I Am The Landlord In Another World

Chapter 40
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Chapter 40: Nine transformations fish – Dragon technique (1)

Translator: 549690339

“Brother Tang, I can’t repay you with anything, so I’ll give you this cultivation technique. Back then, I passed the Imperial scholar examination, and my ranking was not low. He was supposed to be releasing rank -7, but later, he offended someone to save a woman. And this cultivation technique was also given to me by that woman. This cultivation technique caused me to fall into a desperate situation, and it was you who opened this desperate situation today, brother Tang. I’ll give it to you and end the knot in my heart for many years. This skill was called ‘nine transformation technique of fish – Dragon’. In the first transformation, one could jump five feet high, and in the second transformation, one could jump ten feet high ... When you reach the ninth cycle, you’ll be like a carp leaping through the Dragon Gate, soaring into the sky. ” Yang Yun took out a book and handed it over. “Don’t tell me he really can fly?” Tang Wen asked. “That’s impossible, of course. However, at the peak of the ninth level, it shouldn’t be a problem for you to jump ten Zhang. At that time, he would have to jump to the highest point, spread his arms, and slide open like the wings of a ichthyosaur. One step can cover a distance of tens of meters. This is a set of mental cultivation method that is beneficial to improving the light body technique, and it is really rare. ” Yang Yun said. “Its grade shouldn’t be low.” Tang Wen nodded. “Earth – grade high – Level, that woman also said it when she gave it to me. He only passed it on to his benefactors, not to his children, including his parents and brothers. As a result, in the past few years, I’ve never taught it to anyone else. You’re my benefactor, and you fit the criteria. It’s not against my morals to pass it to you. ” Yang Yun said. “Brother yang, what cycle have you cultivated to?” Tang Wen asked curiously. “I’m only at the third turn, and I can jump to the second floor with one jump. It’s not difficult for me to cover seven or eight meters with one step. However, my progress isn’t fast either. I’ve been practicing for five years. Come on, brother Tang, let me tell you. Even if you don’t know martial arts, you can still be as light as a swallow by practicing this heart technique. It’ll always be useful when you’re in danger. ” Yang Yun said. Tang Wen was also a little puzzled. He clearly had the strength of a middle – Stage rank -8, but why did a martial artist like Yang Yun not feel that he had practiced martial arts? It was quite difficult for a martial artist to determine the realm of the other party’s skill unless the other party revealed their Qi during a fight. If the other party was still, it was extremely difficult to judge the level of the other party’s skill. However, I can sense your aura and determine if you’re a martial artist. Of course, there were also experts who concealed their Qi perfectly, making it difficult for one to tell that they were martial artists. However, his cultivation level was lower than Yang Yun ‘s, so why couldn’t he tell? Could it be that this ‘earth – based master space’ had the ability to hold one’s breath? Therefore, other than Li Quan, who knew that he had practiced martial arts, no one else, like the Tang Army, Zhao du, and even Zhan dongwen, knew. Qiao Xiao knew that he had shocked him with his bow that day. However, Qiao Xiao didn’t know how strong he was, so he probably thought that he was only good at archery. In the evening, Tang Wen and Yang Yun accompanied Zhang Hongjiang to the evening Pavilion. They sat in the private room and waited for an hour before Kang Qingfeng finally arrived. “Vice manager Kang.” Zhang Hongjiang greeted Qingfeng Kang as soon as he saw him. “Vice manager?” Kang Qingfeng took a glance and found that Tang Wen was also there. He couldn’t help but snort. A tall woman behind him immediately said,”Lord Zhang, you should call me branch leader Kang.” “Sir Kang has been promoted, please excuse my rudeness.” Zhang Hongjiang was stunned. He quickly cupped his hands. “Hehe, the eight words haven’t taken shape yet. Regarding this matter, I was just about to visit Lord Zhang to discuss the preparation of the six fan division in Yanling County. ” Qingfeng Kang smiled and pointed to the woman behind him.”This is Yanling branch’s vice branch leader, miss Yu Hong.” “Vice branch leader Yu.” Zhang Hongjiang cupped his hands and greeted. “Lord Zhang is too polite.” Yu Hong nodded. Both of them were quite proud. It was the same even when he was facing a rank four Governor like Zhang Hongjiang. In terms of rank, even if Kang Qingfeng was the Yanling chapter’s chapter leader. However, it was only a rank five official, and Yuhong was even lower. She was a rank six official, the same level as the judge of Yanling County. However, the people of six Fan School had always been arrogant and looked down on the local officials. The local officials were also quite afraid of them and were afraid of being framed by them. Therefore, when they came down, they often greeted them with a smile. As a result, it also increased their arrogance. “This is?” Kang Qingfeng suddenly looked at Tang Wen. He recognized Constable yang. In fact, he had secretly read Tang Wen’s text before, but he was pretending not to know him. “Lord Tang Wen, the Earl of Yanling, who was just appointed by my Yanling County.” Zhang Hongjiang said. “Your Excellency, hehe, it’s an honor to meet you!” Qingfeng smiled without even bending his back, his face full of disdain. “I’ve just come from Liangzhou and stayed in the remote SuMei Island, so I haven’t had the time to pay my respects to Sir Kang. I’m sorry for being impolite. ” Tang Wen said. “Somi Island seems to be a deserted island.” Qingfeng said in an official tone. “The Earl is building irrigation facilities to restore the prosperity of somi decades ago.” Constable yang interrupted. “There’s no need to build irrigation facilities in that godforsaken place. Not even a bubble will come out if we throw in money. Your grace, you see, you shouldn’t waste your time. ” Qingfeng said sarcastically. “No matter how desolate that Island is, it’s still the private property of my Tang family. We have to take care of the inheritance of our ancestors. Otherwise, they’ll say that there’s no one left in the Tang family. ” Tang Wen said. “Is there anyone else in the Tang family?” Qingfeng Kang was getting more and more presumptuous. Even Zhang Hongjiang, who was beside him, frowned. “Does Sir Kang think that I, Tang Wen, am not a human?” Tang Wen was also gradually getting angry. “You’re considered a person,” Qingfeng said. “Hehehe, of course the count is a human.” Yu Hong laughed. “The two of you, my title of Earl was conferred by the imperial family. I’m with the royal family. If you say that I’m not human, then the royal family is not human either. Hehe, Lord Zhang, if these words were to reach the ears of the Imperial Clan Court, it would surely be very interesting. ” Tang Wen sneered. “Alright, alright, let’s eat. Sir Kang, please take a seat.” Zhang Hongjiang pointed at the main seat and the mud. “Hmph!” Qingfeng Kang lifted his robe and sat down on the main seat. Although Zhang Hongjiang concealed it very well on the surface, Tang Wen could see that the anger on his head was about to transform into a Roaring Tiger. After a few drinks, Zhang Hongjiang said,”by the way, master Kang, you told me that there was a man named Qiao Xiao who was locked up in my residence’s prison. What crime did he commit?” “Your Excellency, what crime do you think he committed?” Qingfeng asked. “He’s my Tang family’s slave and always follows the rules. What crime could he have committed? It was said that it was just a small fight. I don’t understand, why would Sir Kang, a dignified branch leader of six fan branch, want to capture him?” Tang Wen asked. “It’s just a small fight. He pointed a knife at me, which is a public attack on a disciple of the six Fan School. However, I’m a kind man. The six fan division in Yanling County is still in preparation and is still lacking a piece of land. He heard that the Earl had recently acquired a piece of land called qianye workshop. I’ve seen that place, and it’s not bad. It’s perfect for six fan division. Of course, it’s all for the sake of the public, so I can’t let you suffer. How about 150000 taels?” Qingfeng said with a cold smile. “I just bought it for 300000 Yuan.” Tang Wen replied. “You bought it too expensive and got ripped off. It’s worth 150000 taels. If Lord Jue agrees, I’ll arrange for someone to come over and sign the contract. ” Qingfeng said domineeringly. “Agree? how?” Tang Wen asked. “Hehe, it’s fine if you don’t agree. I’m going to interrogate Qiao Xiao at night and do things according to the rules. At that time, Lord Jue will come over to collect the corpse. ” Qingfeng said with a cold smile. “Hehe, Lord Jue, this is also working for the court. Thousand leaves workshop was chosen by six doors. What are your intentions by refusing to hand it over? If this matter is reported, at that time, I’m afraid you won’t even have 150000 taels, and you’ll have to go to jail. ” Yu Hong threatened. “The six fan division doesn’t need that much land, so I think it’s better to give you a part of it. When the time comes, we won’t take a single cent. We’ll just treat it as a donation from Lord Jue and Exchange it for military merits. How about it?” Zhang Hongjiang said. ” 40 to 50 mu should be enough.” Constable yang chimed in. “One hundred mu can be exchanged for battle merits.” Qingfeng said. “How do we calculate the battle merits? How much is it?” Tang Wen asked. “One hundred mu of land should be worth two hundred thousand taels of silver according to the earth – rank of our Yanling city, which is two thousand battle achievements.” Zhang Hongjiang said. “Lord Zhang, he only won three hundred thousand taels. Thousand leaves workshop had nearly 300 mu of land, which was only 30%, which was 1000 battle credits. We can’t give false war achievements, if the higher – ups investigate, we won’t be able to bear the consequences. ” Qingfeng was making things difficult again. “What does the Lord think?” Zhang Hongjiang asked.

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