Host, Please Be Honest! What Exactly Are You?

Chapter 393 Strange Happenings
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The hills seemed alive as the gang stared at the mass grave site over yonder.

The grave site was surrounded by 5 hills, slightly shorter than itself.

The only reason it looked as though the hills were taller was because of their vegetation shielding the mass grave site so well.

Without passing these 5 hills, it would be hard to spot the grave site. (f)reewebnovel

It was also odd that the hills curved toward the gravesite at the center strangely.

It was a phenomenon that added a mystery flare to the already spooky sight.

Be it Jenny, Chris, Bianca, Emily, Rudolf, or the rest, they stood frozen in place for a good few seconds before waking from their stupor.

The barrage also felt terrified in their hearts by the spectacle shown on the screen.

They felt a choking tension that quieted their being.

"Anchor... Let's turn back now. I don't think it's safe to stay out for long anymore."

"Yeah! Yeah!... Goddess... If you think about it, there might be criminals lurking around."

"That's right; I take my time on this dare back. Just from my screen, even I am getting sweaty palms from watching... Oops!... I dropped my phone in the toilet."

"Upstairs, you're not alone. I too dropped my phone in the cake mix I was about to bake."

"F***! I have my fingers on my house phone, ready to call the police if things get ugly."

"Yes! Yes! Who came up with this dare? Stand up now and take my attacks!"

"Augh~... I'm not comfortable with this at all. Anchors, I feel you should get out of there now. Don't ask me how I know, but I just feel it's weird."

"What sort of graveyard is this? Why do I keep getting a bad feeling about this?"



The chilling wind blew in the heart of the summer, causing everyone's hair to stand erect.

The dancing bundles and shadows made the group bundle up closer.

Though the moonlight illuminated the open path between 2 hills, they still had their massive flashlights on, maniacally darting them around each point.

Outdoor anchor?


Rudolf was ahead but didn't dare to move as confidently as he did earlier.

Now, the gang had really stuck together like the Scooby-Doo crew.


A strange noise bellowed, and the group jumped on their toes, pointing their flashlights to their left.

What was that?!

The audience also sucked in their breaths, with one hand over their faces, yet their fingers had even way for their eyes to see.

They could've sworn they saw a shadow flash by swiftly. Or could it be their imagination playing tricks on them?

.... Nothing.

The powerful flashlights picked up nothing but trees rustling in the slow but cold winds.


Many released heavy breaths on behalf of their anchors. π‘“π˜³π‘’π‘’π‘€π‘’π˜£π˜―β„΄π“‹π‘’π“.π˜€β„΄π‘š

Rudolf again flashed his light over the place for a second time.

"There's really nothing?"

Then why did he have the feeling of being watched just then?

As an outdoor anchor who sometimes traveled and accompanied some professionals, he had developed survival instincts over time.

He knew what he felt. But seeing there was nothing, could it be that he was wrong? Or could it be a passing animal that gave him the scare?


Blame this place for being so spooky.

He felt his mind might be playing tricks on him.

Forget it...

"Let's keep moving."

"... Right."

The gang subconsciously took him as the leader on this one. Even the other outdoor anchors wanted to rely on him, never coming across such a weird situation.

Don't blame them for being chicken so fast. But their surroundings were truly disturbing.

"Guys... Our signal is getting weaker." Jenny commented, looking at the bars going down.

Luckily, it was still there, or their live broadcast would close, and they wouldn't come here for anything.

Jenny felt that even if someone offered her 5 times the price after this, she would never take up the offer.

Whether it was she or the others, they weren't thinking of supernatural forces but issues of running into gangs, things, thieves, rapists, and all sorts of people out on this desolate place.

It's strange to say that this wasn't this first outdoor dare altogether, yet it was only now that they thought of these things.

The other situations didn't give them the sort of ominous feelings this place did. So all kinds of bad thoughts were now swirling in their minds.

Who could blame them?


Left leg forward, right leg forward.

They continued their stiff and heavy feet to move onwards through the valley-like opening between 2 hills.

And soon, they reached the base of the tony, cracked, narrow stairways that led up to the mass Graveyard.

There was vegetation growing out from the stairway cracks and frogs jumping about the site.


A few girls were scared, afraid these frogs would jump at them.

The color from their faces drained away.

Yes... There were people who were scared of frogs, just as some were afraid of roaches, ducks, and geese.

Don't look at geese and ducks and think them cute.

Those bastards have been skilled at attacking and plucking their enemies ninja style.

Haven't you seen videos of children and adults getting chased and attacked by them?

They were a fearsome bunch!!!

Bianca was shaken after seeing so many slimy frogs jump about.

What was this? She had tears threatening to fall off the corners of her eyes.

Jenny and several other brainiacs also frowned.

According to their knowledge, these frogs shouldn't be so many around these parts. It's almost as though they came out for a mating season, which shouldn't be the case.

It just didn't add up.

Luckily, these sorts of frogs didn't spit any poisonous fluids. Or else it would've been dangerous for them to ascend the hill.

Jenny looked at the frog several inches from her feet, deep in thought.

"So many frogs out here on this particular hill and no other hills around…"

It's really strange.

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