I Became Invincible After Sweeping The Floor For 70 Years

Chapter 12
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Qin Chen is the Legendary Venerable?

While Qin Chen was adjusting his state, he suddenly sensed that a heavenly tribulation had appeared more than two hundred thousand miles away.

He looked over. Although he couldn’t see clearly due to the distance, he knew that the 9th Prince had most likely succeeded in snatching the quasi-divine grade herb and was beginning to overcome his tribulation to break through to the Liuhe Realm.

Qin Chen was not surprised by this. He had long known that the 9th Prince was an unparalleled genius of the Great Qin Dynasty. Just like Ling Ran, he had the legendary King Body and had also cultivated with the higher-ups of the Holy Land since young. After 30 years of cultivation, he had finally reached the peak of the Wuxing Realm.

His cultivation speed could be said to already be very fast.

After the ancient era, the Laws of Heaven and Earth changed greatly.

After the passing of Emperor Qing, let alone ancient Great Emperors, even ancient Sages and Path-seeking Venerables of the Bahuang Realm were rare.

Generally speaking, the Masters of the various Holy Lands, aristocratic families, and dynasties had all spent at least three to four hundred years in their youth before they could reach the Liuhe Realm.

As one with the King Body, the 9th Prince had an extraordinary constitution. Furthermore, the Laws of Heaven and Earth had started to change, which was why he was able to break through to the Liuhe Realm in just 30 years.

There was a rather shocking heavenly tribulation descending over there. Even from more than 200000 miles away, one could vaguely feel the fluctuations.

Qin Chen believed that the 9th Prince would be able to survive the heavenly tribulations of the Liuhe Realm.

Qin Chen quickly focused his attention and began to tackle the tribulations of his Liuhe Realm.

During this time, he took out a quasi-divine grade herb that was 90000 years old. He had found it by chance when he was in the depths of the wilderness, something very lucky to have happened. He wondered if the 9th Prince would vomit blood if he found out that he himself had to fight a great demonic beast to get the quasi-divine grade herb.

After taking the quasi-divine grade herb, it turned into boundless spiritual energy and circulated in Qin Chen’s body. His aura rose steadily and reached its peak.


In an instant, countless dark clouds covered the sky, covering a radius of tens of thousands of miles. Huge thunderbolts descended from the sky, bringing with them an aura that could destroy the world as they struck down like crazy.

These were the heavenly tribulations of Qin Chen’s Liuhe Realm. Thousands of thunderbolts fell, each enough to kill a powerful cultivator at the early stage of the Wuxing Realm.

Qin Chen took the initiative to rush into the sky. He resisted the terrifying heavenly tribulations with his powerful Chaotic Holy Body, waving his fist and smashing the huge lightning bolts, turning them into essence energy that filled the sky before devouring them.

Of course, this was only the early stage of the heavenly tribulation.

Having the Chaotic Holy Body, one of the most terrifying physiques in history, the heavenly tribulation that would descend when he was breaking through to the next huge realm was bound to be extremely terrifying.

The more advanced he went in his cultivations, the more terrifying the heavenly tribulation would be.

Not long after, the 81 bolts of lightning disappeared and were replaced by a millstone that was even larger than a mountain. It slowly rotated and exuded a world-destroying aura.

If cultivators who were more knowledgeable were present, they would’ve exclaimed in surprise. This was the Heavenly Dao millstone, a legendary heavenly tribulation that was enough to kill an ordinary Liuhe Realm Grandmaster.

Qin Chen let out a loud roar and soared into the sky. He waved his fist and used the Baoshan Seal to meet the attack, shattering the Heavenly Dao millstone. However, blood also seeped out from the corner of his mouth. After all, this was no ordinary tribulation.

The heavenly tribulation was endless. As time passed, all kinds of terrifying legendary heavenly tribulations kept bombarding him, turning Qin Chen’s entire body charred black. His body, which had been tempered over the years, was split open with countless wounds, and from time to time, drops of blood that shone with traces of bright gold sprinkled down.

It couldn’t be helped. These were all terrifying heavenly tribulations that only existed in legends. Furthermore, Qin Chen had the Chaotic Holy Body, which was naturally extraordinary. As such, the heavenly tribulations that targeted the physique were also extremely terrifying. Hence, once they descended, they would be extremely terrifying.

At the same time, more than 200000 miles away, the mountains within a thousand miles radius had been turned into scorched earth.

Thunderbolts as thick as mountains kept falling. A figure was charging forward, clashing with these powerful thunderbolts.

It was the 9th Prince’s Liuhe Realm tribulation!

The group of Great Qin Dynasty disciples who were standing guard in the distance revealed expressions of shock.

“As expected of the Prince. To think the tribulation that he’s going through is the legendary Absolute Beginning Tribulations, which is a total of 49 heavenly thunderbolts that carry the aura of the Absolute Beginning. Each one is enough to kill a cultivator in the early stage of the Wuxing Realm, but he’s resisted it!”

“It’s not just the Absolute Beginning Tribulations. There’s also the Sky-crushing Thunder. It’s said that it can even destroy the Heavenly Dao. It’s a terrifying heavenly tribulation that only peerless figures can trigger. As such, it has now appeared and is being withstood by the Prince.”

“Fortunately, the Prince has the quasi-divine grade herb.”

“His Royal Highness is indeed a legendary genius. To think it took him six hours to complete his tribulation. If it were us, we would only need two hours at most. Furthermore, the legendary heavenly tribulations couldn’t possibly appear for us. Otherwise, we’d be dead for sure!”

In the end, under the protection of the Great Qin Dynasty’s disciples, the 9th Prince’s body was surrounded by wisps of chaos energy as he successfully broke through and became a powerful cultivator in the Liuhe Realm.

At this moment, the 9th Prince had consumed a precious pill and completed the jump of a big realm. His injuries were all healed, and his body was glowing. He looked like a top-tier expert.

Many of the Great Qin Dynasty disciples had looks of respect on their faces as they came forward to congratulate the 9th Prince on his success. From now on, he was a Liuhe Realm Grandmaster and was even closer to the position of the Holy Lord.

Just as the 9th Prince was about to celebrate, his expression suddenly changed as he sensed an extremely terrifying heavenly tribulation in the distance.

Even though he was more than two hundred thousand miles away, he could still clearly feel how terrifying the heavenly tribulation was. It was a whole patch of world-destroying thunders that blotted out the sky.

How was this a heavenly tribulation? It was more like a sea of tribulation lightning that drowned the distant heaven and earth. The terrifying commotion it caused could be clearly felt.

The 9th Prince’s expression changed. Although his Liuhe Realm tribulation was also very terrifying, it wasn’t on the same level as the heavenly tribulation of the other party.

If he had been the one to face the heavenly tribulation, he would have died.


“What a terrifying heavenly tribulation! It’s even more terrifying than the heavenly tribulation of His Royal Highness!”

“I’m afraid it’s the tribulation of the Qiyao Realm!”

“That’s right, only a King’s tribulation can be so terrifying!”

The many disciples of the Holy Land all thought that it must be a King’s tribulation. Otherwise, how could it be so much more terrifying than the 9th Prince’s Liuhe Realm tribulation?

The 9th Prince also believed that it would be at least a Qiyao Realm tribulation. It might even be a Bahuang Realm Path-seeking tribulation, as it was countless times stronger than his Liuhe Realm tribulation.

Even though they were more than 200000 miles away, they could still feel the heavenly tribulation. It was as if it was going to destroy the entire world.

It wasn’t like he had never seen a Qiyao Realm King’s tribulation before, but compared to now, there was still a huge gap.

The 9th Prince muttered in his heart, there’s probably a peerless expert going through the Path-seeking tribulation of the Bahuang Realm now. If the other party could survive the tribulation, he or she would be Venerable of the world. All the Holy Lands, families, and dynasties will have to treat him with respect.

If he could get to know this Venerable, it would be of great benefit to him.

Therefore, the 9th Prince had already decided to get to know this senior after the other party finished his or her tribulation!

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