I Am The Landlord In Another World

Chapter 18
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Chapter 18: The old master knows the mountain moving skill (1)

Translator: 549690339

“Zhang kui, spring water is good, but if it rains or something, the water will be very muddy and it will bring in a lot of sand. There were also some poisonous bugs and mosquitoes mixed in, which could make people sick if they ate too much. Therefore, when the water from the first pond flowed to the second pond downstream, some of the sand would sink to the bottom of the first pond. The second pool would sink to the bottom again. This way, after three or four pools, the water would be much clearer and cleaner. We’ve left some openings for the pools, so we just need to connect the pipes. “When we get to the camp, we’ll first solve the water problem for the toilets, bathing tents, and kitchens. We’ll also have to build a few washing pools ...” Tang Wen said. He thought to himself,”I’m going to add in some disinfectant and so on. This should be the simplest water purification system.” Of course, in the future, when there were more people, he would definitely build a fresh water plant. He didn’t have the funds for the time being, and there was no electricity, so it was just a fantasy. Next, he began to install the large tube. This was simple, and the ancient people learned it quickly. There was strength in numbers. With more than a hundred people, Tang Wen ran up and down to direct the work. The septic tank had been built long ago, and the tap was also connected. There was also a laundry sink and a washbasin. The toilet was built with plastic and steel boards. This kind of mobile board structure only needed to be fixed with screws, which was easy to learn. It was convenient to clean and looked clean, and the squatting toilet and other things were directly transmigrated by Tang Wen. They installed all of these in three days, and cut off the flow with sandbags on the fourth day. Not long after, the water came out of the tap and rushed into the laundry sink. Everyone was dumbfounded. Even the adults couldn’t help but run over to turn it on and off to wash their hands. Moreover, those who were waiting in line in the toilet had to go in and experience squatting. The shower room was also installed, and the shower tap made the ancients exclaim in wonder. With this, everyone experienced the feeling of washing again. “Good, good, very good.” Zhan dongwen came back after washing up, gasping in admiration. “Comfortable, so comfortable. It’s very clean, and the floral dew on the wine is very fragrant. ” Zhan junru was full of praise. Although Gu hanyan didn’t say anything, Tang Wen could feel that she was also quite curious. Of course, with these, Tang Wen had installed a simple one – piece bathroom in his bedroom, office, and his mother’s room. After all this, the thousands of tons of cement were almost used up. “Old master is simply a God.” In the corner, GE Ziyun said to Gu Hanyan. “Yes, I made a few strange things.” Gu hanyan nodded. “You guys haven’t come to my training ground yet, right? there are many iron horses there. There was also a fire – breathing bottle, which was extremely magical and convenient to use. With the help of the marrow cleansing pill and essence nurturing pill, I only used two months to help twenty – odd people reach rank – ten, with a few reaching rank – nine. ” Qiao Xiao said with admiration. “Yeah, I’m getting more and more confused. The old master is too smart, he might have been a master of mechanisms in the past. ” GE Zi Yun praised. “Besides, we’ve been following him for two months, and we’ve been living so happily. You eat your fill and wear warm clothes every day. Master is indeed a master. ” Qiao Xiao said. “Don’t you find it strange that there are strange iron horses, crushed stones, crushed sand, and road rollers? That’s right, and that big guy can actually dig rocks and soil. It’s so fast, and there’s a big pile of it. Also, where did he get that cement thing? Have you seen him do it?” Gu Hanyan. “It’s called an excavator. It drinks a kind of black and smelly water, which is also a kind of Iron Horse. That’s strange, could it be that old master knows the art of reform?” GE Zi Yun nodded. “The old master said that those are all western stuff.” Qiao Xiao said. “We’ve seen things from the West in Xihu city before. The West must have come from the West. However, the West is so far from where we are. How did he move it here?” Gu Hanyan. “Yeah, the things in the warehouse seem to be endless.” GE Zi Yun nodded. “Could it be that old master knows the legendary mountain moving technique?” Qiao Xiao said. “It’s possible. For example, some spellmasters exorcise ghosts to move things.” GE Zi Yun said. “It might be. For example, the corpse driving technique is similar.” Gu hanyan nodded. “Hehe, it’ll be great if old master can teach me the mountain moving technique.” Qiao Xiao said with envy. “Qiao Xiao, don’t make such an outrageous request to the old master. We are servants, and servants have to keep to their duties.” Gu hanyan said sternly. “Mistress, did the old master bully you?” Qiao Xiao asked. “Not really. Although Jun ru and I live in the same tent, the inside is separated by boards.” Gu hanyan’s face turned red and she shook her head. “If he dares to bully you, I’ll fight him to the death.” Qiao Xiao snorted. “Master shouldn’t be that kind of person. Otherwise, I, GE Zi Yun, would also fight him to the death.” GE Zi Yun nodded. “By the way, Ziyun, did the old master arrange for you to manage the accounts?” Gu hanyan asked. “Yes, he gave me the job of the accountant a few days ago.” GE Zi Yun replied. “Do a good job. Look, master has so many servants and so much property, but he still lacks a steward.” Gu hanyan said. “I definitely won’t be the housekeeper. Look, old master is so good to that Zhan junru. He’ll probably take her in in the future. At that time, the position of Butler will fall on Zhan dongwen. ” GE Ziyun said dejectedly and glanced at Gu Hanyan. “Why are you looking at me? he wants to take me in? no way.” Gu hanyan glared at him and said angrily. “I wouldn’t dare. What kind of person are you, miss? even if master is a Baron, he’s not worthy of you.” GE Zi Yun said. “Didn’t I tell you not to call me miss? Although there are no outsiders here, I’m afraid that you’ll spill the beans sometimes. ” Gu hanyan’s face darkened. “I know.” GE Zi Yun nodded. “That’s right, Grand Master. If the old master knows the identity of the mistress, I’m afraid he will have bad intentions. We’ll be in trouble then. ” Qiao Xiao said. “Sigh ... It’s a pity that he’s not qualified. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be a bad idea for the mistress to marry him. ” GE Zi Yun nodded his head. “Don’t think too much about it. I won’t get married in this life. The reason I’m still alive is to take revenge and take care of my brothers and sisters. ” Gu Hanyan. “That’s a must. However, mistress, the other party is too powerful. We have to take our revenge slowly. Otherwise, it will bring disaster to the Gu family. ” GE Zi Yun said. “Of course. If it wasn’t for the fact that this place is remote and easy to hide, I wouldn’t be willing to be his slave.” Gu hanyan scoffed. “We’ll stay here for the time being. When we have the strength and money in the future, we can redeem ourselves. Mistress, please bear with it for the time being. This servant’s identity is only temporary. ” Qiao Xiao said. “Of course. He wants to be my master, but he’s not qualified enough.” Gu hanyan sneered. “However, old master’s medical skills are really amazing.” GE Zi Yun said. “There’s a Gongsun clan in the pugilistic world. Every ten years, that clan will produce a powerful Trap Master and a Divine Doctor. They would create running horses and cavalrymen. For example, this generation’s Machine King ‘Gongsun Wuji’ was a representative. I’m wondering if you’ve joined the Gongsun family. ” Qiao Xiao said. “That’s a possibility. ” GE Zi Yun said. “If you become the successor of Gongsun Wuji, you’ll be qualified to be with mistress.” Qiao Xiao said. “Let’s not talk about this anymore. People will be suspicious if you’re out for too long. ” Gu hanyan waved her hand, and the three of them quietly dispersed. “Ding dong! Your popularity score dropped by 3. ” At this moment, the wooden bracelet trembled, and a voice came. “Why would they lower their popularity?” Tang Wen was stunned and looked at the ‘earth landlord space’. Indeed, his popularity had dropped from 388 to 385. What was the reason? could it be that three of the people he had recruited had betrayed him? However, the space didn’t answer Tang Wen’s question. “Ding dong! When your popularity exceeds 600, the realm will condense a ‘rank 10 Qi eye’ for you for free. When it exceeds 1000, it will upgrade you to a rank 9 Qi eye for free. ” There’s such a benefit?

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