I Became A Mighty Lion

Chapter 19: So Despicable!
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Chapter 19: So Despicable!

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

After dawn.

The female lions set off to hunt.

Xi’er stayed behind to take care of the cubs.

No one knew where the lion went. After leaving last night, he never returned.

When Chu Xiaoye woke up, he woke up Mei Mei and Little Curly Tail. Then, he brought them down the tree to run.

After running, he returned to the tree to train his muscles and balance.

The female lions only returned at noon.

This time, they finally brought back prey. Two prey actually, one big and one small gazelle.

Lars was extremely happy and ran over with his tail wagging.

Gigi followed behind and fell excitedly.

Chu Xiaoye brought Little Curly Tail and Mei Mei down the tree.

At their age, they should be weaned off milk. The amount of milk a lioness could produce had obviously decreased.

With fresh meat, who would be willing to drink milk?

The female lions and young cubs lay beside their prey and started to tear their fur and flesh to eat.

No one knew where the lion went. Until now, he had yet to return.

Since he was not around, the female lions would be much more at ease when they ate. They would not have to worry about being attacked and bitten by him.

As for the two prey, of course they would not leave him any.

It was not that they were selfish and cold, but reality was like this.

There was a lack of food and danger everywhere.

Every animal here was living arduously and carefully, with the possibility of being eliminated at any time.

Furthermore, these two gazelles were not enough to fill the stomachs of five female lions and five young cubs.

Hence, they had to be cold.

The two prey were quickly eaten clean.

Chu Xiaoye went to his mother to drink a few mouthfuls of milk before climbing onto the tree and lying on a branch to rest.

After Lars had his fill, he was full of energy and wanted to play with Little Curly Tail.

While he was not paying attention, Little Curly Tail slapped his head and immediately turned to run. With a whoosh, he climbed up the tree.

Lars was furious. He chased to the base of the tree, but could not climb up. He could only roar a few times in a threatening manner before going to hit Mei Mei.

Mei Mei ignored him. After nimbly dodging his claws, she quickly climbed up the tree.

Lars had no choice but to go and play with Gigi.

After fighting him for a while, Gigi was pressed to the ground and cried out in pain.

Lars was very pleased.

He felt that he was about to grow up.

If he could eat such fresh meat every day, he would definitely grow up very quickly!

The female lions spread out and lay in the grass around them to rest.

Until evening, the lion who went to patrol the borders of the territory returned.

He seemed to smell the scent of blood in the air. He looked at the female lions with an icy cold and majestic gaze, then followed the smell of blood to the grass where the female lions and young cubs ate. He let out an angry growl.

At this moment, Lars was chasing after Gigi excitedly and happened to pass in front of him.

The lion roared angrily, raised its claws, and slapped him on the head!

Lars swayed and rolled away, crying out in pain.

The lioness with a broken tail hurriedly stood up and ran over to protect Lars. However, she did not dare to roar at the lion. Instead, she lowered her head, as if she was begging and apologizing.

The lion bared its fangs and growled hoarsely, its gaze filled with ferocity and anger.

Lars hurriedly hid behind his mother and shivered.

The other lionesses lay on the ground, not daring to get up.

Fortunately, the lion only growled for a while and did not continue pursuing the matter.

He returned to his slope and lay down.

Without food, he did not want to waste his energy.

He had to preserve his strength at all times to deal with sudden intruders.

In the evening.

He got up from the slope and chased the female lions out to continue hunting.


When the sky turned dark, the female lions returned empty-handed.

Furthermore, for the next three days, the female lions did not catch any more prey.

The lion and young cubs were famished.

The female lions were also hungry and very tired, but they had to go out to hunt frequently.

That night.

The lion looked after the cubs, and the five female lions all went hunting.

After the lion fell asleep, the hungry Chu Xiaoye climbed down the tree and quietly entered the bushes at the back of the tree.

He was too hungry.

Although he was terrified by the leopard last time, he had no choice but to set off again to get something to eat personally.

Even a small mouse could fill his empty stomach.

Over the past few days, he felt that his strength had increased a lot again. However, the rate of growth started to slow down.

Obviously, it was because of hunger.

Tonight, no matter what, he had to get some fresh meat to replenish his energy.

He encountered the terrifying female leopard and the stupid cub the last time in the forest on the right.

This time, he decided to move towards the left.

In the quiet forest, the sounds of insects could be heard clearly.

He walked for more than ten minutes, but he did not see a single prey.

This place was about a mile away from the lion camp.

He could not go further.

Otherwise, if he encountered danger, he would be unable to escape unscathed.

He took a few more steps forward and looked through the dense bushes into the forest. It was empty.

He was disappointed and dejected. Just as he was about to turn around and return, there was a sudden movement in the grass in front of him. Then, a small deer jumped out with a limp!

Chu Xiaoye was overjoyed. Just as he was about to rush up while drooling, a figure suddenly jumped out of the grass and lay on the deer’s back!

When he looked, it was actually that little leopard again!

Chu Xiaoye was shocked, angry, anxious, and afraid. He looked carefully at the grass and indeed, he saw the terrifying female leopard again!

He cursed his bad luck and hurriedly lay on the ground, trembling and not daring to move.

However, a scene that he did not expect happened again!

The limping deer struggled to break free of the little leopard’s body and limped towards him!

As for the little leopard, it chased up excitedly!

The deer crawled into the bushes and stopped in front of him.

The little leopard also crawled in and stared at him with its amber eyes.

She was most afraid of sudden silence.


Just like that night, there was a sudden explosion!

Then, black smoke spewed out!

The little leopard fled!

“Roar! Ugh—”

Chu Xiaoye picked up the deer and ran away!

Hunger made him brave!

Hunger made him fast!

Hunger made him shameless!

Just like that night, the female leopard was frightened and hurriedly protected the little leopard as they retreated. She looked at the bushes that were emitting black smoke with a panicked and nervous gaze.

After the black smoke cleared, before she could see if any lions were hiding inside, the little leopard ran over angrily. Its fur stood on end as it roared towards the bush.

This time, she did not seem to be saying “Damn it! Damn it”. Instead, she was saying, “So despicable! So despicable!”

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