Hollywood Zenith

Chapter 174 Kenichi’s ’Gift’
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" That's all that we know so far," Samuel said.

" That's a lot. I never expected you to find a smuggling ring because of a chance meeting with a kid." The Queen heard the whole story and was also presented with evidence, but she believed her sister must have done her due diligence before sending him here.

" Young master might be craz-, a little unhing-, no, a little peculiar but has a heart of gold," Jane said. It sounded more like a diss than a compliment.

" Right. I share your sentiment." The Queen smiled. The trick that he pulled earlier definitely proved Jane's point.

" See? Moving on. I believe we must strike fast if we go through with it." Jane said, but the Queen completed her sentence.

" And you don't want your name involved with it. But it is not a big deal if your family handles it, right? They have strong forces, and nobody will object to your means when you present the proof."

" That is true, but there are many reasons behind it; the number one reason is a warning given to me." Samuel only discloses this information to people now.

" Warning? Who is the fool that dares to do such a thing?" The Queen was surprised to hear this.

" That is the problem. To tell you the truth, I don't know. For now, I could only defend that is also the reason why I don't want to take the limelight for this."

" I don't understand. No one could challenge the Rothschild's head; you don't need to be afraid."

" Yes, Boss, is that why you have focused on security? You could have told us." Jane was also frustrated that Samuel kept such a secret from them.

" Grandma, Jane, you are not understanding. Let me explain from the beginning."


It all started when Kenichi and Abe visited to take Aika, Abe's daughter, home. Before leaving, Aika's Grandfather gave Samuel a 'gift'. At first, Samuel didn't think much of it.

But the next day, when he opened the package, he found several photographs and some documents neatly packed inside it.

The photos were very familiar to him; everything and everyone that Samuel had interacted with since he became a Rothschild was present in them. The documents were about these people too.

" So you mean that someone has been watching you? That's standard surveillance procedure." Jane said.

" She is right. That's hardly anything to concern over." The Queen also said.

" But something was strange about it. These were found on one person's body. Eric Hanson, whom I have a little feud with."

" Body?"

" Yes, after the Hanson branch family was uprooted by the main family on account of treason. A single person's life was spared; Eric's father made that deal to keep their bloodline going. He also said that he was granted that in exchange for cooperation."

" Hmm, So what about this, Eric? Was he trying to get revenge and got killed in the process?" Jane said.

" It would be good if that was the case, but He was found in Japan, which begged the question of what was he doing there and who disposed of him." Samuel paused a little before continuing.

" Kenichi investigated through his means and found that some of the other people I clashed with had also moved to Japan recently.

Quinn, who tried to disrupt my Firm, and Jason, who fussed over my hiring. Jason's case was an anomaly, but Quinn's actions seemed scripted.

" I don't understand. Someone is controlling them?"

" That is my guess. Quinn, who was excessively aggressive, and some Japanese Imperial families had a grudge because I took their prize possession. They would never have contact with one another, but now they are working closely."

" Someone is definitely pulling the strings." The Queen also began to see a pattern.

" It is just my theory, but the tragedy that befell Hanson seems to be their doing too. Oscar mentioned that Eric's father didn't have the means to carry out that operation. The suspicious thing is that it happened in Rothschild's territory, which is an impossible feat."

" Yeah, I have heard about it. You are talking about that kid's mother, Olivia, right?"

" Yes. Whoever it is, they are patient and very calculative. I don't know what they are planning, but I don't want to give them more fuel."

" Boss, but it could be a coincidence, right? Your family is untouchable; who would do such a thing?" Jane was still not convinced about it.

Samuel knew no concrete evidence, but he trusted his gut feeling. Even his titles were pointing toward it.

" I know, but someone is recruiting them, I am sure. But I still don't know how and who is behind it."

" Whoever it is, don't worry too much about it. Besides, I am also here; you have my full support. You should also tell your family that it will be a serious case if it is true. You should not keep them in blind."

" Thank you. I will keep it in mind."

Oh, look at the time. I have another appointment. Care to join me?" She asked.

" But what about the case we are discussing? I could come some other time if you are too busy." Samuel didn't want to disturb her schedule. They could talk some other day or discuss this further over the phone.

" Nonsense, I will love it if you join me. She would also be happy to meet you. She is best suited for this case.

" She? Do I know her?" Samuel asked. The Queen was overly enthusiastic about it.

" Oh, It's the prime minister. I have a weekly meeting with her. You should definitely join me."

Before Samuel could react, Jane gasped upon hearing it. She couldn't believe her luck. One titan was enough, but now she had to face another behemoth? She should never have come today! Please visit ƒ𝔯ℯe𝘄𝐞𝐛𝒏𝐨ѵ𝘦𝒍. com

" It should be fine. Jane, you should come too; I would be happy to hear more stories about Samuel."

" Y-your majesty, Please, I don't think it is appropriate!" Jane was shaking her head vehemently, denying her, but everyone knew it would be impossible for her not to attend.

The Queen invited her personally if she kept on denying it. It would be the end of her.

" Now, let's head to the dining area. I have already ordered your meals."

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