How To Survive as a Villain

How To Survive as a Villain

How To Survive as a Villain

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    Xiao YuAn transmigrated into a novel as the homosexual young Emperor imprisoning the Male Lead of a Stallion Novel.

    This is indeed miserable, and sad.

    Because of this, Xiao YuAn began to work hard to survive.


    “To those cannon fodders, even if you want to treat the Male Lead bad, can you stop sending him to my bed?” Xiao YuAn thinks that there’s nothing wrong in pampering the Male Lead, but that’s just because he wants to bathe in the Protagonist halo!

    Xiao YuAn: “Don’t abuse the Male Lead ever again!!! You guys aren’t afraid of death, but I want to live!!!”

    A story that starts out with the Shou taking care of the Gong, and then, the Gong takes care of the Shou.

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