Hubby, Your Fox Fairy Wants Everything

Chapter 204 Xiao Qi’s Ambition Was Shattered (III)
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Chapter 204 Xiao Qi’s Ambition Was Shattered (III)

A fierce gale sprang up. The rolled trees flew to the Jin army. Yan transformed himself into a spiritual net to block Xiao Qi’s attack. The fairy army pressed hard step by step, and their sharp sabers were pricked to the spiritual net. The Jin army held the crossbow and aimed at the fairy army. With Xu Linghe’s order, tens of thousands of bows were shot out synchronously. Those arrows rubbed with the Melting Soul Liquid penetrated through the spiritual net and dashed to the fairy army. Everything was annihilated as they went. The fairy’s high-ranking military officers fled in fear. Xiao Qi waved his wand, and then, the bows fell to the ground. Seeing the Melting Soul Liquid effect, Xu Linghe gave another order. The Jin army became more confident, holding the arrow with the liquid and drawing the crossbows to the full. Swoosh! Arrows broke all the barriers to the fairy army. Xu Linghe gathered Spiritual Power and injected it into the arrows. The fairy’s officers’ legs trembled with fear. After several rounds, the fairy army was utterly routed. Xiao Qi was exasperated to see their failure while the Jin army’s morale was increased a lot. Guarded by the spiritual net, the Jin army pushed ahead with unstoppable momentum. Xiao Qi suspended in the mid-air and gathered the Spiritual Power with his hands. His black robe flapped, his eyes turning red. In the floating shadows, the man was rather enchanting, and his black robe gave out the mystery. The Jin army fixed their eyes on him. The man looked like a devil from hell. After the blood light, Xiao Qi released the Swallowing Soul Technique, which could make people lose their minds and killed by others at will. Xiao Qi was the Fairy King and had learned how to control others since childhood. As for those with a strong will, the technique would not work; but for those with weak Spiritual Power, it would be their weakest points. Xu Linghe called out, “Terrible”, and found it was too late to stop it. The Jin army, like walking corpses and running flesh, pounced at Xiao Qi. Xu Linghe released his Spiritual Power to break the Swallowing Soul Technique but was blocked by the wand. When the Jin army got closer, Xiao Qi swept at them. The Jin army could not resist it at all and was thrown out several feet away. Even some rolled to the cliff. Xu Linghe flew out to save the two. Xiao Qi gave a palm. Crack! Then came the cries for help. The fairy army saw the hope and chopped at the Jin army with swords. At that moment, the Jin army was just like the meat on the chopping block.

Sabers were brandished, and the scent of blood filled the forest. Xu Linghe dashed to the fairy army and killed some officers to save his brothers. Xiao Qi spread his Spiritual Power, and the entire forest was enwrapped by the Swallowing Soul Technique. The strong fragrance was full in the air. Xu Linghe held his breath, trying not to be encroached by the fragrance. The Jin army was deprived of combat strength. If they wanted to come back alive, Xu Linghe himself should be alive first. However, Xiao Qi would not spare the Jin army. He waved the wand to gather the Spiritual Power. When the airflow spread, it flew to Yan. The strong current penetrated the spiritual net. The Jin army did not realize that death was getting closer to them. Having been eroded by the Technique, the Jin army had nothing but desire to live. Xiao Qi agitated the Spiritual Power, and the whole forest was turned into a shamble. Would he die here? No! He thought about the escaping technique. Xu Linghe gathered Spiritual Power and started the escaping technique. Then, the forest was separated by spiritual fog. Rumbles upon rumbles, strong current rolled the Jin army into the ground. Xiao Qi did not predict that the Jin army would escape. He ran to them, but it was too late to stop. Xiao Qi had to helplessly witness them disappear and even lost the best chance to stop them. When the forest restored calmness, the forest was strewn with dead bodies, when seen afar. Meanwhile, the fairy soldiers were killed and injured a lot. The Jin army in a relatively small number dragged the enemy. Although the Jin army also suffered ten thousand of loss, they could retreat safely. During the battle in the mountain forest, the fairy army did not get any benefit. Xiao Qi his army return by the way they had come.

The devil army in the Western Front pushed on slowly. There was a deadly silence at night. No trace of the enemy could be seen on the way. Xiao Nai was on alert. Wuyou had set archers. Kunlun’s disciples dispersed. Wuyou’s task was to lead a group of hidden forces to intercept the enemy on the fortress. Kunlun’s disciples had been divided into eight columns and ambushed on the way. They followed Wuyou’s command. As Kunlun’s Sect Leader, she would devote herself for sure. Being the vanguard, the danger was unavoidable. Before leaving, her husband told her not to exhaust herself. She still had him. The enemy was only 25 kilometers away from Jin City. It would be late if she did not intercept right away. Wuyou gathered Spiritual Power and disclosed the ground. Deep ditches blocked the devil army’s march. The hidden force held the bows in the hands. Since the devil army was stopped, Xiao Qi leaped to the air and dashed directly to the hidden force. Then, the devil army ran hard on the heels of Xiao Qi and waved the demonic sabers to Wuyou. Xiao Qi knew his opponent’s intent—to drag his advancing step. Now it was Nascent Soul who led the main force and Xiao Qi was asked to cover a retreat. Nascent Soul took the order to push ahead. Wuyou flew up to obstruct the devil troop’s advance. Xiao Qi swept toward her, and the Spiritual Power tangled with her. Seeing the vanguard stopped by the enemy, the hidden force shot out the arrows rubbed with the Melting Souls Liquid. The devil soldiers were cheered up and flooded up. When their bodies were stained with the Liquid, they realized it was too late. The Liquid with spiritual fire turned the devil soldiers into a pool of blood. The other devil soldiers did not see it before, so they hid into Xiao Qi’s defensive cover with fear. Nascent Soul rushed out of the Western Front to the hidden force’ hinterland. Xu Linghe cast a giant net, waiting for the enemy’s coming. Apart from the archers, Xu Linghe prepared some gunpowder. Before leaving, Yan Wu gave him a new weapon, but its power was unknown. There were many cases to use the few to defeat the many. Xu Linghe hoped that he could defeat the devil army and returned that the Jin army could crush Xiao Qi’s plot so that many people could live a peaceful and carefree life.

Wuyou would not let go of Xiao Nai, because the man had done many evil practices with Xiao Qi, including her homeland. Her husband was responsible for the Jin Kingdom. Xiao Nai did not know that the little soldier in front was Jiang Wuyou, and just thought that the soldier stood in his way. The devil army fought fiercely with Kunlun’s disciples. And some Kunlun’s disciples hid in some secrets places and shot out the arrows. Swoosh! The devil soldiers who ran in the front fell down one after another. Xiao Nai aimed at the target and flew up. Kunlun’s disciples were swept ten more meters away by the strong current. Wuyou blocked Xiao Nai’s attack so as to give time for Kunlun’s disciples to take a breath. They picked themselves from the ground. Some of them were crushed on the breastbones. Then they fell to the ground and turned to wisps of souls. Wuyou condensed her Spiritual Power and set the spiritual barrier for Kunlun’s disciples. They all tried their best. Pointless sacrifice was unnecessary. Xiao Nai owned the Spiritual Power of the phoenix tribe and could kill Kunlun’s disciples in a slipshod way.

Wuyou opened her brow bridge, and Pangu’s incantation hovered between the eyebrows. It turned out that Jiang Wuyou was in the Jin Kingdom as well. After the shock, Xiao Nai resumed calmness. They just stood in the opposite. Xiao Nai came to Jin City for expanding the territory and let his master rule the three realms. But out of his expectation, he met Jiang Wuyou. The former friends met each other in battle today. Things could not return to the past. Xiao Nai’s purpose was to help his Master fulfill his wish. In Wuyou’s heart, he was the same as Hongjun. She had no friendship with him. Spiritual Power was burning on her fingers, with no emotion in her eyes. She threw her palms hard, and then the burning Spiritual Power was rolling, and Spiritual Qi spread in all directions. It was so dazzling that Xiao Qi could not open his eyes. The devil army did all they could to protect their Commander in Chief. After a trance, Xiao Nai rushed to the sea of the clouds and realized that Jiang Wuyou wanted to kill him just now. He just had a one-sided wish. Jiang Wuyou wanted him to die. This thought made Xiao Qi shiver. It turned out that he was nothing in her eyes. Desperation encroached him. At that moment, Xiao Nai gathered the Spiritual Power to attack Jiang Wuyou. He hated her. Love and hatred was just a thought away. How much did he hate her? It was equal to how much he had loved Jiang Wuyou before. He would use all his strength to hate her.

The two sat in the sea with only hatred in the eyes. Wuyou released the Pangu Holy Armour from the void. The golden holy armour rushed out of the void space like flowing light. Xiao Nai also revealed his true body. It was the second time for Wuyou to see such Xiao Nai—a human’s face with a lion body. The past were all canceled. Xiao Nai was Wuyou’s enemy now. In the Jin City and as the Spiritual Master, Wuyou would not spare anyone who dared to trample on her people. The golden Holy Armour wrapped Wuyou, and her wings were extended. The phoenix was encircled in the Spiritual Power. Flocks of phoenixes surged in the sky; all of them were transformed by Xiao Nai. Tens of thousands of Xiao Nai set a giant spirit and charged at Wuyou. The Holy Armour blocked the attack. Xiao Nai’s giant body pounced at Jiang Wuyou. At that moment, Xiao Nai wanted nothing but to die with her. Even if he hated her, he still wanted to be annihilated with her. The Holy Armour was burning. Pangu’s power dashed to Xiao Nai. Any invader must be killed! Wuyou merged with the Armour. The great palms waved in the sky. Xiao Nai with the lion phoenix was unable to duck the attack. Pangu’s incantation constrained Xiao Nai. The extended long wings swirled to kill numerous people. The golden Holy Armour released the power that could shake the sun and the moon. How could Xiao Nai resist it? Wuyou stepped to him, and strong current pressed hard at the phoenixes’ attacks. The Armour swept to him, and the phoenixes were turned to ashes. At that moment, a Hongjun Arrow flew by. Pangu’s Armour cracked. Black Shadow held the Hongjun Crossbow and stood on the clouds, with darkness behind him. Wuyou thought about the Hongjun in the stone forest. He was the person who took Shenzong and made Kunlun almost destroyed. She would not let him go today. Xiao Nai was saved by Hongjun and still could not collect himself. He thought he would die, but never expected that Hongjun came out to save him. It seemed that someone could resist the power of the Heavenly Book. Xiao Nai looked at him carefully and was rather surprised to find that the Hongjun Crossbow was Wang Hongjun’s formidable weapon. However, it had been buried with Hongjun into the chaos. How could this person get it? Now, Hongjun fixed all of his attraction on the Heavenly Book, totally ignoring Xiao Nai. He only saved those useful for him. So he hoped the man would be of some use. Confronted with Hongjun, Wuyou had to take careful action because the Hongjun Crossbow was mighty indeed that could penetrate the Holy Armour. Wuyou touched the crack, and it was being restored in the Spiritual Power.

Xiao Qi was only one of Hongjun’s accomplices and his desire for the Heavenly Book increased day after day. The more he knew about the Heavenly Book, the earlier he wanted to get it. But today, he had something else to do. He thought the person would be a good pawn. After a gust of wind, the devil army disappeared, including Xiao Qi. Wuyou landed on the ground. The dark forces were struck dumb with astonishment, showing disbelief that such a weak attendant would be so formidable. They did not know that she was their Spiritual Master. They ran to hug the little man and measured her with eyes. They did not find anything special but just as ordinary as a common person. They were disappointed but showed more admiration to the attendant, thinking about how to let such talent stay there. However, Wuyou did not have that thought, only hoped that she could come back. As for her husband’s battle result, she was mentally and physically exhausted. Although the devil army was injured and killed numerously, Xiao Nai still escaped. As long as the remnants were not eradicated, huge problems still remained.

Hongjun just followed Wuyou and even cast greedy eyes on the three realms. Wuyou used to calculate her gain and lose before, but not until she had known her husband did she realize the living meaning. Not only did she want to live, but also she wanted all the living creatures in the universe were able to live with more dignity. The dark forces followed the little man to the west front. Viewed from afar, firelights dashed to the sky. Wuyou drove the wind with great anxiety, hoping her husband would be safe.

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