Hubby, Your Fox Fairy Wants Everything

Chapter 22 I Only Have You in This World
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Chapter 22 I Only Have You in This World

In the lunar new year, Wuyou, who was 200 years old took over Su Gong as the Commander in Chief of the Third Platoon of the Fairy Kingdom.

Wuyou stood in the palace and accepted Xiao Yi’s ceremonial passing of his authority. When she accepted the Third Platoon Commander seal from Xiao Yi, Wuyou was excited. She had become a person with responsibility through her own efforts.

What Wuyou did not expect was that Xiao Linggong was the commander. Su Chenyang was familiar within the army and held the position as Wuyou’s secretary. Shen Chuya became the assistant commander while Xiao Nai was the assistant general. Leng Mohan was brave and strong, so Xiao Yi made him the chief general.

The lunar new year was when spring began. The Fairy Kingdom was still blanketed with white snow. This was the last free time Wuyou had before she started her job. Wuyou flew into the clouds on this silent night.

Standing on the highest mountain peak of the Fairy Kingdom and looking at the human realm, she felt a rush of longing, drowning her. She looked at the human realm. How great would it be if she could see Xu Linghe now? She wanted to see Xu Linge releasing fireworks in the new month and she wondered how he would look.

The clouds below her turned. She could not stop herself from feeling such desperation to see Xu Linghe anymore. The wind howled by her ear, playing a happy tune.

Not far away before her was the human realm. The place beneath her feet was where Xu Linghe had grown up. The high city walls could not stop Wuyou. The human realm would hang up red lights and couplets during the lunar new year. The children on the streets released fireworks and the adults watched leisurely. Wuyou released her Spiritual Power in search of where her lover stayed.

“What is Brother Xu thinking? The fireworks tonight are decent, right?”

Lin Xiaosa patted Xu Linghe’s shoulders. He turned around and saw that Di Lifeng had disappeared. Sigh! This girl just won’t grow up. Lin Xiaosa shook his head, but his eyes were filled with love for her.

Wuyou stared at Xu Linghe who emerged from the crowd. Her heart was beating really quickly. Her lover was right in front of her. When she saw Ming Zhu, who stood behind him, holding a candied figure, her heart broke. Candied figures did not just belong to her. The man had perhaps, forgotten her. Wuyou’s tears fell without stopping. “He, you’ve forgotten Wuyou and your promise. You once told me that I was your heartbeat. But do you know? I’m right before you... I’m right in front of you, but you already have someone else by your side. You said that you will grow old with me. Xu Linghe, you have betrayed Wuyou, betrayed the little fox...”

Jiang Wuyou flew up into the clouds and could not stop. In the beautiful night of the new year, her heart was icy cold. Xu Linghe whom she loved had someone else. When she desired love, the love brought her endless pain instead.

Little Lingchong poked out its head, flying toward the familiar aura.

“It is the mistress’ soul. The lady in white earlier is the mistress.”

“Little Lingchong, what did you say?”

Xu Linghe flew into the sky, chasing after Little Lingchong. Xu Linghe wanted to find out exactly what was up with Little Lingchong’s oddness.

Ming Zhu who was on the ground looked at the candied figure in her hand. For some reason, the candied figure that Young Master Xu had given her was still piping hot, but he had disappeared without a trace. Lin Xiaosa looked at his brother and sighed. It seemed that his brother’s sickness had struck again. He thought of Di Li, who was by his side and grew anxious again. He did not want Little Di Li to be sad. When he saw Little Li’s calm expression, Lin Xiaosa finally felt reassured.

Brother Xu had rooted deeply in Di Li’s heart, hidden somewhere where no one would peek at. She would never let anyone find out, including Brother Xiaosa. She only needed time. No matter how sad she once was, it would one day become a memory. Her Brother Xu could only live in the memory. She would forget him and then love someone else.

Ni Shang, who had been following behind Di Li was very curious about Xu Linghe’s actions. Was the love in the human realm so deep? She had once thought that she loved the Wolf King. And when he had hurt her, she understood that it was not love. If two people loved each other deeply, then why would they hurt the other person, even if just a little? Even if they were dying, they would give the other person the hope to live and rather die themselves so that the other person would be safe.

“Little Lingchong, what are you looking for?”

Little Lingchong looked around. Xu Linghe could not understand why. He had flown so far away, and the land beneath him was his mother’s homeland. Xu Linghe floated above the forest. Snow was falling, covering up the Fairy Kingdom which was supposed to be in spring year round. Little Lingchong moved even further. It darted about between the snowflakes. Xu Linghe followed behind closely. This was the little woman’s Lingchong, he must be careful with it. He had to protect everything that had to do with the little woman.

“Mistress, where are you? Little Lingchong is here to save you. Little Lingchong knows you’re here.”

Little Lingchong cried loudly, for both itself and its mistress. Little Lingchong knew that its mistress was watching it from a corner. Xu Linghe heard Little Lingchong crying for its mistress, and his heart tremored. She was really not dead but had just gone far away.

Wuyou, who was on the snow mountain, watched Xu Linghe who was on the snow plain. Her face was wet with tears, but her feet felt as if they were rooted in the snow ground and had lost all their senses. She wanted to fly into Xu Linghe’s embrace, but her body was submerged in the snow and her limbs were entangled in the vines that had shot out. A hurricane whirled around Wuyou’s head. It was too late by the time Xu Linghe saw the odd scene.

A powerful gust of air emerged, causing the snow-capped mountains to collapse in an instant. Wuyou swept away the vines and went with the wind, but the vines that were swept up in the flurry entangled Xu Linghe and Wuyou, sweeping them into tens and thousands of feet of snow.

Little Lingchong closed its eyes tightly and followed its mistress. It must not lose its mistress this time. Little Lingchong would exist if its mistress did and would die if its mistress died.

Wuyou emerged from the snow bank. She looked around her and other than the plants on the walls, there was nothing else.

“Xu Linghe.”

Wuyou panicked. Nothing must happen to Xu Linghe. She flicked her spiritual finger and opened the defensive cover. Far away, Xu Linghe laid by a stream. The Fairy Kingdom had a such a retreat.

“Linghe, are you okay?”

“Who are you?”

“Xu Linghe looked at the woman. He did not know her.

“He, I’m back.”

“Are you really my little woman?”

“I’m Jiang Wuyou. I’ve always been alive, but my appearance has changed. However, my love for Xu Linghe has never changed. He, do you remember our home? It’s spring all year round there, the birds sing and the flowers are fragrant. And there’s a waterfall at the back of the mountains. He, Wuyou is back.”

“My little woman, is it really you? I knew my lady would not leave me behind.”

“He, how would I leave you behind.”

Wuyou cried in happiness and hugged Xu Linghe tightly.

“I was afraid that you have forgotten me. Wuyou went to the human realm and stood in the crowds. But looking at the laughing Linghe I grew frightened. You were so happy. I could only tell myself... Wuyou, you should leave.”

“My little woman, you are mine. I once swore that I would marry you, so why would I betray you? Did you know? When I saw you lying on the bed unmovingly, how sad I felt? At that moment, my world collapsed. I did not dare to touch you, afraid that my hand would feel the coldness from you. I did not dare to sleep, watching you as you slept. I was afraid that you would disappear if I slept. My little woman, did you know?”

“I know. My Linghe would never abandon me. I had once felt ashamed. Ashamed that I’m just a fox; ashamed at my weakness and that you are so extraordinary. Without Jiefei’s protection, I am nothing. After leaving the Teal Hill, I became a homeless orphan. My vengeance run deep, and they’re so heavy I couldn’t breathe. Wuyou was afraid of being a burden to Xu Linghe! I was so lowly then. I was afraid that you’d find out and think badly of me. I had nothing but my dignity then. Wuyou went to the Wind City to see Uncle Jiefei. I gave up my life to save Uncle Jiefei, but forgot how you would feel. Linghe, I’m sorry.”

“He, Little Fox Wuyou has always loved you.”

Wuyou hugged Xu Linghe tightly, the love from the bottom of her heart surged out and enveloped the two tightly. It was soft and sweet. Warmth slowly spread on her lips. Wuyou bit the lips softly, the corners of the red lips opened and closed. Xu Linghe could sense its warmth and its vague sweetness. It was like the spring flower slowly blooming. Xu Linghe’s heart trembled, leaving a line of teeth prints on those red lips. Xu Linghe’s spiritual finger flicked, and wisps of Spiritual Power formed a blue colored spiritual web, that separated them from the world.

“My little woman, it is my greatest dream to have you.”

“Linghe, I want who you are right now. No matter what happens in the future, Little Fox Wuyou will want you. I once regretted and thought of what my Linghe would do if my soul was to dissipate...”

“My little woman, I will protect it with my life. I will protect your love and our future. No matter how much hardships we encounter, we will not part. This is because I love you so much. Linghe will always love Little Fox Wuyou.”


There were tears in Wuyou’s eyes, and Xu Linghe gently wiped it. Between his hands, it was like a sheep-fat jade glistening with war. The hair flowed down on both sides, a wisp of hair floating in the blue. Xu Linghe looked at her, slightly drunk. The little woman in front of him was really a fairy in the mountains. Her slender hands were still wrapped tightly around him, making the seductive move more amorous. Xu Linghe picked up the little woman, and the heat between his lips made his heart trembled even more. Wuyou giggled, and Xu Linghe looked down and laughed as well. The little woman was still so pure that she did not really know how to kiss!

“Xu Linghe, how dare you laugh at me.”

“It’s true! Show me your skills and wait on your husband.”

Wuyou leaped toward him and lossed Xu Linghe’s hair. After a few attempts, Xu Linghe still looked neat and tidy. Wuyou pouted slightly and her eyes brightened. She smiled and flicked her spiritual finger. Clothes flew before Wuyou’s eyes. And when she looked at Xu Linghe in front of him, Wuyou covered her eyes, her face reddening in embarrassment.

“My little woman.”

When hands that were used to practicing martial arts reached for her hair, Wuyou leaned in. Her little hands seeking for something to rely on. She was afraid that her legs would lose their strength. Her water-limpid eyes had a glint of coyness and she lost the last of her restraint.

Filled with bliss, which had been lost and then recovered. What he had been hoping for had really appeared. It was no longer Xu Linghe’s dream. The bliss had arrived so suddenly, filling them both to the brim.

“Who was she?” The woman beside him slept soundly. Xu Linghe felt extremely frightened.

He had consummated a relationship with the woman in front of him last night. It was completely unexpected. Was she his little woman? Xu Linghe sensed the little woman’s aura, but she looked so foreign. Looking at the little woman under the light, he felt annoyed. He loved Jiang Wuyou, but he had sex with the woman in front of him.

Sunlight shone through the leaves and onto the defensive cover. Blue and gold color collided and made a brilliant color. Looking at the beautiful scenery, Xu Linghe walked out of the defensive cover silently. This place in the Fairy Kingdom was really like a fairyland in the human realm.

The path beneath his feet extended to a distance. The sight before his eyes were like a part of Jiangnan. Petals fell from the tree by the stream. There was a young hunter at the foot of the mountain. He held a bow and arrow and carried his prey on his back. He hummed a tune, looking at ease.

Xu Linghe went closer and looked at the strong man carrying plenty of prey and felt angry. Perhaps it was because Jiang Wuyou was a fox, Xu Linghe felt compassion for those foxes. The strong man glanced at Xu Linghe and walked toward the wooden house. There was a large dog in the courtyard that barked when it saw its master. The burly man could not be bothered with Xu Linghe. To the people in the mountains, there was nothing better than getting leather.

The noble ladies of the capital city liked such fur goods. These leather goods would earn them a living for the entire year. The young master dressed in fine clothing would not understand their pain.

Xu Linghe looked at the foxes on the rack and flicked his spiritual finger. The foxes who have gained freedom ran into the forest. The burly man lunged at Xu Linghe furiously. He used all his strength but could not hold up against Xu Linghe’s spiritual power. Only watching the foxes hiding in the forest he was furious and tried to hit Xu Linghe with his palm three times again. Xu Linghe was afraid of hurting the burly man and dodged. After two or three rounds, the burly man breathed heavily. He thought about the taels of silver which he would have received shortly disappearing into thin air, and then, clambered up, pulling at Xu Linghe, not letting go of him.

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