I Am Really Not The Son of Providence

Chapter 307: Can’t Blame Me For Being Handsome
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Chapter 307: Can’t Blame Me For Being Handsome

Kun Ming was clad in blue battle armor, and he was nine feet tall. He carried dual blades behind him and emitted a domineering aura as if he could conquer mountains and rivers.

His eyes were shining as he blinked. It was as if he could see through others. One would unconsciously quake with terror and dare not exchange gazes with him.

It was obvious that Kun Ming’s cultivation level had already reached an extraordinary stage.

Even among the Demon Venerables in the Nirvana (Nascent Soul) stage, Kun Ming was definitely one of the most powerful.

If normal Nascent Soul Supremacies were to battle with Kun Ming, they might not even last one strike and would instantly be killed.

If there were no truly talented Supremacies, even if up to 100 normal Supremacies worked together, they would still not be Kun Ming’s opponent.

Kun Ming would most likely strike them down one by one.

“Who is Shen Tian? Come out!”

Kun Ming spoke slowly. His tone was filled with the haughtiness of looking down on others.

A Kun avatar that was tens of thousands of feet in length appeared behind him. It was so humongous it covered the whole sky.

The instant the huge Kun avatar appeared, all the young prodigies trembled. They could sense a huge pressure on them. It was as if their blood was about to be frozen.

Seeing how Kun Ming did not come with good intentions, Black Dragon Island’s elders instantly stood in front of Shen Tian and the others.

“Kun Ming, the Divine Firmament Saint is the human partner of the Dragon race. Be more respectful toward him!”

The Black Dragon Island elders were all powerful beings in the Mighty Prowess (Soul Formation) stage, so even if Kun Ming could be said to be invincible among Supremacies, they were not afraid.

Black Dragon avatars appeared behind each elder to oppose Kun Ming’s avatar, helping Ao Wu and the others to reduce Kun Ming’s pressure.


In that instant, a great storm was stirred up outside Chaotic Star Island.

An immense amount of water surged into the sky. Then, as if there was heavy rain, rainbows were reflected by the sunlight.

Kun Ming was directly knocked back while the three Black Dragon Island’s elders frowned, their eyes filled with astonishment.

Although they had successfully knocked back Kun Ming by joining hands, Kun Ming’s power made them somewhat concerned.

Everyone had underestimated this Kun Princ. His talent and strength had far exceeded everyone’s evaluation.

After the passage of 300 years, Kun Ming’s cultivation level was just a step away from the Mighty Prowess stage that was above the Nirvana stage.

Meanwhile, his attack using his avatar just now was already on the level of Mighty Prowess stage and even more powerful than normal Mighty Prowess cultivators.

If not for that, it would have been impossible for Kun Ming to have withstood the three Mighty Prowess elders’ joint attack by himself.

One had to know that the three Heavenly Venerable Black Dragons were not weaklings!

“Haha, three old things want to stop me by joining hands?

“Are you Shen Tian? That bastard who is pestering my Pianxian?”

Kun Ming scoffed as he looked at Shen Tian,

“As the Divine Firmament Saint, you don’t even dare to fight me?”

His arrogance was reflected thoroughly through his words!

Before Shen Tian spoke, Qi Shaoxuan frowned.

“How impressive? You’re not even a Sage, even though you’re already 400+ years old. You’re unworthy of challenging Brother Shen!”

Just as he finished, the Heaven’s Halberd in Qi Shaoxuan’s hands shone with sharpness.

A purple dragon tens of thousands of feet long behind him roared to the sky, and the whole sky was instantly brightly lit.

The mighty dragon aura instantly surged throughout the sky. It was actually on par with Kun Ming’s.

“You really have the face to challenge Brother Shen, who is only at the Golden Body realm when you’re already at the Nirvana stage? Come fight with me first and let me see how powerful you are!”

After finishing, Qi Shaoxuan’s purple aura dyed the sky purple, serving as a background for the purple dragon.

After stabilizing his Nascent Soul during this one month of seclusion, Qi Shaoxuan’s battle prowess had reached a whole new level.

He was the man who had the potential of a Thearch!

Kun Ming looked straight at Qi Shaoxuan and was filled with battle intent.

“Human, you are strong.

“However, the time you’re in the Nascent Soul stage is too short. You might have been able to fight neck and neck with me 300 years ago.

“However, you’re no match for me now. So obediently give up!”

After finishing, Kun Ming still looked toward Shen Tian intently and scoffed.

“Forget it, with these old things protecting you today, I’ll let you off the hook.

“However, Chaotic Star Island only allows cultivators younger than 500 years old to enter. They won’t be able to continue protecting you, just wait and see!”

After finishing, Kun Ming snorted and directly walked toward the Chaos Array’s crack.

Shen Tian was silent from the beginning till the end. He only focused on Kun Ming’s head, full of concentration and passion.

“Brother Shen, I know that your battle prowess is astonishing, so you might not necessarily lose to this haughty fellow.

“However, the most important thing now is the breakthrough to the Nascent Soul stage. There’s no hurry to teach this fellow a lesson.”

Qi Shaoxuan saw that Shen Tian kept on staring at Kun Ming, so he thought that the latter had enraged Shen Tian.

Thus, he hurriedly scoffed. “He’s just an over 400-year-old fish. If I train for another 400 years, I can wipe him out with just a flick of my finger.

“After Brother Shen successfully reaches the Nascent Soul or Nirvana stage, that fellow will only be a joke.”

As Eastern Wilderness’ “previous” strongest prodigy, Qi Shaoxuan had his own pride. He had the confidence not to lose to anyone besides Shen Tian in the five regions.

At the same time, Qi Shaoxuan had also set Shen Tian as his target, and only he was worthy of defeating Shen Tian.

He did not allow this shameless fish to defeat Shen Tian through having a higher cultivation level—that was humiliation toward Brother Shen.

Qi Shaoxuan only wanted to defeat Brother Shen when they were at the same cultivation level in the future—that was the battle of prodigies!


Shen Tian did not know what Qi Shaoxuan was thinking as all his attention was on Kun Ming’s head. He did not notice what they were talking about at all.

Well, they were not a threat to him anyway.

However, Shen Tian could not help but think highly of Kun Ming as his providence halo was actually gold with purple light.

Is it now common for people to have such extremely good providence?

A Son of Providence with purple light appears so frequently... It’s really awkward for the red-halo me!

Shen Tian could not help but break out in cold sweat!

When can I really become a lucky guy with a golden halo or, even better, pure purple halo?

“Saint Tian, there’s no need to be afraid. The locations in Chaotic Star Island will change constantly, so it’s extremely difficult to trace others.

“Also, the Chaotic Star Island is filled with chaotic aura, so one’s divine consciousness is basically useless.”

Seeing how “solemn” Shen Tian’s expression was, he thought that most likely Shen Tian was worried about Kun Ming targeting him.

The Black Dragon Island’s elder comforted Shen Tian, “As long as you don’t enter Chaotic Star Island at the same time with Kun Ming, then you don’t really need to worry that you might run into him.”

Don’t need to worry about running into him?

Shen Tian was stunned. Why did he need to worry about running into him?

It might be unbelievable, but if possible, I even want to become sworn brothers with him!

Any prodigy with purple light is the best sheep to fleece.

Whether I am able to become lucky sooner depends on how fast their wool grows.

However, from the situation now, Kun Ming seemed to have misunderstood me.

I vaguely recall that it’s because of the Mermaid Princess?

Sigh... It’s indeed jealousy and animosity because of girls.


Seeing Kun Ming’s figure leaving in a rage, Shen Tian could not help but sigh.

He really wanted to tell Kun Ming to be more rational.

You really can’t blame me for being this handsome!

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