I Am Overlord

Chapter 1335: Ximen Xue’s Sword
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Chapter 1335: Ximen Xue's Sword

"He's that Xiang Shaoyun who cultivates nine different powers? The abandoned disciple of the Dragon Phoenix Academy?"

"That's right. It's him. I heard he was expelled from the academy because he had offended some elders. Otherwise, he would have become the academy's pride."

"Western Desert's Devil Hunting Expedition champion. He is definitely no pushover, considering he is definitely someone capable of killing Saints. Wait, so that means he's even stronger than Lord Ximen Xue?"

"It is rumored that he can kill Devil Saints. I suppose Lord Ximen Xue is slightly weaker than him."

"That Young Master Xiang is much more handsome than Lord Ximen Xue. I wonder if he needs a maid by his side."


It was Xiang Shaoyun's turn to become the center of attention. His status as the Devil Hunting Expedition's champion had spread his name far and wide, making him an idol of many from the younger generation. Many people had never seen him before, and now that they had the chance to see him, they considered it an honor.

Xiang Feidian proudly said, "We're all top-100 participants in the Devil Hunting Expedition."

Xiang Feidian and Xiang Feidian were definitely no pushovers as ones who had entered the top-100. They were strong enough to face pseudo-Saints and were qualified to be proud.

"I don't think we can continue drinking in peace. Get the waiter to pack some liquor for the road," said Xiang Shaoyun with a helpless smile.

"Yes, little ancestor. We should leave," said Xiang Chenxi.

And thus, Xiang Keren ordered more liquor from the waiter to be consumed during their journey.

Just as they were about to leave, a voice rang out from outside the restaurant, "Ximen Xue, did you challenge me? Get out here and accept your death!"

Yet another disturbance broke out in the restaurant. Everyone knew that the Glacier Palace's Sovereign Han Jiang had arrived. Everyone poured outside the restaurant, eager to witness the confrontation.

Ximen Xue finished his food and drink in an unhurried manner. Then, he took out a handkerchief and slowly wiped his hands before leisurely leaving the restaurant. He was truly a weird person.

"Little ancestor, do we go watch the fight as well?" asked Xiang Feidian.

"Sure," agreed Xiang Shaoyun, as he did not want to dampen Xiang Feidian's enthusiasm.

They headed outside the restaurant. A large crowd had gathered outside, leaving an empty speed in the middle of the crowd. A tall, middle-aged man with thick brows and a handsome face stood there. Dressed in a furry overcoat and a furry cap, he emanated boundless elegance.

This person was none other than the Glacier Palace's number one Sovereign, Han Jiang. As someone who could cross over to the Heaven Battling Realm at any time, Han Jing had an extraordinary status in the Glacier Palace and was the target of Ximen Xue's challenge.

Ximen Xue walked out of the restaurant and stopped about 100 meters away from Han Jiang. When their gazes met, the temperature around them started dropping.

"Ximen Xue, as an up-and-coming youngster from the Ximen Clan, I'll consider the fact that you're still an ignorant youth and give you a chance to kowtow before me. If you do, I'll let this slide. Otherwise, don't blame me for showing no mercy," said Han Jiang coldly.

His peak Sovereign aura burst out and surged toward Ximen Xue. From his aura, he had actually reached peak pseudo-Saint Realm. It was no wonder that he was known as the Glacier Palace's number one Sovereign.

The eruption of his aura forced the crowd to move farther away from them. Those who weren't able to retreat in time were instantly turned into ice sculptures, serving as proof of how terrifying the aura was.

Facing the imposing aura, Ximen Xue advanced instead of retreating. He walked slowly, taking a long time between each step. He was using action to tell Han Jiang that he would not surrender.

"Stubborn fool. Die!" Han Jiang frowned and roared before sending a massive frosty palm toward Ximen Xue.

Han Jiang did not dare to be careless and held nothing back. He wanted to defeat Ximen Xue with one attack, not giving Ximen Xue the chance to attack even once. An avalanche formed on the street and rumbled forth. It was as though a natural disaster had formed right before their eyes and was crashing toward Ximen Xue with a terrifying might.

Even Xiang Shaoyun praised inwardly, He's not weak at all.

Xiang Keren and Xiang Feidian could feel that Han Jiang's combat strength was comparable with theirs. They wanted to see just how Ximen Xue was going to face this opponent. Ximen Xue maintained the same calm expression, as though he wasn't aware of the attack coming his way. Just as the avalanche was about to crush him, a sword ray swept forth.

The sword was so fast that many couldn't even see it. In everyone's eyes, the sword didn't seem to have done anything before it was completely submerged within the avalanche. Everyone watched on as the avalanche swallowed Ximen Xue, thinking that Ximen Xue was about to suffer defeat.

Right this moment, the color red intruded upon the world of white. Before everyone knew it, Han Jiang's head had separated from his body. Everyone was stunned. None had seen how Ximen Xue had severed Han Jiang's head. They had all thought that Ximen Xue was the one who would die.

But now, the avalanche vanished, revealing Ximen Xue completely unharmed. He maintained the same pose from when he swung his sword, looking incredibly carefree and heroic. Slowly, he pulled his hand back. However, instead of putting his sword away, he swung it another time.


Several people had suddenly charged toward him, but all of them were killed with one slash.

"Ximen Xue! For killing Lord Han Jiang, don't even dream about leaving Glacier City!" someone roared as dozens of people appeared and charged Ximen Xue. They rained attacks down on him.

Ximen Xue showed no fear and swung his sword, breaking through all their attacks with one slash. The sword ray continued toward the attackers. An alarming sword intent surged into the heavens, and dozens of experts from the Glacier Palace perished under his sword.

All the onlookers were stunned. They knew that Ximen Xue was strong, but they had never imagined him to be this strong. Stepping onto the bloody street, Ximen Xue started leaving, his clothes still as white as snow.

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