His Contractual Mistress

His Contractual Mistress
English Novel

His Contractual Mistress

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    “Darling, you are the moon that gave light in my darkest times.”

    Giving up to find a man who could make her heart skip a beat and fall in love, Hailey Hillson accepted her best friend’s marriage proposal, and then she relented after hearing from another woman saying she couldn’t please a man in bed.

    When it was just a week away from their wedding day, Bryan got back together with his ex-girlfriend Eva Lan. Hailey broke up with Bryan and called off their wedding.

    But then, she discovered an interesting fact about Eva Lan—she is married.

    ‘Didn’t her husband know she cheated on him?’

    After her heartbreak, Hailey focused on completing her life project. To achieve it, she went abroad where she came across the CEO of Shen Group Construction Firm, Vincent Lopez Shen, who offered her a contract later to pretend as his mistress to get his wife's attention.

    As she has also had an ulterior motive, she signed it without thinking twice.

    But what will happen after she lives with Vincent on one roof when he is Eva’s husband—the woman who destroys her relationship with Bryan?

    Will Vincent find out her secret regarding her true identity? Would she find out the secret Vincent keeps that is related to her?


    “Miss Eva Lan, why won’t you sign the divorce papers if you are happy with someone’s fiancé’s bed?”

    Glancing at her with disbelief, Bryan turned his head to the woman inside his arm; he asked, “What the hell is this, Eva?”

    Hailey cut in. Her words are a bomb to Bryan. “Oh, you didn’t know Miss Lan is a married woman, my dear ex-fiance?”

    “You shut up! Don’t believe her, Bryan! She is just jealous of me because you love me over her!”

    Hailey scoffed, a playful smile playing on her lips; before she could spout another word, the woman in front of her paled like a ghost.

    “Vincent, what are you doing here?” Horror, panic, and shock linger on her face to see her husband appear out of nowhere and his arms wrapped around the girl’s waist.

    Vince shoots a cold glare at his wife, which he feels no familiarity in between them.

    He withdrew his gaze from the two people before them. He turned his head to the woman standing next to him, he looked at her with tenderness in his eyes, and with a loving tone, he asked her, “Darling, who upsets you? Tell me, and I will remove them from your sight in an instant.”

    As her eyes flickered, her cheeks were flushing scarlet red. Hailey lifted her chin, then whispered, “Honey, Miss Lan bullied me. She said I couldn’t satisfy a man in bed. She told me, I didn’t know how to… do that….”

    He contorted the corners of his mouth, Vince beamed. “That’s interesting.”

    “What do you mean by that?” she pouted.

    “What I’m trying to say is… Honestly, you are a fast learner. All you need is the right partner.”


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