His Noble and Righteous Route to the Harem

Chapter Author’s Afterword
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Author’s Afterword

Hi there, this is Nomura Mizuki.

The new series with Ms. Takeoka, His Noble and Righteous Route to the Harem, has started! This is the first volume.

I’ve always wanted to collaborate with Ms. Takeoka on a fantasy, so much so that I pleaded to her, “Please lend me your hand for a fantasy series someday.” when we met up at a party last year.

Fantasy and present-day stories both have their own merits, but the truth is I l, l, l, love golden hair, so much so that I wouldn’t have a problem making all the characters have golden hair. When I see a drawing of someone with pretty golden hair, I become spellbound to the point that it feels like time has stopped.

Also, golden hair and violet eyes paired together are invincible! Since I was young, I’ve believed that it’s the most beautiful combination in this world. On top of that, if I make this character a princess, I can play with her hairstyle and her dress as much as I want. Ahhhhhhhhhhh, I can’t take this!

Yet, sadly, I couldn’t find an appropriate place to add characters with golden hair or who are princesses in the stories set in the present-day that I’ve been writing for the last few years.

Actually, the queen was originally supposed to have silver hair and blue eyes, fitting of someone from the northern country. As usual, His Noble… began as a single chapter manuscript that had nowhere to go, but when I talked to my editor around winter last year, we felt like it could shape up to be something good and so we’re here. But, even after I submitted my final manuscript and was in the process of picking an illustrator, the queen still did not have golden hair yet. After the new year began and my Vampire series ended earlier than expected, I thought, “Well then, I’d like to have Ms. Takeoka illustrate for His Noble…!” and was able to have her accept my request without a hiccup.

And then, I figured, if I’m going to have Ms. Takeoka illustrate for the series, then I want to have the queen be a golden-haired violet eyed princess so as not to leave any regrets, so I edited her appearance accordingly. When I was shown the queen’s character design, “Golden hair~, violet eyes~~, a princess in a white dress~~~~”, I was moved to tears like so.

One more thing, this new series is also the harem story I’ve always wanted to write.

Back around when I was writing Bad! Daddy, Usa Koi, and Bungaku Shoujo, I did work as a scenario writer for an R18 game. I actually got the job as windfall from a food writer that I got to know from my hobby of reading food blogs. I was worried that someone as computer illiterate as I am and who has never touched games even once before wouldn’t be able to handle the job, but fortunately, with everyone helping me out, I was able to write multiple stories to completion in one go. That made me feel so happy and joyful, and I wrote those stories fully engrossed in their world.

As I did that, I began to think that I want to try completing a story of a happy harem, and while it wasn’t perfect, I was able to complete something I was satisfied with. I had wanted to novelize the above game scenario that I wrote for many years, but it would probably struggle to sell, and so I decided to write a new story of a harem as a novel and started planning accordingly. It was difficult to get the green light this time as well. That’s why, I’m thankful to various persons that I’m able to bring you all His Noble… this time.

I’d like to try my best to write a story that makes one think, “Everyone being happy together is nice as well~” heartwarmingly, but also rends one’s heart in sadness. Of course, for Ludy and the girls to reach that paradise, there are still many troubles they must overcome however.

Ah, the queen’s national language was rea~~~~lly sloppily constructed and basically has no consistency, so if you could please not try to analyze it and just leave it be… (It’s impossible to begin with.)

Lastly, an update on something like a spin-off for Vampire. It’s set to be published next year, and the precise release date will be announced by Famitsu Bunkou within the year, so please wait just a little longer.

The second volume of His Noble… will be released two months later, on January 30th. I’ll be in your care the next volume as well.

2015/10/15 Nomura Mizuki

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