Hundred Times Income Multiplier System

Hundred Times Income Multiplier System

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    Jack Alfonso, the seventh child of the youngest generation of the Alfonso family of Crystal city goes through a lot of trouble at home.

    His mother dies when he was still fifteen years old. Then, things get worse as he’s bullied by his older half siblings.

    In the end, he decided that since the Alfonso family couldn’t help him in this life, he would just have to look for a way by himself.

    He decides to use the small amount of money that he’d been saving since he was thirteen till he was nineteen.

    He leaves Crystal city that was under full influence of Alfonso family and goes to a backward city, Inchoate city where he starts a small business.

    Who knew that he when he received his first income, he received a prompt that startled him.

    [Ding! Congratulations on activating the Hundred Times Income Multiplier.]

    [Ding! You’ve earned three hundred dollars. Multiplier applied. You’ve received thirty thousand dollars.]

    [Ding! First income. As a reward, you gain a Suzuki GSX-R1000]

    [Ding! First income. As a reward, you gain a custom made Bugatti Veyron.]

    [Ding! The system can assist you. You’ll be rewarded with the professional driving skills. But, you’ll have to complete a task given to you at the specified period of time. If the task isn’t completed, then not only would you lose the skill, you’ll also be punished by the system.]

    [Ding! First income. As a reward, you gain a Eurocopter EC135]

    [Ding! First month of income earning. Rewarded with Glaze Hotel.]


    With that, his life immediately changed for the better. He didn’t know what would happen next but he had gained a new dream. He would want to become wealthier than Alfonso family.

    This way, at least they would regret not caring about him. But that wouldn’t be all, he would have to make sure that the family goes down. The reason for this was pretty simple, he found out the reason for his mother’s death!

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