I Am Loaded with Passive Skills

Chapter 2246 - 2246: A Man from Heaven Walks From the Painting, and Xu Bastard Is Drank Out of Three Cups (1)
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Chapter 2246: A Man from Heaven Walks From the Painting, and Xu Bastard Is Drank Out of Three Cups (1)

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Feng Xiao fell to the ground and even his pupils trembled in fear.

He raised his head and felt that the surrounding space had become incomparably vast, and he was infinitely small.

The sickly young master who looked down on him had become a tall and contemptuous giant. Beside him, the shadows of the passers-by, whose colors had changed, whispered to each other. Every word was heart-wrenching.

There were thousands of accusing fingers!

Feng Xiao cradled his head and slowly inched his way until his back was against the pillar. Only then did he feel that he had some support.

“It’s just a sword! That’s all!”

“How could it be possible for someone to do it… You’re lying! You’re lying to me! You want to destroy my Dao heart!”

Feng Xiao angrily pointed at the giant Xu with trembling fingers.

“If self-deception can make you feel better, I have nothing to say.”

After they heard this heart-wrenching roar, everyone could clearly see the devilish energy that seeped out of Feng Xiao’s body.

Cracking sounds rang out continuously.

Something seemed to break in Feng Xiao’s body.

The aura of path energy on his body and the aura of the Way of the Sword Sovereign Stage started to wither…

“Enough!” Old Ghostface couldn’t stand it anymore and shouted angrily.

After all, Feng Xiao was also a member of the Ghost God gang. He could not just sit idly by and watch him die in this manner.

It was just the sickly young master’s interpretation of the ancient swordsman. Even if Ghostface had faced it, he would not know how to resist and thus did not know how to respond.

Words can touch one’s sore spot and people naturally knew what was the root of the disease.

“When one pitied another, there must be something to hate about him…”

The sickly young master turned and looked at Old Ghostface. “If I am able to shatter his Dao heart with merely a few words, then why would he cultivate the sword and change his Dao?” It would be better to retire to the mountains.” He wasn’t Bazhun’an; after all, he still had compassion.

When he heard that, Feng Xiao suddenly raised his head as if he had grabbed onto a life-saving straw. He stopped his cultural deviation and murmured. “That’s right. How can I listen to this demon’s words and become flustered…”

In the end, his murmurs were so faint that they could not be heard. Even if they could hear him, they could not hear what he said.

Old Ghostface let out a long sigh of relief. He could tell that Xu Gusheng had thrown a life saving board to this drowning ancient swordsman.

He cupped his fists and then the old man hurriedly waved his hand. “Men, take Feng Xiao away.”

The three to five burly men stepped forward.

Someone approached and lifted this object of embarrassment up like a chick and carried it out of the Yougui Pavilion.

“Old man, do you still want to fight?”

The moment he said this, Old Ghostface’s expression turned awl«vard. He didn’t turn around, and the magical brilliance that lit up his body flickered a few times.

He didn’t know if he should continue to fight or stop.

Feng Xiao was the one who instigated him to cause trouble. Xu Gusheng was so observant that he must have seen through it.

However, his first attack was not meant to take anyone’s life. After he met the Ghost God gang and took in the situation, he could have crushed Feng Xiao’s

Dao heart; instead he gave him another chance.

This put Old Ghostface in a difficult position.

The Ghost God gang valued loyalty. They were loyal and righteous, and carried out justice on behalf of the Heavens. They believed that when you respected someone, they would naturally respect you back. If there was injustice in the world, they would kill until the ends of the world.

They thought that this was another playboy who had come to tease Aunt Xiang and then used the name of the higher void’s descendant. The Ghost God gang would take this opportunity to kill this higher void’s descendant as a lesson for everyone.

After that, the Youguii Pavilion would enjoy some peace for a while.

He did not expect Xu Gusheng to have some tricks up his sleeve. His subordinate had amazing sword skills. He was skilled in both literature and martial arts. He had a clear division of labor and could even repay evil with good…

“Hiss!” Old Ghostface scratched his head and felt that he was in a dilemma.

Righteousness and Aunt Xiang.

Which was more important?

If they didn’t fight now and it came to the knowledge of the Divine Almighty, he would definitely fight on behalf of Aunt Xiang.

If they were to fight now and he had set up a trap, Xu Gusheng had already been merciful and had let Feng Xiao off.

Such a magnanimous, forgiving, and tolerant person, even The Divine Almighty would lower his status to befriend him. If he were to return the favor with ingratitude…

The Divine Almighty would beat him up even more if he knew!

Old Ghostface felt bad about this!

Very good… Xu Xiaoshou looked at the old man as he struggled mentally in front of everyone and summarized his impression of the Ghost God gang in his mind.

He was simple-minded but was very strong.

He waved his paper fan and casually formed an intangible step. He smiled and said, “With your ability and my power of protection, if we continue to fight, we won’t know whether we will live or die. The Yougui Pavilion will definitely collapse first. Is this what you want?”

Old Ghostface’s eyes trembled and he cupped his fists. “That’s right!”

The multicolored light on his body immediately faded, and his hair reverted to its white color. His body also shrank a little.

But he was still burly.

This method of acupoint stimulation seemed to be completely within his tolerance range. There were not many side effects.

“Young Master Xu, may I ask…”

“I came here to look for Aunt Xiang, not for any impure activity, but for official business.”

Old Ghostface’s pupils trembled. He had the Mind Reading Technique?

“+(Surprised, Passive Points,+)+23.”

“Dare I ask…” freewebn ovel.c om

“Are you sure? Do you dare to ask?”

“+(Surprised, Passive Points,+)+326.”

Old Ghostface choked again. He was instantly petrified. He could not advance or retreat. He wanted to say something but stopped.

At a certain moment, he somewhat understood why Feng Xiao had vomited blood from Young Master Xu’s words.

It was extremely uncomfortable!

The sickly young master looked past him and raised his fan to look at the hole in the ceiling of the Yougui Pavilion. He laughed loudly,

“Are all the people from the Central Region so arrogant?”

“I treated your esteemed guests to wine. I was sincere and wanted to meet Aunt

Xiang. ”

“Unexpectedly, you first ignored me and then invited Feng Xiao to cause trouble. Then, you used the Ghost God gang to stand up and pretend to seek justice. You secretly wanted to kill me, but you couldn’t beat me so you became a coward…. Ha!”

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