I Became Invincible After Sweeping The Floor For 70 Years

Chapter 10
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The Weapon of the Quasi-emperor, Taihuang

The upper echelons were all stunned.

A great grandmaster in the Liuhe Realm was considered a top expert even in ancient families, immortal holy lands, ancient dynasties, and other powerful forces. Taiyi Holy Land had declined a long time ago. Other than the Holy Lord and a few old fogeys, there were no other top experts at that level.

However, they could sense that the abyss contained an intricate, powerful aura that did not dissipate for a long time.

After careful inspection, they all gasped in shock, “It wasn’t a Liuhe Realm great grandmaster. It was an Wuxing Realm grandmaster level expert. But all the Wuxing Realm experts of Taiyi Holy Land are here. None of them entered Demon Sealing Land. Besides, even if an expert at level nine of Wuxing Realm breaks through Demon Sealing Land, he or she is not likely to survive.”

“There’s one more condition – you must be under 100 years old. Otherwise, the previous Holy Lords would long have come and taken away the former great venerable’s colossal opportunity.”

Everyone was dumbfounded. Who was it?

Soon, their expressions darkened. They guessed that a young, supreme expert from the outside world had very likely sneaked into Taiyi Holy Land, broken through Demon Sealing Land, and taken away the colossal opportunity left by the former venerable.

Even the holy land’s most outstanding genius disciple, the current Holy Daughter Ling Ran, had only managed to reach the fourth stage. Although she had received tons of resources, she was still only at level three of the Wuxing Realm.

The Holy Lord and supreme elders immediately activated a large array to seal off Taiyi Holy Land.

The divine weapon left by the former venerable and Holy Lord had been taken. It must at least have been a venerable-grade divine weapon. To the declining Taiyi Holy Land, it was a very important item. It was not something they could lose.

However, after they sealed off Taiyi Holy Land, the Holy Lord and elders personally searched the land many times over, but found nothing.

Of course, they would not have noticed Qin Chen, who was silently sweeping in front of an ancient hall.

After a fruitless search, the Holy Lord and elders gathered again. Their expressions were sombre. “This is no simple person. We have searched so hard, and still not found him. Who could have broken into Taiyi Holy Land, gotten through Demon Sealing Land without a sound, and obtained the ancestral master’s invincible divine weapon?”

“D*mn it! With the venerable’s divine weapon now missing, what’s more unnerving is that the divine halberd in Demon Sealing Land was not only the weapon of the ancestral master, it was also left behind to contain the demonic palace. Once the demonic palace emerges into the world, the whole of Taiyi Holy Land will be in danger!”

On hearing that, the expressions of the other supreme elders became serious. Some even looked a bit frightened.

Because they had recalled the scary existence of a demonic palace in some part of Taiyi Holy Land. It was just that it had been contained by an ancient sage ancestor of Taiyi Holy Land.

According to rumors, the demonic palace had come from the ten thousand ancient races.

During the primordial era, ten thousand races had coexisted together. It was not like the present era, where the human race dominated.

At that time, the ten thousand ancient races were immensely prosperous and powerful, far beyond imagination. There were countless Qiyao Realm kings and Bahuang Realm venerables, and all the powerful races had sages in the Jiutian Realm. Even supreme beings, known as primordial emperors, were born during that period and ruled the primordial era.

In comparison, the human race back then could be described as weak and incompetent, having to depend completely on others to survive.

But after that, a terrifying epic war took place among the heavenly emperors of the primordial era. Gods fell and countless expert cultivators perished. In the end, it led to the collapse of the world, which then entered the Dharma-Ending Age.

The ten thousand ancient races had sealed themselves off, and avoided the Dharma-Ending Age.

Sealed within the demonic palace was a great demon of the Jiutian Realm, no less powerful than the ancient sages. It was from one of the ten thousand ancient races that had sealed itself off at that time.

Back then, when it was discovered by the sage ancestral master, the great demon was still sealed off. It had not yet come out into the world.

The ancient sage knew that once the great demon emerged, the entire Southern Desolate Lands, even the whole Canglan Continent, would certainly fall under a rule of darkness and ruthless slaughter.

According to the ancient sage’s prediction, the great demon would unseal and emerge in the world in hundreds of thousands of years.

As the sage had pity on the world, he took the demonic palace back to Taiyi Holy Land to try to contain it.

The ancient sage believed that with the aid of Taiyi Holy Land, the great demon could continue to be suppressed and sealed before it emerged into the world. With the passage of time, they might even be able to completely destroy it.

However, the ancient sage never would have expected Taiyi Holy Land to decline long before that. Moreover, the holy land had been through a terrible war, and many important books and records had been lost. Even the Holy Lords of recent generations did not know where the demonic palace was sealed in the holy land.

It had been more than 100,000 years since the sealing of the demonic palace. By right, it should be emerging soon.

Back then, the invincible great venerable had also been worried that Taiyi Holy Land would not be able to contain the ancient race great demon. Therefore, he left behind his invincible divine weapon. According to rumors, it was not an ordinary divine weapon. It was even likely to be a holy weapon. It also contained venerable divine power that the great venerable had poured in before passing away. At the critical moment, its power could be fully restored, equivalent to the great venerable himself using the divine weapon to strike an invincible blow.

However, Demon Sealing Land had now been broken through, and the invincible divine weapon had disappeared.

As such, the higher-ups of Taiyi Holy Land were quite worried. Once the great demon emerged in the world, the current Taiyi Holy Land might not be able to withstand it. It might be completely destroyed.

The Taiyi Holy Lord sighed, “I might need to use the holy land’s reserves at the critical moment. Even though Taiyi Holy Land has declined, we continue to hold the title of “Holy Land” by relying on the reserves left by our ancestors. If the holy land faces a catastrophe, we will have no choice but to use the holy land’s reserves to kill it!”

However, Taiyi Holy Land should never use the reserves unless it was absolutely necessary.

It could only be used in a matter of life and death.

Taiyi Holy Land was no longer as powerful as it used to be, but its reserves served as a deterrent to various outside forces. Once it was used, Taiyi Holy Land would be in danger.

“Let’s go. Since the venerable’s divine weapon is lost, let’s quickly find the location of the demonic palace. I trust there’s still time before the great demon is unsealed and awakened! Let’s hurry up and find it before that happens. By using the holy land’s reserves, I believe we’ll be able to contain it for some time,” the Taiyi Holy Lord sighed helplessly. Then, he led the group of elders out and left.

[Ding dong!]

[Congratulations, you have successfully checked in. You have received the Moving Secret Technique!]

The system’s mechanical voice suddenly rang in Qin Chen’s head. It was from the check-in at Demon Sealing Land. Because he had left in a hurry, the system notification only arrived then, giving Qin Chen a huge surprise.

The Moving Secret Technique was said to be an emperor-grade movement technique created by a primordial time-space great emperor. It was known to be the fastest in the world.

According to rumors, once it was fully cultivated, one would be able to control the flow of and travel through time.

Qin Chen never expected to obtain the Moving Secret Technique there.

After mastering the Moving Secret Technique, there was no doubt that his speed would be raised to the maximum, and he would be upgraded to the next level in a very short time.

However, why would he receive the Moving Secret Technique at Demon Sealing Land?


Qin Chen did not quite understand.

However, it was certainly a great harvest that day. Not only did he break through Demon Sealing Land and obtain an invincible divine halberd, he had also successfully checked in and obtained the Moving Secret Technique. He had definitely earned a lot that day.

“System, please identify this weapon.”

Qin Chen handed the halberd he had obtained to the system for identification. That was one of the functions of the system that he had recently discovered. It could be used to identify many treasures.

After a while, the system said: [Desolate Divine Halberd, the weapon of the quasi-emperor Taihuang from the mythological era. It is a quasi-emperor grade weapon.]

On hearing that, Qin Chen gasped. He did not expect it to be a quasi-emperor grade weapon.

Quasi-emperors were second only to ancient great emperors. Furthermore, it was a quasi-emperor grade weapon from the mythological era. It had been one to two million years since that period, but the Desolate Divine Halberd still displayed a special characteristic of not having decayed. One could imagine that Taihuang was no ordinary quasi-emperor.

In addition, Qin Chen suspected that Taihuang was very likely related to a time-space great emperor. Otherwise, how could he have obtained the Moving Secret Technique there?

After obtaining the Desolate Divine Halberd and Moving Secret Technique, Qin Chen continued to casually check in to various places in Taiyi Holy Land. During that time, he occasionally sneaked into Demon Sealing Land to check in. From there, he had obtained the legendary supernormal knowledge Eight Desolation Strikes, which was also a halberd technique created by Taihuang, a quasi-emperor grade supernormal knowledge.

Of course, his knowledge and proficiencies were broad and wide. Qin Chen was still only at the Wuxing Realm. After spending a few months to cultivate some techniques, his power greatly increased.

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