I Became A Zompirewolf

Chapter 438 Come One, Come All! (2)
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Zanna had six outer walls as its primary defence. Each wall got thicker to make it progressively difficult for the beasts to break through and reach the central city.

So far, the walls have been enough to protect the citizens. However, this time the horde was much larger than ever before, and the horde might rip through the walls if left unchecked.

"We'd need to thin out the flock as much as possible." Skarr, a green-skinned hulking disaster, suggested.

"A funnelling strategy might be the best option for us if that's your goal."

Ricochet was one of the few native Occunian who decided to aid the mercenaries despite being shunned for it. It was all the more reason for Ashton to like him. Most people would crack under such pressure, but Ricochet was a diamond wasting away in a coal mine.

? "That's what we'll do then," Ashton mumbled.

Astaroth had suggested a similar plan of action, and Ashton was waiting for his turn to pitch the plan. But Ricochet and his quick thinking beat him to it.

Instead of letting the beasts freely move around the walls and attack from various places, it was better to allow them a narrow passage so that they'll focus on taking the 'easy path'.

Astaroth further suggested they could set up some traps, but it was too late for that.

"Tell Vimur to take a few people and create a small path for the monsters through the walls. But only through the first three walls, leave the rest untouched."

"Got it."

Ashton gave instructions once everyone agreed on the plan, "Atlas, take fifty skeletons and help him out with the task."

"Yes, master."

Ashton could see the uncomfortable gazes coming his way, but he paid no attention to them. His summons were the ones who'll face the horde head-on. If anything, the rest should be grateful for their 'sacrifice'.

Now that the primary step was taken care of, they needed to refine their plans a bit. The funnelling strategy would only be successful if they managed to avoid overcrowding the space. Failing to achieve that would bite them in the ass.

"We need high firepower to avoid such a scenario from becoming a reality." Ricochet said, "The defences we have installed might not be enough to deal with them."

"That can be taken care of with ease." Ashton smiled, and as he did, loud hovering noises were heard outside.

Everyone rushed out to see Ashton's spacecraft hovering over the city and a few others. Being a light battle cruiser, the ship was enough to keep the beasts in check if things started to get out of hand.

"That should do the trick," Ricochet mumbled.

There were a few more things to discuss, like the division of the loot and battle positions, but for now, they had prepared as much as they could.


Most of Ashton's skeletons had to be stationed outside and on the first wall, as none of the mercs wanted to work on those posts. Some might think they were behaving cowardly, but Ashton understood their reasoning.

Being on the frontline meant accepting a death sentence. It was the least defended place; hence, the survival rate was the lowest. That being said, the job there was the easiest. All they had to do was kill and maim as many beasts as possible.

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Since the job was simple, Ashton decided to make the best use of his skeletons. That said, he also had an ulterior motive, which was to judge Dolos's capabilities when it came to leading the troops.

If the bastard proved to be useless, Ashton would discard him and create a new summon in his place. After all, he already had a few suitable targets in his mind.

The rest of the walls were occupied by other mercenary groups. As for him, Ashton decided to take command of the second last wall along with his undead summons.

If the beasts got past him, then it was all over. There was no one to help him except Kass, who was hovering between the walls.

The troops were stationed, and the sun went down. The night was eerily and unexpectedly silent. If someone had said a horde of more than ten thousand beasts was about to attack, people would have laughed at their faces and moved on.

"I don't think they are coming," Vimur sighed.

"Sometimes I wonder how someone as restless as you are still alive." Anna laughed.

Just then, Kass said the words Ashton had been itching to hear.

"They're here."

Sirens were blaring, and everyone rushed to their posts. Even Nico's former team joined in, as it was high time.

A moment later, trees were ripped apart as thousands of creatures rushed towards the city. Their crazed eyes didn't care if they had to trample over each other to reach the target. They just wanted to rip something. Anything with flesh was a welcome sight for them.

Even the ground wasn't left untouched either, as the horde's raging steps sent tremors through the land.

For the first time, Ashton had thoroughly researched the types of beings usually seen around Occuna. That's why he was surprised when he saw trolls rushing towards them. However, he wasn't the only one who took notice of it.

"What are trolls doing here?" Anna questioned, but Ashton had no answer, "They are not native to this planet, are they?"

"The trolls aren't the problem," Laihud remarked, "If they can appear on a planet they shouldn't have existed, then who knows what else would appear?"

While handling trolls wasn't a big deal for them, that said, their sudden appearance undoubtedly wasn't a welcoming sight. But now wasn't the time to ponder.

"Kass, blow them up before they reach the walls." Ashton commanded, "They'll destroy the walls if we leave them."

Without wasting precious time, Kass immediately fired missiles at the charging trolls. Under the continuous barrage of rockets and lasers, the trolls' regeneration abilities were a joke.

However, Kass had to use up all she had to stop them. Without Kass's help, Ashton didn't have a way to control the raging beasts.

The battle had barely started, and things were already turning out to be hopeless.

"Anna, hold the fort," Ashton kissed her before jumping off the wall.

"Where are you going!?"

"Animal control," Ashton replied before running to the outer walls.

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