I Became Invincible After Sweeping The Floor For 70 Years

Chapter 15
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Ling Ran’s Friendship With Qin Chen

Qin Chen was slightly stunned. The Zixia Palace had just been built not long ago, but it already contained divinity?

He confirmed to check-in in his heart. It was just a single check-in opportunity anyway.

[Dingdong, congratulations, you have obtained the reward from checking in: Zixia Heaven-ascending Sutra!]

The system’s notification surprised Qin Chen.

The Zixia Heaven-ascending Sutra?

His consciousness sank into the system space, and he found an ancient book that had appeared in it. On the cover, there were three big words: “Zixia Heaven-ascending Sutra”!

He then looked at the system’s introduction.

[Zixia Heaven-ascending Sutra: A peerless ancient Sutra created for the Zixia Body. It’s an internal ancient Sutra created by the Supreme Zixia Empress. If one cultivates this Sutra, they will be able to fully develop the Zixia Body and reach the peak, obtaining the hope of becoming an Emperor that has proven their path.]

Qin Chen was shocked. To think the “Zixia Heaven-ascending Sutra” was so heaven-defying.

The Zixia Empress was a Supreme of her generation. She also had the Zixia Body and had cultivated it to the extreme. Although she had not become an Emperor who had proven her path, she was no inferior.

He didn’t expect that he would get the “Zixia Heaven-ascending Sutra” by checking in here.

However, the Zixia Heaven-ascending Sutra was not of much use to him, so he just threw it into the system space and ignored it.

As the sun set, Qin Chen carefully cleaned up the few halls of the palace and was about to leave when he ran into Ling Ran. She was like a fairy who had descended from the heavens. Every step she took was graceful and her body was surrounded by wisps of purple mist. She looked extremely holy.

After a few months since their last meeting, she had become stronger and was already on level four of the Wuxing Realm.

Qin Chen had to admit that Ling Ran was indeed a prodigy of her generation. She was extremely talented in the path of cultivation.

Although she was somewhat lacking compared to the 9th Prince of the Great Qin Dynasty as she had yet to step into the Liuhe Realm, one should not forget that the Taiyi Holy Land was a Holy Land that had long declined. It could not be compared with the Great Qin Dynasty, which had been in its heyday for countless years.

Moreover, the Great Qin Dynasty was a divine dynasty that had the inheritance of an ancient Emperor. It was one of the best among all the immortal inheritances. The 9th Prince was also one of the potential candidates to compete for the position of the next Imperial Lord. As such, his cultivation conditions were naturally far superior to Ling Ran’s.

Of course, as Ling Ran had the Zixia Dao body, she was born to be in harmony with Heaven and Earth. As her realm continued to rise, her harmony with Heaven and Earth would also continue to increase. Once she grew, her achievements would not be much inferior to the 9th Prince’s.

This was also one of the reasons why the Taiyi Holy Land had high hopes for Ling Ran.

Qin Chen stood quietly at the side and made way for Ling Ran to walk past him first.

However, Ling Ran stopped in front of him. She glanced at Qin Chen and with a flip of her palm, a spirit stone the size of a baby’s fist appeared in her hand. It was flowing with dense spiritual energy. Ling Ran sighed softly, “Go back and refine this spirit stone. Then, you can activate your divine sea and become a true cultivator. You’re still young, not even thirty years old yet. You shouldn’t be sweeping the floors here. You should be like us, going against fate and traveling the vast world. Perhaps when the time comes, you can also change your fate!”

Without waiting for Qin Chen to speak, Ling Ran had already stuffed the spirit stone into his hand. Her smooth hand felt warm and soft.

When Qin Chen came to his senses, Ling Ran had already walked far away. He lowered his head and saw that the aura of the spirit stone in his hand had been sealed.

Otherwise, if he, a servant, had such a spirit stone, he would be envied by many and they would probably harm him to get the stone.

After all, one should not show off one’s wealth, not to mention that spirit stones were extremely rare items, far more valuable than gold and silver.

Qin Chen sighed softly. The spirit stone was nothing much but it’s the thought that counts. He did not expect that Ling Ran, who was the high and mighty Holy Daughter, would know him, although she didn’t know that he was just a janitor. He did not expect her to be so kind.

He knew that the “fate” that Ling Ran was talking about was his mortal body and his identity as an abandoned Prince.

Ling Ran hoped that he could break out of the cage, soar into the sky, and return to the Great Qin Dynasty.

With his current cultivation, such a spirit stone was dispensable.

However, he vowed to repay the kindness tenfold in the future.

In the blink of an eye, ten years had passed.

Qin Chen was still a lowly janitor in the Holy Land. He had not changed much. He was already used to this peaceful life that had lasted for twenty years.

Of course, his cultivation had also improved by leaps and bounds, becoming increasingly profound by the day.

Today was the day that the Holy Daughter Ling Ran would go through her Liuhe Realm heavenly tribulation.

After ten years, she had reached the peak of level nine in the Wuxing Realm.

The Taiyi Holy Land attached great importance to Ling Ran as she was the first genius to reach the Liuhe Realm before she was one hundred years old after the Holy Land’s decline. They had prepared many things, including hundreds of thousands of kilograms of Divine Spirit Source and precious medicines that were more than one hundred years old, all for Ling Ran.

The Holy Lords, Supreme Elders, and many other higher-ups of the Holy Land had come to personally observe the tribulation and stand guard.

It wasn’t easy for the Taiyi Holy Land to have a peerless genius, and they couldn’t let anything happen to her.

The Saint, Zhao Yi, had also come. However, right now, he was completely overshadowed by Ling Ran, and the Holy Land’s expectations of him were not as high as before.

Zhao Yi looked at Ling Ran, who was preparing to cross her tribulation. He clenched his fists, and there was a hint of jealousy and unwillingness on his face.

That day, Ling Ran broke through to the Liuhe Realm and her heavenly tribulation descended. It was terrifying, a legendary heavenly tribulation. It was even stronger than the one the Holy Son Wan Chu had faced back then.

After half a day, Ling Ran finally finished her tribulation and successfully advanced to the Liuhe Realm. Her powerful aura made everyone in the Taiyi Holy Land extremely excited.

The Taiyi Holy Lord and the senior Supreme Elders were even more excited. The fact that Ling Ran had entered the Liuhe Realm meant that there was hope for the Taiyi Holy Land to revive.

In fact, the Taiyi Holy Lord was even prepared to hand over the position of Holy Lord to Ling Ran when she stepped into the Qiyao Realm.

Suddenly, Ling Ran’s figure fell from the sky.

Taiyi Holy Lord immediately went to catch her and found that her face was pale and her aura was weak.

After a careful examination, his expression changed.

Then, the higher-ups of the Holy Land immediately brought Ling Ran into the depths of the Holy Land.

Not long after, news spread that Ling Ran’s foundation was unstable, and she had suffered a fatal internal injury when she transcended the heavenly Tribulation. Although she had come to, if her internal injury could not be cured, she would be stuck in the Liuhe Realm for the rest of her life. Moreover, her internal injury would continue to worsen as time passed. Once it could not be suppressed and completely erupted, Ling Ran would die.

When the news spread, the entire Taiyi Holy Land was in a state of sorrow.

Although Ling Ran was the Holy Daughter, she had always been friendly and treated people very well. Many disciples had received her kindness.

Now that Ling Ran had encountered such a disaster, many elders and disciples sighed at her bad fate.

According to the latest news, only a Venerable in the Bahuang Realm who cultivated the Path of Life or a divine medicine that was more than 100000 years old could cure the internal injury.

However, even the many ancient Holy Lands, families, and dynasties lacked Bahuang Realm Venerables. At the very least, they did not have one that anyone knew of. Even if they did, they would not make a move easily or were in a sealed state. They would not act for a junior who had just entered the Liuhe Realm.

As for the divine medicine that was more than 100000 years old, it was even rarer. After all, it was something that could extend a person’s life by hundreds of years. It was enough to make those living old fossils who were about to reach their ends go crazy.

The Taiyi Holy Land had already declined, so how could they have such a divine medicine?

Although the other Holy Lands, aristocratic families, and ancient dynasties had them, they would not waste them on Ling Ran.

Therefore, it was not hard to imagine Ling Ran’s fate. She was probably fated for death.

Qin Chen, who was sweeping the floor in a palace far away, was slightly stunned when he heard the news.


He sighed.

That night, he went to Zixia Palace.

After Ling Ran woke up, she returned to Zixia Palace to recuperate.

The entire Zixia Palace was filled with sorrow.

Qin Chen entered the Zixia Palace without a sound. His current cultivation was much higher than ten years ago. Even the Taiyi Holy Lord wouldn’t be able to notice him.

He came to Ling Ran’s bedroom, only to find her cultivating while sitting cross-legged. Purple clouds were exuberant around her body that were attracting the patterns of the Laws of Heaven and Earth. It was obvious that she was trying to resolve her internal injury.

But a moment later, the purple light around her exploded, and she suddenly coughed out a mouthful of blood, a stark comparison to her pale face.

In the end, she still couldn’t resolve her internal injury.

Ling Ran’s expression was gloomy. In the end, this was as far as she could go in this life, and she had failed to live up to others’ expectations.

In the middle of the night, she suddenly woke up with a start, “Who’s there?”

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