I Am Really Not The Son of Providence

Chapter 227: Is This Guy Really A Perfected Immortal?
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Chapter 227: Is This Guy Really A Perfected Immortal?

The Dark Yin Energy on the plain was formed from the Sub-Immortal Evil Spirit Lord’s essence energy.

It had entered the cultivation world from the outside 10,000 years ago. It had the cultivation of a Sub-Immortal and used it to kill many innocent people in the five regions. Even those Tribulation Transcendence cultivators were not its match.

In the end, the old Sacred Leader from the Reincarnation Sacred Ground had sacrificed his life and used the pseudo Immortal artifact, Disk of Six Paths of Reincarnation, to seal the spirit.

The disk had been refining the Evil Spirit Lord’s origin and producing the Dark Yin Energy from it for all these years.

By right, this energy should have dispersed on its own. However, one of the Evil Spirit sect members had found this place 3,000 years ago.

He had gathered other believers and set up an array formation to gather all the Dark Yin Energy.

They had to wait for 3,000 years and use mystic arts to release the Evil Spirit Lord. This would help it to recover faster.

However, the Evil Spirit Lord noticed that someone was currently stealing its Dark Yin Energy.

It was very angry.

It has been 3,000 years!

Do you have any idea how I survived the past 3,000 years?

I’m so close to escaping from this disk and gathering all my lost Dark Yin Energy.

Now someone is stealing it away from me?

B*stard! You’ll pay for this!

The Evil Spirit Lord forced itself to exceed the Six Paths of Reincarnation Disk’s control and used the Dark Yin Energy to make an attack.

The Dark Yin Plain was suddenly in chaos as countless devils and demons were formed from the Dark Yin Energy.

In an instant, the plain was filled with monsters, exuding a terrifying aura.

“These things are powerful. Can you handle them, Senior?”

Shen Tian was very worried. However, Ye Qingcang was very calm.

The purple God of War Pagoda shot out of Shen Tian’s dantian, and beams of divine light appeared.

“Relax, this fellow is sealed in the disk. There is no way it can attack us properly. These ghosts may look scary, but they are only formed by the Dark Yin Energy. They have no attacking power at all.”

Ye Qingcang smiled and continued. “There’s so much Dark Yin Energy here. The God of War Pagoda will have a great time.”

Then, he made a hand seal, and his body was covered in divine light too.

Purple spots of light shone around Ye Qingcang and formed a beautiful star-like map.

The map took the shape of a Kun[1] and formed an avatar of it on Ye Qingcang’s back.

“I only had some of its broken soul left, and this Mighty Prowess has weakened so much! But it is enough to deal with this amount of Dark Yin Energy.”

Just as he finished his sentence, the God of War Pagoda and Kun avatar combined, and the Kun materialized!

The Kun sucked all the demons and spirits that were whiling on the plain. They reverted to Dark Yin Energy and were absorbed by the giant fish.

“Damn! Curse you!

“Let me out of this thing, and let’s have a fair fight!

“Do you think it’s fair for you to steal my essence energy when I’m sealed by this disk?”

Loud screams were coming from the center of the plain.

Ye Qingcang snorted, “You are really arrogant for an evil spirit! Suck it dry!”

With his command, the Kun started sucking much harder.

All the Dark Yin Energy on the plain flooded toward the fish and entered its mouth.

The plain’s visibility returned to normal, and plants could be seen clearly from miles away now.

“Gone... It’s all gone...”

A desperate voice came from the underground altar.

The Evil Spirit Lord was shaking in anger.

Where are my disciples?

Where are my believers?

You promised me to bring me fresh blood and meat!

Where are they? Why is this man here instead!?

Although the Evil Spirit Lord could only create some illusions with the Dark Yin Energy under the control of the disk that sealed him, it was enough to scare away most of the cultivators that were below the Saint stage.

Even for Saint cultivators, some would be taken aback by all these demons.

After all, they were really scary.

However, this fellow right here was not scared of the illusion at all!

He had seen through the Evil Spirit Lord’s intention and sucked dry all the Dark Yin Energy here.

There was no other way the Evil Spirit Lord could retaliate. It could only wait in the Six Paths of Reincarnation Disk.

Shame! What a shame!

I shouldn’t have come to this world if I had known better!

However, there was no use for it to regret now. The Evil Spirit Lord had to face its fate.

Shen Tian held the God of War Pagoda with his hand and walked together with Ye Qingcang toward the plain’s center.

A majestic altar appeared in front of them.

The altar was made from a white solid material, and it had many divine emblems on it, which corresponded with the Six Paths of Reincarnation.

In the middle of the altar, there was a stone table. A silver-white disk was floating on top of the table.

The moment Shen Tian saw the disk, he had a strong urge to take it.

Ye Qingcang observed Shen Tian and said, “Haha, do you want it? This should be the copy of the Disk of Six Paths of Reincarnation. Although the maker has a low cultivation level, it was made by Pure Reincarnation Earth. It is something valuable too.”

Shen Tian was stunned for a moment. “Pure Reincarnation Earth? The one ranked 3rd in the Mystic Earth List?”

All the extraordinary items that were ranked top three in their respective list were considered extremely rare.

This Pure Reincarnation Earth, for example, was considered to be the origin of everything on earth.

It was said that such items could only be produced in the Reincarnation Land, where no one had ever set their foot on.

It could reset anything on earth and revert them back to their most basic state.

Thus, users with the Pure Reincarnation Earth could ignore all kinds of curses, poisons, and even purify hellfire!

It could also be used to heal Dao injuries and flaws in one’s cultivation foundation!

There was always a second chance with the Pure Reincarnation Earth!

However, no one had confirmed its effects.

The Six Paths of Reincarnation Disk made from the Pure Reincarnation Earth was really powerful, as it could seal a Sub-Immortal being for such a long time.

Even after the Evil Spirit Sect learned about the location, they had to wait 3,000 years before they could release the Evil Spirit Lord.

Thus, the Six Paths of Reincarnation Disk was definitely one of the strongest items among all the other pseudo Immortal items.

“Do you want it? Tell me if you want. I cannot read your mind.”

Ye Qingcang smiled and continued. “This thing is not that easy to be tamed.”

Shen Tian’s mouth twitched after seeing how this old man behaved.

Is this guy really a Perfected Immortal?

[1] A legendary giant fish in Chinese mythology

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