Hubby, Your Fox Fairy Wants Everything

Chapter 39 So You Are Chidi
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Chapter 39 So You Are Chidi

The demon-suppressing pagoda flew out of Xu Linghe’s hand. Layers of purple light wrapped the hall. The Spirit Power continuously rushed out to the hall, and the vicious spirits struggled to escape.

Xu Linghe chanted the incantation, then the demon-suppressing pagoda worked like a sucker. Demon Aura was smashed away gradually. The magnates who had lost their mind by the spell were still tussling one another. Xu Linghe swept his Spirit Power over, but it was bounced back. “Who can have such a powerful Spirit Power?”

The sun shone through the clouds. The small snowflakes on the petals melted into droplets in the sunshine. In the hall, jubilance was stained with blood.

Looking at the indifferent father on the main seat, Xu Linghe confirmed that this person was not his father. Although he had a similar appearance of his father’s, he was not his father for sure.

“Father, although used to be selfish and ruthless, could still take care of his own safety. But the person in front always remains calm, plot and wariness hiding deep in his eyes. Compared to father, the person is more conniving. He transformed himself into Xu Yinchang. So where is the real Xu Yinchang? Why does the man pretend to be Father? Does he have any hidden purpose?

“Today is my good day. I should have held my little woman’s hand and walked into the Joy Hall. But it was destroyed by this horrid creature.”

“Who are you? Why are you posing as my father?”

Xu Linghe’s enquiry astounded Lin Xiaosa. “Is Xu Linghe controlled by any witchcraft? How can he forget his father?”

“He’er, how can you be so arrogant...”

Chidi took a cold glance at him with some admiration. “I’ve done so perfectly. How can the young man spot any crack on me?”

The little woman disappeared with a trace. Xu Linghe didn’t want to be entangled with this person, but to leave Joy Hall and meet the little woman as soon as possible. He walked carefully toward the door, followed closely by Lin Xiaosa.

“He’er, why did you leave in a hurry? Today is a big day. Being your father, I want to have a cup of wedding tea.”

Xu Linghe’s figure was receding. At that moment, Chidi waved his sleeves, and then the door and windows were shut up firmly.

“Young man... no one can leave this Joy Hall...including you.”

“Oh? No one No one can threaten me.”

“What about her...”

Chidi opened the curtains on the Joy Hall. Xu Linghe saw his little woman’s mother. Madam Hou Qing was blocked by the mouth and curled up in the corner. To Xu Linghe’s surprise, the Emperor of the Qi Kingdom was also among them.

The man who had once held the imperial power was now scared to hide in the corner and did not dare to look up.

“Even if the Qi Kingdom is destroyed, what does it have to do with me?”

Xu Linghe was betting that this person would not kill the hostages because the person had taken great pains in capturing them.

“Young man, aren’t you afraid that your wife has no mother...”

“Do I have anything you want?”

“Young man, you are really smart. Let me get this straight. Hand over the antiquity-times divine devices and all the people in the hall can go out. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being rude...”

“If not...”

“As his end...”

Chidi gathered his Spirit Power and struck at the Emperor’s top of the skull. Next second, a living person died in a flash.

“Your Majesty!”

There burst into cry in the Joy Hall. All the magnates did not expect that Xu Yinchang was so bold that he dared to kill the Emperor and all assumed that they also could not live longer.

All the ministers knelt at Xu Yinchang and begged for mercy. They did not expect that the person in front was not the prime minister.

“The divine device belongs to the Grandmaster of the Kunlun. If you want to get it, it will depend on your strength.”

“Take it!”

Xu Linghe charged at him, and Chidi leaped up to escape the Spirit Power. Xu Linghe transformed into a spiritual arrow and dashed at him. Chidi waved his sleeves, and then two black shadows rolled to the ground.

“If they are included?”

Xu Linghe looked at his brothers on the ground whose clothes were in disarray and faces turned ashy. They were not as domineering and arrogant as they used to be. Xu Linghe once hated the two brothers to the core.

Since Xu Linghe did not have his mother, he had been bullied by them for a long time. But for his ability to observe others’ speech and behavior, he would have been killed by his elder brothers.

“Father, spare us!”

On the verge of death, two idiots on the ground still begged for their so-called father.

“What does it have to do with me?”

“Is it? I would like to see whether you are hardhearted or they are hardboned. Among three of them, only one can survive. And it all depends on Fate. Madam, your good son-in-law ignores your life merely to proect the divine device. I really admire him!”

At that moment, the door was split open. All the people saw a man with dishevelled hair come in. When he came closer, Xu Linghe could see clearly that it was Jiangnan’s Han Qianyi. Han Qianyi stumbled toward Chidi. Madam Hou Qing was also stunned at the clear sight of the man. She thought that this mortal man did not care for his own life just in order to save her, and then she burst into tears because of the man’s humiliation caused by kneeling on the ground.

“Your Excellency, please let my wife go! She is just a weak woman. I have given you everything, including the silk business in Jiangnan.”

Han Qianyi pulled Chidi’s clothes, but was smashed by Chidi instead. Han Qianyi immediately spit blood and fell to the ground straight, sorrow in his eyes turning into drops of lovesickness.

The infatuated man gave up his life for love, which shocked Xu Linghe. He knew that the divine device could destroy the heaven and the earth. If it was given to this person, the three realms would not be peaceful. The junior uncle master once said that the divine device was used to pass tribulation. However, Chidi robbed it for the sake of returning to the position of the Devil God. “But the little woman has no father. Does she have to even lose her mother?”

“If you want the divine device, you can get it on your ability. If you win, it is yours. If you lose, get out of the three realms. Xu Linghe will swear by the will of the Kunlun spirit. If I violate, I will suffer thunderstruck.”

For the little woman, Xu Linghe would struggle to win, but just did not want to look at his elder brothers. And Lin Xiaosa showed more disdain to both of them.

Chidi stared at the young man and tried to understand what the young man was thinking. After looking at him for a long time, Chidi still disappointed himself. It seemed that the young man’s elder brothers had no weight in his eyes. “I can only make use of this Madam now. If I miss the opportunity today, maybe I will never get the divine device.”

“First let go of people, otherwise I would rather destroy the divine device.”

Xu Linghe’s elder brothers were dragged out and thrown in the corner.

Chidi did not dare to look down upon this young man and gestured, ready for fight. Xu Linghe withdrew a few feet, and he would go all out. This was a battle of life and death, and he could not bear any carelessness.

Xu Linghe’s Spirit Power surged out and spread all over his body. His spiritual fingers condensed blue light. When the light intensified into glare, he did all he could to push it out, and the blue light like a sharp sword dashed toward Chidi.

Chidi transformed into a shield to block the impact of Xu Linghe’s Spirit Power. In the spirit light, the shield was penetrated by the Spirit Power, and divergent sharp swords shot directly at Chidi’s abdomen. When they approached to him, the swords were bounced out by Chidi’s gathered Spirit Power.

Xu Linghe heaved himself up and conducted another attack to Chidi, but Chidi flew out like a lightning.

The tiles were all over the floor in the hall. Xu Linghe followed Chidi to the cloud. Magnates in the Joy Hall seemed to forget their safety and could not return to themselves until Chidi and Xulinghe had disappeared.

Lin Xiaosa was afraid that Xu Linghe would take a beating, so he also sprang out of the roof.

In the sea of clouds, the two stared at each other. In such an empty place, it was easier to set formation. Just now, Xu Linghe was afraid to hurt those innocent people.

Chidi preferred to see the young man’s strength, because he had not met a qualified opponent for many years. And he thought highly of Xu Linghe.

Chidi pointed his hands to the sky, and recited the incantation in his mouth. When Chidi clenched his palms, Xu Linghe felt that he was oppressed by alien space, and he was forced to enter an alien space by Chidi as if his spirit had freed itself from his body.

The two were so close. When Xu Linghe hit Chidi, Xu’s mouth was bleeding strangely. In fact, Chidi cast a spilt-soul spell, so the Chidi whom Xu Linghe saw was Xu Linghe himself actually. At that moment, Xu Linghe was like a beast trapped in the cage, and the whole alien space was crammed with Chidi’s figures. He swept his Spirit Power away, but was in vain like hitting cotton batting. When Lin Xiaosa’s scream rang in his ear, Xu Linghe woke up suddenly from the alien space.

Chidi grabbed Lin Xiaosa by the neck. Xu Linghe shot the Kunlun soul, which twined Chidi’s arms tightly.

Lin Xiaosa struggled to smash Chidi’s head, and Xu Linghe used his Kunlun soul to roll up Lin Xiaosa and landed steadily. “If it had not been for Lin Xiaosa’s timely help, I would have been always trapped in the spell.”

Chidi burst into rage. Seeing Lin Xiaosa leap onto the roof, Chidi swept his Spirit Power again to kill Lin Xiaosa. “If it had not been for this man’s hindrance, Xu Linghe would have died when he entered the alien space. One step away, I lost the divine device at hand.”

“Hand over the divine device!”

Chidi suspended in mid-air, extending his arm toward Lin Xiaosa. Xu Linghe swooped down and chopped at Chidi with a sharp sword in his hand. Red blood dyed Chidi’s sleeves. Xu Linghe pressed hard Chidi, andLin Xiaosa could dodge for the attack.

Chidi looked somewhat impatient. After a glimmer of spirit light, the sky was opened. Chidi held a devil wand in his hand. Then, lightning flashed and thunder rumbled. The wand was surrounded by lightening, beautiful and dazzling. The Spirit Power floating in the sky began being sucked by the wand. When the wand became as hot as a magma, Chidi dived from the sky with the wand. Xu Linghe called his giant dragon to face up.

This was a contest between life and death. If it was lost, the three realms would suffer a catastrophe. Xu Linghe would never let the war spread and hope he could support a sky for Jiang Wuyou and make her live a really peaceful and carefree life. To realize such dream, Xu Linghe was willing to die.

On the giant dragon, Xu Linghe burnt his Spirit Power along the way, which dyed the sky red. Chidi held his wand and confronted head-on. The dragon tail rolled up huge high waves upon waves. Xu Linghe stood on the top of waves and spread his Spirit Power in all directions. The string harp flew out of the Heaven and Earth Pouch, string sound reverberating in the waves. Peals of harp sound penetrated into the heart like devil spells. Chidi clenched the wand tightly, but his heart was hit by the sound.

The string stirred up his souls to tumble. The erosive pain devoured Chidi’s mind. He knew that as long as he boarded in the mortal body, he could not escape the string sound’s attack regardless of his strong Spirit Power.

The more eager Chidi was to condense his Spirit Power, the more unsettled his mood was bothered. Xu Linghe fought against the war with all his strength. The string was attached his Spirit Power and charged at Chidi with a thunderbolt momentum.

Chidi closed his hearing and calmed his mind down. His Spirit Power was gathering, and the scattered spiritual consciousness was peeking. When the young man plucked the string again, Chidi gestured and transformed into a hurricane and swept toward Xu Linghe.

The raging wind growled over the houses and strained the roof. Tiles were rolled into the air like fallen leaves. It was too late for Lin Xiaosa to duck, and he flew out along with the house beam. Xu Linghe flew to grab him, but it was too late.

The pines and cypresses of the courtyard could not withstand the wind howling, and were picked up by a root.Chidi flicked his spiritual fingers, and the newly-fallen pines and cypresses flew toward the Joy Hall. Seeing the bad thing happen, Xu Linghe leaped onto the dragon’s back. The menacing cypress trees broke the wall, and the dust that was raised hit with full force. Xu Linghe set up the spiritual net, and those magnates who were brought into the air by the wind fell into the net.

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