Holding Onto My Man

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Gu Bai never considered himself as a good person because good people don’t live long. But at least, he feels that he’s someone with a bottom- line.

It’s not like he didn’t gave him the chance and Lu Rongqing also gave him a chance. For a few times, he wanted to immediately take action, but he was affected by the emotions left by the original host.

Lu Rongqing resents Nan Lichen for hurting him, but in his heart he loves Nan Lichen.

If Nan Lichen chose to give up, Lu Rongqing will probably cancel his wish to revenge on Nan Lichen.

However, Nan Lichen didn’t. When he said that he was willing to do anything for him, Nan Lichen still didn’t let off Lu Rongqing.

He doesn’t understand, Lu Rongqing can really do a lot of things for him. Wu Zhenzhen can help his father find the kidney, so can Lu Rongqing, but he doesn’t understand.

To put it plainly, he doesn’t believe in Lu Rongqing. He doesn’t want to bet on it. He would rather choose to destroy Lu Rongqing as a more secure method...

He picked up the backpack on the ground, opened the zipper, took out the gloves he prepared in advance and wore it. He cleaned up all traces left in the studio and drag Nan Lichen to the bedroom.

He went downstairs and checked again. After he’s certain that there’s no one else in Nan Lichen’s trail, Gu Bai finally took out a bag of drugs from his backpack that’s meant to send Nan Lichen into prison and hid it in the villa, then he prepared to leave.

These aren’t only aimed at Nan Lichen, but also to deal with the Wu Zhenzhen behind him. As long as Wu Zhenzhen doesn’t fall, once Nan Lichen is dead, there will still be another Nan Lichen.

What’s more, he didn’t have time.

According to the progress in the plot, tomorrow Wu Zhenzhen will find someone to throw Lu Rongqing to a private party to be played to ruin, then he couldn’t stand it and committed suicide.

In other words, tomorrow is the deadline for him to finish the task. If tomorrow Wu Zhenzhen is still fine, then he will die. The mission will fail and he will disappear forever...

But he can’t take the initiative to come forward and drag out Wu Zhenzhen. The revenge to Nan Lichen is not just a simple matter of sending him to prison.

Lu Rongqing’s wish isn’t for Nan Lichen to die. He has one more requirement: Let Nan Lichen always remember him!

Therefore, Nan Lichen absolutely can’t know that the naive boy in his heart is actually not pure like he imagined.

Have to say, Lu Rongqing’s mission may seem simple, but it’s actually not easy. His wishes are bound together. Don’t know if there are any additional rewards after completing this task?

He shook his head, push down on these distractions first and continue to plan.

Leaving the villa, Gu Bai was about to take out his phone to call the police, but it felt like someone was approaching him from behind. He turned back vigilantly and suddenly saw a familiar figure.


Gu Bai’s eyes widened. God, how did Nie Qingcang find this place?

“What did you just do inside...”

Nie Qingcang’s tall figure stood behind him, his whole face dark and a sentence forced through his teeth.

On the plane coming back, his mind was full of nasty images, constantly flashing through multiple scenes.

If it isn’t the boy’s perky little butt being wretched, then it’s the tempting red lips being frivolously kissed, and then ... in short, it’s all not good.

After getting off the plane, he heard a report from below, ‘Young master went to a suburban villa with someone.’ At that moment, the entire man suddenly exploded like an angry beast.

Before he said that he will obediently go home on time, repent and reform*, never mess around. Good, he then went to someone’s house to spend the night!

*改过自新 turn over a new leaf; become a new man; correct one’s errors and make a fresh start; convert from a bad life to a good one

All the images changed to the boy shyly lying underneath another man’s body, the sound of moaning buzzed in his ears. He immediately dumped the secretary and speed to his destination.


He saw Gu Bai creeping out from the villa’s door like a thief and when he turned around, the corners of his mouth were slightly white....the milk stains from before that haven’t been wiped clean.

Of course, he didn’t know that it’s milk stain, his mind instantly went astray and became full of nasty thoughts.

White White White White White White What is it! ! ! ! !

“Lu Rongqing! You’ll feel uneasy if you don’t find trouble for me for a day, right? Fu Zixuan just left and came another wild man. Indeed, the rivers and mountains may change, but not one’s essential nature!”

Nie Qingcang simply can’t control himself in his anger. He stared at the corners of Gu Bai’s mouth and erupted in rage.

Wild man*? Why talk as if he’s cheating?

*this can mean a married woman’s lover

Gu Bai reacted, his expression slightly baffled, not knowing why he’s so angry, but considering that the other person is his own gold thigh, it’s not good to retort, he can only pacify him.

“Brother, listen to my explanation...”

“Explain? You don’t wipe your mouth clean after secretly eating*, what’s there to explain?” Nie Qingcang’s expression is the same as a man wearing a green hat*.

*be unfaithful

*cuckold – the husband of an adulteress


Gu Bai didn’t speak, staring at Nie Qingcang somewhat inexplicably. What not wiping his mouth clean after secretly eating, what did he secretly eat....while thinking, he licked his lips unconsciously.

All of a sudden, Nie Qingcang’s anger burned even more.

Still lick? Licking that white stuff in front of his face! This guy is so hungry and thirsty?!

Seeing Nie Qingcang’s face becoming darker, Gu Bai felt even more baffled. Looking at the watch on his wrist, there’s not much time. He can’t spend time with the golden thigh today.

Thinking of this, Gu Bai anxiously said, “Brother, I still have things to do right now. Whatever the matter is, wait until I come back tomorrow to talk about it...”

He didn’t get to finish the sentence, his wrist was grabbed and he didn’t have enough time to flee. The whole person got pulled along by the force on his wrist, immediately pulled by Nie Qingcang to his front.

“Brother, what are you doing? Let go of me!”

Although there’s no one around, there are two villas next to it. The sound in the middle of the night will attract people’s attention. Gu Bai didn’t dare to be loud and could only exclaim while being pulled along.

“Go home with me now!”

With a dark face, Nie Qingcang dragged him without care, pulling him all the way to the SUV on the roadside, ready to take him home.

Upon hearing it, Gu Bai’s face changed. Now go back to what home ah, he still has things he’s not done with, if he fails to complete the task, he can’t guarantee his life!

Like this, Gu Bai also can’t help but to anger the golden thigh and struggle with strength.

But before he could struggle a bit, his body felt light. Nie Qingcang actually put him on the shoulder!

“Hey!” also hit his ass!

No matter what, he didn’t expect Nie Qingcang to be so strong. Death is near and even his ass was hit. Anyhow, he’s also a man. Gu Bai finally got irritated and could no longer hide behind his mask.

“Nie Qingcang! You fucking put Laozi* down! I really have something to do! A very important thing!”

*Father (used arrogantly)

It’s almost coming to an end, won’t give face to the gold thigh anymore!

“Not letting go!” The man holding his waist scolded fiercely, “If I trust you again, then there must be ghost!”

He must teach this guy well today, otherwise how will he explain to aunt Lu in the future?

Fu Zixuan was the first and now there’s another wild man. Not to mention, with the information he found this time, this man named Nan Lichen is not clean. This guy really dare touch any kind of man!

The more he thought about it, the angrier he got. He threw the boy who was twisting like a earthworm into his car. Nie Qingcang quickly opened the door, got in the car and locked it.

Hearing the sound of the engine, Gu Bai’s head is about to explode.

“Stop the car, stop the car! Let me go! You’re crazy! Bastard!”

As soon as he thought of dying if he doesn’t complete the task, Gu Bai could no longer calm down and started an uproar. At such a crucial moment, this man turned into Yaojin*, really anxious to death.

*lit. Cheng Yaojin ambushes the enemy

fig. sb shows up unexpectedly and disrupts the plan

sb whose presence is regarded as irksome

Since he was little, Nie Qingcang has never been scolded by others and at this moment, the one who’s angry at him is Gu Bai. His face became even darker and he suddenly stomped on the accelerator, unleashing his anger on the car.

The speed of the car made Gu Bai scream “Ah, hey, Nie Qingcang, what are you doing? Stop the car, stop the car....”

The black SUV flew up in the driveway, taking in the sight of the full speed reverse made his eyes blur.

The excessive stimulation made him firmly grasp the car roof’s handle and shout at Nie Qingcang.

“Nie Qingcang, stop the car for Loazi! If you don’t stop, Laozi will immediately jump!”

After those words fell, the eyes of the speeding man turned red. He finally stopped the car on the roadside with a sudden brake. Then Gu Bai who hasn’t respond was pulled out of the car.

“What are you doing? Crazy!”

Finally gasping for breath, Gu Bai ruthlessly pried open Nie Qingcang’s hands and pushed him with a roar.

His strength is not small, completely unlike a boy who lacks the strength to truss up a chicken. Nie Qingcang paused for a while, his body has gone backwards several steps.

But he recovered very quickly. He menacingly stood affixed and strongly seized Gu Bai’s waist.


Gu Bai gasped, the body was heavily pressed to the front of the car. His waist was hit with a sudden burst of numbness and he lost the strength to resist.

At the same time, Nie Qingcangs hot kiss fell heavily without hesitation. He lowered his head to bite Gu Bai’s lips, his powerful tongue pried open Gu Bai’s teeth and began to sweep away. Gu Bai shockingly widened eyes.

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