast to the sorrows of the outside world, the Holy Son's mountain was filled with joy.

In the grand palace, the Holy Son Zhao Yi sat on the main seat, flanked by the Holy Land disciples who were on good terms with him and followed him.

At this moment, a disciple cupped his fists at Zhao Yi and laughed, "Congratulations, Your Highness. The Holy Daughter has now failed her tribulation and suffered an internal injury. In the future, it is impossible for her to compete for the position of Holy Lord. In the entire Taiyi Holy Land, you are the most qualified to compete for the Holy Lord's position!"

"Your Highness is now on level seven of the Wuxing Realm. No one in the Holy Land is your match."

"Soon, the next Holy Lord will be decided. Now that the Holy Daughter has been crippled, who else is most qualified to become the Holy Lord but Your Highness?"

In the palace, many disciples were flattering Zhao Yi.

"Everyone, please don't say that. The Holy Daughter will definitely be able to get through this. The Taiyi Holy Land needs a true genius like her to lead the Holy Land back to its former glory!" Zhao Yi shook his head, but a hint of excitement flashed in the depths of his eyes.

"Your Highness must be joking. The Holy Lord has said that the Holy Daughter's Internal injury is imprinted in her origin. She is already very lucky to survive and will not be able to advance further in this life!" A disciple said, "The Taiyi Holy Land needs someone like you to support us, not the Holy Daughter!"

"That's right, Your Highness. Apart from you, who else in the Taiyi Holy Land is qualified to be the next Holy Lord?"

The other disciples also chimed in, their faces full of flattery.

Hearing all this, Zhao Yi's face revealed a "reluctant" expression as he said, "If that's the case, if the Holy Daughter really can't recover, I am willing to bear this responsibility and lead the Holy Land to revive and return to its ancient glory!"

"Your Highness is wise!"

Ever since he found out that the Holy Daughter Ling Ran had suffered an internal injury after going through the heavenly tribulation, and that it would be difficult to heal for the rest of her life, Zhao Yi had appeared very sad in front of others. However, when he returned to his Holy Son's mountain, he would reveal his true colors and appear very happy.

Back then, Zhao Yi and Ling Ran had been chosen as the Holy Son and Holy Daughter of the Taiyi Holy Land.

Countless people in the Holy Land believed that Zhao Yi would become the Holy Lord of the Taiyi Holy Land one day, and the Holy Daughter was destined to be his wife.

Even Zhao Yi himself thought so.

However, ever since Ling Ran gradually displayed her amazing talent and surpassed him, the light that should have belonged to him as the Holy Son was snatched away by Ling Ran, and it gradually dimmed.

Gradually, everyone in the Holy Land believed that the next Holy Lord would no longer be him, but Ling Ran.

As for Ling Ran, she couldn't possibly become Zhao Yi's wife.

Even though Zhao Yi had been working very hard over the years and had shown sufficient talent, the gap between him and Ling Ran still gradually widened. Moreover, Ling Ran's legendary physique of the Zixia Body had also gradually shown her extraordinary talent and amazing cultivation speed.

Back then, the two of them had started cultivating at about the same time. However, after so many years, Ling Ran had already transcended the heavenly tribulation and reached the Liuhe Realm, while he had only reached level seven of the WuxingRealm. The gap between them was getting bigger and bigger.

Now that Ling Ran had suffered an internal injury after transcending the tribulation, the Holy Land would no longer have high hopes for her, and they would once again pour their resources into him, the Holy Son.

In the future, he would also succeed the position of the Holy Lord, and Ling Ran would become his wife.

Zhao Yi was naturally happy to see such a thing happen. When no one was around, he would occasionally reveal a happy smile, "As expected, I am the main character of the world. The next Holy Lord will not be Ling Ran, but me! Since that's the case, there's no need to agree to that fellow's request. "

Mentioning "that fellow", Zhao Yi revealed a deep look of fear.

A few days later, a brilliant purple light suddenly burst out in Zixia Palace. It spread out for hundreds of miles, accompanied by a powerful aura, which attracted the attention of all parties in the Taiyi Holy Land.

A beautiful figure soared into the sky. It was none other than Ling Ran. She was as ethereal as a fairy, like a celestial who had come to Earth.

This scene truly stunned everyone.

Didn't Ling Ran fail to transcend her heavenly tribulation, suffer from internal injuries, and was going to die soon?

Why did it seem like she was different overnight? Her aura had faintly become stronger as well. Her aura that should have been weak and dispirited had been reborn and flourished, and it was even better than before.

What had happened?

The Taiyi Holy Lord led a group of elders to Ling Ran's side. They could feel that Ling Ran had changed a lot since yesterday. She did not seem weak at all.

Moreover, they could clearly feel waves of powerful energy continuously bursting out of Ling Ran's body. Although they were all in the Liuhe Realm, many Supreme Elders' expressions changed slightly at this moment. This was because Ling Ran's aura was not much weaker than theirs, old Grandmasters who had been in the Liuhe Realm for hundreds of years. Rather, it was even stronger, which shouldn't be.

The Taiyi Holy Lord looked at Ling Ran and said in surprise, "Ling Ran, have you recovered from your internal injuries?"

Ling Ran nodded, saying in an aloof manner, "Thank you for your concern, Holy Lord, and all the elders. My internal injury has already healed!"

Hearing this, even though the Taiyi Holy Lord and the other elders had already guessed it, they were still shocked.

The Holy Son, Zhao Yi, couldn't help but exclaim, "This is impossible!"

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