I Became A Mighty Lion

Chapter 121: Glaring angrily!
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Chapter 121: Glaring angrily!

The king was still angry.

He walked in front angrily and ignored everyone.

However, after being abused by his unfilial son, he became much more obedient and did not dare to casually flare up at the members of the pride.

Even his kingly posture when walking was restrained a little.

The fearless Little Curly Tail even deliberately ran in front and walked beside him. He mimicked his walking posture pretty accurately and was rather comical.

This was a slap in the face!

The cold father was trembling with anger!

He glared!

However, this unfilial son did not react to his anger at all. In fact, he even learned more and more exaggeratedly.

Only when the cry of another unfilial son sounded from behind did the unfilial son obediently return to the back.

It seemed that his anger was quite effective against a certain unfilial son.

They followed the periphery of the bushes.

After circling around the rocky hill, the pride walked out of their territory and entered the territory of the Seno brothers’ pride.

The Seno brothers’ pride was already dead and existed in name only.

Their territory had become ownerless.

The cold father continued to walk west with the pride and did not stop in the territory of the Seno brothers’ pride.

When they arrived at the dry swamp, Chu Xiaoye and Little Curly Tail were shocked.

They raised their heads and looked at the distant hill that stood in the night.

After crossing that hill, it would be the land of the devils where their brothers almost died!

There was a group of terrifying humans living there!

There were all sorts of terrifying weapons in their hands.

Even the most ferocious lion king would tremble in fear in front of them!

They often snatched the prey of lions in the wild and often killed adult lions.

They were the natives here and the hidden kings of this grassland!


When the cold father brought the pride and prepared to walk towards the hill, Little Curly Tail hurriedly climbed to the front and cried out anxiously.

They could not go!

It was dangerous there!

His brother’s claws were broken there!

Although he was furious and wanted to take revenge for his brother, he knew that those upright animals were not to be trifled with!

The pride stopped.

The cold father looked at him coldly, turned around, and looked in another direction.

They had gone to the other direction last night. The desolation and barrenness there was even worse than the territory of their pride. There was no prey there at all.

Therefore, tonight, they planned to climb over the distant hill and look opposite.

Perhaps there would be many prey on the other side?

Was this kid questioning the king’s wisdom and orders?

The cold father turned around and continued to glare at him!

Little Curly Tail also looked at him angrily.

He seemed to be saying, “Silly father! You’re courting death, do you know that?”


The cold father growled and ignored him. He brought the female lions and walked towards the distant hill.

He was still the king of the pride.

No matter how arrogant this unfilial son was, it could not change the respect and obedience the other lionesses had for him!

Seeing that his mother was following his father, Little Curly Tail was anxious. He hurriedly turned around and looked at his brother behind him.

He seemed to be saying, “Brother! Come quickly! Beat this stubborn old fart down!”

The cold father’s mouth twitched and he quickened his steps, seemingly preparing to run.

Chu Xiaoye looked deeply at the distant hill. He pondered for a moment and continued to follow without stopping her.

He also wanted to see what it looked like again.

It was impossible for him to not miss the life of humans.

It was night and there should be no danger.

However, he had to be careful of the traps and clips on the ground. He did not want to be caught again.

At the thought of this, he quickened his steps and passed by the lionesses, preparing to lead the way.

If he discovered humans, he would urge the pride to flee immediately.

However, the cold father, who was walking in front, looked back and saw him walking over quickly. He thought that this unfilial son was going to slap him again. He was angry and afraid immediately and ran.

The faster Chu Xiaoye walked, the faster he ran. Soon, he was panting and extremely tired.


He roared angrily, wanting to use the lion king’s roar to deter this unfilial son!

However, this unfilial son ignored him.

The cold father could only turn around and glare at him as he ran!

I’ll glare at you to death!

Chu Xiaoye did not even look at him and continued to walk faster towards the hill.

The cold father ran for a while and finally could not run anymore.

The thick mane on his neck made his body stay in high heat. Now that he was on the slope, he was going to die!

He could only stop and turn around. He bared his fangs and prepared to face the slap of this unfilial son!

It seemed to be saying, “My face is not for you to slap! If you dare to come over, I’ll bite you to death!”

However, when he saw the lioness cub following closely behind his unfilial son, he immediately put away his fangs.

This cruel lioness cub opens stomachs without warning and did not follow the rules of the martial world at all. Damn it!

If he had known earlier, he would have bitten her to death when she first came to the pride to prevent future trouble!

He was a lion king, so he could not be slapped in the face again!

Furthermore, there were so many female pigs. No, there were so many female lions watching. This was definitely not allowed!

He immediately lay on the ground and covered his face with his claws, feeling extremely humiliated and ashamed.

However, when the unfilial son caught up to him, he did not look at him much and walked past him towards the hill.

At this moment, the female lions and the other three cubs looked at him strangely.


The cold father suddenly jumped up from the ground and flailed his claws on his face and head!

There were mosquitoes!

These damn mosquitoes, this King will kill you! Kill you!

Little Curly Tail looked at him mockingly and immediately walked past him to follow his brother.

Since his brother wanted to go, he should go.

Regardless of whether his brother was preparing to take revenge or do something, he, Little Curly Tail, would support him without hesitation!

His life was saved by his brother!

The female lions also passed the cold father and started to climb the hill.

The cold father continued to wave his claws for a while. He felt embarrassed and immediately followed.

That unfilial son was indeed afraid of this King’s anger!

Clearly, this King’s furious glare had already terrified this unfilial son!

Otherwise, why would that unfilial son not even dare to look at me?

Hehe, this was the deterrence of a king!


Chu Xiaoye climbed up the hill and looked at the grassland below with a vigilant and complicated gaze.

The grassland in the night was exceptionally quiet.

There were no cows, sheep, other animals, or humans.

Just as he was hesitating about whether to go down, a nauseating stench suddenly assaulted him with the hot night wind.

He was stunned for a moment, and his dark eyes looked at a patch of grass at the foot of the hill.

There seemed to be something lying there.

Could it be rotten cows and sheep?

He looked at the ground and walked over carefully.

When he got close, he was shocked to discover that the thing lying on the grass was not the corpses of cows, sheep, and other animals, but the corpses of humans!

The corpse had already rotted and was beyond recognition.

From the clothes he was wearing, he should be a native Maasai.

Suddenly, he raised his head and looked at another patch of grass.

There was another corpse!

The corpse raised its head and looked at the night sky. Its rotten face and widened eyes revealed an extremely terrified expression, as if it had encountered something extremely terrifying.

Chu Xiaoye’s heart turned cold as he felt an inexplicable sense of fear!

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