High School DxD

Volume 3 Chapter 5
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A few days after the incident with Kokabiel. Asia and I who came into the club room were shocked at seeing a foreign girl sitting on the sofa.

“Hey, Sekiryuutei.”

The girl with the green mesh, Xenovia, is there wearing Kuou Academy’s girls uniform.

“Wh........why, are you here!?”

I couldn’t hide my unrest and pointed my finger at her.


Then black wings grew out of Xenovia’s back! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!? It’s the wings of a devil! What’s the meaning of this!?

“I found out that God is gone. So I turned into a Devil as a self-abandonment. I received a “Knight” piece from Rias Gremory. It seems like I’m not that great, while Durandal is. So I was able to become a devil with 1 piece. And I was also placed in this school. From now on, I’m a 2nd year student and also a member of the Occult Research Club. Lets get along, Ise-kun.” Xenovia says, while breathing with her nose.

“......Don’t make such a cute sound with a serious voice.”

“I copied Irina, but it looks like it’s not easy.”

“But reincarnating!? Buchou. Is it all right to use such a valuable piece?”

Yes. She has found out the truth that God doesn’t exist. Even so, that’s too quick!

“Well. Having a Durandal wielder feels reliable. With this, it’s a birth of the two-swordsmen, along with Yuuto.”

Buchou seems like she is enjoying it. Hey, is that alright? But not thinking about small stuff seems like Buchou. But certainly having a swordsman who wields a legendary holy-sword, Durandal, feels reliable. Even for the Rating Game, our opponents would be devils, so the holy-sword would release its fury against them. The Gremory group would become even stronger!

“Yes. I’m a devil now. I can’t go back. No, maybe this was a good thing. Hmmm, but since God is gone, my life was a failure. But serving under a devil who was once my enemy is..... Even if she is a sister of a Maou.......”

Xenovia starts to hold her head down while mumbling something. Ah, she’s receiving some damage because she prayed just like Asia. I’m not in a position to say it, but she’s also weird.

“By the way, where’s Irina?”

Why is she here and Shidou Irina?

“Irina returned to headquarters along with the corpse of Balba and the 5 Excaliburs including mine. The “fragments” that act as the cores were retrieved in that state. So the mission of retrieving it was accomplished. If they have the cores, they can use alchemy to make the holy-swords again.”

Kiba and Xenovia destroyed the Excalibur made from four of them. But the fragments of the original Excalibur are safe.

“Was it alright to give them your Excalibur? More like, was it okay for you to betray the Church?”

“I have to give them the Excalibur back just in case. Unlike the Durandal, there are other wielders that could be chosen. Having Durandal is enough for me. When I mentioned the absence of God to them, they became silent. So I became an outsider for knowing the absence of God. The Church hates outsiders and heresy very much. Even if that person is the wielder of Durandal, they will cut them off. Exactly the same way as the incident with Asia Argento.”

She laughed at herself....... Does the Church usually go that far to get rid of those people seen as heretics? They are quite extreme.

“Irina was lucky. Even if she wasn’t in the battle because of the wounds, she ended up not knowing the truth. She has a stronger belief than me. If she found out about God, I don’t know what would have happened to her.”

The more modest the Christian is, the more painful it would be if they found out the truth. In the worst case, it means that their whole life was rejected. If that happens, you won’t know what would happen to humans.

“Except, she was really disappointed that I became a devil. I couldn’t tell her that it was because of the absence of God. It was an awkward farewell that we had. Maybe we might be enemies the next time we meet.”

Xenovia said it while narrowing her eyes. How did Irina feel when she returned home.....? Buchou confirms that all the club members are here. She then says.

“The Church made contact with us devils. More precisely, the Maou talk about this incident. They said, “We would like to make contact with you because of unclear and dishonest actions of the fallen-angels even though we feel unsatisfactory about this”. They also apologised about Balba because it was their mistake for letting him escape in the past.”

......So they feel unsatisfied. Well, we are enemies anyway. Well maybe we should feel satisfied because at least they apologised about Balba.

“But this school is truly terrifying. Because there’s another sister of Maou attending this school.”

Xenovia says it while making a sigh. There’s another sister of Maou? Wait....is it perhaps...... There are only two high-class devils attending this school. Then it would be.......Kaichou!? When I looked at Buchou, she nods her head to confirm it. Hawawawawa........ Something intense like that is true?

Oh yeah. The gym and the school ground destroyed by Kokabiel was repaired by people related to Maou-sama. I have to admire the power of devils for fixing it in just over a night. To think about it, they can create a replica of the school in another dimension. It must be a piece of cake for them. But to have the support of a Maou...... Seriously, what’s going on with this school.......

“The truth about this incident was sent to the God-side and the devils’ side by the viceroy of the fallen-angels, Azazel. The theft of the Excalibur was an action taken by Kokabiel only. The other leaders didn’t know about it. He planned to break the tension between the three sides. Because he tried to start another war, he was put in the Cocytus for eternity in a frozen state.”

Buchou explained it to us. Then Kokabiel won’t be ever coming outside then. That’s good. I don’t want to see that wild guy ever again. He was certainly a stupid war-freak fallen-angel.

“Though it ended with the intervention of “Vanishing Dragon”. They stopped the rampage done by one of them by sending someone from their organization.”

That time, the “Vanishing Dragon” was already in its Balance-Breaker form when it descended from the sky. It’s not an incomplete one like my own. A perfect Balance-Breaker....... At this point I am much weaker than him. An existence that I would be facing one day. Hakuryuukou (White Dragon Emperor), Albion. I don’t know his actual name, but I want to shorten the gap between us until I meet him again......

“There would also be a meeting between the representatives of the angels, devils and Azazel. Apparently there is something Azazel wants to talk about. I heard that maybe Azazel would be apologizing about Kokabiel then. Though it’s suspicious if Azazel would apologise.”

Buchou says it with disgust while she shrugged her shoulder. So the Governor of the Fallen-Angels is someone with a huge ego huh. But isn’t it something big that the representatives of the three sides would be gathering? I don’t know what they would be talking about then, but it seems like it would affect the future of the world.....

“We were also invited to that meeting. We have to report about the incident at the meeting because we were involved.”

“Are you serious!?”

I wasn’t the only one who got surprised by Buchou’s words. Everyone had a shocked expression on their faces. Well obviously. Anyone would get surprised if they were told to stay in the place with the big important people! What’s going to happen? To our world that is........ Ah, that’s right. I ask Xenovia something that has been bugging me the whole time.

“.........The “Vanishing Dragon” belongs to the side of the Fallen-Angels, right?”

“That’s right. Azazel is gathering Sacred Gear possessors who has a “Longinus”. I don’t know what he is thinking, but it’s definitely something not good. The “Vanishing Dragon” is the top fighter among them. I heard that he is the fourth or fifth strongest out of all the strong people there including the leaders of Grigori. At this point, he is far stronger than you, who is his rival.”

Fourth strongest!?

......That’s why he was able to defeat Kokabiel who we couldn’t even stand up against. Looks like we are in a serious situation. Isn’t it, Ddraig? Xenovia then looks at Asia.

“......That’s right. I will apologise to Asia Argento. Since God didn’t exist, then his love and help didn’t as well. I’m sorry, Asia Argento. Hit me much as much as you want.”

Xenovia bows her head down. The Japanese way of apologizing. Her expression didn’t change so I can’t tell if she means it or not.

“..........No, I don’t intend to do something like that. Xenovia-san, I’m enjoying my current lifestyle. Even though I’m a devil now, I met someone...... people who are important to me. I am happy because of the place I live in now and the people I have met.”

Asia smiles like the Virgin Mary and she forgives her. Aaah, Asia is truly a good girl..... Your brother is deeply moved! Her psychological state was at danger after hearing the rejection of God, but because Buchou and I were with her she returned to normal.

“....... So only you and I are the only Christians that found out about the absence of God. I won’t be able to say something like a divine punishment to you now. So a heretic huh? I was a holy sword user who was admired, but now a heretic huh. I can’t forget about how their eyes and attitudes changed when they saw me.”

At that moment, it felt like I saw a glimpse of sadness in Xenovia’s eyes.

“Then I will be leaving. There’s a lot of things I need to know about before transferring to this school.”

Xenovia tries to leave the room.


Asia stops Xenovia.

“On the next weekend I’m going to go out to play with everyone. Would you also like to join, Xenovia-san?”

Asia says it with a smile. Xenovia had widened her eyes in shock and then gave a bitter smile.

“Next time then. This time I’m not interested. Except.....”


Xenovia then says it with a smile to Asia.

“Can you take me around the school next time?”


Asia also answers with a smile. Hmmm, I hope they become friends. It’s hard to understand her, but Xenovia doesn’t seem like a bad person.

“I will swear it in the name of my holy-sword, Durandal. I also would like to have a battle with the holy-demonic sword user over there as well.”

“Alright. I won’t lose next time.”

Kiba also replied with a smile. After confirming that, Xenovia leaves the room. I can feel something strong from Kiba’s body along with confidence. That time in that place, that incident changed something inside him.


Buchou claps her hand.

“Now. Since everyone has returned again, let’s start the club activity again!”


Everyone replies with an energetic voice. That day, all of us laughed again.

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