I Am The Landlord In Another World

Chapter 32
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Chapter 32: The Tang Army (1)

Translator: 549690339

“Of course, it’s from the West, it’s very expensive.” Tang Wen opened his mouth and blew out a few smoke rings. That was because li Dawang’s face was glowing. He was probably fantasizing about himself blowing out smoke rings. “By the way, I heard that you owe the workshop’s craftsmen a lot of silver?” Tang Wen asked. “Around 100000 taels. Otherwise, my workshop wouldn’t be selling it at such a low price. Damn it, someone actually lowered the price to one hundred and eighty thousand taels. My workshop isn’t trash. ” Li Dawang said angrily. “Who are they?” Tang Wen took another cigarette and handed it over as he asked casually. “Fang Qiang, Liu Hesen, and the others.” Li Dawang said. “Although the workshop is old and shabby, it still has a lot of land. Three hundred thousand taels is indeed not a high price. Shopkeeper li is very honest.” Tang Wen said. “Of course. If I’m not in a hurry to sell it, it’ll be worth at least four to five hundred thousand taels.” Li Dawang said. “I won’t play dumb with you anymore, I want your workshop. However, I can’t come up with 300000 taels in a short time. ” Tang Wen said. “This, I need silver, I don’t give credit.” When li Dawang heard this, he quickly shook his head and said. “Previously, that unruly Tang Army brought a few hundred people to surround master’s house. If we don’t pay them, they will cause trouble again. Therefore, I can’t buy on credit. ” The advisor explained. “Minister li, what do you think? I want all the workers of qianye workshop. Don’t you owe them a hundred thousand taels? I’ll take this, I’ll only give you the rest of the money. ” Tang Wen said. “Will they be willing?” Li Dawang said after thinking for a while. “I’ll deal with them. If they don’t agree, I’ll give you silver. ” Tang Wen said. “Then you’ll have to settle them first,” Li Dawang said. “Deal!” Tang Wen nodded and said,”gather them at qianye workshop. I’ll deal with them.” “In the past, I could gather them, but ever since the attack on my house, they won’t listen to me anymore.” Li Dawang shook his head. “Alright, I’ll take care of this.” Tang Wen nodded his head and said to GE Ziyun,”bring the things up.” GE Zi Yun nodded and placed a mirror, lipstick, and perfume on the table. “Did you also buy this from the wafting fragrance brothel’s Lin Qian ‘er?” Li Dawang blurted out. “How much did Lin Qian ‘er pay you for one?” Tang Wen asked. “This ...” Li Dawang was hesitating. “Hehe, you might be killed by her.” Tang Wen said with a smile. “This B * tch, a mirror costs one tael and five maces of gold, and a lipstick and perfume costs one tael of gold. I took a mirror back to the shop and sold it for two taels of gold, while lipsticks and perfumes cost one tael of gold, and they actually said it was expensive. Don’t tell me that I, li Dawang, don’t earn money and give it to them for free? However, even if they think it’s expensive, they’re not afraid. There’s no more stock now. ” Li Dawang cursed. “How many do you want?” Tang Wen looked at him with a smile. “Don’t tell me you still have more?” Li Dawang was stunned. “A mirror is worth two taels of gold, so of course it’s expensive. If it’s a mirror that costs one to five taels, wouldn’t it be much easier to sell?” Tang Wen asked. “Of course,” Li Dawang nodded and said. “My mirror is one tael and two coins, and my lipstick and perfume are seven coins of gold. How much do you want? just tell me. ” Tang Wen said. “You really have the goods?” Li Dawang’s eyes immediately widened. “They just arrived. Not many, but around a thousand.” Tang Wen said. “Alright, I want half.” Li Dawang said. “The gold has to be paid first. We’ll hand over the goods after the money.” Tang Wen said. “Sure!” Li Dawang turned to his master and said,”ning ping, go back and get the gold.” “Old master, we don’t know how much we can take. Let’s count first and then go back to get it.” Ning ping said. “Two hundred mirrors would be two hundred and forty taels. Five hundred lipsticks and perfumes would be three hundred taels, so the total would be five hundred and ninety taels.” Tang Wen helped him calculate. “When and where will you deliver the goods?” Li Dawang asked. “It’s right here. My goods are in the carriage. If you want them, you can trade immediately.” Tang Wen said. “Ning ping, go back and ask Madam for the gold.” Li Dawang said. Ning ping nodded and left in a hurry. When he walked out of the river gazing restaurant, Tang Wen had another 500 taels of gold in his pocket. Of course, the lighter and a pack of cigarettes were taken away by li Dawang as a free gift. In the afternoon, Tang Wen arrived at the Yamen. Yang Yun asked head Liu to take him to the prison. The Tang Army soldier was 1.76 meters tall, thin, and had bright eyes. He was not old, looking to be about 23 or 24 years old. “Tang Army, this is the Earl, Tang Wen.” Class monitor Liu opened the cell door and introduced. “Your Excellency the Earl, why have you come to this dirty and stinky prison to look for me?” The Tang Dynasty soldier asked coldly as he leaned against the wooden fence and sat on a pile of straw. “You can bring the craftsmen to ask li Dawang for his wages. This shows that you have a heart of justice and are a warrior!” Tang Wen looked at him and said. “I’m not a warrior, I just want to get back my hard – earned money. ” The Tang Army snorted. “This is what I should do!” Tang Wen nodded. “Should? Why did I come here? Ask them if there’s any place in this world that’s reasonable. ” The Tang Army pointed at class monitor Liu and said. “You can ask for wages, but you can’t bring people to besiege Minister Li’s mansion. Squire li has reported you for attacking a private residence and causing trouble. We are the constables of Yanling Prefecture, of course we have to take you down. ” Class monitor Liu snorted. “You’re the dogs of the rich. Of course, you’ll help them.” The Tang Army snorted. “Who are you calling a dog?” Class monitor Liu was instantly enraged. He raised his whip and was about to whip someone. “It’s done,” Tang Wen snorted, and class monitor Liu’s hand, which was holding the whip, stopped in the air. “Did you see that? you don’t dare to make a move after Lord Jue farted. What are you if not their dog?” The Tang Army mocked. “I’ll beat you to death, you bastard!” Class monitor Liu was furious and lashed out with his whip. However, Tang Wen pushed him aside and threw him a tael of silver.”You go out first and wait outside.” Boss Liu took the silver and glared at him.”I’ll let you off today for the sake of Lord Jue.” “No need! I’m not familiar with him, so just kill me. ” The Tang Army sneered. Class monitor Liu’s face turned red with anger and he raised his whip again. “What, do you want me to call Constable yang over?” Tang Wen said coldly. Pa! Class monitor Liu’s whip hit the wood hard and he walked away in a Huff. “Although you have a great face and let me avoid a beating. However, you don’t have to plead for li Dawang, that animal. The Tang Army will not accept your favor. I only have a rotten life, so you can kill me if you want. ” The Tang Army soldier said coldly. “Him! It’s not worth it for me to speak for you. ” Tang Wen said coldly. “Then what’s your reason? Our Tang Army has nothing but this rotten life. ” The Tang Army said. “I want to buy your rotten life.” Tang Wen said. “Oh? Hahaha, there’s actually someone who wants to buy my life. Funny, this is too funny. ” The Tang Army was stunned for a moment before they burst into laughter. “Since you’re so righteous and want to stand up for your hundreds of brothers and sisters, why did you give up halfway?” Tang Wen asked. “I’ll give up halfway? It was those bastards who captured me. ” The Tang Army shouted excitedly. “Can pride solve problems? Was there any use in shouting? I think you’re stupid!” Tang Wen said. “I’m useless, but you’re useful. Tell me, how are you going to get back the wages for hundreds of people?” The Tang Army mocked. “Work for me, and I’ll pay you.” Tang Wen said. “What are you doing?” The Tang Army asked. “Have you heard of somi Island?” Tang Wen asked. “Of course, it’s just a deserted island. Furthermore, Pirates are running rampant there, and it’s very chaotic. ” The Tang Army said. “That Island is mine.” Tang Wen said. “Your ...” Tang Jun was stunned and looked at Tang Wen in a daze. “I need manpower to reclaim wasteland and build irrigation facilities. In the future, he would make sure that everyone had food to eat on somi Island. Everyone has clothes to wear, and children have the luck to attend school. ” Tang Wen said. “Would you be so kind? Hehe, you’re just trying to squeeze us to work for you. ” The Tang Army sneered. “If you don’t work and just want to eat and wear clothes, that’s a lazy man. I, Tang Wen, don’t support lazy men. You have to fight for happiness with your own hands, not dream every day and hope for a pie to fall from the sky. ” Tang Wen said. “What do you want us to do?” The Tang Army was stunned. After thinking for a while, they asked. “Simple, sell yourself to the Tang family. Let’s build somi together and realize our dreams. That’s because I want to buy qianye workshop and take you over as well. At that time, I’ll deduct your wages and Li Dawang’s money to buy qianye workshop. In this way, you can get your wages back. However, the condition is that you must sell yourself to the Tang family and work in somi Island. ” Tang Wen said.

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