I Am Loaded with Passive Skills

Chapter 1865 - 1865 Who Said My Student Had No Chance? (1)
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1865 Who Said My Student Had No Chance? (1)

“Who said my disciple had no chance?”

Sword cries echoed through the sky, and the vast scenery of Zhen Huang Palace fractured like a mirror dropped from great heights.

The shattered world turned into a gorgeous red plum, with petals dancing through the air, gently descending like a soft rainfall.

The hair was meticulously combed, and the sword robe was spotless. Amidst the dignified demeanor, there was a hint of frenzy in the poised expression of Mei Siren, mixed with a trace of urgency in his leisurely speech. He appeared out of thin air in the Arena!

He still had a dual saint calamity above his head, and the calamity cloud clashed and thundered at the pinnacle of the heavens, deafening the ears.

In his right hand, he wielded the Taicheng Sword, where reality and illusion intertwined, and the Sword Will roamed freely.

In his left hand was an agonized Xu Xiaoshou, his face a mix of despair and shock.

Yet, even in such haste, Mei Siren still managed to snatch his own student!

After the sword’s illusory intent had dissipated, it was as if a huge curtain had been lifted.

The Berserk Giant soaring in the sky had been struck down by the Divine Blade of Judgment from a distance, but now it turned into fluttering plum blossoms, leaving only the Divine Blade of Judgment hanging in mid-air.

Was everything just an illusion?

Even Number Two could not react in time.

It was not until he saw the plum blossoms disintegrate that he realized what had happened.

“The Fantasy Sword Technique?”

“It’s the Fantasy Sword Technique!”

At the same moment, Xu Xiaoshou, who was held under Mei Siren’s rib, was ecstatic.

He had long shed the form of the Berserk Giant. He assumed that the giant form was shattered by the Divine Blade of Judgment.

Little did he know that it was just his subjective consciousness interpreting it as “shattered,” and prompted the release of the Berserk Giant.

It was Master Siren who saved him at the critical moment!

Was it at the moment when the Divine Blade of Judgment was about to pierce him and he felt a faint twinge in his chest?

“Wait a minute! I clearly saw that I was stabbed in the chest, I even felt the pain…”

Xu Xiaoshou struggled and touched his chest, only to find no injury!

The wound inflicted by the Silent Black Restraint had already healed.

The subsequent Divine Blade of Judgment did not actually hit him!

“The true meaning of the Fantasy Sword Technique lies in the cycle of truth and illusion, the rise and fall of authenticity and deceit.”

Mei Siren lifted his chin slightly and took quick breaths in silence, projecting an unruffled disposition.

“But that doesn’t make sense! Teacher, didn’t you say that you are not proficient in the Fantasy Sword Technique, hence your attainments in this field are not deep?”

Xu Xiaoshou had released himself from Master Siren’s grasp, still unable to contain his excitement.

The feeling of surviving a great ordeal and ascending from hell to heaven was like a dream.

That was how the Fantasy Sword Technique appeared to be…

However, it felt a bit too much like an illusion!

“I’m still alive?” Xu Xiaoshou pinched his face and slapped himself hard.


That hurt!

Mei Siren leisurely turned his gaze toward the figure with twelve wings sprouting from his back. With a halo above his head and clad in radiant white armor, he was glowing with luminosity. He was that humanoid with that nine hundred square feet nonsense.

The First Hall of Sins, a forbidden creature?

The corner of Mei Siren’s mouth twitched subtly. His scalp tingled as he seemed to remember something. He chuckled and answered his student’s question:

“It is true that my proficiency in the Fantasy Sword Technique is not deep.”

“Those who boast the loudest often bear the deepest wounds.”

“So, Xu Xiaoshou… one must learn to be humble.”

Number Two felt a slight sting on his cheek.

He had failed to see through Mei Siren’s Fantasy Sword Technique at first glance.

Earlier, was he lecturing a plum blossom version of Berserk Giant fabricated by Mei Siren?

Humble… Xu Xiaoshou’s lips quivered slightly but chose to remain silent.

Indeed, humility is a virtue!

Ancient swordsmen should all be exhausted… No, modest!

As long as no lives were lost, no matter how modest you were, I could accept it!

Finally, Xu Xiaoshou glanced sideways and caught sight of Master Siren beside him.

His hair was meticulously gathered in a bun, accentuated by an array of delicate dry curls.

His eyes drifted downward, and beneath the pristine swordsman’s robe, he saw a faintly blood-stained undershirt with a torn collar.

Xu Xiaoshou’s gaze froze as the realization sank in. He took a deep breath and said, “Teacher, you’re late…”

“Not at all.” Mei Siren stared straight at Number Two, keeping his head still, and presented a charred arm, saying, “I actually used all my efforts to save you on my way here.”

“But in the end, I discovered that it was only an arm and not your true body.” 𝓯𝙧𝙚𝙚𝒘𝙚𝙗𝙣𝙤𝙫𝙚𝒍.𝓬𝙤𝙢

Xu Xiaoshou stumbled at the sight of the hand from his second true body, almost falling from the high altitude.

He grabbed it and crushed it on the spot!

All because of this?

His second true body had rushed over to deliver a message but failed to do so, hence resulting in self-destruction, losing all spirituality, and reverting to a mere arm.

You… were delayed for so long?

Xu Xiaoshou could not believe it.

He could not avert his gaze from Master Siren’s luscious curls and the tattered bloodstained undershirt.

After a pause, Xu Xiaoshou could not help but ask, “Teacher, does style… really matter that much to you?”

“Style? What style?”


The thunderous Nine Heavens Thunder Calamity resounded, and Number Two swiftly retreated, trying to avoid the saint calamity.

Mei Siren did not even lift his head. The sword image swiftly rose, and the Azure Mo Swords struck with deadly speed, reducing the saint calamity to ashes.

Mei Siren’s withered curls fell onto his forehead.

He raised his hand to brush them away, turning his head in confusion. He asked, “What are you talking about?”

I was talking about this!

Xu Xiaoshou was on the verge of a mental breakdown.

He could not possibly say it out loud:

When the second true body arrived at the scene where Mei Siren was transcending the tribulation, he was still a bloodied figure, barely recognizable after being struck by the saint calamity.

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