Hikaru ga Chikyuu ni Itakoro……

DramaCD, Special Track - Heroines Interviews
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DramaCD, Special Track: Heroines Interviews

Koremitsu: Now then, for the special track.

Hikaru: We shall tell everyone about Miss Shikibu, Miss Aoi and Asa’s secrets!


Koremitsu: Hey Hikaru. Looks like Oumi from the news club sent something to my phone.

Hikaru: What is it, exactly? Erm, ‘Miss Shikibu and Her Highness Aoi and Matriach Asa special Interview’. Ohh~? Hurry up and look at it, Koremitsu!

Koremitsu: Stop yelling at my ears. Argh, I’ll start (beep)

Aoi: Normally, I’ll refuse this interview for any man, but when I think about how it’s a present for Mr Akagi…

Hikaru: Miss Aoi really is cute when she is tense like this…anyway, the first question is ‘Which princess did you most admire when you were young’?

Aoi: It is Snow White! The happy end after the prince’s kiss to wake her up was really wonderful!

Koremitsu: Why ask about princesses?

Hikaru: Girls always wish to be princesses.

Koremitsu: is it because they want to be wooed?

Hikaru: Ah, next up is Miss Shikibu!

Honoka: Cinderella, I guess? Even after being abused by her stepmother, the way she entered the ballroom through her own willpower, kicked the glass slipper onto the prince, and climbed up the branches to be a phoenix’s really the best here!

Koremitsu: Is that the story of Cinderella…?

Hikaru: I-I wonder…? Now then, last up, Asa!

Asai: Princess Kaguya, I suppose. The cold way she toyed the hearts of foolish men that swarmed her and ruined them is truly worth learning from.

Koremitsu: Even if you don’t learn from her, you’re pretty cold-hearted and sinister yourself.

Hikaru: Asa is actually a kind-hearted person.

Koremitsu: How exactly!?

Hikaru: Ah, anyway, the next question is ‘which nursery tune is your favorite’?

Aoi: I like the ‘lost little kitty’. The way the lost kitty interacted with the police dog is really cut! Eh? The actual name of the song is ‘police dog’? Well, I did not know about that!

Honoka: I like the ‘Ah, Lovely Meadows’. The loud singing really makes one energetic, especially that ‘heyo’ part!

Asai: Donna Donna, I suppose. Hearing the psychotic melody and the abyssal lyrics is soothing to my heart.

Hikaru: Speaking of which, it seems like Asa has a ‘Donna Donna’ ringtone.

Koremitsu: Ack, listening to ‘Donna Donna’ in the morning?

Hikaru: Now then, the next question is ‘which is your favorite animal’?

Aoi: Cats of course. My ‘Ciel Bieu’ is fluffy with sharp whiskers, really very cute. I give it (Cow) milk every night, and it gives a little humming after I give it milk every time. It sleeps on a sleep every night.

Honoka: Hm, let me thin. A panda? I had a panda lunchbox and a panda school bag when I was in kindergarten, so I guess these are derived from that. Ahh, on a side note, I only have that one panties with panda prints on it!! And it’s not like my entire drawer is filled with panda panties! I only wear it 2, 3 times every year!!! I’m really serious here!!! Argh, hurry up and forget about that panda thing already!!!

Koremitsu: Aren’t you the one reminding me about it?

Hikaru: Eh? She wears it only 2, 3 times a year? You really saw a rare thing there, Koremitsu.

Koremitsu: You don’t have to say that with that cheerful look. And that was just an accident…

Honoka: Uu…everyone, you should normally wear the sexy, mature kind of panties. This is an advice from the Purple Princess.

Koremitsu: Stop crying already, hey.

Hikaru: Ah, let us hear Asa’s answer.

Asai: Any animal…other than dogs.

Koremitsu: Ack…

Asai: Dogs alone, are a no go. Especially a savage looking dog with a foul barking and dirty red fur.

Koremitsu: Thi-this girl…

Hikaru: Koremitsu, your veins are popping out of your face…your eyes are silted now! Calm down!

Asai: I do like most animals, except for dogs. Oh, pigs are a thousand times better than dogs, better than dogs.

Koremitsu: You want a fight, Asa!?

Hikaru: Do not crush your phone, Koremitsu! Look down! Erm…’please imitate the animal you like!’

Aoi: Eh? It’s embarrassing. But, if it’s just a little…nya, nya~nya? Nyanya~meow~murumuru~I think a real cat will be much cuter…meow~

Hikaru: Miss Aoi is very cute, right, Koremitsu? Miss Aoi is really cute~she is no inferior to a kitty, nya~

Koremitsu: Yeah, but don’t add that strange tic at the end.

Hikaru: I really do look forward to Miss Shikibu’s performance too, nya~

Honoka: Eh…how does a panda cry? Lemme think, grrrrrr…eh, this feels more like a wolf here, doesn’t it? Gnaw gnaaaw~…doesn’t feel right. Prprr prrr prrrrrrr~that’s an elephant! Que~quu~now it’s a dog…

Hikaru: Koremitsu, bring Miss Shikibu out to the zoo to hear what sounds a panda makes. A growing panda has a sweet voice. Meep meep~ Just like that.

Koremitsu: Don’t tell me you’re that particular about pandas. Anyway, like hell I want to go.

Hikaru: I think Miss Shikibu will be delighted about that though. Last up is Asa. Erm, a pig, right…?

Asai: What…!

Hikaru: Woah, Asa looks like she hates it.

Koremitsu: Humph, serves her right.

Asai: Eh…ugh…buu…buu…

Koremitsu: Huh? I can’t hear you.

Asai: Ugh…boo…buubuubuu…buuhi…buu, bu…buubuu…buuhi!!

Hikaru: Asa, that is enough already.

Koremitsu: Yeah. I’ll spare you for today.

Asai: Buuuu…

Hikaru: Now for the last question, ‘Please say the one memory you had with Mr Akagi!’.

Koremitsu: What? freeweb novel.co m

Aoi: Th-there are a lot of them, but the one most recent is…

Koremitsu: “I won’t cheat on anyone! I’m devoted!”

Aoi: “B-But…you called Miss Tsuyako as senpai…you must be on good terms with her…”

Koremitsu: “You want me to call you that too? I’ll call you that then, Aoi-senpai.”

Aoi: “Eh, well, that is…I-I think it is better to just…call me Aoi. “

Honoka: I-I too have lots of memories…but…

Koremitsu: “I haven’t forgotten, Shikibu.”

Honoka: “Eh?”

Koremitsu: “About you saying you like me.”


Hikaru: You really do not have any right to call me a harem prince without restraint…you do have potential yourself.

Koremitsu: Shut up! Let’s look at the next one. Ah, it’s the last one.

Asai: “It’s impossible for you to express Hikaru’s feelings.”

Koremitsu: “Hikaru’s a real friend of mine! I don’t care if you’re God or the president, I won’t allow anyone to deny this! I can lift my chest and proclaim boldly to the entire world that Hikaru’s an important friend of mine!”

Asai: I feel awful whenever I think about it. I shall never accept that a mere uncouth dog actually proclaimed himself to be Hikaru’s friend. Can he ever stop with calling me ‘Asa’ so unabashedly? I do not remember allowing a dog call me then, and no way in the life I am to continue living that I will allow it.

Koremitsu: I too don’t want to meet you again in my life, Asa!

Hikaru: Please do not spit all over the phone, Koremitsu…erm, oh yes, the volume ‘Asagao, When Hikaru is on the Earth…’, centered around Asa, will be released at the end of 2012. You shall see the innocent, cute Asa here!

Koremitsu: Does a creature like a cute Asa actually exist? Well, anyway, coming soon, daze!

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