I Am Overlord

Chapter 1350: Burning Gu Ming
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Chapter 1350: Burning Gu Ming

Gu Ming was filled with confidence. As far as he was concerned, killing Xiang Shaoyun couldn't be easier. Unfortunately for him, he had underestimated his opponent. When Gu Ming's palm was about to reach Xiang Shaoyun, Xiang Shaoyun's figure warped and vanished into thin air. The palm attack missed.

Nobody could see how Xiang Shaoyun had vanished. He reappeared behind Gu Ming and waved his arms in an abstruse manner. Instantly, a bright red pillar of flame appeared before him.

Saintfire Pillar Technique!

A pillar of flame with a diameter of 100 meters appeared and collided into Gu Ming. The Saintfire Pillar was not just a pillar of energy. The flame within the pillar was revolving like a whirlpool, concentrating a great amount of destruction. Anyone trapped within would be reduced to ashes.

Gu Ming had not imagined that Xiang Shaoyun could so easily avoid his attack and launch a counterattack so quickly. He was caught within the pillar before he knew it. He immediately responded and unleashed a golden radiance that protected his body from the flame around him.

"Trying to harm me as a Soul Foundation Realm cultivator? Naive," said Gu Ming with a sneer.

Just as he was about to launch a second attack, his golden barrier collapsed. Engulfed in boundless flame, he hurriedly retreated in panic and tried to resist the flame. The pillar of flame was not as simple as a saint-grade technique. Xiang Shaoyun also utilized Yun Flame when using the technique, putting Gu Ming in a difficult spot with a single move.

Of course, as a second-stage Heaven Battling Realm cultivator, Gu Ming was no pushover. He finally used all his strength and power as a Saint to push the flame around him away. He then fled the pillar. He might look terrible, but he hadn't suffered too bad an injury. Looking at Xiang Shaoyun ruthlessly, he said, "Is this all you have? Time for you to die!"

He then threw a punch at Xiang Shaoyun. A golden fist shot out with the might to destroy stars. This punch was even more powerful than the palm attack earlier. This was the kind of strength a second-stage Heaven Battling Realm cultivator should have. In fact, this attack could compare with attacks from regular third-stage Heaven Battling Realm cultivators.

With a cold look in his eyes, Xiang Shaoyun waved his arms again and created more pillars of flame. One pillar, two pillars, three pillars! Before this, Xiang Shaoyun had used only one pillar of flame. Now, he used three pillars of flame at the same time.

The pillars were spread around him, spinning without stop with their boundlessly destructive flame. After blocking the golden fist, the three pillars advanced rapidly toward Gu Ming. The pillars moved so fast it was as though they were teleporting.

Looking at the three approaching pillars and feeling the prowess behind them, Gu Ming hurriedly retreated while attacking, trying to scatter the three pillars. Unfortunately, all his attacks were reduced into nothingness upon reaching the pillars.

The Saintfire Pillar Technique was a reward for the Devil Hunting Expedition champion. This was a top-tier saint-grade technique, far stronger than ordinary saint-grade techniques. With Xiang Shaoyun's mastery over the profundity of flame, he had incredible control over fire, allowing this technique to display an incredible might.

"I'll burn you alive," Xiang Shaoyun's sinister voice rang out.

His arms moved faster and faster as the three pillars surrounded Gu Ming. His soul foundation unleashed a terrifying pressure, suppressing and preventing Gu Ming from escaping.

Xiang Shaoyun's soul foundation had grown to an extremely terrifying level. Its might was enough to suppress even second-stage Saints. The moment Gu Ming was suppressed, the three pillars approached him and engulfed him in boundless flame.


Gu Ming started wailing miserably as he struggled to escape the fire. However, he was unable to budge due to the suppression of Xiang Shaoyun's soul foundation. The onlookers were all stunned. They had never imagined that a ninth-stage Soul Foundation Realm cultivator would be able to put a second-stage Heaven Battling Realm cultivator in such a difficult position.

"Release my young master!" The Saint from the Gu Clan finally decided to make a move.

But before his attack could reach Xiang Shaoyun, Hidden Rat darted out like a viper. The Saint was stronger than Hidden Rat, but he failed to detect Hidden Rat earlier due to his impatience. Only when Hidden Rat showed himself did the Saint shift his focus from Xiang Shaoyun to Hidden Rat, bringing Xiang Shaoyun more time to focus on burning Gu Ming.

"Don't even dream of harming Young Master Gu!" Someone charged out of the crowd.

Before the newcomer could approach Xiang Shaoyun, Xiang Keren and Xiang Feidian stopped them.

"Since our little ancestor is delivering punishment, step aside and watch," said Xiang Feidian with a sneer.

With everyone else taken care of, all that remained to be seen was whether Xiang Shaoyun could burn Gu Ming to death. Gu Ming was the descendent of a powerful clan. Someone like him would not be so easily burned to death. Dazzling armor appeared on his body, protecting him from the raging flame. It was most definitely a saint-grade armor. A golden spear also appeared in his hand. He mustered all his strength and attempted to counterattack Xiang Shaoyun.

"You think you can kill me? Dream on!" Gu Ming roared.

A bright golden radiance burst out of his body as he broke free from Xiang Shaoyun's suppression. A clump of golden radiance formed at the tip of his spear as he tried to blast all the fiery pillars apart.

Xiang Shaoyun could see that Gu Ming was already using all his strength. Not even a third-stage Saint could fully suppress Gu Ming. However, Xiang Shaoyun's soul foundation was powerful enough to still suppress Gu Ming to some degree. But if he allowed Gu Ming to continue gathering strength, it was only a matter of time before Gu Ming fully broke free.

"Don't bother. It's time for you to move on to the afterlife," said Xiang Shaoyun. He did not want to waste more time and powered his soul foundation with his saint soul. Instantly, Gu Ming's power collapsed. Xiang Shaoyun then dashed forward at an incredible speed and swung a finger sword at Gu Ming's head.


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