I Became A Mighty Lion

Chapter 208: Sea Python and Strange Fish
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Chapter 208: Sea Python and Strange Fish

The wind blew and waves surged.

For animals on land, they would still feel terrified when walking on the waves in the sea.

The hyenas that had wanted to launch a sneak attack on the sea were terrified the moment they stepped onto the reef where the waves splashed. Their muscles were tense and they only cared about walking carefully, not caring about launching a sneak attack.

The two white foxes each jumped onto a thick layer of ice that floated on the sea.

As for Chu Xiaoye’s group of three and the hyenas, they also jumped up with their white fox guide.

Just as they stabilized themselves, the ice under their feet carried them against the wind and slowly and steadily broke through the waves, advancing towards the island in front of them.

Chu Xiaoye looked down and saw a black shadow swimming under the deep sea with a layer of ice on its back, but he could not see what it was.

It seemed that the sea was not full of enemies.

The animals on the snow mountain had guarded and operated here for so many years, so they naturally subdued many sea creatures.

However, it was probably easy to go and difficult to return.

As for escaping at the last moment, that was even more impossible.

Without the white fox leading the way, no one would want to leave this sea.

Soon, the island was getting closer and closer.

From afar, this island was dark and not too big.

When he came close, Chu Xiaoye realized that not only was this island larger than his territory, there was seawater. It was warm and white gas was floating out.

When the white fox brought them into the forest, they saw a tall white wolf standing on a withered tree that was lying on the ground majestically and unmoved.

In front of it stood a beast army formed by all sorts of animals.

The tall white wolf was clearly giving instructions.

The two white foxes brought Chu Xiaoye, the three of them, and the hyenas over quickly and merged into the beast army.

The white wolf looked at them, turned around, and jumped down the tree. It picked up a green python’s corpse from the ground and placed it on the withered tree.

The green python was flat and thick. It was about three to four meters long and its entire body was covered in scales. Its tail also had small fins. It was clearly an ocean creature.

The white wolf picked up a strange green fish that looked like a lizard from the ground and placed it on the withered tree.

The strange green fish had the tail of a fish and four thin and long retreats on its abdomen. Its mouth was flat and there was a beard at the corner of its mouth. Its slightly open mouth actually revealed two rows of sharp fangs.

On its back was a neat row of thorns that looked extremely sharp.

The white wolf jumped onto the withered tree and looked at the two sea creatures under its feet. It then raised its head and looked into the depths of the forest, fangs showing at the corner of its mouth.

Most animals understood what it meant.

A tall lion with a black and white mane turned around and walked in front of Chu Xiaoye. He looked at him and Catherine coldly and let out a low growl, clearly explaining something.

A hyena that had arrived first also walked in front of the hyenas and let out low cries.

The same species passed on messages to each other.

Chu Xiaoye immediately understood the meaning of this lion and the white wolf.

The enemies in the sea, the green sea python and the strange fish species, took advantage of the chaos of the battle in front of them to escape to this island and hide on it.

Their mission was to find the enemy and kill them to prevent future trouble!

This island was lush with vegetation and the forest was vast. It almost covered the entire island and there were all sorts of water pits and caves inside. Therefore, they needed many people to help them search.

In the water around the island, their team was hiding.

Therefore, those ocean enemies had already become turtles in a jar. They could only hide somewhere on the island and struggle at death’s door, unable to escape.

After the lion with mixed fur finished giving instructions, it turned around and left, returning to its pride.

He did not understand why they had even attracted such a little fellow whose mane had yet to grow out. Could it be that there were no other adult lions on the grassland?

The gathered beasts started to split into teams and entered the forest from different directions.

The hyenas that had come with Chu Xiaoye formed a team under the lead of the hyena queen and left quickly.

Before leaving, the hyena queen with sharp claws specifically looked back at him.

Just as Chu Xiaoye was about to leave with Catherine and Blue, the white wolf called out to him and looked at the lion with mixed fur, asking them to join that team.

Clearly, this white wolf knew how terrifying those ocean enemies were and was worried about the three of them walking alone.

The pitiful male leopard was already the father of the two children. He was strong on the grassland and his size was comparable to that of a lioness. But now, in front of this white wolf, he was smaller and was even treated as a little fellow.

The pride of the lion with mixed fur, including himself, had a total of three lions and three female lions.

However, they were all huge and had bulging muscles. They looked extremely strong. Compared to them, Chu Xiaoye and the other two were like children.

Therefore, when the white wolf let Chu Xiaoye and the other two join their team, the lion king with mixed fur was very unwilling.

In his team, two strong warthogs and five tall baboons with bared fangs had already joined.

A warthog could dig soil, dig holes, and explore the ground. Baboons could climb trees, investigate trees, stand high, and see how far away they were.

To the lion king with mixed fur, warthogs and baboons were useful.

As for the strong male leopard, it looked quite good.

At least this animal lived in the forest and knew many combat skills in the forest. It could climb trees and attack, so it could stay.

However, what use could these two cubs that smelled like milk be?

They were complete burdens!

Not only were they useless, they might even drag them down.

They were going to fight and kill the enemy, not to bring the children to play house.

Therefore, the mixed fur lion king immediately growled, indicating that it did not accept these two little fellows and let them go wherever they liked. Anyway, he did not want them to follow them.

The white wolf looked at him and could not force him. He looked suspiciously at the two cubs in front of him.

He did not understand why he let the two little fellows come here to help.

Any adult animal would be stronger than these two underage cubs.

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