Hubby, Your Fox Fairy Wants Everything

Chapter 3 Saving My Man
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Chapter 3 Saving My Man

“Master, Lingchong is tired.”

Little Lingchong crawled out of the sleeve and looked to its master for comfort. They had just had an ordeal and rode the Qilin for thousands of miles to the point of collapse. The Qilin was sprawling on the floor and panting, while the Little Lingchong crawled lazily on the Qilin’s back and rolled around in its soft fur. The Qilin glared at the Lingchong and shook it out for dozens of meters, only to be caught by Wuyou’s spiritual finger. One man and two spiritual beasts lazed around in the afternoon sun.

“Master, I want to go back to Teal Hill, I’m starving.”

Little Lingchong bit its master’s finger and began sucking up blood.

Then, a rustling arose in the grass that woke Wuyou up. The Qilin got up to closely follow its master. The Little Lingchong flew into the air and saw a black shadow moving nearby and giving off a strange smell. When the shadow suddenly changed, Little Lingchong shot back into the sleeve in fear, and Wuyou stroked the Qilin’s head.


The Qilin flew into the air, carrying Wuyou into the clouds. Wuyou was surprised to see the black shadow’s face, which was terrified and covered with antennae. The monster began spitting out sharp icicles towards Wuyou, who dodged them by jumping away. The Qilin blew a ball of fire towards the monster, and when the fire almost hit, the monster howled into the sky. A strong gust of wind instantly stirred up, almost blowing the Little Lingchong before Wuyou caught it with a spiritual finger.

The Qilin extended its golden feathers and blocked out all the sunlight from the sky. Wuyou flew into the clouds, sending out surging waves of Spirit Power. The purple haze lit up the heavens, while her Qilin blew rings of fire straight towards the monster. The monster dodged the attacks and roared crazily, instantly sending icicles towards Wuyou and tearing apart her purple Spirit Power. The Qilin protected its master by turning the ice into water.

Wuyou spat out a mouthful of blood, knowing that uncle Jiefei’s immense Spirit Power was eating away at her and burning her heart. However, the more she used spells to repress it, the more it hurt. Qilin wrapped its wings around its bleeding master in worry, and the monster in the clouds used this chance to strike another fierce blow in the sight of this.

The monster in the clouds attacked viciously and heavily injured the Qilin’s back. Blood seeped out from its skin, and drops of spreading blood lit up the sky with bright rays of light. This Qilin was an ancient creature, with its power forcing the Wolf King back dozens of meters. The Qilin sent out more balls of fire, and the escaping Wolf King used a spiritual finger to block the attacks.

As the monster circled around the clouds and kept changing expressions, Wuyou’s heart sank, because the monster was the Wolf King, Hong Yu. Wuyou’s eyes revealed a hint of panic. She knew that Hong Yu was smart, but she did not expect him to act so quickly.

The Qilin could sense its master’s fear and felt even more furious at the sight of the Wolf King. Hong Yu began attacking again, swinging its dragon whip tail towards the Qilin’s neck. When the long whip was about to wrap its enemy like a python, Wuyou charged through the defensive cover and soared into the sky towards the Wolf King, sweeping up debris with her fox tail. Wolf King in the clouds stared at her coldly.

“Teal Hill spiritual lady, you’re about to die as your uncle did. It seems that you’re as lame him.”

Wuyou swung her nine tails to protect the Qilin. She was willing to die for the people of Teal Hill.

The sky suddenly shifted as dark clouds covered the heavens. Xu Linghe looked towards the Southeast in shock, since the previous sunny skies suddenly were filled with gray clouds. Gusts of strong wind swept up everything in the streets, even tearing off tiles from rooftops. Cloth scattered like flying kites; tiles flopped from the eaves. Old men and children cowered in fear of being hit, but with a movement of Xu Linghe’s spiritual finger, the tiles above their heads became light feathers.

The children stuck out their hands and felt the softness of the feathers, and they stood agape with shock.

“Grandpa, that man is a magician!”

Xu Linghe flew into the sky towards the South, when he was suddenly hit by painful pieces of hail that even his robe made of heavenly silk could not withstand. When he neared the Southeastern area, he saw a thick cloud of purple Spirit Power permeating. From afar, he spotted a purple fox in the purple fog. With nine tails that were shining brightly in the sky, Spirit Power was emitting from the purple fox’s body. It was like a dazzling pearl that lit up the sky. The menacing fox tails were about to toss a giant rock towards a man in black.

The man in black put his two palms together and summoned a monster from within his black sleeves. The monster dashed forward and stretched its sharp claws. The nine-tailed fox rode on winds and whipped its tails hard at the monster. The monster was hit hard to the ground, lifelessly. The man in black then swiped his spiritual finger and the red hawk soared, with stuck-up feathers that made Xu Linghe’s eyes hurt. Was this the legendary red hawk? Its killer weapon was the sharp beak that could take down any supernatural being, and its teeth were sharp enough to peck out anyone’s eyes. Looking at the purple fox in the defensive cover, Xu Linghe began to feel worried for her.

The man in black was cold and bloodthirsty. Xu Linghe was watching while worrying for the purple fox. As the red hawk flew through the sky, it stretched its bright red wings and its body began taking on different forms. When the man waved his hands, the red hawk cried and flew towards the fox. The Qilin also spread its wings and was about to charge out. When it was about to strike at the hawk, the dexterous nine-tailed fox struck the hawk. In an instant, pieces of feathers scattered, the red hawk groaned. Amidst the flying red feather, the red hawk’s head had been severed from its body.

The nine-tailed fox smelled sweet and her eyes began to bleed pitifully. Xu Linghe exclaimed in his heart and quickly flew into the purple light. Her weak body was protected by the Qilin, and her eyes looked like sad irises. Xu Linghe’s heart trembled, followed by a heart-wrenching pain as the jade fox near his chest glowed brightly. Xu Linghe grasped it tightly, but the jade flew into the fox’s body like it was alive. At that moment, the fox’s eyes shone. To Xu Linghe’s surprise, the fox’s purple eyes instantly lit up and regained sight.

Standing in the clouds, the man in black took back his red hawk, and Xu Linghe flew towards him up in the sky. The man struck at him with his palm, while Xu Linghe closed his eyes to concentrate his Spirit Power. Then, his Spirit Power tore apart the heaven and earth as gray clouds dissipated. The Spirit Power surged through his limbs continuously, and look, the power at his fingertips was taking on different shapes. Finally, it turned into a giant dragon soaring up to the sky. Xu Linghe rode on the dragon, which let out fierce howling that could shake the entire world.

In the clouds, the man in black looked at Xu Linghe, wondering how he could seem so gentle yet be so powerful at the same time. In the meanwhile, the fox also stared at him on a dragon. At that moment, the nine-tailed fox could take her eyes off the man who was like lunar corona that could move the entire world.

The man in black bared his fangs and his terrifying blood red eyes. His ears were constantly changing forms, and finally, his appearance became hairy. Xu Linghe knew the monster was Hong Yu of the wolf race and admired his glistening fur like silk from down blew the clouds, thinking, “What a beautiful wolf.”

The dragon stared at the black wolf warily, and Xu Linghe could tell his beast was nervous and patted him comfortingly. The dragon jolted into action and charged out toward the defensive cover. The Wolf King showed no sign of weakness and tore apart his skin to take out his Inner Elixir, which spread through the air, floating. The fox was shocked to see this as well because she knew the Wolf King had used its killer move. She had seen the power of the Wolf King’s Inner Elixir before. It contained the Spirit Power of the entire wolf race, and anyone with this elixir was the ruler of the wolves. It was because of these elixirs that Hong Yu took the throne of his race.

At that time, the nine-tailed fox felt extremely worried, and the Qilin sensed its master’s nervousness. It tried to comfort her by stretching its hairy head toward her. Little Lingchong also crawled out. The fox stretched out her tail and flew out of the defensive cover, sending out a vast amount of floating Spirit Power with its dexterous groups of tails. Xu Linghe looked at the fox that flew toward himself, his heart softened.

The Wolf King was impatient and attacked again, releasing blood-red Spirit Power from the Inner Elixir. The power looked blood and cast colors everywhere it went. The wind was howling and rocks on mountains were trembling. The power was sweeping in a menacing way. At that time, the fox also took out her precious Inner Elixir in hope to stop the Wolf King, since she could not let this mortal die for her. Xu Linghe was startled, as he knew that Inner Elixir was extremely vital for a monster. If the Inner Elixir was lost, she would vanish without a trace.

Looking at the man in front of her, the fox was reluctant to let go over her elixir, since it was her lifeline. If she let go of the elixir, she would be one step closer to death. However, how could she let a mortal die? Although he had strong Spirit Power, he was still a mortal. Even her uncle Jiefei lost and finally lost his life to the Wolf King despite his millenniums of Spirit Power, let alone this mortal.

The Inner Elixir revolved with purple light and gave off strong Spirit Power. When the Inner Elixir shone with blinding light, the fox charged towards the Wolf King. When their powers clashed, hues of purple and black lit up the sky. The Wolf King laughed coldly as the black and purple elixirs consumed each other in the sea of clouds. Xu Linghe watched in terror. The fox used all of her strength to absorb the energy of the black elixir. It looked like night, and colors of black and purple intertwined. Then, just as she gained the upper hand, the Wolf King leaped upward and snatched her Inner Elixir. The nine-tailed fox fell out of the sky like a leaf; Xu Linghe caught her, and could only desperately watch the Wolf King leave.

If the wolf devoured her elixir, the fox would die. Xu Linghe let the Qilin take care of its master, while he rode the dragon to closely chase after the Wolf King. It was not the time to get angry. He could not help but fear that his rashness might have cost the purple fox her life. After chasing after him nonstop, Xu Linghe finally cut off the Wolf King on his riding beast, and the Qilin also caught up. Then, the Qilin began blowing rings of fire, the Wolf King struck the Qilin heavily with his palm. Finally, the Qilin was pushed meters away. At the sight of this, Xu Linghe waved his spiritual finger, summoning a torrent of water from the sky. The giant dragon leaped into the water, and when it jumped out, it shot a thick stream of water towards the Wolf King, causing him to fall.

Xu Linghe struck again. Just as the Wolf King opened his mouth and was about to swallow the purple elixir, Xu Linghe cast a spell and summoned chains to emerge from his fingers and encircle the Wolf King’s neck. The Wolf King was hurt in the neck and stretched out his hands to attack, which sent Xu Linghe flying back meters away. Looking at the wolf in the black fog, Xu Linghe charged back out with his Spirit Power, but the Wolf King leaped to dodge him and swallowed the purple elixir. At the sight of this, Xu Linghe felt terrified and immediately concentrated all the Spirit Power in his body. When both of his legs and arms were burning like lava, he dashed toward and pierced through the Wolf King’s body like a bolt of lightning.

Xu Linghe held the elixir in his hand and jumped onto the back of the dragon. Then, they flew into the sky. On the other hand, the Wolf King stroked his wound in shock. He had not expected a mortal to be so able to pierce through his body and take the elixir out of him. He gasped when he touched the scar on his chest. The man actually snatched the purple elixir at such high speeds when he was on guard.

The giant dragon flew into the defensive cover and saw the fox before it. The fox looked extremely peaceful with its fur blooming like irises, ethereal and elegant. Beside her, Little Lingchong was stroking the fox’s fur. It looked quite adorable at that moment. Xu Linghe swore in his heart that he must protect Little Lingchong in his rest life.

Xu Linghe condensed and sent unending streams of Spirit Power into the fox’s body. Finally, she opened her eyes. When she saw his worried expression, the nine-tailed fox heart melted. Xu Linghe stroked her face until he was certain that she was still alive. Xu Linghe was overjoyed; and then suddenly, tears of joy dripped from the purple eyes. The purple elixir still carried its owner’s aura, and the fox swallowed her Inner Elixir. Moreover, her heart felt full of love for this man who saved her life.

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