I Am Really Not The Son of Providence

Chapter 354: He Definitely Likes Me!
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Chapter 354: He Definitely Likes Me!

So powerful!

So dominating!

I like him so much!

All female creatures would instinctively like the strong.

However, as humans, the most intelligent beings in the world, they sometimes emphasized appearances rather than strength.

Thus, when a man with good looks and strength appeared, his attraction toward women would definitely be fatal!

Princess Linglong looked toward Shen Tian with infatuation. That figure in the Golden Divine Armor had already been imprinted in her mind and heart.

The Divine Firmament Saint’s strength is indeed extraordinary as he’s able to receive my Heaven Sword Aura so easily with one hand. I must definitely become friends with him for the Great Wilderness Celestial Dynasty’s sake!

Yeap, even if I have to resort to giving myself to him!

That was what Princess Linglong was thinking, but Shen Tian did not know that.

He was only looking at Princess Linglong’s forehead, and he seemed to be extremely concentrated.

That also made Zhang Yunxi’s fair and pretty face gradually darken while Princess Linglong’s face, which was also fair and clear, turned redder.

Why is the Divine Firmament Saint staring at me so intensely? Is it possible that he has fallen in love with me at first sight? Oh my, it’s really embarrassing!

Princess Linglong turned her face away. “Divine Firmament Saintess, you are indeed exceptionally strong. Let’s spar again in the future.”

Shen Tian smiled and said, “Princess, you did not take advantage of Senior Sister when she was breaking through. As expected of the Celestial Dynasty’s princess, you have a noble demeanor. Are you willing to travel with us?”


The Divine Firmament Saint is inviting me to travel together with him?

Why is he so passionate when this is only the first time we met? He definitely likes me!

Princess Linglong’s face turned even redder as she sheathed her white jade sword. “Since the Saint has invited me with such enthusiasm, it would be impolite to decline.”

Zhang Yunxi, “...”

How is Junior Brother enthusiastic?

He only looked at your forehead and invited you out of politeness.

However, why did Junior Brother look at Princess Linglong’s forehead? It can’t be because that princess’ forehead is better-looking than mine, right?

But speaking of which, Junior Brother’s taste for girls is truly strange. Others would look at a beauty’s face, chest, or legs, but why is he staring at her forehead?

Zhang Yunxi started to let her imagination run wild again.

Frankly speaking, her impression of Princess Linglong was quite good as she was truly a woman of noble character.

Normally, if your opponent started breaking through when fighting, it would already be quite good if you did not interrupt your opponent and cause them to suffer a Qi Deviation.

However, not only had Princess Linglong not interrupted Zhang Yunxi’s breakthrough, but she had even secretly released just the right amount of pressure at the correct timing to help Zhang Yunxi.

Zhang Yunxi, who was originally at the peak of Golden Core Ninth Refinement Stage, had broken through to half a step away from Golden Core Tenth Refinement Stage when she was enraged.

In the end, the battle between Zhang Yunxi and Princess Linglong had allowed Zhang Yunxi to take the last half step and reach the true Golden Core Tenth Refinement Stage.

From a certain point of view, Zhang Yunxi even owed Princess Linglong a huge favor.

If Princess Linglong did not covet my Junior Brother, I might even become good friends with her. It’s a pity that the only one who can stand beside Junior Brother is me!


Invisible sparks started flying in the air.

However, Princess Linglong had indeed joined Shen Tian and the others as she wished, so she was currently elated and even wanted to sing her joy out.

Meanwhile, Princess Linglong’s Phoenix had transformed into a young red-clothed girl. She was about 10 years old and had two red braids.

She looked quite cute!

The reason Princess Linglong had strongly demanded to come to Immortal Abode Island was mainly to accompany Feng Wu to devour fire essence. The fire spirits’ crystals were extremely beneficial to the Phoenix race. They could improve their strength, and it could be said to be a godsend!

The little red-haired loli would take crystals out of her pocket, throw them into her mouth, and start chewing from time to time.

Her expression of enjoyment made her look like she was chewing sugar beans.

They moved swiftly under Shen Tian’s lead and almost did not encounter any obstructions.

Shortly after, they arrived in front of a certain enormous lake at the west of Immortal Abode Island. The fire-attribute Spirit Qi here was extremely thin, or it could be said that the fire-attribute Spirit Qi was ridiculously little, as if there was no fire-attribute Spirit Qi at all. It was slightly strange.

After all, this was Immortal Abode Island, the core Bodhimanda of the Golden Crow Thearch. There ought to be fire-attribute Spirit Qi everywhere.

Zhao Hao’s expression changed slightly, and he took a deep breath before speaking. “Senior Brother, I think something is wrong.”

An abundance of Nan Ming Li Fire surged out of Zhao Hao’s body, and the flames shook vigorously. It was as if they had encountered something incredible and were shivering.

Shen Tian revealed a smile as if he knew what was about to happen and that everything was under his control.

“There’s no need to forcibly control the exceptional fire’s reaction. It’s normal behavior.

“This is the Bodhimanda of the Golden Crow Thearch when he was still alive. The Golden Crow Thearch cultivated the Imperial Sutra of Sun and was in control of the True Sun Fire, which is the emperor of flames.

“Although the Nan Ming Li Fire is still the overlord of flames, an overlord will still need to submit in front of the emperor.”

Zhao Hao’s expression changed drastically. “Senior Brother, you mean that there’s True Sun Fire nearby?”

That was a fearsome existence ranked second on the Exceptional Fire List. According to rumors, it was the Sun Star’s raging, inextinguishable fire that could burn anything in the world.

This frightening fire had killed numerous Perfected Immortals and Thearchs.

If there was really an ownerless True Sun Fire nearby, even Sages might not be able to handle it once it went out of control. It might cause huge troubles.


“You don’t need to worry. Nothing will go wrong with me here.” Shen Tian looked at Zhao Hao’s forehead before smiling and said, “There’s indeed something in this lake. It’s just not the Sun True Fire.”

After finishing, Shen Tian slowly stretched out his right hand.

The extremely intense Nan Ming Li Fire instantly compressed to the maximum, and even the space was burned until it was twisted. It was evident that the current Nan Ming Li Fire was extraordinarily powerful.

The little red-haired loli widened her eyes, which were filled with longing. “It’s the Nan Ming Li Fire!”

Although the Nan Ming Li Fire was tenth on the Exceptional Fire List, it did not exist only in the five regions. It was also Southern Border’s Nirvana Mountain’s heritage exceptional fire.

Southern Border’s peerless mighty being, the Immortal Phoenix Queen, also possessed the Nan Ming Li Fire and could unleash its power to an unimaginable degree that would surpass even the top five fireσ on the Exceptional Fire List.

Feng Wu had heard of the Immortal Phoenix Queen’s legends since young, so she was naturally familiar with the Nan Ming Li Fire.

It was a pity that the Nan Ming Li Fire, which Shen Tian had formed was not given to her, but it was instead thrown into that huge lake.


This lake was 10,000 feet in circumference, and there was no fire-attribute Spirit Qi at all.

However, when the Nan Ming Li Fire landed on the lake’s surface, the whole lake immediately turned into a sea of flames.

Endless fire-attribute Spirit Qi was released from the lake at that moment and transformed into a divine bird raging with flames before soaring straight into the sky. It looked just like a mighty red sun!


Rumble, rumble!

Rumble, rumble, rumble!

A dull thud reverberated throughout the sea of flames, like a deafening clap of thunder, and shocked everyone.

At the same time, an ancient crimson tablet gradually rose from the bottom of the lake, and it surrounded and absorbed the Nan Ming Li Fire’s light.

Soon, obscure and mysterious characters appeared on the ancient tablet.

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