I Became A Mighty Lion

Chapter 18: The Crisis of the Pride
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Chapter 18: The Crisis of the Pride

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios


The limping rabbit jumped into the bushes and landed in front of Chu Xiaoye.

The little leopard followed closely and chased in.

The lion, leopard, and rabbit stayed in place and looked at each other quietly.

The air seemed to have frozen.

The little leopard looked at him in confusion, as if it did not know what this little thing hiding in the bushes was.

The female leopard wagged her tail and walked over.

Chu Xiaoye knew that whether he could live or not depended on his luck!

In front of the female leopard’s absolute strength, no matter how strong and smart he was, it was all in vain.

Then, all he could do was pray to the heavens!

He suddenly turned around and aimed his butt at the little leopard. He curled his tail and the airflow in his body quickly accumulated in his butt!

The little leopard was stunned for a moment. Not knowing what Chu Xiaoye wanted to do, she took a few steps forward unconsciously and leaned her head close to his butt, wanting to take a closer look.

However, right at this moment, there was a loud bang and black smoke suddenly spewed out from behind Chu Xiaoye’s butt!

The black smoke curled up the airflow and the little leopard’s fur fluttered while its face was distorted!

A horrible stench instantly filled the entire bush!

The rabbit beside him immediately swayed and fainted.

“Roar! Ugh—”

The little leopard was scared out of her wits. She suddenly jumped three feet high and turned to escape from the bushes with a whoosh. As she ran towards the female leopard, she vomited!

The female leopard was shocked and hurriedly ran over to welcome her. She bared her teeth and looked at the bushes!

However, she could only see black smoke drifting out from inside.

At the same time, she suddenly smelled a terrifying smell!

It was the smell of a lion!

She jumped in fright and hurriedly tensed up. She protected the little leopard behind her and bared her fangs, letting out a threatening and nervous roar!

She stood upright on the spot and did not dare to go forward.

The leopard was no match for the lion.

Furthermore, her child was still here!

She roared and retreated, afraid that a few fierce lions would suddenly rush out from the black smoke!

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Chu Xiaoye had long fled!

Of course, he also conveniently took away the rabbit that had fainted from the stench.

When the black smoke gradually dispersed, the female leopard’s gaze could finally see the situation in the bushes.

There were no lions there.

The little leopard vomited for a while before charging over angrily. She roared at the bushes and realized that not only was the smelly farting bad thing gone, her little rabbit was gone as well!

“Roar! Roar!”

“Damn it! Damn it!”

She cried out angrily as if she was saying this.

The female leopard looked around warily, not daring to stay any longer. She quickly called out and left with the little leopard.

Chu Xiaoye carried the rabbit in his mouth and crawled back to the area where the pride was active. Seeing that the female leopard did not chase after him, he finally heaved a sigh of relief.

By the time he returned to the pride’s camp with the rabbit, Xi’er had already woken up and was looking for him anxiously.

Seeing that he had actually returned with a wild rabbit in his mouth, the female lion immediately froze in place and looked at him in a daze.

Chu Xiaoye carried the wild rabbit and climbed up the tree. He looked like he could do it easily and was not burdened at all.

His strength increased again!

Chu Xiaoye placed the wild rabbit on a branch and started to pluck its fur to eat. 𝗳𝒓e𝚎𝙬𝒆𝙗𝚗o𝙫e𝗹. 𝐜𝐨𝙢

Mei Mei woke up and looked at him sleepily for a while. Then, she suddenly realized something and hurriedly got up and came over.

“The rabbit is so cute, how can you eat it?”

Chu Xiaoye thought about what human girls might say when they saw this scene.

But Mei Mei was not a young human girl.

She was a lioness cub who loved to eat meat.

Mei Mei drooled as she leaned against him and rubbed against him gently and fawningly, wanting him to share some food with her.

Chu Xiaoye spat out a mouthful of fur and shifted his body to make way for her.

Mei Mei immediately wagged her tail happily like a puppy who was trying to please its owner. She lay beside him and enjoyed the food happily.

Under the tree, Xi’er raised her head and watched the scene with a gentle gaze.


Chu Xiaoye called out to Little Curly Tail, who was still sleeping soundly.

This kid was clearly tired. Could he not smell such delicious food?

Little Curly Tail slowly opened his eyes and raised his head slightly. He looked at them in confusion for a while before his nose twitched. Then, he jumped up with a whoosh and almost fell from the tree!

“Meat! It’s actually meat! You guys are actually secretly eating meat!”

He howled as he ran over anxiously. He opened his mouth and ate while glaring angrily at Mei Mei, who was biting the rabbit’s leg.

He did not dare to glare at his brother and could only glare at Mei Mei.

However, under his brother’s dominance, he could only glare a few times and did not dare to extend his claws to slap.

There was no need to think. This rabbit meat was definitely caught by his brother!

Now, his brother was even more impressive than his father in his heart!

If his brother had not taught him how to climb trees and if his brother had not risked his life to protect him, he and Mei Mei would have probably died.

His brother was the true lion in his heart!

When he grew up, he would definitely accompany his brother and torture all the lions in the nearby territories. He would chase them away and take control of the female lions for himself, making his brother the true king of the grassland!

The entire wild rabbit was quickly divided up by the three siblings.

After eating the fresh meat, Chu Xiaoye felt excited and not sleepy.

He climbed up to the canopy and stood at the highest point, bathing in the bright moonlight as he looked at the distant grassland.

The four diligent female lions had yet to return.

It was only until midnight that they returned slowly.

Still nothing.

The lion looked at them coldly and turned to leave.

Xi’er went forward and rubbed their heads to comfort them.

The five female lions lay in the grass in silence, seemingly worried.

Lars woke up from his sleep feeling hungry. He stood up and walked to his mother’s side, roaring as if he was asking for food.

The lioness with a broken tail could only lick his fur with a helpless and anxious look.

Xi’er walked over and lay in front of Lars.

She still had excess milk.

Mei Mei should not be hungry after eating the rabbit meat.

Although Lars no longer wanted to drink milk and only wanted to eat fresh meat, he knew that the female lions had returned empty-handed and did not bring back any prey.

He was already famished.

He could only lie down beside Xi’er and drink milk helplessly.

The hoarse growl of the lion came from the grassland in the distance. In the quiet night, it traveled very far.

He was warning the wandering lions and enemies nearby that he was still very strong.

Whoever dared to invade would not be spared!

However, the lack of food not only threatened the lionesses and cubs, but also him.

If he could not eat his fill, what could he use to resist the enemy?

Wait a while more?

Or should he make a decision now?

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