I Became A Mighty Lion

Chapter 261: Killer at Night
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Chapter 261: Killer at Night


A few human cries suddenly came from the darkness!

Then, the gunshots stopped.

Those scarlet eyes stopped moving and swayed violently, letting out roars like those of wild beasts.

Chu Xiaoye hurriedly urged the six lions to protect the team and leave first.

He was curious and puzzled. He prepared to stay and see what was happening.

Little Curly Tail and Mei Mei wanted to stay, but he slapped them mercilessly and obediently followed the team away.

Only Catherine still stood behind him silently like his shadow.

Tilly originally wanted to stay and watch the fun, but she was frightened by Belita and said that it was a group of small snakes that had specifically crawled over to bite her, the most striking little white lion in the night. She immediately followed the team in fright.

Nunu and Qiqi walked slower, so they rode on the Pit.

The huge pit was already twice its original size. It was strong and could carry the two little fellows easily.

After the team walked far away.

Chu Xiaoye brought Catherine out of the bushes and hid in the grass, secretly observing the darkness in the distance.

No more gunshots sounded.

As for the red-eyed monsters, no one knew where they went.

The grassland in the night was silent, as if nothing had happened just now.

However, Chu Xiaoye’s sharp sense of smell could clearly smell the strong smell of blood floating in the air.

About half an hour later.

He got up and walked forward carefully.

Catherine followed behind him without landing and looked ahead vigilantly.

When Chu Xiaoye walked close, he realized that three corpses were lying on the ground. They were all human corpses.

The bodies of these three corpses were covered in wounds that had been bitten. Some wounds seemed to have been torn out by sharp claws and turned into pieces of meat. It was a terrifying sight!

Beside them, a hunting spear fell from each of them.

The air was filled with the smell of gunpowder.

Obviously, they were the ones who had fired just now.

However, why did they still die here after shooting with their shotguns?

Furthermore, there were no corpses of wild beasts around.

Could it be that those red-eyed monsters could not even kill these bullets?

Or could it be that in their panic, the three humans did not aim and hit empty space?

Chu Xiaoye looked up at the distant darkness with a grave expression.


Right at this moment, the roar of a lion suddenly came from the Nuka brothers’ territory.

It was the cry of the mixed fur lion king!

Chu Xiaoye was shocked and hurriedly chased after her with Catherine.

When they ran close at their fastest speed, they realized that there were the corpses of a few black lions on the ground. The mixed fur lion kings and a few others were chasing another few black lions.

It turned out that they had just walked here when they encountered a group of black lions.

Those black lions all carried a strong smell of blood. Clearly, they had just slaughtered another pride and were filled with killing intent and fighting spirit. As soon as they encountered them, they ran over and prepared to continue killing.

In the end, he realized that he was no match for him and immediately fled in panic.

Chu Xiaoye roared and let the mixed fur lion king and the others return quickly to continue traveling.

This grassland had already become extremely chaotic.

The humans with guns appeared and the red-eyed monsters appeared again. They had to leave this place as soon as possible.

After all, there were still two young lions and a group of injured people in their pride. It would be troublesome if they encountered danger.

After the six lions returned to the team, Chu Xiaoye immediately brought them and rushed through the night.

When they walked out of the Nuca brothers’ territory, they suddenly discovered Little Nuca’s corpse at the border. At the same time, there was the corpse of another pride.

Three lions, nine female lions, and twelve young cubs.

All of them fell into a pool of blood and stopped breathing.

To the pride, this rainy season that they had waited so long for was their happiest moment.

There was plenty of water, food, and a suitable climate.

Therefore, it was also when they went into heat and gave birth.

During this season, many prides would welcome new lives.

They had thought that their happy time had arrived.

However, no one would have thought that a bloody calamity was quietly enveloping them.

The entire grassland fell into darkness and blood.

Chu Xiaoye brought the team and continued forward.

At dawn.

They saw corpses all over the ground again.

Some were adult lions, some were adult female lions, some were newly born or were only a few months old.

Those cruel killers almost killed all the members of every pride, leaving none behind.

From the wounds on these corpses and the fur that fell on the ground, it could be seen that the murderer was none other than those black lions that had come from nowhere.

They were like devils in the night, slaughtering lions on the grassland one after another, bringing darkness and death to the entire grassland!

The members of the pride of the cold father trembled in fear when they saw this bloody scene.

They might have thought of the scene the night before.

That night, if Chu Xiaoye had not rushed over in time with the pride, they would have fallen to the ground like these lions and become corpses.

The black lions killed them not for food or territory, but for killing. They wanted to kill them all and leave none alive!

Even if some lions surrendered and became their killing tools, they would probably not escape death in the end.

Their goal was very simple. They wanted to let the grassland be filled with the genes of their black lion tribe and make this soil that did not belong to them become the breeding ground of their black lion tribe!

All lions that did not belong to their black lion genes would probably be extinct in the end, or a portion of them would be reduced to slaves and serve them.

It was not a good time to travel during the day.

However, there were no bushes that blocked the sun nearby.

Chu Xiaoye brought the team to the river at the foot of the hill and prepared to drink some water. Then, he followed the river.

When they came to the river, they suddenly realized that there were three female lions and five young cubs drinking water in fear by the river.

A few crocodiles were hiding in the water.

When the female lions and young cubs saw them, they were terrified. They bared their fangs and let out terrified whimpers, their bodies trembling.

The three female lions hurriedly protected the young cubs in the middle, trembling as they roared at this terrifying team.


Suddenly, water splashed everywhere behind him!

A crocodile hiding in the water suddenly jumped up and bit the hind leg of a female lion. It swung its head hard and the female lion was thrown into the river, causing a large amount of water to splash!

The female lion struggled in the river with all her might, wanting to get up.

However, the other crocodiles in the river quickly swam over and bit her body together, dragging her into the water and never floating up again.

Soon, blood floated up from the water.

The river water churned and the crocodiles started to bite and devour crazily.

The remaining two female lions hurriedly took a few steps away from the river in fear, but they did not dare to continue forward.

The five young cubs trembled violently.

Chu Xiaoye hurriedly brought the team forward and stopped by the river dozens of meters away to drink water.


At this moment, the roar of a lion suddenly came from the hill.

Then, a few black lions appeared on the hill. They looked down at the two female lions and the five young cubs by the river.

Obviously, they had followed these female lions and young cubs here.

As for the other members of this pride, including the lion king, they might have already been cruelly killed.

In the eyes of animals, there was no such thing as an orphan or a widow.

In the eyes of these black killers, all lions that were not black would die!

Of course, there were exceptions.

For example, those who were stronger and could not be provoked.

The few black lions only looked at Chu Xiaoye’s team from afar on the hill and ignored them. They walked down the hill and walked towards the two female lions and the five young cubs.

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