Hubby, Your Fox Fairy Wants Everything

Chapter 31 Sound Out (1)
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Chapter 31 Sound Out (1)

Looking at Jiang Wuyou, Xu Linghe knew that his little woman was upset, since her mother whom she had been looking forward to for a long time gave her love to Han Chiyou instead. The lack of love for 200 years left a scar on the little woman. At that time, all Xu Linghe wanted was to give all his love to his little woman. He was eager to see how unparallelly gorgeous this cold woman would be wearing the dowry and how shy and charming under the wedding head cover.

“Auntie, Xiao You and I are in love with each other. Would you betroth Xiao You to me?”

Xu Linghe kneeled down on his knees. Wuyou looked at him in surprise. Although she had imagined the scene for tens of thousands of times, she still felt her heart touched seeing Xu Linghe kneeled down in front of her mother. The man before her always thought for her, unwilling to make her aggrieved. “How many lifetimes can I be blessed with the fortune to be with him?” Wuyou’s heart was brimmed with happiness.

“Young Master, please pick up quickly. Thanks to you, I can meet You’er today. If it had not been for you who had sought my souls in Ruo You, I would have become a wisp of a lonely soul. If Young Master does not feel bothered with my daughter, I will make the decision for you.”

“Thank you for your agreement. I will never let Xiao You down.”

“Mother, you have betrothed You’er to him, why not ask whether I am willing or not?”

Wuyou lowed her head, her ears burning red. Xu Linghe could not help but laugh, thinking that it should be the nature of a little girl.

Ms. Han raised Xu Linghe, and the man in front would be Xiao You’s husband in the rest of her life. Time passed quickly like a white pony’s shadow across a crevice. In a blink of an eye, her baby would be a wife of the man. Hou Qing felt some depressed. Seeing her mother fall into silence, Wuyou knew that her mother did not feel good, and she snuggled up to her mother. At that moment, all Wuyou wanted was to guard her mother quietly.

“Auntie, Linghe has another thing to tell.”

“Go ahead.”

“Xiao You’s true body is placed on the jade bed in the backyard. I haven’t told you in time.”

Upon hearing it, Wuyou was more shocked than her mother. How miserable Xu Linghe was to guard Little Fox without any souls.

“Linghe, how can I match you? You are always waiting for me silently. I am so selfish that I never think about your feelings. After the battle in the Wind City, I felt regretful that I should not have lost my life.”

“My little woman, it’s not too late to say it when seeing yourself.”

“Auntie, I still feel sorry for that I failed to protect Xiao You well. If I were more careful, she would not suffer so much.”

“My daughter was very naughty when she was a little kid. You have to take more care of her in the future.”

“Mother, I have the Ancient Spirit to protect myself. There is no need to bother him to take care of me.”

“Has Jiefei passed the position of Spirit Master to you?”

“Mother, the uncle is already dead, and the Teal Hill is also ruined.”

“Who destroyed it?”

“Wolf King, Hong Yu.”

“Xiao You, do you know whom the Ancient Spirit belongs to?”

“I don’t know. Thanks to the Ancient Spirit, I was resurrected.”

“The Ancient Spirit is the Spirit Power of Jiangyu, the Fox God of the Teal Hill. And the Fox God is your grandfather.”

“Mother, is this really true? Grandpa’s Spirit Power has been guarding me. It turns out that the Heaven has been good to me. Although I lost father, the Fox God is always blessing me.”

Ming Zhu transformed into the appearance of Di Li and walked to the jade bed. Hearing the footstep, Wuyou turned around and sized up the woman in front. With the familiar scent, Wuyou pondered for a moment, but could only think about a vague image.

“Brother Xu.”

Ming Zhu’s eyes were full of grievances, which surprised Xu Linghe, since he had no affection for Di Li. But in front of Jiang Wuyou, he thought it was not proper that Di Li called him in such an amorous manner.

“Auntie, this is the younger sister of the King of Jiangdu, Di Li. She is living in the secondary courtyard temporarily.”

“Brother Xu, this lady looks beautiful.”

Madam Hou Qing grinned from ear to ear when seeing such a cute girl, since all the women in the world loved to be praised.

“Brother Xu, is this girl the sister-in-law?”

The call of “the little sister-in-law” sent shivers up and down Wuyou’s spine. Apparently, the woman’s innocence was only superficial while there was chill in her bones. The woman pretended to be innocent, but love for Xu Linghe was hidden in her eyes. No matter how hard she tried, she could not cover it. “But pity on her affection. No other women can cast greedy eyes on my man. I only hope this woman can retreat before the impossible. Otherwise, I will kill her.” At the thought, Wuyou gathered her Spirit Power secretly and shot it among her fingers. Some spark cracked on the wall. Xu Linghe’s mouth curled up in the corners, and he could not help but shake his head, thinking that how powerful his little woman would be when she was jealous.

“I will get married. Several days later, I will go to the palace. Xiao Li, do you have any message to be sent to Brother Di?”

Ming Zhu had already expected this result, but her heart still felt pierced. Did she deserve to be so miserable at the mercy of fate? Ming Zhu did not, and would never reconcile to fate. “Why does Jiang Wuyou get the man’s love? Why I can’t?”

“Brother Xu, you have the sister-in-law, but do not forget me.”

Tears were pitifully rolling in Ming Zhu’s eye. At that moment, Ming Zhu aimed to press Jiang Wuyou to see what a woman would be when her mind was blinded by jealousy. No matter how devoted it was between lovers, once feeling distrusted, the affectionate love would end up wearing out.

“You’re called Di Li, right? If your Brother Xu forget you, I, your sister-in-law, will remind him all the time.”

Wuyou wanted to laugh at that moment, because Ming Zhu dared to provoke her under her nose. It seemed that Ming Zhu was not only simple but also silly.

“Mother, I feel tired and want to take a rest.”

Madam Hou Qing looked at her daughter and knew that her daughter was jealous, so she shot a warning glance at Xu Linghe. But unexpectedly, her son-in-law was wild with joy in his heart. Because Xu Linghe never thought that his little woman with petulance would be so cute. He was enjoying his little woman’s bossy love and had already forgotten Girl Di.

“Kylin Beast, take order.”

Hearing the Master’s call, the Kylin Beast rose high into the air and leaped in front of Xu Linghe.

“Protect my true body.”


Kylin Beast lay on the ground until the sound of its master’s footstep faded away.

“Could you walk more slowly?”

Wuyou chuckled secretly. “Did he think I am angry? What a fool! What a cute fool!”

“My little woman, I shall bring you to a place.”

The big hand took the little hand and left away by the wind. Ming Zhu in the darkness looked fierce.

“Aunt, I like you.”

“Xiao Li, you might as well stay away from Linghe. My Wuyou is a jealous girl.”

“Auntie, Brother Xu and I are childhood sweethearts. Sister Wuyou is a love intruder.”

“Oh, well! You love Linghe, but they love each other. Why bother yourself sick?”

“Madam, you were once young.”

“Little girl, find another person! This is the best policy, otherwise, you have to suffer it yourself. Our women’s youth is so short.”

“Madam, I was taught. Please have an early rest. Allow me to retire.”

Hou Qing looked at her vague figure, difficult to calm down. The evil spirit of this girl was too furious.

In the night of the capital city, there was a lot of excitement. Xu Linghe clenched Wuyou’s small hand, penetrated through the downtown area and flew to the east.

“Linghe, where are you going to go? I feel dizzy.”

Wuyou’s body fell into his arms. She looked up, only to find that there was an exquisitely carved house in front of them, which could show the identity of the owner.

“It’s your home in the future, my little wife.”

“Have we agreed to live in Jiangnan?

” Let’s put it aside for the time being. Come in.”

Xu Linghe took the woman’s hand into the gate of the courtyard, and the housekeeper who watched the night lowered his head and dared not to look at his Young Master straight at the sight of Xu Linghe. It was not weird for Wuyou since she was born in the Teal Hill, so they strode in imposingly. Xu Linghe guessed his father should have slept. Unexpectedly, the chamberlain did not appear tonight. Xu Linghe waved his hand and all the family servants retreated one after another.

“Tonight, I take you to see my mother.”

“Well, I also want to see where the aunt lived before.”

With only a few steps, a black shadow fell from the opposite roof, Xu Linghe held his little woman and hid in the corner. The black shadow rushed to the study room, and Wuyou chased after it.

“I will never forget the black shadow. The Teal Hill is destroyed by him. Wolf King, you appear finally.”

The paper window of the study room’s looked ghastly white against the candlelight. Xu Linghe was behind the little woman closely, the little hand in his palm trembling. Xu Linghe knew that it had something to do with the shadow. Wuyou waved her spiritual finger and turned into a wisp of smoke and flew in. Then, Xu Linghe also changed into a cloud of smoke and followed her. In the candlelight, his father looked serious, and the black shadow was quite familiar. When the black shadow looked up, Xu Linghe was shocked, because it turned out to be the Wolf King.

“What happened?”

Xu Yinchang took a cold glance at him, and then Wolf King kneeled down, shivering and shaky.

“Your Excellency, could you please extend the deadline a few days? I am sure to live up your trust.”

“Get up and talk, and you’d better not come here too much lest someone will suspect you.”

“But Your Excellency, does what you’ve promised me still counts?”

“Oh! I will keep what you want, but I am just afraid that you can’t do it well.”

“I have my own way to complete the task that Your Excellency has ordered. I am just afraid that if I hurt someone at that time, Your Excellency will not punish me.”

“You just go for it, and I will handle everything else.”

“Yes, please allow me to retreat.”

“Haven’t come out yet? Don’t you dare to see your father?”

Xu Yinchang swept his spiritual fingers, and Wuyou changed into a wisp of smoke and chased out. Xu Linghe escaped the Spirit Power and manifested himself in the study room, but was worried about the little woman inwardly. He dared not to run wildly in front of his father, and did hope that his father could give him an explanation for what had happened just now.

His father walked so close to the king of the evil world, which puzzled Xu Linghe a lot.

“Why not greet me when you come back? Do you still hate me?”

“Father, let me make it clear first of all. I don’t care that you want to seek power. But if there are evils and demos allowed into the human’s world, I will not overlook it.”

“Can you control me?

“If you had not regretted the marriage with the You family, would I have the bad plan like that?”

“Father, aren’t you afraid that it will be exposed one day? At that time, all the generations of the family will be implicated. Your other two sons will suffer it as well. Besides, the person (the Emperor) in the palace is not stupid. Does father want to work for others?”

“He’er, you don’t come to help, but Uncle Han will.”

“Father really trusts Uncle Han, are you afraid that Uncle Han is disloyal?”

“Not afraid. His baby daughter is now on the guest house.”

“Father is really considerate. His daughter now is both a guest and hostage. Linghe can’t help but admire you very much.”

“To accomplish the dominant position and royal power, death is unavoidable. What’s more...”

“Father, what day is it today?”

“Your birthday?”

Looking at Xu Linghe’s deep eyes in the candlelight, Xu Yinchang released his Spirit Power secretly. The transparent Spirit Power penetrated through Xu Linghe, which was the most advanced mind-reading skill.

When the Spirit Power slipped into the young man’s body, Xu Yinchang was aware that the young man in front was sounding out him. Today was the day of his mother’s death.

“Missing your mother?”


“I’ve prepared some of your favorite snacks.”

“Father, do you know Chidi?”

“Have you seen him before?”

“Yes, he resembles father like a twin.”

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