I Am The Landlord In Another World

Chapter 37
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Chapter 37: I don’t want silver (1)

Translator: 549690339

“What cultivation method are you practicing? what grade are you at?” Tang Wen asked. “Mid – Class earth – Level, but the iron sword sect has a rule that you can’t teach it to anyone else, or your whole family will be hunted down. Even if I leave the iron sword sect now, I can’t break the rule. Otherwise, they’ll pursue me to the ends of the earth. Otherwise, I’d like to take it out for the powerhouses of my personal guards to cultivate. However, there are rules in the martial world, and I can’t do anything. At that time, if word gets out, even you will be retaliated against. If the iron sword sect retaliated, it would be very terrifying. It means that the government is not willing to provoke a sect like the iron sword sect under normal circumstances. ” The Tang Army said. “Isn’t there the six Fan School?” Tang Wen asked. “There is. The six Fan School is a public service sect trained by the Imperial court to deal with Jianghu Affairs. However, the rules of the Imperial court were: As long as you don’t rebel and still want to be deployed when needed, they won’t care about you. They could even turn a blind eye to some small – scale murder cases. As a result, many sects became arrogant and even the government officials didn’t dare to provoke them. As for those constables, they had a headache when they heard that disciples from big sects were causing trouble, so they didn’t Dare to Care at all. So, old master, when you encounter a disciple from a big sect, you must endure. This was because they weren’t a single person, but a huge sect. Some sects had thousands of disciples and were so powerful that even the Army didn’t dare to provoke them. The reason why everyone was afraid of the six Fan School was that they were also a huge sect. They have tens of thousands of men and they even have the Imperial court as their backing. Who would dare to provoke them?” The Tang Army said. “Therefore, the most important thing for the Tang Army is to improve its strength. When our strength reaches the standard of a large sect, even the Imperial court will be afraid. ” Tang Wen said. “Difficult! Firstly, we lack high – Level cultivation techniques. Secondly, why could big sects last for so long? That was because they had hundreds or even thousands of years of Foundation. Even if the Imperial court was destroyed, some of the big sects would still pass down their legacy from generation to generation. It was just that the court had changed. Not only did these big sects occupy good spiritual mountains and beautiful rivers, but they also had huge financial resources. The big sects often had their own business to make money. For example, the iron sword sect had at least tens of millions of taels of silver. Otherwise, where would I get the money to cultivate and eat?” The Tang Army said. “Are there any heaven tier cultivation arts for sale in the market?” Tang Wen asked. “There are! The largest city in the South, ocean Saint City, had one. It was sky treasure Pavilion’s most prized treasure, but the price was sky – High. A heaven grade cultivation method is worth at least a million taels of silver, not many people can afford it. ” The Tang Army shook his head. “A million taels is indeed expensive.” Tang Wen was a little disappointed. He didn’t have that much silver at the moment. “Of course, there are many cases of people stealing cultivation methods and killing others in the martial world. In fact, if a heaven – grade cultivation technique was unearthed, it would attract many powerhouses to fight over it. In fact, they were even involved in the killing of sects because of the expensive cultivation techniques. ” The Tang Army said. “The cultivation speed of a heaven – grade cultivation method is definitely better than an earth – grade one.” Tang Wen said. “Of course, but that’s not the main point. The main point is that the path of heaven grade cultivation methods is much longer. For example, human – tier cultivation techniques were too weak, and cultivators could only reach rank -7 or rank -8 at most. That was because it was too slow, and the shackles of an earth – grade cultivation method were fifth or sixth grade. In other words, you can only reach the fifth or sixth stage realm at most. Heaven – grade techniques, on the other hand, can be cultivated up to rank two or three. ” The Tang Army said. “Then how did a rank one expert train to become one?” Tang Wen asked. “That’s unless you’re cultivating the legendary ‘Mystic’ cultivation technique. However, it’s too mysterious and only exists in legends. Even our sect leader has never seen it before.” The Tang Army stopped the carriage and shook his head with a fascinated look.”Damn it. Although my innate ability is not weak, I achieved rank -8 at the age of 20. It was a pity that he only had a middle – grade earth – rank cultivation technique, and the highest realm he could reach in his life was only sixth – grade. It’s impossible to become an unrivaled expert. ” “Hehe, don’t be disheartened. You’ll have a chance.” Tang Wen said with a smile. “Hehe.” Tang Jun smiled bitterly. He did not believe what Tang Wen said at all. When they arrived at Yanling city at noon, Tang Wen exchanged the silver bricks for silver notes and told bu Feng to meet li Dawang at the river gazing tower. At threeo’ clock in the afternoon, li Dawang appeared at River gazing tower. “I heard that Lord Jue has recruited more than 300 of my original laborers at qianye workshop?” Li Dawang asked. “That’s right, but there are still more than 300 people who are unwilling to come to somi. ” Tang Wen replied. “Hehe, somi is a deserted island, a place where even birds don’t want to shit. Furthermore, there would be Pirates coming ashore to Rob and kill people from time to time. It’s nothing compared to Yanling city, so it’s normal that they don’t want to go. ” Li Dawang said with a smile. “However, I’ll take over what you owe the workers. I’m here today to give you the rest of the silver. We’ll sign the contract immediately, and you’ll hand over the land deed to me to change it at the government. ” Tang Wen said. “You really took down all my workers?” Li Dawang asked. “The Tang Army can be my witness.” Tang Wen said. “Official li, these are the contracts that all the workers have signed with Master Tang. The money you owe them will be collected by Master Tang.” The Tang Dynasty soldier came over and took out the contract. “That’s fine. ” Li Dawang took it and glanced at it a few times, then handed it to the Butler, ning ping, who nodded. “This is the rest of the silver notes. Count them, and we’ll make a contract after that.” Tang Wen took out a banknote and put it on the table. “I don’t want the silver notes.” Li Dawang shook his head. “What, you want to go back on your word?” Tang Wen’s face turned serious. “That’s not it. I’m just wondering if you still have any mirror, lipstick, and perfume left?” Li Dawang asked. “There’s still another batch. ” Tang Wen nodded. “You can use them to pay for the rest of the silver. However, you have to make it cheaper. For example, how about a mirror that costs 9.5 gold coins and a lipstick and perfume that costs 6.5 gold coins?” Li Dawang said. “This price is too low,” Tang Wen shook his head. In fact, he was overjoyed. If he wanted these pieces of junk, he wouldn’t have them. “At most, I’ll add another half a coin.” Li Dawang thought for a moment and said while gritting his teeth. “Deal!” Tang Wen nodded. Next, li Dawang asked the Butler to write the contract on the spot, and both parties signed and stamped their seals. Tang Wen asked Li Quan and the others to bring the mirror, lipsticks, and perfume up. However, after counting, they still needed about 50000 taels of silver. “I’ll owe you the rest first. I’ll get someone to send it over when the next batch of goods arrives. How about it?” Tang Wen said on purpose. “Hehe, we’ll hand over the goods and money. Otherwise, we’ll have to wait for your next batch of goods to arrive before we can get the title deed for qianye market. ” Li Dawang laughed drily. “Do you want this?” Tang Wen took out a Silver Crown from the box, which was inlaid with 18 pearls. The style was a little like the one worn by a beauty pageant winner, but not the style worn by the noble ladies in ancient times. Under the sun’s rays, the silver light instantly dazzled, and the Pearl’s glow caught everyone’s eyes. “How much for this?” Li Dawang was immediately attracted to the Silver Crown. After all, modern craftsmanship was not comparable to those crude handiwork in ancient times. “Look at these pearls, there are a total of 18 of them. Also, this Silver Crown is very bright. This was the silver that had been repeatedly refined and purified by a master craftsman. Otherwise, do you think your silver has this kind of luster?” Tang Wen started to brag. “That’s true. ” Li Dawang touched the Silver Crown and couldn’t bear to let go. “You can definitely sell this Silver Crown for a good price. Those noble ladies will probably drool when they see it.” Tang Wen continued to brag. “Why don’t you just tell me the price?” Li Dawang urged. “Five hundred taels each.” Tang Wen said. “How many do you have?” Li Dawang’s breathing was a little rushed. “How many do you want?” Tang Wen looked at him with a faint smile. “You owe me 50000 taels. Just use 100 taels to make up for it.” Li Dawang said. “Li Quan, open the box and let Squire li inspect the goods.” Tang Wen said with a smile. Li Dawang and Butler ning carefully examined the goods, touching and pinching them. “Earl, you only have 60 here. You are still short of 40. I, li Dawang, hate it when people do business on credit.” Li Dawang said after counting. “Do you think this will work?” Tang Wen smiled and took out a disposable wind – proof lighter. Of course, it was different from the previous time when li Dawang took it away. Those were gold – plated and cost more than 300 yuan each. This one was made of plastic and only cost a few cents in wholesale. “Yes, how much is one?” Li Dawang had tasted the sweetness of it before. The last time he took the lighter back, he had put on a show in front of his relatives and friends countless times. In the end, it was snatched away by a relative who was an official. Li Dawang wanted to cry but had no tears.

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