I Am Overlord

Chapter 1573: Powerful Exit From Seclusion
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Chapter 1573: Powerful Exit From Seclusion

From then on, the Three Lives Fist would be Xiang Shaoyun's strongest fist technique. Apart from the Three Lives Fist, he had also comprehended a sword technique from the dao of time. The technique was named Chaotic Spacetime and would confuse one's sense of time, making one wonder if time was paused, reversing, or advancing, throwing one into a chaotic state of mind. That would give him the chance to finish the opponent off.

With the Tool Nourishing Technique, he had also completed his lifebound weapon. A domineering saber was shining brightly within his astral cosmos sea. Its handle had the shape of a tiger's head, which held a pearl in its mouth. The body of the blade looked like a soaring white tiger, and the edge of the blade looked like a tiger's claw. The tip looked like the sharp tail of a tiger. Nine-colored radiance swirled around the saber, giving off a majestic and divine aura.

The saber had been completed using the boundary meteor, some other materials, and his astral energy and blood essence. As the boundary meteor was a top-tier material, it could carry all sorts of powers, including the primal inception energy. It was much more suited for Xiang Shaoyun than the primal chaos stone. Thanks to his affinity with the boundary meteor, he had been able to complete his lifebound weapon.

The dao of time would only be able to properly display its prowess through a sword technique. As for this newly completed saber, it naturally required a matching saber technique.

Xiang Shaoyun had renamed the saber the Primal Inception Saber, and he had also created a saber technique he called the Primal Inception Saber Technique. He had yet to fully complete the technique. After all, he had only entered seclusion for several years. It was already impressive of him to be able to complete his lifebound weapon. Furthermore, he had been busy improving his strength and creating the Three Lives Fist. It wasn't realistic for one to expect him to complete the Primal Inception Saber Technique in such a short time frame as well.

Over the past few years, the dragon fish in his body had grown significantly. After it devoured a large amount of draconic aura, its draconic aura became increasingly powerful. Now, it only needed a suitable opportunity to complete its transformation into a dragon.

As for the little tree, it had grown into an incredibly dazzling tree. Its trunk and leaves constantly glowed with a nine-colored radiance. Nine of its leaves had different colors than the rest, with each leaf representing one element. Its roots had also fully grown into the astral cosmos sea as it became a single entity with the astral cosmos sea. Now, even Xiang Shaoyun would need to pay a high price if he wanted to remove the tree from his astral cosmos sea.

Evidently, the little tree had decided to take root in the astral cosmos sea, turning the astral cosmos sea into its foundation. Xiang Shaoyun had also figured out the little tree's origin. It was the most mystical of all god-grade trees, the divine discerning tree.

The divine discerning tree was a divine tree that would grow through absorbing nine astral energies. Each uniquely colored leaf it had was the manifestation of a single element. Consuming one of these leaves would grant one an innate elemental physique and help one rapidly comprehend the profundity of one power. The divine discerning tree was boundlessly useful, and there was nothing like it.

Any other person would probably take tens of thousands of years before nurturing a divine discerning tree to such a level. But with Xiang Shaoyun's Primal Inception Physique and materialized astral cosmos sea that was akin to an actual star, the divine discerning tree had been able to grow to such an extent in only 20 odd years.

"I never expected this to be a divine discerning tree. Even the celestial darkdevil tree can only bow before such a tree," said Xiang Shaoyun as complicated emotions welled within him.

He ended his cultivation session and recalled his clone into his main body. Instantly, he became complete again. His eyes seemed to see through everything as his gaze pierced through the sky above him to land on the distant stars. Instantly, he charged out of his cultivation chamber and soared into the sky above.

Finally, Xiang Shaoyun had ended his seclusion. High in the sky, he did not stop moving. Rather, he continued heading beyond the dominion, toward the boundless space known as the outside domain. He could see a terrifying warship heading toward the dominion at a rapid speed. That warship was none other than one of the warships belonging to the aliens.

"Are the aliens finally coming?" muttered Xiang Shaoyun in a worried manner.

Back then, his master had said that he would stop the aliens from invading for 100 years. Not even 10 years had passed, yet the aliens were already coming. That was far too early than what Xiang Shaoyun had expected. The warship carried about 300 aliens. None of the aliens was weaker than a Saint, with about a dozen of them being pseudo-Gods and five of them being Gods.

Prior to this, Ge Yi alone had stopped the advance of the strongest of the aliens. He had destroyed a large number of warships, but some were still able to escape. This warship, in particular, was one of those that had escaped. Relying on the Dark Devourer Clan's senses, they were finally nearing the dominion. When Xiang Shaoyun appeared before them, massive clamor erupted in the warship.

"Finally, there's a human! Looks like we're not far from humanity's ancestral grounds!" said a two-headed alien excitedly.

"A mere Great Saint human. Let me seize him and interrogate him about the current status of humanity," said a different alien before he flew toward Xiang Shaoyun.

That alien was not weak at all. He was a Great Saint with a body as tall as a tower. He had three eyes, three arms, and three legs. He belonged to the three-limb goblins, an extremely rare race of aliens. The three-limb goblin did not say anything else as a beam of light shot out of his third eye and surrounded Xiang Shaoyun with an odd curtain of light.

"Lowly human, get over here," commanded the three-limb goblin with his hoarse voice.

His third eye contained an ability of mind control. The moment one was struck by his third eye, one could only obey all his commands. Xiang Shaoyun started approaching the three-limb goblin with an empty look on his face as though he had turned into a walking corpse.

The three-limb goblin was feeling smug as he said, "The humans are truly worthless."

He then grabbed Xiang Shaoyun, preparing to start his interrogation. Just as his hand was about to reach Xiang Shaoyun, Xiang Shaoyun's empty eyes turned fierce as he grabbed at the incoming arm. "A mere clown like you dare to be so cocky? You're truly asking to die."

As he exerted more force with his grip, he snapped the arm, causing a vast amount of blood to flow. His other hand shot toward the goblin's throat before crushing it with a domineering force. At the same time, a clump of primal chaos flame shot out of his mouth, reducing the goblin's head into ashes. Everything had happened instantly, and none of the other aliens could react. They could only stare in disbelief.

"I thought humans were born weak? Why are all of them so strong now?" muttered the leader of the warship with a frown.

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