I Became A Mighty Lion

Chapter 209: Corpse in the Water
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Chapter 209: Corpse in the Water


Right at this moment, the roar of a lion suddenly came from the forest not far away.

Obviously, another pride had already discovered the enemy.

The lion king with mixed fur was immediately anxious. He did not want to fall behind the other lions.

If he could complete this mission, he would have a chance to enter the center of the snow mountain and fight stronger enemies alongside his stronger kind.

He would not only obtain honor, but also many benefits.

Seeing that the white wolf was still hesitating, he could only hold in his anger. He growled and looked at the two young lions in front of him in disdain, indicating that he agreed and let them join the team.

If they delayed any further, the sky would brighten.

The white wolf looked at him and gestured for them to set off.

The lion king with mixed fur immediately brought the team into the forest eagerly.

Chu Xiaoye and the other two followed at the back.

Even the two warthogs and the five baboons seemed to ignore them, as if they did not exist.

A bird the size of a bee flew down from the tree and landed on the mixed fur lion king’s thick mane.

The lion king with mixed fur bared its teeth, but did not get angry.

This was the pen bird that recorded their mission. Be it killing the enemy or searching, their every move would be recorded as the evaluation score for this mission.

In order to protect themselves, the pen birds would usually stop on the most powerful member of the team.

Therefore, although the lion king with mixed fur looked a little unwilling, he was quite pleased in his heart.

In this team, be it his size, aura, or strength, he was the fully deserving leader. And if nothing went wrong, most of the points for this mission would fall on him.

The ground in the forest was rather damp. When he stepped on it, there was even the sound of water sizzling.

White smoke lingered in the entire forest, making it look mysterious and dark. It also made it easier for the sea creatures to hide.

Before long, a strong smell of blood suddenly drifted from the forest in front of him.

The lion king with mixed fur immediately quickened its steps and walked over with the team.

A waterhole appeared in the forest, and the corpse of a female lion floated on the water. From the looks of it, she had clearly just died.

A bloody hole appeared on her head. The flesh around it was bitten off, revealing her white bones.

The lion king with mixed fur’s gaze was grave. It stood beside the waterhole and observed for a while. It raised its head and looked at the surrounding bushes. Then, it gestured for the pride behind it to go and search.

He looked at the five baboons again and gestured for them to go to the tree and search the ground from above.

As for him, he lay down in the pool and extended his claws, preparing to scoop up the lioness in the waterhole. He wanted to observe carefully and see what had bitten her to death.

As for Chu Xiaoye and the other two, he treated them as air and did not instruct them.

“Roar —”

Right at this moment, a baboon that had climbed up a tree suddenly let out an extremely terrified roar!

The mixed fur lion king hurriedly stood up and looked up.

On the big tree beside him, the baboon that had just climbed up the tree’s waist was wrapped by a green sea python and struggling with all its might.

The color of the sea python’s entire body perfectly merged with the leaves on the tree and the surrounding scenery. From afar, it looked like a green vine wrapped around the tree.

At this moment, the baboon’s huge and strong body was wrapped tightly around the main trunk of the tree and almost deformed.

After the baboon roared a few times, it opened its mouth and could not make another sound.


The lion king with mixed fur immediately roared angrily. It raised its head and looked at the tree, jumping under the tree anxiously and angrily.

At this moment, the other four baboons immediately roared and ran over. They bravely jumped onto the tree and rushed towards the ferocious sea python.


There was a crisp sound, like the sound of bones breaking.

The sea python’s thick body quickly let go of the baboon and it immediately climbed to the top of the tree.

As for the baboon, its body turned limp and it fell from the tree. It fell heavily to the ground and died on the spot.

The bones on its body had already been broken by the mutated sea python!

Its four companions were shocked and furious. They roared and rushed to the top of the tree, baring their fangs in extreme anger.

The sea python coiled around the top of the tree and lowered its flat head. It opened its mouth and revealed its bloody mouth full of sharp fangs, letting out a hissing sound.

Although the four baboons that had climbed to the top of the tree were furious, they did not dare to attack at that moment. They could only bare their teeth and roar.

The lion king with mixed fur stood under the tree and roared anxiously, urging them to pounce on it together.

Although he was mighty and brave, his hero was useless. He could not climb trees and could only worry below.

At this moment, he suddenly thought of the strong male leopard.

When he turned around and was about to order the male leopard to climb up the tree to help, he realized that the male leopard and the two young lions were standing by the waterhole, staring intently at the female lion’s corpse.

The lion king was first stunned before it was furious!

Were these three bastards hungry? Did they want to eat the lioness’s corpse?

Even if they wanted to eat it, they had to wait until they killed the enemy, right?

They were indeed three useless trash. At this time, all they thought of was eating!


The mixed fur lion king could not tolerate it anymore. It immediately roared angrily and rushed over!

Just as he raised his claws to teach these three useless trash a lesson, the lioness corpse floating in the waterhole suddenly jumped up!

Then, a strange fish with its mouth open and fangs bared suddenly jumped out from under the lioness and bit Catherine’s head.

Clearly, it knew that it had been discovered, and this female cub looked easier to deal with!


A silver light suddenly lit up in front of it!

Its wide mouth was split into two and its scaled body fell back into the waterhole with a thud!

Water splashed everywhere and blood sprayed!

The entire water surface was immediately dyed red.

It rolled violently in the waterhole in pain. After a while, its stomach turned and it floated with the lioness’s corpse, dying completely.

As for the mixed fur lion king standing beside the waterhole, its expression was stiff as it quietly lowered its raised claws.

On the top of the tree, the baboon’s roar was loud and rapid.

However, Chu Xiaoye and the other two did not seem to have heard him. They still split into three directions and stood by the waterhole, staring solemnly at the water that was dyed red with blood.

The mixed fur lion king looked up and was anxious. Just as it was about to growl at the male leopard and order him to climb up the tree to help, the male leopard actually jumped into the waterhole in front of him with a whoosh!


Blood splashed everywhere and the male leopard crawled into the water!

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