I Became A Mighty Lion

Chapter 529: The Roar of the Lion King!
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Chapter 529: The Roar of the Lion King!

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The orcs roared and chased after him, fighting with all their might like beasts in heat.

When Lanisi and the other two quickly fled the tunnel, they saw Chu Xiaoye and Fei’er crawling out of the mud ditch at the side in a sorry state. The wild boar was already gone.


Lanisi shouted and continued to run forward.

Chu Xiaoye and Fei’er immediately followed behind and ran.

The two of them were covered in mud and looked terrible.

Orcs generally had stronger stamina than them. Although their running speed was not as fast as theirs, their endurance was very terrifying.

When the few elven girls’ faces were red from exhaustion and they were panting, the orcs behind them were still chasing energetically and gradually starting to close the distance.

Chu Xiaoye and Catherine ran at the front. Seeing that the elves were becoming slower and slower, they started to panic.


The orcs roared angrily and closed the distance again.

Chu Xiaoye knew that if this continued, when the orcs caught up to them, these little elves would have long lost their strength. How could they fight?

Therefore, he made a prompt decision and immediately stopped. He pulled out the sword at his waist and said angrily, “Fight them!”

The previous dozen orcs, in addition to the twenty orcs that joined in when they chased after him and Feier, only had forty at most. If they did not kill them all here, they would have no chance to advance!

The roars of the orcs would attract more orcs. Then, the number of orcs would increase and even attract the orc army stationed near the border.

Therefore, let’s do it!

Chu Xiaoye held his sword and rushed up.

Vilis stopped in her tracks and pulled out the huge sword on her shoulder. She spun around and dragged the huge sword as she rushed in front of him.

Some of the orcs at the back ran fast, and some ran slow. More than forty orcs had formed a long team, and not all of them were gathered together. Therefore, this was a good opportunity for them.


Chu Xiaoye raised his sword and slashed at a thin orc.

The huge sword loli’s sword had already killed three orcs, and they were all strong orcs.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Denise and Fei’er’s arrows also shot over continuously, and the orcs fell to the ground.

Catherine did not take the initiative to attack. Instead, she guarded Chu Xiaoye and protected him at all times.

Queen Lanisi’s sword flickered with a dazzling light in the sun. Under the cover of Denise and Fei’er’s sharp arrows, she was invincible.

Soon, the dozen orcs chasing at the front fell into a pool of blood.

The huge sword loli was excited from killing. She dragged the huge sword with both hands and ran very quickly with her calves. Like a gust of wind, she rushed towards the orcs behind her.

Seeing that these elves were so fierce and powerful, the orcs behind did not dare to come and die. They hurriedly roared, turned around, and ran.

After all, they were not trained orc soldiers with military orders. When they encountered a dangerous situation, they naturally had to flee for their lives. Although the general’s reward was rich, they had to have a life to enjoy it.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Denise and Fei’er also chased after him, not missing a single arrow.

The fleeing orcs fell to the ground one after another, their necks cut off by the huge sword loli.

“Stop chasing! Run!”

Chu Xiaoye saw that the orcs were escaping quickly and hurriedly called for Vilis, who was running at the front. He turned around and continued to run.

According to Lanisi, there was still about five to six kilometers ahead of them and the border of the Bolton Kingdom. As long as they ran past the border, the orcs of the Bolton Kingdom could only sigh and not dare to chase after them.

They could not delay. Otherwise, when the orc army stationed nearby received the order, they would all be doomed!

“Lord… Lord Night, Fei’er can’t run anymore…”

Fei’er ran until her face was red and she was dripping with sweat. Her speed became slower and slower.

This girl was more tired than the other three elves. After all, she had already run for a long time with Chu Xiaoye and was almost caught by the orcs. She was already exhausted.

Chu Xiaoye immediately slowed down. When she caught up, he picked her up and carried her on his shoulder, continuing to walk as if he was flying.

Fei’er’s pink hair fell like the clouds. She opened her mouth and panted. For a moment, she felt like she was in a dream.

Chu Xiaoye carried her and ran in front again.

Vilis was unwilling to accept this. She carried the huge sword and ran with all her might, but she still could not catch up to him.

“This pervert!”

The huge sword loli was completely convinced.

Soon, Lanisi could not run anymore.

The fatal wound on her stomach had yet to heal completely.

Chu Xiaoye slowed down again.

Vilis carried the huge sword and was panting. She finally passed by him and was extremely excited.

When Lanisi caught up, Chu Xiaoye immediately extended his left arm and wrapped it around her slender waist, carrying her on his left shoulder. He continued to run quickly and ran in front again.

The huge sword loli, who was instantly left behind, finally could not help but shout, “Pervert!”

She was clearly born with divine strength, but from the current situation, this fellow’s strength was definitely greater than hers. However, this endurance and speed could only be described as “abnormal”!

Denise followed closely behind Chu Xiaoye and did not fall behind. She was actually on par with Catherine.

Vilis, who was at the back, panted and shouted, “Denise, give me half of your long legs! A third will do.”

The long-legged elf ignored her and ran quickly.

When they were about a kilometer away from the border, Catherine, who was scouting at the front, suddenly stopped.

Chu Xiaoye also heard the sound in front of him.

At first, it was like a mosquito buzzing and could not be seen clearly under the cover of the surrounding birds’ cries. Slowly, the ground started to tremble. Then, like thunder on the horizon, it broke through the dark clouds and rolled over!

It was an orc army! And they seemed to be cavalry!

Chu Xiaoye stopped in his tracks, but he did not put Fei’er and Denise down.

He narrowed his eyes and looked into the distance.

A black line soon appeared on the horizon. Then, the black line gradually expanded and became clearer.

A densely packed orc army rode on war horses and all sorts of wild beasts!

There were at least ten thousand people!

Chu Xiaoye’s expression changed drastically.

It seemed that the news of them escaping here had already reached the orc army stationed here.

The Orc border cavalry almost attacked in full force!

The path ahead was blocked, and they could only turn around.

However, looking back was also death.

They were already very tired. How could they escape these cavalry riding warhorses and war beasts with only their legs?

Lanisi, who was being carried on his shoulder, suddenly pointed at the forest on the left and said, “Night, let’s run over there! That’s the border between the Bolton Kingdom and the Kast Kingdom. As long as we enter the Kast Kingdom, these orc cavalry won’t dare to chase after us.”

Chu Xiaoye did not dare to hesitate and immediately changed directions. He ran into the forest with the elven girls and fled towards the other border.

“This way, we will take a long detour and will pass through the Kingdom of Kast. However, the ordinary people of the Kingdom of Kast do not have many ill intentions towards us elves. We can slowly pass through and return to the main road to the human countries.”

Lanisi explained while panting as she trembled violently on his shoulder, her beautiful hair flying everywhere.

The orc army seemed to have discovered them and immediately roared as they accelerated and chased after them.

Although this was a hill-shaped place with uneven roads and potholes and trees everywhere, it was not a problem for the orc soldiers riding battle beasts to run.

Chu Xiaoye had only taken a rough look just now and realized that not only were there warhorses, lions, tigers, wild boars, there were also water buffaloes, rhinoceroses, elephants, and all sorts of animals that had become their mounts or battle beasts.

These wild beasts that should have lived freely in the grassland or forest had now become their companions, or slaves. They fought for them, lived for them, and sacrificed for them.

Chu Xiaoye thought of his life on the grassland in the past and felt that only those animals would really live happily.

At least he was.

Of course, he could not rule out the possibility that these wild beasts had already evolved to be like humans. They liked this life for glory, status, home, and reproduction.

Some animals were born to fight.

The lion was like this.

Perhaps it was the same for these animals, and their goal in fighting was naturally different.

As for whether they were willing or forced, who knew?

Chu Xiaoye carried the two elven girls and still ran very quickly. Although he was also dripping with sweat, the strength in his body seemed to be endless. He was also becoming more and more excited and did not feel tired.

At this moment, even Catherine slowed down.

This female cub was the one who should feel the most tired among them. Not only did she run around with him, she also often climbed to the front or climbed up and down to investigate the enemy ahead.

Chu Xiaoye slowed down slightly to let them continue following.

Denise was a few steps behind, and the huge sword loli was more than ten steps behind. Her speed was becoming slower and slower, and the distance behind her was becoming greater and greater.

She was covered in sweat and her clothes were almost drenched. Her face turned from red to white and then back to red. She could barely open her eyes. She was panting heavily and her chest was majestic, as if it was about to jump out.

She was about to faint.

Chu Xiaoye immediately put down Fei’er, who was on his right shoulder, and said, “Fei’er, run with Catherine first!”

After Fei’er landed, she was stunned for a few seconds before she reacted and immediately ran away.

Chu Xiaoye carried Lanisi and ran to the back. He grabbed the huge sword lolita’s slender waist and placed her on his right shoulder. He turned around and ran. Soon, he passed Denise and Fei’er and ran to the front.

Vilis, who was on her right shoulder, was already in a daze. She struggled and said, “Let go of me, let go of me… I can still continue to run…”

Her legs flailed in front of his chest, and she was still running subconsciously.

The path ahead suddenly became steep.

The orcs behind him rode on their battle beasts and roared like thunder, getting closer and closer.

The battle beast under them was at its peak, and Chu Xiaoye and the others were already an arrow at the end of its flight.

When they ran up the steep hill, they became even slower.

Fei’er, Catherine, and Denise, who were following behind, could barely run.

Chu Xiaoye suddenly slowed down a lot.

“Catch them! Catch them!”

“The Elven Queen! The one with pink hair at the back is the Elven Queen!”

The orcs roared excitedly and slapped the mounts under them hard, quickly chasing after him.

Fei’er suddenly stopped and panted as she looked at Denise, the Queen, Alice, and her Lord Night.

He raised his delicate white hand and wiped the sweat on his eyes. Then, he turned around and stood there, his eyes revealing a determined light.


She took out an arrow, strung it, and started to shoot.

Sharp arrows shot out and the orcs riding the warbeast fell one by one.

“Fei’er! Run!”

Lanisi, who was being carried by Chu Xiaoye, hurriedly shouted.

Fei’er turned a deaf ear to him. Seeing the approaching orc army, she continued to stand there gracefully and did not move. She shot out arrow after arrow. Sweat dyed her tender and beautiful face, and her pink long hair fluttered behind her. Her blue eyes were filled with determination to face death calmly.

Since the orcs believed that she was the Elven Queen, she was!

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

She finished shooting all the arrows and threw down her beloved bow. With a clang, she pulled out the dagger at her waist!

Her pink hair fluttered and her skirt fluttered. She rushed up without hesitation!

“Your Majesty! Fei’er will always be loyal to you!”

She muttered in her heart and suddenly jumped up. With a whoosh, she cut the throat of an orc!

Her slender and weak body was also sent flying by the ferocious beast!

“It’s the Elven Queen! Don’t hurt her!”

“Catch her! I want her alive!”

The orcs were extremely excited. They roared excitedly and strangled the mount under them. They jumped down and fought to pounce on the pink-haired girl.


Fei’er got up and the dagger in her hand flashed coldly, cutting the throat of another orc!

She knelt there on one knee, her face covered in sweat. Her beautiful pink hair was covered in grass and mud. She looked so sorry, but she was so brave.

She looked back and saw that Lord Night had already fled up the hill with the Queen.

On the other side of the hill was the Kingdom of Kast.

“Lord Night, thank you…”

Fei’er muttered. Then, the dagger in her hand suddenly pierced into her heart with a whoosh.

However, the orcs surrounding her suddenly extended a spear and stopped her wrist. With a light flick, they sent the dagger in her hand flying.

“Hehehehe, you want to kill yourself? Dream on!”

“Elven Queen, you have such a beautiful face, such a charming body, and such a noble identity. If you die like this, the general and our king will be so sad.”

“We will be sad too.”


The ferocious orcs surrounded him and let out thunderous laughter.

“First, take off our elf queen’s dress and let us see how this noble queen of the elves looks different from the other fairies with her beautiful body!”

“Hahahaha, right, right, right! Strip her naked and let us open our eyes! Anyway, the General said that as long as she’s alive, it’s fine!”

The pitiful girl, who was surrounded by densely packed orcs, was curled up with her delicate body. Her face was pale and her entire body was trembling. She was in despair and fear.

At this moment, even death was an extravagant hope for her.

An orc grinned hideously and reached out with his rough hand to grab her pink skirt. Under the loud jeering and excited laughter of the orcs, he prepared to tear it with all his might.

Right at this moment, a terrifying air wave suddenly crushed over from the hill like a monstrous wave with a bang and surged down like an avalanche!


At the same time, a huge roar that was even more terrifying than the sky-shaking thunder suddenly sounded!

The orc standing at the top was sent flying by the terrifying wave!

Just as they flew in midair, their eardrums broke and blood flowed from their seven holes. They died instantly!

Under the dazzling sun, a golden lion stood proudly on the tall hill. The terrifying roar it let out was like waves of surging waves. They were endless, layered, and each one was more terrifying than the last!

The roar of a lion king changed the color of the world!


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