Hitman x Wives

Chapter 225 225- Origin Basics (Part 1)
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Chapter 225 Chapter 225- Origin Basics (Part 1)


Chapter 225- Origin Basics (Part 1)

It took Kai and Eva the whole day to settle down in the apartement. They had to memorize every nook and cranny of the apartement just in case. After all, whether they agreed or not, they were now in an enemy's territory.

A possible failure of the plan was still very present in their minds, especially Kai. After all, he was aware of how smart and cunning his father was and how much he could break Kai's expectations. That is why, knowing your surroundings and the environment you're in is essential for the future.

After they finished their tasks, Kai cooked dinner and they ate in complete silence. Neither of them had the heart to talk, not that they were anywhere as intimate as they were before everything came crumbling down on them.

Aria's memories of how they spent their days, reading books, talking, and enjoying their time together were her most precious memories. She loved them so much that she always thinks about them at all times.

That past was the happiest she had ever been before that and after it was a time of pain and suffering.

Aside from that, they also had to think about what they were going to do tomorrow. The Ascenders' Academy won't start for a while since the information about it is still new.

After that, they simply went to bed early.


The next day, Kai and Aria strode through the imposing glass doors of Divinity, their hearts were pounding with anticipation or so what appeared to other people. Both of them had flawlessly excited expressions befitting their age.

The first thing they noticed when they entered was the change Divinity's lobby had undergone in the few days they were away.

In contrast to before, it was now unbelievably larger, allowing for a higher capacity of people. It seemed that they understood their mistake when they accepted that huge number of people a few days ago.

Although the lobby was still bustling with people who received the same notification Kai and Eva got, it was still less claustrophobic and certainly more personal than before.

Many eyes looked at them with a variety of emotions and thoughts but most people didn't really care about them. In their eyes, they were simply another two Ascenders, clueless and naive as they come. One thing that certainly increased was the sheer arrogance every single Ascender had.

They felt like they were superior to everyone else, even other Ascenders. After all, each one of them had a different talent than everyone else so feeling special was bound to make their egos enlarge.

But, Kai and Eva didn't care as they kept their excited faces. Kai's fingers twitched ever-so-slightly while Aria simply held her composure with practiced grace.

As they approached the registration desk, a stern-faced receptionist scanned their IDs. "Welcome back, Mr. Jack Colbert and Miss Calia Norman." She said curtly, before handing them each an access card. "You'll report to Training Section B on the 15th floor. Good luck."

With a nod, they made their way to the elevators along with many other people. The ascent seemed endless with how unbelievably tall Divinity's HQ building was, it was akin to a gigantic spear that pierced the heavens above.

When the doors finally slid open, they stepped into a High-Tech facility that buzzed with activity.

The training section was basically a compound of multiple areas. A classroom for studying that had normal decorations, an arena-like section where people could spar with multiple split areas. There was also a restaurant section, a bathroom section with showers and all hygiene products, and many more.

Divinity had basically turned the 15th floor of the building into a mesmerizing haven for new Ascenders. It was most certainly an overkill on all fronts.

'Even normal Ascenders didn't get this treatment.' Kai thought to himself with a small snort. There was no reason for all of this except for the fact that Divinity wanted people to believe that they were truly special.

A few moments passed as the group of Ascenders who arrived on the 15th floor grew bigger and bigger. When no more people showed up, a man finally made his appearance in front of them.

He wore military-like clothes that accentuated his serious demeanor. He had a cold expression and deadly eyes. His aura was also very strong and domineering. All of the Ascenders felt a chill down their spines from his glare.

Kai looked the man up and down but couldn't really identify him. He was certainly not one of the archangels or anyone above them for that matter. Well, Kai didn't really know who the Ophanims and the man named 'God' were but he was most certain that this man wasn't either of those.

"Welcome, Ascenders. My name is Westley." He declared, his voice echoing through the whole floor. "I'm not here to waste time talking about your success and the great opportunity you received. I'm sure you all have already received plenty of that praise. But, don't let it get to your head, you all are the first generation of Divinity's Ascenders. You're the hope of this world and its future. You all carry a great responsibility of guiding everyone that will come after you."

Everyone exchanged glances amongst themselves as Westley's words settled down, creating a sense of seriousness and pride within the Ascenders. They were the first generation, the leaders of the new world. How can they not feel pride because of that?

The sheer power of that name alone sent chills down their spines. Nobody spoke a single word but the atmosphere certainly changed. Those few words were more than enough to impact them profoundly.

'Is everyone in Divinity great at speeches?' Kai thought to himself sarcastically. These people seemed to be too well-versed in riling people up and planting the ideas they wanted them to have without rousing their suspicion.

As Westley watched his words create their magical effect, he nodded his head before he continued.

"For the next few weeks. You will undergo harsh training supervised by Divinity. We will teach you how to use your powers and how to make it useful for yourself and for the people around you. We will also teach you more about Origin itself as this is a new energy form that the world never heard of before. These next few weeks will be the most essential step for you as it builds your foundation. Remember, the better your foundation is the more powerful you will become." Taking a deep breath, he spoke again.

"However, these next few weeks are also a temporary measurement from our side. We have big plans for the future so please keep that in mind."

Kai understood the underlying meaning behind the man's words. He was talking about the Ascenders' Academy

After that, Westley turned around and said. "Follow me. I will show you around."

The group then walked through the floor as Westley introduced them to all the sections, staff members, and what they needed to know before they started. They were also given the timetable for the classes and how they were organized. It was certainly very similar to a normal school in that department.

After they finished their tour, they were led to the class section where everyone took a seat. Westley told them that they were going to have an introductory class now so that they could familiarize themselves more with the new curriculum. After all, they were all normal students not that long ago.

Minutes passed as Ascenders talked amongst each other waiting for the teacher who will teach this class, the door finally opened and a woman walked inside and took everyone's attention away.

When Kai saw who it was, he internally sighed.

'Why did I expect this to happen?' He asked himself.

Their teacher turned out to be Kaya. Her beautiful appearance and attractive body made every boy inside the room almost drool. However, when they felt her crushingly strong presence, their thoughts vanished and were replaced with fear.

Stepping in front of the class, Kaya scanned the whole room before her eyes landed on Kai in the back as she secretly winked at him.

To which Kai simply acknowledged her presence. Although he didn't tell her to do this, he wasn't against it either. Mainly because it wasn't suspicious at all. He already assumed that Virtues and Archangels might be the teachers that will supervise the new Ascenders. Divinity wants this first generation to be the best possible so they had to invest in it, one of these investments was of course deploying their strongest individuals for the task of training these people.

"Now, quiet please," Kaya said with a cold smile as she gave everyone a strong glance. Even those who thought that she was unbelievably attractive didn't dare to show any reaction anymore.

"My name is Kaya Bladeheart and I will be the teacher of B-Class for the next year. Nice to meet everyone."

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