Hubby, Your Fox Fairy Wants Everything

Chapter 20 Soul Battle (4)
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Chapter 20 Soul Battle (4)

Who was the man on the rooftop? Xiao Linggong was immersed in his thoughts. Who would Su Chenyang go against in the battle tomorrow? He hoped that it would not be Shen Chuya. He did not want his only helper to be eliminated so early on. Xiao Linggong had seen Su Chenyang before. But it was a pity that he was hard to read and was not easy to control. Forget it, he had better not let his thoughts run wild. He would find out who would go against Su Chenyang tomorrow.

The room was empty when Wuyou woke up. When she left the room she first saw Phoneix who was returning from washing up. Phoenix looked different today. Her hair which was usually tied up tightly hung down her chest casually. There was some powder on her face and a light hint of red on her lips. Wuyou had not expected that she would look so feminine under her handsomeness.

Phoenix pulled Wuyou’s sleeves and they walked towards the soul battle arena. On the way, Phoenix talked about Su Chenyang a lot. Wuyou secretly came to an understanding. She wondered how Su Chenyang was like. Even Xiao Qi had noticed the youth. She also wondered how she was going to win. Xiao Qi had mentioned that Su Chenyang’s weak point was at his waist, but what use was knowing that when her opponent was too strong?

When they arrived at the soul battle arena, Phoenix squeezed through the crowd. Wuyou stared at the tall stage. She did not see the legendary Su Gong as various kings entered one after another. When the gong sounded, Xiao Yi and Xiao Yan entered. Some people beside her were yelling “General Su Gong, General Su Gong.” It seemed that Su Gong was well-loved by people. Xiao Yi gave up the main seat and waited for Su Gong to sit down. However, Su Gong refused. The people liked him for a reason. He was a fat man, and must be someone who was well-versed in the ways of the world but did not care for it.

Xiao Yan and Su Gong sat very close to each other. Xiao Yi sat on the throne and waited to announce the names of the competitors.

When she heard her name, Wuyou jumped onto the soul battle arena while Su Chenyang descended from the sky. The chief judge blew on the whistle and Su Chenyang flew into the sky. Wuyou followed the chief judge and they chased after Su Chenyang. It seemed that Su Chenyang wanted to beat her in finding a place that would benefit him. The chief judge stood on the riverbank across and watched Su Chenyang who was in the water. Wuyou floated in the air, vigilant against Su Chenyang’s attack. Snow fell on the riverbanks and the water in the river churned.

Su Chenyang gathered the water in the air. The water attacked Wuyou like a water cannon. The water was turned into mist by Spiritual Power, stealthily tripping Wuyou’s hands and feet. The vortex under her feet turned into a water dragon that sprayed a large wall of water. Wuyou let lose her Spiritual Power, and the Ancient Spirit appeared in the water. When a large shark appeared, Su Chenyang sensed that something was wrong. He made a sign with his fingers and kept hitting the surface of the lake. Rows of water walls appeared on the surface of the lake immediately. Those water walls changed under Su Chenyang’s control, surrounding Su Chenyang completely.

The water shark opened its mouth wide and inhaled the water. The water walls disappeared row by row. Su Chenyang kept hitting the surface of the water. The water shark swept its enormous tail at Su Chenyang, but he dodged.

Wuyou jumped onto the water wall, and used even greater Spiritual Power. The conjured water shark grew bigger and bigger and the lake water decreased little by little. Su Chenyang’s spiritual finger flipped and the water in his hand changed, turning into water droplets and ascending to the top of the mountain. Wuyou saw the waterfall that fell from the skies, attacking her ferociously.

The water shark wanted to rush out of the water curtain, but was trapped by Su Chenyang’s water prison. Wuyou spread out her Spiritual Power and chased after Su Chenyang up the top of the mountain.

Water droplets flew everywhere, and Su Chenyang’s water rope went through the waterfall. There were several times when Wuyou was almost tied up firmly. Wuyou swiftly went past it, and the water rope that kept entangling her immediately turned into a water spear, shooting at Wuyou.

The Ancient Spirit was activated in Wuyou’s body and it caused the water spear to rebound. Su Chenyang dodged left and ride, Spiritual Power kept flowing out from his body. Wuyou could feel herself growing hotter. The fire in her entire body passed through and fro the water curtain. Su Chenyang was confused about why the fire was not afraid of his water soul.

The fire grew stronger and stronger, and the water soul that had a green smoke grew weaker. Su Chenyang saw that things were going badly and he dove to the bottom of the lake. Wuyou had not thought that the Ancient Spirit would be so powerful. When she saw Su Chenyang escaping to the bottom of the lake, she followed and jumped in. The chief judge was dazed by this battle.

When Wuyou caught up to Su Chenyang, the bottom of the lake was eerily quiet. Schools of fishes swam around Su Chenyang. Wuyou’s Ancient Spirit moved in the water like a flood dragon and rushed toward Su Chenyang. Su Chenyang dodged swiftly. The fishes that were calm earlier suddenly started to bite at each other. Wuyou’s Ancient Spirit protected her, but she was still shocked when she saw Su Chenyang’s bloody hands.

Su Chenyang’s expression was calm. It was as if the fishes were not eating him. His silver hair floated in the water, and was beautiful. Those fishes suddenly rushed toward Wuyou. And while Wuyou was still startled, the Ancient Spirit had already turned into a Spiritual web that threw itself at the odd fishes. And just as Wuyou and the Ancient Spirit were integrating, an explosion sounded.

Those fishes were explosions rigged by Su Chenyang. He used his flesh and blood to feed them in order to win. Wuyou could sense the metallic scent of blood flowing from her nose and throat. Pain spread as her body, which had been tossed up slowly landed onto the water’s surface. Wuyou saw a dark figure walking towards her. It was Su Chenyang.

Su Chenyang held up the girl and tossed her into the air. Wuyou could hear the sounds of bones breaking.

Her consciousness grew dim, and she felt as if she was a floating cloud, surrounded by the color of blood. Wuyou could see the Little Flame Spirit hanging above the ground. It was a place that Wuyou had seen in her dreams. The path to the Spirit Valley was very long.

She no longer had any strength. The Little Flame spirit kept giving her its Spiritual Power, gathering her soul bit by bit.

“Your Excellency Jiang Yu.”

Little Flame Spirit looked at the wisps of souls in the air and walked towards the deep darkness and opened the doors.

“Bring her in.”


Little Flame Spirit dragged Wuyou into the deep darkness.

“This fox had her memories sealed by someone. Seeing that she is a fox of the Teal Hill, please help her to undo the seal.”

“Your Excellency Jiangyu. Is this little demon the youngest Ling Ju of Teal Hill?”

“Indeed, she is the daughter of Wuer Jiangtian.”

“Then she is Your Excellency’s granddaughter. Congratulations, Your Excellency.”

“She’s so weak right now. These Spiritual Power can only merge a little.”

“Your Excellency Jiangyu, are you testing her?”

“As the Ling Ju, she should be punished for letting those from the Teal Hill be killed.”

“Your Excellency Jiangyu, Su Chenyang had injured her badly.”

“It is just pain of the flesh and is nothing serious.”

“You can only blame her for her weak cultivation. She cannot use my Spiritual Poer. We can only wash her muscles and bones and clear her acupoints so that she can merge with the Spiritual Power.”

Jiangyu moved his spiritual finger and a stream of warmth flowed into Wuyo’us soul. Her soul that flowed through her entire body and kept turning. What the naked eye could not see, was the white light that shot at Wuyou’s forehead between her brows when Jiangyu used his hands to open the first seal. The wandering spirits outside the deep darkness gathered around Wuyou’s forehead. Jiangyu tore open the second seal and instantly, a scorching white Spiritual Power surrounded Wuyou entirely.

“Send her out.”

“Yes, Your Excellency Jiangyu.”

Little Flame Spirit looked at the tired man and turned to leave.

When Wuyou opened her eyes, Su Chenyang took two steps back. The girl who had stopped breathing earlier had been resurrected. The chief judge heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that Wuyou had come back to life. He did not want someone to die. He had really been frightened earlier.

Wuyou floated in the air, her body becoming light. When the Spiritual Power burned once more, Wuyou passed through it like lightning. The chief judge rubbed his eyes, not daring to believe what he was seeing. Su Chenyang was tossed into the lake by the Spiritual Power. The Spiritual Power caused the lake water to boil wherever it came into contact. The chief judge heard the sounds of bones breaking. This battle was hard. The chief judge looked at the girl floating in the air. This girl had won the battle with her never-say-die attitude. She had won his respect.

Wuyou stood on the high arena. The chief judge and Su Chenyang flew back to the soul battle arena from afar.

When the chief judge announced the results, Su Gong could not stay seated when he saw his son who was covered in wounds. He had not expected his son to lose so badly and had not imagined that he would be so badly injured. He was very confident in his son’s power. Regular people could not go near him. His son had tried his best, and SU Gong’s eyes were filled with pity.

Su Chenyang was being held upright by someone and his face was terribly pale. When he looked at his father’s warm gaze, he suddenly felt sad and tears started to flow down his face. Su Chenyang was very upset for he had disappointed his father.

Xiao Yan measured up the girl in front of him. Whose pawn was this girl who had appeared out of nowhere? And why did his son not report back to him timely? It seemed that a good show was about to play out. Xiao Yan glanced at Xiaoyi, wanting to get the answers to these questions from him but to no avail.

Xiao Qi was on a high wall in the distance. He was very familiar with the soul battle arena and was shocked by the little demon’s performance. It was completely beyond his expectations but was also reasonable. He had long discovered the demon’s potential in the battle in the Black Lake and knew that she was powerful when she meets a powerful opponent. Pressure was a motivation for this demon. The more Xiao Qi discovered, the more he wanted to get close to her. He felt that she was like a book, and he would grow entranced the more he read. He would never be able to guess the ending, but she would bring him a different surprise each time.

Wuyou walked towards the crowd slowly. Even though the top of the arena was just a few dozen meters away from the bottom, it did not seem easy.

The gong rang once more, but Wuyou was calm as she walked out of the crowd. Those spiritual cultivators were here for glory or as pawns. They were all here fighting for their futures. She was one of them as well. As an Elder of the Teal Hill, she was now being someone’s pawn in the Fairy Kingdom. Wuyou had never been so sad before.

When the Ancient Spirit broke the seal, she remembered her past and Xu Linghe. She remembered Little Lingchong and that large Qilin. Indeed! Other than her Uncle Jiefei, she still had Xu Linghe. Even though she had lost her father, mother and Uncle Jiefei, she still had Xu Linghe.

“Xiao Nai. I’ll go take a look at Chenyang.”

Phoenix lifted her skirts and disappeared quickly.

“Phoenix, I’m about to enter the battle and yet you ran away. Are we still friends? You ditched your friend for a boy.”

The woman was helping those on the outside. She was worried about someone else outside of their own tribe. Xiaonai’s expression was that of despise.

Xiao Linggong had never thought that the seemingly weak girl had defeated Xiao Chenyang. Even Shen Chuya was surprised when he looked at the girl who was walking away.

Xiaonai entered the arena very unwillingly. He did not know what kind of opponent he would encounter. He hoped that his opponent would be weaker so that he could lose more gracefully. The chief judge stood on the stage and measured up the soul battlers. When his whistle sounded, a youth from the monkey tribe jumped into the soul battle arena. Xiaonai underestimated the youth from the monkey tribe when he saw him. He was the king of birds in the phoenix tribe, so how would a monkey compare to him.

“I forfeit.”

Xiaonai’s statement had just ended and the soul battle arena erupted with noise. Even the chief judge was a little taken aback. Where was this lad from? Wasn’t he making trouble? He was too arrogant. The chief judge was so angry that his mustache twitched. Xiaonai could not be bothered. He was not interested in the military talisman at all. He would not stay here if not for Xiao Linggong.

“The monkey tribe wins this round.”

The chief judge rose the hand of the lad who won and then left after glancing at Xiaonai.

“Why did you forfeit?”

Chen Chuya did not dare to believe that Xiaonai would just leave like that when everything was fighting with all their might.

“Xiaonai, there are only two matches. If you chose to forfeit today, what about the next time?”

“Chuya, you know that I’m not interested in the military talisman. You want to become known because you have the ability to.”

Xiaonai made a funny face, humoring Shen Chuya. He hoped that his friend would soar higher and higher. Xiao Linggong did not ask any questions. To Xiao Linggong, the most important issue now was to defeat the little fox. His father’s scolding glance meant that his father did not know anything about the little fox as well. He wondered who the man who met the girl secretly on the roof was. It seemed that he had to meet his father tonight.

Wuyou was listless after returning from the soul battle arena. Just as she was about to enter the door, she saw Xiao Qi standing behind the door. She quickly shut it.

“Xiao Qi. Your plans will be ruined if someone sees you. Aren’t you afraid?”

“Little fox, how is Xiao Linggong’s Spiritual Power?”

“I’ve seen his matches, and I have reservations about him.”

“Shen Chuya.”

“Hasn’t gone up yet, but Leng Mohan has some ability.”

“Xiaonai forfeited straight away in the match earlier. The little fox did not understand why he had put in so much effort and to forfeit in the end.”

“Perhaps he is not interested in a power struggle and just to live freely.”

“Do you know who the power behind Xiaonai is?”


“The fairy king, Wang Xiaoyi.”

“Then he should not have forfeited. This does not benefit Xiaoyi at all.”

“That’s why it’s weird.”

“There is only one possibility. Xiaonai forfeited intentionally because he did not want anyone to pay attention to him.”

“This is reasonable. Little fox, pay more attention to this Xiaonai, don’t be fooled by his appearance. I’ve heard from the wind tribe that people always underestimate him because he is gay. Perhaps he might have spread this rumor himself intentionally so that there would be less attention on him.”

“Xiao Qi, what does the fairy king want to do? It’s so hard to understand.”

“He’s doing this for Xiao Yan to see. We won’t let him succeed.”

“You’re saying that we should force Xiaonai to show his hand and let Xiao Yan know that the threats from Xiaoyi is everywhere?”

“Foxes are intelligent, you understand with just a little bit of instruction.”

“It’s just that you have to light this fuse. Then, we just have to watch the fight on the sidelines.”

“Xiao Yan and Xiaoyi are not stupid. Little fox doesn’t have the ability.”

“Foxes are foxes. You are starting to want chips.”

“Xiao Qi, we only talk about interest. Little fox will not talk about anything else. Furthermore, you are the one who made your pawn like this and said that our common interest was to get the military talisman and you’d return me Teal Hill.”

“Alright. When we get the military talisman, it means that we would rule the world. You can have half of the Fairy Kingdom.”

“You have to mean what you say, Xiao Qi.”

“I had not imagined that you would become like this. Alright, when we succeed, you can have half of the Fairy Kingdom.”

Wuyou smiled happily, but she was crying in her heart. Would Xu Linghe still recognize who she had become? She had made a transaction with her soul. She could only do this to survive. In this dog eat dog place, it was the only thing she could do.

A figure flashed past outside the door. Xiao Linggong flew toward the Xiao Manor. What he had discovered earlier was a great secret he had to tell his father.

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