House Dad's Literary Life

Chapter 376: If This Isn’t A Proposal, Then What Is It?
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Chapter 376: If This Isn’t A Proposal, Then What Is It?

“Squeak…” The door of the ancestral hall was opened, and Yang Chonggui slowly walked over.

“You have a good daughter.” Yang Chonggui pretended not to see the clothes on Yang Yi’s body, snorted and said, “Get up!”

Yang Yi slowly got up from the ground after kneeling for an hour, feeling a bit sore in his knees. With a thought, a warm current surged out of his dantian, hitting the blood vessels there, and the soreness immediately dissipated.

Daughter? Yang Yi was a little puzzled in his heart. Did Xixi do something?

Yang Chonggui ignored him and took care of the altar by himself. After a while, he slowly said, “Do you know why I made you kneel?”

After a moment of silence, Yang Yi spoke softly, “Lack of a sense of responsibility.”

“This is one reason.” Yang Chonggui took out a few incense sticks, brought them close to the kerosene lamp, and lit them. “Another reason is that even though you’re making a lot of money now, the calls you make to the family are not as frequent as when you were in the military…”

The old man’s perception was keen. Although he didn’t suspect a change in the identity of his eldest son, he could sense that while Yang Yi appeared close on the surface, there was an inexplicable distance between him and the family, as well as the place itself. Could he not be distant? After all, he wasn’t the real Yang Yi.

Yang Chonggui talked a lot more this time: “…People can’t forget their ancestors. No matter how much money you make, you can’t go against your conscience. You can’t forget that you are a descendant of the Yang family! Our Yang family has been loyal and honest for generations, serving the country and the people, sacrificing their lives and blood, and repaying their neighbors, with righteous and generous mutual support. Making you kneel in front of our ancestors is also to make you reflect. Whether it’s your wife, children, parents, siblings, or neighbors who have received your help, no matter how much money you make, you must never forget your roots!”

“I understand…” Yang Yi looked at his father’s back and pondered, and slowly nodded. freew(e)

“You haven’t been back for two years…” Yang Chonggui finally turned around, looked at him, handed him the lit incense, and slowly said, “Give your ancestors some incense!”


Yang Yi came back and appeared in front of Mo Fei and Xixi. He was still the same as usual, with a gentle smile on his face, as if kneeling for almost an hour did not affect him.

“Papa, you’re back?” Xixi happily rushed over and in her father’s arms, she happily reported her achievement, “I told Grandpa not to lock Papa up, and Papa knows his mistake and would correct it. Papa is a good child, and Grandpa won’t be angry anymore!”

“Xixi was especially great today, very sensible.” Mo Fei walked over, gently patting the little girl’s hair, and said to Yang Yi.

“Thank you, Xixi, thanks to your help.” Yang Yi kissed his daughter on the cheek, making the little girl giggle.

It was late at night, Yang Yi hugged Xixi and took Mo Fei upstairs.

As soon as he turned on the light and entered the room, Yang Yi couldn’t wait to free one hand and gently pulled up Mo Fei’s soft hand. He looked at Mo Fei’s bright eyes with a gentle gaze and said, “You’ve had to put up with a lot tonight because of me, it’s really my fault.”

Yang Yi knew that Mo Fei must have done something behind the scenes, otherwise, Xixi wouldn’t have gone to find his father.

“Don’t say anything more.” Mo Fei reached out and covered Yang Yi’s mouth, and said with a reproach, “If we keep going back and forth about whose fault it is, will it ever end?”

Xixi looked at her mother’s posture and her eyes lit up, as if she had unlocked a new move.

“No, I wanted to say that it was all due to my lack of consideration before. My dad scolded me, and he was right!” Yang Yi pulled her hand down and said seriously, “Now, I want to tell you, I want to marry you!”

Mo Fei was stunned. The impact of these words on her was no less than that of Yang Yi’s confession that day.

Although she did not doubt that Yang Yi would marry her, and their feelings for each other had naturally developed to this point, which woman doesn’t look forward to hearing the person she loves say these words?

But the timing…

“I’m serious! Although it’s a bit hasty, I understand that I can’t stay out of it anymore. I want to take responsibility for you, so I want to tell you that I want to marry you! This is not a proposal. I will give you a proper proposal ceremony later, a romantic proposal ceremony. Now, I just want to tell you my promise!” Yang Yi said firmly as he looked into Mo Fei’s eyes.

However, Yang Yi, this straightforward guy, hadn’t quite figured it out yet.

If this is not a proposal, what else could it be?

He made his intentions clear, and Mo Fei had to respond accordingly.

Isn’t this still a proposal?

Yang Yi knew it was hasty, but this was more than just hasty. No one had ever proposed so clumsily, and with such simplicity!

Just a moment ago, he was awkwardly kneeling in punishment in the ancestral hall. Now, he came up and said such words. In this simple room, there were no roses, no diamond rings, just holding a Xixi. Xixi was indeed as beautiful as a flower, but she was not a flower after all!

Xixi blinked her eyes, a bit confused. She tilted her little head, looking at her father for a moment, then at her mom. However, even though she was still being held by her father, neither her father nor her mother paid attention to her. In their eyes, they only had each other… Poor Xixi was ignored!

Mo Fei was also a bit stunned, with feelings of happiness and panic mixed together, feeling that her intelligence was not enough.

She was not mentally prepared at all, and could not have imagined that Yang Yi would suddenly bring up this matter! She said in a somewhat flustered manner, “I know, I, I’m very happy! I, I don’t really care about those ceremonies…”

Actually, it’s impossible not to care, right? Which woman hasn’t fantasized about it in her youth? A romantic setting like a garden full of blooming flowers, her lover dressed as handsome as a prince, then kneeling on one knee, proposing to her…

But now, there was nothing, not even a single knee kneeling, and Yang Yi just overbearingly said, “I want to marry you!”

Mo Fei was so flustered that she forgot her beautiful fantasies, her mind went blank.

“There will be, there will definitely be a ceremony. I will make it up to you during the real proposal!” Yang Yi didn’t think of this as a proposal, and said seriously to Mo Fei.

No matter what others think, Yang Yi had accepted this reasoning, and would make up for what he thought was romantic for Mo Fei in the future.

However, Mo Fei was also at a loss, and could only nod shyly.

One who doesn’t play according to common sense, and one whose mind was all over the place. Both are extraordinary, they just happened to make a perfect match. The two of them just stood there for a while, just looking at each other, with affection surging in their eyes. They didn’t know what to say, but that didn’t matter anymore.

“Papa, I want to take a bath. I haven’t taken a bath for two days, and I’m going to get stinky!” The ignored XiXi finally couldn’t bear it. She pouted her little mouth and complained pitifully.

“Oh! Right, right! I’ll give you a bath!” Yang Yi quickly put Xixi down and said, “Let’s get your clothes. I’ve heated up the water downstairs, you can bathe in the bathroom downstairs.”

Yang Yi apologized to Mo Fei, saying, “The conditions at home aren’t great. We don’t have a water heater, so we have to boil water for baths. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.” 𝑓𝓇ℯℯ𝑤ℯ𝘣𝓃𝑜𝘷ℯ𝑙.𝑐𝑜𝑚

“No, I don’t mind.” Mo Fei still had some shyness in her eyes.

Xixi was actually excited. She maintained a keen curiosity about new things. While her father was getting her clothes, she followed her him around, asking, “Papa, what is it like to take a bath with boiled water? Do you put Xixi in a big pot, and then, then make a big, big fire?”

“That’s to cook you!” Yang Yi laughed when he heard this, and said, “Did you see the chicken soup tonight? If we cooked like that, you’d be well-cooked!”

“Don’t cook Xixi, I don’t taste good!” The little girl hurriedly waved her hand.


When it was time to go to bed at night, Mo Fei finally recovered from her dazed state. She stretched out her finger, poked Yang Yi’s waist, and muttered, “Actually, you don’t have to be in such a hurry!”

“Hmm?” Yang Yi put down the book in his hand and turned to look at Mo Fei, whose skin was especially smooth after taking a bath.

“I’ve already explained to Mom that it is because of my work that we can’t expose our relationship for the time being, but we will definitely make it public as soon as possible, so as not to keep them waiting too long.” Mo Fei had already planned it out. Once she terminated her contract with Tianmei, she would officially announce her relationship with Yang Yi, and by the way, introduce her and Yang Yi’s studio.

“Mom also expressed understanding, saying that it’s already been delayed for four or five years, so she doesn’t mind waiting a little longer. When we can finally go public, we’ll return to the village and have a grand celebration.” Mo Fei said with some shyness.

“Alright, but it’s okay! I just wanted to tell you that I’ve made up my mind!” Yang Yi said with a smile.

“No, you scared me, you bad guy, suddenly proposing to me!” Mo Fei hammered Yang Yi’s chest in annoyance, “Who proposes like that?”

“It’s not a proposal, I’ve said that I will make up for it with a proposal ceremony in the future!” Yang Yi defended.

“It is a proposal! You forced me to respond!” Mo Fei pouted.

“So, you agreed?” Yang Yi asked with a mischievous smile.

“No, no, I want you to give me a super romantic proposal, otherwise I won’t be happy!” Mo Fei twisted her head on the pillow. Fortunately, Xixi was sleeping quite heavily inside, otherwise she might have been awakened.

“There will be, there will be!” Yang Yi held her in his arms, not letting her move around, then lovingly kissed her forehead and smiled with affection.

“Hmph!” Mo Fei hummed like a little pig.

After a while, she leaned on Yang Yi’s chest and whispered, “But, but, we can get the certificate first… secretly told me that we can make up for the wedding later, but we can’t just be together ambiguously like this.”

Yang Yi didn’t know that his mother was worried about this silly daughter-in-law, afraid that Yang Yi would change his mind and, just like his father, leave her!

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