I Am Loaded with Passive Skills

Chapter 1473 - 1473 It’s Over? (Part 3)
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1473 It’s Over? (Part 3)

“He’s very smart. Even though he’s young, he has his own judgment.

“What we need to do is to guide him, guide him to do good, and not interfere excessively.”

“Heart Sword Technique, Present Gods and Buddhas.”


He looked at Elder Xie’s body, which had re-condensed and was filled with devilish energy.

Xu Xiaoshou lifted his eyelids emotionlessly and successfully shattered its will, pulling it into his own spiritual world.

Just like the body of Elder Xie, the body of his will was also a jumbled-up, tattered monster that could only roar unconsciously and had completely lost its mind, emitting devilish energy.

It was much weaker than what he had seen before!

Last time, Xu Xiaoshou had been pulled into Elder Xie’s spiritual world.

This time, he had returned to his home ground and was the one who took the initiative to display the Heart Sword Technique and Present Gods and Buddhas.

In his own spiritual world that was filled with doomsday disasters and endless black chaos, the back of the figure on the tall sword tower swayed slightly and landed in front of the monster that belonged to Elder Xie.

He didn’t release any pressure, and he didn’t completely destroy this will.

All Xu Xiaoshou did was reach out his hand.

Just like when he had cultivated the Heart Sword Technique not long ago, he had easily extracted the devilish energy from Elder Xie’s body.


The strange spiritual body in front of him let out a muffled groan, and its eyes actually regained some clarity.

“It’s really useful.” Xu Xiaoshou watched silently, but he was also very shocked. He thought to himself that his Heart Sword Technique was probably the nightmare of all Spiritual Cultivators and ancient swordsmen who were afraid of their inner demons, and the best physical healer for those who tried to regain their consciousness when they were in a state of cultivation deviation.

However, the poor effect of physical therapy was both unexpected and reasonable.

Elder Xie had only regained a bit of consciousness, but he had not completely regained his original will.

“It’s acceptable enough…” Xu Xiaoshou nodded to himself.

He was already very satisfied with this.

Without any hesitation, he returned to his body on the long street and looked at Elder Xie, who was no longer surrounded by devilish energy.

“Soul Reading!”

The collapse of his will might affect the state of Elder Xie’s soul, but it wasn’t enough to make his soul completely dissipate.

Unsurprisingly, the reading process was successful once again.

However, this time, he didn’t experience the entire life of Elder Xie as he usually did.

What Xu Xiaoshou saw were only some broken, jumbled memories. They were not complete, but the means that Elder Xie had used before his death were very clear.

“The Southern Region’s evil technique, the Cursed Yin Eye.”

“The aura of power of the evil god… The evil god, one of the ten ancestors? The power of ancestral source? So that’s how it is…”

Xu Xiaoshou found what he wanted and quickly removed himself from the chaotic soul memory fragments. He was afraid that it would affect his state, so he also lifted the Soul Reading.

No accidents occurred during the reading process.

Elder Xie had not seen the Saint for a long time.

The strange sect’s evil technique that he had obtained was from a ruin and was considered an incomplete technique. There was not even any Holy Power fluctuation there.

As long as there was the slightest Saint Stage fluctuation, the killers who were afraid of death would not go over!

When he returned to reality, what was standing in front of him was already an unconscious, muddled higher void, no longer a threat.

Xu Xiaoshou knew that Elder Xie had not died under his Heart Sword Technique. When he had activated the Cursed Yin Eye, no one had been able to help him suppress the subsequent developments.

This person was already destined to die.


He didn’t move much. He only narrowed his eyes and heard a “plop plop” sound.

The eyes shone on the white flame, sending Elder Xie off on his last journey.

The long street returned to silence. Xu Xiaoshou turned around and looked at the two solemn-looking figures in the night sky.

“It’s over.”

He smiled and did not explain anything.

However, he knew in his heart that his action of flogging the corpse just now was very similar to the Great Demon King Xu and the villain in the novels!

“However, kindness can not defeat evil.”

Xu Xiaoshou sighed.

This time, the higher void, who had mastered the aura of power of the evil god, had appeared and wanted to deal with him.

It just so happened that he had just mastered the Heart Sword Technique, which was the perfect counter to this man, and with Xiao Kongtong as his bodyguard, he had managed to pin him down in advance and cripple him.

Xu Xiaoshou couldn’t deny that it was easy to fight like this.

But what about the next time?

If he did not fully understand this strange power, what if the next time a similar enemy appeared, it would not be the aura of power of the evil god but the real power of the evil god?

Xu Xiaoshou knew that external forces were only temporary. No one could protect him forever.

If he couldn’t make use of the various forces to grow quickly, it would be difficult for him to resist his rough fate when he was in a difficult situation again.

Water Ghost was very annoying, but some words were also true.


In the Struggle for the Great Path, a general’s success was built on ten thousand bones!

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