I Became A Mighty Lion

Chapter 337: Battle of the Lion Kings
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Chapter 337: Battle of the Lion Kings


Balo roared angrily and jumped up.

The two lion kings met in midair and raised their claws to slap each other heavily.


Black and golden collided!

Then, two figures landed at the same time.

They seemed to be evenly matched and no one retreated.

Balo landed on the ground, his feet slightly numb. He looked at him in shock and gloom, and the muscles on his face twitched.

In the previous battle, he thought that he had already understood this young lion king’s strength. He thought that his strength could crush the other party.

Now, he actually realized that the other party’s strength did not seem to be inferior to his!

It had only been two days. What happened?


He immediately turned around and roared at the ten subordinates, telling them to take the time to quickly kill the few seriously injured young lions.

At this moment, he regretted it.

He should not have thought of venting his anger and slowly playing with those few little things. He should have made a prompt decision to kill them immediately to prevent any accidents!

He only hoped that it was not too late.

The ten black lions looked at the young lion king in fear and then pressed towards the injured young lions.


Balo immediately rushed towards the young lion king in front of him, making him have no time to worry about the other members.

Chu Xiaoye stood in place and did not move. When he pounced close, he shot out with a bang and instantly passed him. The sharp golden claw cut from his neck to his tail!

Sparks flew and black fur fluttered!

A series of sparks lit up on Balo’s body, and only a few white marks were left on his dark skin. Soon, the marks disappeared.

Only a few black fur fell.

His black skin flickered with a cold metallic luster under the moonlight, like a layer of steel soft armor that was unbreakable!

Chu Xiaoye’s golden claws could penetrate rocks, but they did not pierce his skin.

However, this peerlessly fast claw frightened Balo. He hurriedly turned around and waited solemnly.

However, the moment Chu Xiaoye passed by him, he had already rushed towards the ten black lions. Air flowed from his back and his speed was fast as lightning. With a golden light, two more black lions landed!

The other black lions were extremely shocked when they saw this scene. They no longer dared to move forward and immediately gathered together, baring their fangs to resist the enemy together.

Chu Xiaoye ignored them and immediately turned around to return and charge at Balo.

In his anger, Balo was about to kill Catherine, who was not far away. Seeing that he had turned around and rushed over, he instantly arrived. He immediately perked up and roared as he faced the attack.


The two claws collided again.

Balo had just landed and had yet to raise his claws when Chu Xiaoye instantly rushed in front of him with a bang. He suddenly slapped his head and sent him flying.

Chu Xiaoye sprayed air behind him and followed closely. He was as fast as a ghost and slapped him again before he could land!

Balo flew up again.

This time, just as he flew up, he suddenly swung his tail down and wrapped it around Chu Xiaoye’s claws with a whoosh. Then, his body quickly landed and he grabbed at Chu Xiaoye!

Chu Xiaoye did not dodge or retreat. He suddenly raised his claws and sent him flying!

Then, he jumped up with a whoosh. Golden light flashed and his claws grabbed at his back!

Unexpectedly, Balo, who was in midair, swung his tail and suddenly turned around. He swung his claws and attacked!


Two figures passed by each other.

Chu Xiaoye’s claws grabbed a series of fireworks on him again.

Balo’s claws grabbed his neck. He originally thought that he could use his sharp claws to stab into Chu Xiaoye’s throat, but his claws suddenly slipped and he rushed over without leaving a trace.

Balo landed on the ground and turned around, looking at him coldly. His head was a little dizzy.

The two slaps just now were really impressive!

However, what shocked him the most was the golden mane on the young lion king’s neck!

His sharp claws could not penetrate the golden mane and he even slipped on it!

It seemed that he could only attack from other places!


He raised his head and roared angrily. He looked fiercely at the remaining eight subordinates and ordered them to come and attack the enemy together.

If he did not end the battle quickly, when the few little fellows recovered their strength, they would probably never have a chance again.

Although the eight black lions were afraid of Chu Xiaoye’s terrifying strength, they knew that if their king was defeated, they would definitely not survive.

Therefore, they immediately surrounded him, bared their teeth, and roared angrily, wanting to pressure this young lion king.

Balo was the first to rush up. His black fur stood up and his skin flickered with a dark luster. He bared his sharp fangs and prepared to bite at me!

With his weight and fangs, as long as he was entangled, this young lion was definitely not a match for him.

When the eight black lions saw that the king was so brave, their courage immediately increased. They roared and rushed up, preparing to use their numbers and size advantage to crush the other party!

Chu Xiaoye was surrounded, but he was not afraid at all. With a bang, he spat out a strong black smoke!

These black smoke looked like gas, but it was actually black smoke that drifted out as if the building was on fire. There were many fine dust and particles mixed in. Even if a lion could see the night clearly, he would never be able to see through this smoke!

Therefore, this huge night smoke instantly enveloped the entire encirclement, causing Balo and the eight black lions to lose their targets and even lose their direction.

Furthermore, he started to make them vomit!

“Ugh —”

“Ugh —”

“Ugh —”

The sounds of vomiting clearly exposed their location!

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Chu Xiaoye’s eyes flickered with a golden light. He could come and go freely in the black smoke. His body flew and his golden claws danced!

From the outside, their figures were covered by the black smoke and they could not see anything.

Catherine struggled to stand up and staggered forward.

Little Curly Tail, Mei Mei, and the others hurriedly walked over with anxious and worried expressions.


Terrified cries came from the black smoke.

After a moment, all the cries stopped.

A breeze blew and the black smoke slowly dispersed.

The ground was covered in blood and cries!

The eight black lions actually fell into a pool of blood. Some had their heads cut off, some had their spines broken, some had their stomachs cut open, and some were even broken into pieces!

After the black smoke passed, corpses were everywhere!

This was the night that belonged to them and the night that buried them.

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