I Became Invincible After Sweeping The Floor For 70 Years

Chapter 14
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Will Visit Taiyi Holy Land One Day

At the same time, Qin Chen appeared in front of the purple lightning giant ape as if he had teleported. He grabbed its finger and easily sent it flying.

The poor purple lightning giant ape was one of the top Grandmasters in the Liuhe Realm with a body that was even stronger than many Kings, yet, it was just crushed by Qin Chen.

The crowd from the Great Qin Dynasty was shocked. They were even more convinced that this was a senior with unfathomable cultivation. Even if the senior hadn’t unleashed any of his spiritual energy, he had such a strong body that he could easily suppress the purple lightning giant ape, a member of the ancient ape clan that was known for its physical strength. Other than the Venerables in the Bahuang Realm, no King could do it.

Perhaps this senior did not even bother to use any of his spiritual energy to deal with the purple lightning giant ape.

After a round of being beaten, the purple lightning giant ape was just dizzy from being sent flying twice. It no longer had any thoughts of revenge against Qin Chen and surrendered.

It couldn’t be helped. Qin Chen was too abnormal. Although he had just stepped into the Liuhe Realm, his Chaotic Holy Body allowed him to even challenge a Qiyao Realm King. His physical body far surpassed that of a King.

Ever since Qin Chen started cultivating, he had never killed a living creature. Besides, he was the one who had taken away the quasi-divine grade herb that the purple lightning giant ape was guarding. Thus, it was not appropriate for him to kill it either.

“I originally thought that the quasi-divine grade herb had no owner, so I picked it. Now that I know it’s yours, it’s only normal for you to be angry. I have a piece of Divine Spirit Source here, take it as your compensation,” Qin Chen took out a head-sized Divine Spirit Source that was filled with spiritual energy, stunning everyone.

Divine Spirit Sources were rare even in the Holy Lands, and their value was no less than the quasi-divine grade herbs.

Although it could not extend one’s life, it still had great value.

Such a piece of Divine Spirit Source was comparable to two hundred thousand kilograms of spirit stones.

The purple lightning giant ape looked at the Divine Spirit Source and was pleasantly surprised.

It had thought that not only was the quasi-divine grade herb gone, but it couldn’t defeat this human cultivator with a monstrously strong body either, so it could only swallow its anger. It didn’t expect that the other party would give it a piece of the Divine Spirit Source. Therefore, it quickly said gratefully, “Many thanks, senior!”

The corners of Qin Chen’s mouth twitched. Never mind the royal descendants of the Great Qin Dynasty, but now, a great demonic beast who had lived for more than a thousand years was calling him senior too...

After the purple lightning giant ape obtained the Divine Spirit Source, it quickly left.

At this moment, the 9th Prince and the others said, “Senior...”

Qin Chen looked at the 9th Prince and raised his eyebrows, “Is there something?”

Of course, if the 9th Prince did need help, Qin Chen wouldn’t mind helping him out.

After all, he had a good impression of the 9th Prince.

The 9th Prince quickly said, “I wouldn’t dare to have any problems. It’s just that I saw you going through your tribulation, so I couldn’t help but come. I’m just here to pay a visit, I hope you won’t mind.”

“It’s fine,” Qin Chen said indifferently and turned to leave.

“Senior, may I ask for your name?” The 9th Prince cupped his fists before the other party could leave.

Qin Chen’s figure paused for a moment, and he only lightly flicked his sleeves as he said, “I’m just a nobody. If you go any deeper into the wilderness, danger will be lying ahead for Kings. You’d better leave this place quickly. ”


As soon as he finished speaking, to prevent the moving secret technique from being exposed, he used the Heaven-treading Steps of the Taiyi Holy Land. With one step, his figure turned into a long rainbow of lights as he soared into the sky, disappearing before the rest like a bolt of lightning.

“Nameless? This senior is truly noble. With such a cultivation base and such a heavenly tribulation, how could he be a nobody?” The 9th Prince exclaimed. He felt increasingly sure that Qin Chen was an unfathomable expert that didn’t want fame or fortune. Or, the other party probably didn’t think there was a need for them to interact with each other, so he didn’t tell him his name.

“It’s a pity that I don’t know who the senior is. Otherwise, I would definitely pay him a visit,” The 9th Prince was disappointed. 𝐟𝘳ℯ𝚎𝘄𝒆𝑏𝗻𝑜ѵ𝚎l. c𝘰𝑚

One of the Holy Land disciples couldn’t help but say, “Your Highness, the movement technique that the senior used just now seems to be the Heaven-treading Steps of the Taiyi Holy Land.”

Heaven-treading Steps?

The Taiyi Holy Land?

Hearing this, the Prince and the other disciples were shocked, “It’s said that the Taiyi Holy Land has declined, but from what we’ve seen today, it’s clear that there’s a legendary Venerable of the Bahuang Realm there. With such a Venerable, how could the Taiyi Holy Land decline? It seems that the Holy Land of Taiyi is only keeping a low profile and has many unknown experts. I have heard that the Holy Daughter of the Taiyi Holy Land is amazing. She has the legendary Zixia Body, the same Supreme King Body as the Supreme Zixia Empress of the ancient times. Now, there’s another supreme Venerable of the Bahuang Realm there. The Taiyi Holy Land is not simple!”

“Didn’t the 17th Prince, Qin Chen, get banished to the Taiyi Holy Land?” A royal disciple suddenly asked.

“That’s right. Qin Chen was indeed sent to the Southern Desolate Lands. He should be in the Taiyi Holy Land.”

“So, 17th brother was sent to the Taiyi Holy Land?” The 9th Prince was shocked, but he soon looked guilty, “I’ve been so busy cultivating that I’ve neglected my 17th brother. I didn’t even go to see him for the last time when he was exiled, and I haven’t even seen him for the past ten years. I’m really ashamed. It looks like I’ll have to find an opportunity to pay a visit to the Taiyi Holy Land.”

The 9th Prince decided that he would visit the Taiyi Holy Land when he had the chance.

Whether it was for that Venerable senior or his 17th brother.

Qin Chen, who had returned to the Taiyi Holy Land, did not know that because of him, the people of the Great Qin Dynasty all determined that the Taiyi Holy Land was about to be revived. They had even decided to find a suitable time to pay a visit.

After entering the Liuhe Realm, Qin Chen’s strength had improved by leaps and bounds, far surpassing his past self.

Currently, no one in the entire Taiyi Holy Land was his match, including the Taiyi Holy Lord.

This was because Taiyi Holy Lord was only at level eight of the Liuhe Realm. He was not a Qiyao Realm King yet.

With Qin Chen’s abilities, he was already able to fight against a Qiyao Realm King.

Although Qin Chen already had a powerful cultivation that could dominate the Taiyi Holy Land, he still kept a low profile and continued to sweep the floors of the Taiyi Holy Land. Of course, he usually did it within a hundred miles of his residence. As for other places, he would not go there to prevent exposing himself to others.

After all, in the eyes of the people of the Taiyi Holy Land, he was just an abandoned Prince with the cultivation of a Warrior who couldn’t even activate his divine sea.

It was still acceptable if he swept around within a hundred miles, but if it was beyond that, it would arouse suspicion.

On this day, Qin Chen came to Zixia Palace to sweep the floors under the orders of the miscellaneous affairs elder.

Zixia Palace was a newly built palace in the Taiyi Holy Land, built especially for the Holy Daughter Ling Ran.

This was because Ling Ran had made it to the fourth stage in the Demon Sealing Land, so the higher-ups of the Holy Land believed that she had a high chance of reaching the Qiyao Realm and leading the Taiyi Holy Land back to its peak. Therefore, many people had high hopes for Ling Ran.

As such, they had built a new palace for the Holy Daughter Ling Ran. It was named Zixia Palace because of the Zixia Body she had.

Even the current Holy Son, Zhao Yi, did not receive such treatment.

When Qin Chen arrived at Zixia Palace, it was filled with female disciples. They glanced at him coldly and let him in indifferently. They also warned him not to go anywhere he was not allowed to.

Qin Chen naturally agreed. Just as he arrived at Zixia Palace, the system’s notification sounded in his mind.

[This place has divinity. Would you like to check in here?]

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