High School DxD

Volume 3 Chapter 4.1
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I just wanted to live. I escaped from the research laboratory by myself and that was the only thing I thought about while vomiting out blood and running. I got out of the forest and met a little girl, a high-class devil, while the light of my life was disappearing.

“What do you desire?”

The crimson haired girl asked while she held me, who was on the verge of death. I just mumbled one word while my vision was blurring. “Help”. My life. My friends. My future. My friends. My power. My talent. My...

I just wished while having all of these thoughts. Those were my last words as a human.

“To live as a devil. That was the wish of my master, and also my wish. I thought that, it was fine. But...... I couldn’t forget my hatred towards the Excaliburs and my comrades’ vengeance...... No, I could have forgotten about it. I...”

I have the best comrades now. Ise-kun and Koneko-chan. They helped me, who was driven by vengeance. I thought about it while searching for the holy-sword wielder. There are comrades who would help me. I thought that “Isn’t this already enough for me?” But if my former comrades’ spirits are wishing for their vengeance, I can’t let go of my demonic-swords that carry their hatred. But my thoughts were just released.

[Don’t worry about us. At least you live.]

My former-comrades weren’t wishing for me to deliver their vengeance. They weren’t wishing for it!

“But it’s not like everything is solved.”

Yes, it hasn’t ended. If I don’t take down the evil thing right in front of me, there will be a repetition of the incident that happened to us.

“Balba Galilei. As long as I don’t kill you, there will be those who would suffer the same fate as us.”

“Hmph. It’s been said for a long time that research always comes with sacrifices. Haven’t you realised that yet?”

You certainly are evil!

“Kibaaaaaaaa! Cut down both Freed and Excalibur!”


“You are the “Knight” of the Gremory group and my comrade! My friend! Fight Kibaaaaaaa! Don’t waste their feelings and spirit!”

"You have helped me. Even if you won’t profit from it. Even if you might have received punishment from our master......”

“Yuuto! Do it! You have to finish this yourself! Surpass Excalibur! You are the servant of I, Rias Gremory! My “Knight” will not lose to a mere Excalibur!”

“Yuuto-kun! I believe in you!”

Buchou. Fuku-buchou[1 1]......... Rias-buchou! Akeno-san!



“Please do your best!”


“Hahaha! Why are you crying? You were singing with joy with the ghost-chan. It’s really a nuisance. It’s totally the worst. You know I hate that song. Just listening to it makes the hair on my skin crawl! I don’t want to hear it any more. I’m totally at my limit! I’m going to cut you into pieces and calm myself! With this ultimate Excalibur that has merged 4 of them!”

Freed Zelzan. My comrades’ spirits reside within you. I can’t allow you to do evil deeds with them any longer! These tears I have are tears of determination.

“......I will become a sword.”

My comrades. My comrades who have merged with my spirit. Let us overcome it together. The feelings we couldn’t say back then! The wishes we couldn’t fulfil back then! Right now, right here!

“I shall become the sword of Buchou and my comrades! Please respond to my feelings now! Sword-Rebirth!!”

My Sacred Gear and the spirits of my comrades mixed. It started to align and formed a shape. The demonic power and the holy power were combining.

Yes, this sensation. My Sacred Gear is.........my comrade is telling me--that this is sublimation. It was giving out divine light and an ominous aura. What appeared in my hand was a single sword...... It’s completed, everyone.

“Balance-Breaker “Sword of the Betrayer”. You shall receive the power of this sword that has both the power of light and demonic powers with your own body.”

I ran towards Freed.

My trait as a “Knight” is speed! Freed tried to grasp my movement with his eyes, but I got out of his sight by doing a few feints.


Even so, Freed blocked my strike. Seriously. You are quite a skilled, exiled-exorcist. But the aura that was covering his Excalibur was being erased by my sword.

“! That sword surpasses the originator of holy-swords!?”

He said in a shocked voice.

“If that was the true Excalibur, then I could not have won against it. But that Excalibur cannot cut the feelings of me and my comrades!”


Freed clicked his tongue, and stepped back after he pushed me back.


His Excalibur started to twist as if it were alive! It moved randomly and came towards me with intense speed! The ability of “Excalibur Mimic”! I see. It has four of the abilities. Then his sword split into two at the tip of the blade, and started to come at me with god speed. This is the ability of “Excalibur Rapidly”. If I remember, its trait was its velocity. It accurately tried to pierce me from every direction, but I blocked each strike. Your killing intent is easy to read. If I know which direction the killing intent is coming from, parrying it is very easy.

“Why!? Why isn’t it hitting!? You are supposed to be the unrivalled holy-sword-sama, aren’t you!? Weren’t you supposed to have lots of legends of being the ultimate sword!?”

Freed shouted. I could see that his expression was filled with both enjoyment and impatience.

“Then! Then I have to add this as well!”

The tip of the holy-sword disappeared. Transparency pheromone? This is the power of “Excalibur Transparency”. The ability to make the blade transparent. But if he doesn’t change the direction of his killing intent, even if I can’t see the blade...


The transparent sword and my sword made sparks. I was parrying all of his attacks.


Freed narrowed his eyes and made a shocked face.

“Yes. Keep him there like that.”

Xenovia suddenly intruded. She held the holy-sword in her left-hand, and put her right-hand in the air.

“Saint Peter. Saint Basil the Great. Saint Denis. Holy-mother Mary. Please hear my voice.”

She started to chant something. What was she trying to do? I was in doubt, but the space in front of me got distorted. Xenovia put her hand in the middle of the distorted space. She put her hand in, and pulled something right out of the dimensional gap. What appeared was a single sword that gave out a holy aura.

“In the names of the saints whom reside within this blade, I will release it. Durandal!”

Durandal!? It’s a sword that is so famous that it is on par with Excalibur. And I have it that, in terms of slashing, it is the ultimate sword. Why does she have it?

“A Durandal!?”

“You were not the wielder of the Excalibur!?”

Not just Balba, even Kokabiel couldn’t hide his astonishment.

“Wrong. I was originally the wielder of Durandal. I was also chosen as the holder of the Excalibur. That’s all.”

Xenovia made a stance with Durandal. Two-sword style along with the Excalibur.

“Absurd! According to my research, we haven’t reached the stage where someone can wield Durandal!?”

“Of course. Even in the Vatican, they haven’t made someone who can wield Durandal artificially.”

“Then why!?”

“Unlike those common artificial holy-sword wielders like Irina, I’m a natural born wielder.”

Balba became speechless at her words. Unlike us, Xenovia was someone who was blessed to naturally wield the holy-sword.

“Durandal is a sword that ravages beyond what people can imagine. It cuts anything it touches. It doesn’t even listen to me most of the time. That’s why I have to keep it in another dimension, otherwise it would be dangerous. Even I, the holder, has a hard time with it. Now, Freed Zelzan. Thanks to you, we can have the decisive battle between Excalibur and Durandal. Right now, I’m shaking with enjoyment. Don’t die in a single strike okay? At least use the Excalibur to its fullest!”

The blade of Durandal started to give out more holy-aura than the Excalibur Freed held. That aura! It had more power than my Holy-demonic sword!

“Is that even allowed!? It became a situation like this! You shitty bitch! I don’t need any of that for this setting!”

Freed shouted and moved his killing intent to Xenovia. I couldn’t see with my eyes, but he probably slashed his transparent sword towards her.


With a single side slash, the Excalibur shattered. Because of the pressure given by the swing of Durandal, there was a big hole in the school field.

“So it’s just a broken holy-sword, huh. It can’t even compete with my Durandal.”

Xenovia made a sigh while looking bored. What an incredible power. It can’t even be compared with her “Excalibur Destruction”.

“Are you serious!? Are you really serious!? The legendary Excalibur-chan is shattered into pieces!? Horrible! This is really horrible! Kaaaa! Was it wrong to use something that was broken from the start? The shallowness of humans. The foolishness of the Church. I want to grow up while taking a glimpse of it!”

His killing intent became weak, and I went right at him! He also couldn’t respond to it! Checkmate! He tried to block my Holy-demonic sword with the remnants of his Excalibur but......


A shallow shattering sound echoed. The sound of the Excalibur crumbling.

“Did you see it? Our powers have surpassed Excalibur.”

I cut down Freed as soon as I shattered the Excalibur.

Part 2

Freed fell down while blood came out of the wound I made from his shoulder to the side of his stomach.

I won...

We surpassed the Excalibur. I gripped the Holy-demonic sword hard and looked up to the sky. Rather than an inexpressible feeling, the feeling of losing my aim was greater. It felt like the only reason I was living.........the only reason I was allowed to live......disappeared.

“Ho...Holy-demonic sword......? Impossible......... The polar opposite of two things cannot merge......”

Balba Galilei made a strong expression. That’s right. It hasn’t finished yet. As long as I don’t defeat him, the tragedy will continue. We cannot allow other people to meet the same fate as us.

“Balba Galilei. Prepare yourself.”

I pointed my Holy-demonic sword at him and tried to slash at him. Now my comrades. Let’s finish it with this! Let’s finish everything!

“...I see! I understand now! Holy and demonic. It will be an explanation, if the beings that represent the two become unbalanced! Then not only the Maou but the God has also......”


A spear of light pierced through Balba’s chest, who seemed like he realised something.

This is!


Balba went down after throwing a solid amount of blood. I went up to him to confirm his state. And he had already passed away.

“Balba. You were remarkable. The reason you went up to that conclusion proves that. But, I don’t mind whether you are with me or not. I could have done it by myself from the beginning.”

Kokabiel who was up in the air was sneering. The one who killed Balba was Kokabiel.

“Hahahaha! Kahahahahahahahaha!”

Kokabiel laughed loudly and landed on the ground. An overwhelming pressure. The leader of the fallen-angels finally stood in front of us while sending out an intense aura and confidence. While smiling fearlessly he said,

“Increase the power of Sekiryuutei and transfer it to someone else.”

He made an order full of confidence, and Buchou got enraged.

“Are you trying to give us a chance!? Don’t mess around!”

“Don’t mess around? Hahaha. You guys are the ones who are messing around. Do you guys think you can defeat me?”

Just being stared at with those eyes felt like my body would get pierced. My whole body was controlled by fear...... This is the pressure of the fallen-angel that has been recorded in the bible since ancient times. There was sweat coming from my hand that was holding onto the Holy-demonic sword and the cold feeling continued up to my finger tips. This shivering couldn’t be compared to the one I had in the battle against the house of Phoenix.

...Battle to the death. You couldn’t stand in this place unless you were prepared to die and you had to accept the fact that it wouldn’t be weird to lose your life. I have to change my motivation. Even if my grudge disappeared, the battle hasn’t. My comrades wished for my survival. I need to live on. I will go through this battle. I will live on as a devil, and as a part of the Gremory group! Please lend me your strength. The Holy-demonic sword created by me and my comrades’ feelings!

“......Ise. Activate your Sacred Gear.”

Ise answered Buchou’s order.


Along with the mechanical sound, a red light emanated from his Sacred Gear.

A few minutes from then. We couldn’t move a single step. We were waiting for Ise-kun’s boost while not moving an inch. We could have gone towards the fallen-angel if he let his guard down. But the fallen-angel didn’t show a single chance while he just stood still. I could only imagine getting countered by him if I went against him. So we couldn’t make a fatal move. Most likely, everyone here was in the same situation. I could only wait for the power of Sekiryuutei to increase while swallowing my saliva and trembling.

“...It’s here!”

Ise-kun’s gauntlet emitted a brighter light. The boost had probably reached the limit.

“Now. Who will you transfer it to?”

Kokabiel asked with an interested voice. The one who put their hand up to Kokabiel’s question was......Buchou.



Ise-kun started to transfer the power at Buchou’s call. Both of them held onto each other’s hand. From their clasped hands, I could feel the aura of trust and the unspoken love they had towards each other. The light on the jewel passed onto Buchou, and the red-aura that covered her body increased drastically.

! I felt the great amount of aura from her with my skin, and an enormous amount of power was created within her hand. An amount that seemed like it wouldn’t even leave a single speck of dust. If you were hit by that, the majority of people would perish. But her opponent was...

“Fuhahaha! Good! That flow of demonic power! The demonic-power I can feel right now is that of an ultimate-class devil. A little bit more then you would reach that of a Maou, Rias Gremory! Looks like you have a talent equal to that of your brother’s!”

The fallen-angel leader laughed as if he was truly enjoying it. His expression was coloured in ecstasy. He was feeling......pleasure for War!

“Blow awaaaaaaaaay!”

From Buchou’s hand, the highest amount of the block of demonic power was shot out covered in the power of destruction!


It made a shock wave that felt like it shook the ground, and the powerful shot was heading towards Kokabiel. With his hand...... No, with both his hands put in front of him, he tried to deflect it.

“Interesting! Interesting indeed, Maou’s sister!”

On Kokabiel’s hand, the energy of the fallen angels, the power of light gathered.


Kokabiel took Buchou’s shot head on. His expression surpassed that of a normal one and looked dreadful.


Buchou’s shot started to get pushed back, and started to lose its shape! He couldn’t be defeated even with that amount of demonic-power!? But Kokabiel also wasn’t uninjured. His black robe was tattered in places, and his hands were bloody. But his ability to block demonic power certainly decreased. Possibly because of the attack she just performed, Buchou’s breathing was ragged. It would be impossible to shoot out the same attack. Also, because of the amount of demonic-power she just used, shooting another one would be...... What was left was for Ise-kun to boost his powers again and transfer it to another person, but who could beat Kokabiel? Akeno-san? Xenovia who held the Durandal? Even I, who had reached Balance-Breaker could only give him a minor injury. It might have been a different story if I was used to this Balance-Breaker a bit more. But for me who just achieved Balance-Breaker...... No. It’s not the time to say that. I cannot allow Buchou or any of my comrades to die! I will fight till my body perishes!


Akeno-san sent the lightning towards Kokabiel who was concentrating on Buchou’s attack. But her lightning dissipated with a single movement of Kokabiel’s wing.

“Will you stand in my way!? The one who inherited her power from Barakiel!?”

“......Do not put me in the same group as him!”

Akeno-san widened her eyes and got enraged. She continued to use lightning but they were all deflected by Kokabiel’s wings. Barakiel is the leader of the fallen-angels. A thunder user who has the alias “Holy-Lightning”. In terms of basic fighting ability, he is said to be on par with the Viceroy of the fallen-angels, Azazel. And Barakiel is Akeno-san’s...... Kokabiel laughed loudly after nullifying Buchou’s attack completely.

“For you to become a devil! Hahaha! You have pleasant servants, Rias Gremory! Sekiryuutei! The left-over of the Holy-sword project who reached Balance-Breaker! And the daughter of Barakiel! You have weird tastes, just like your brother!”

“I won’t forgive you for insulting my brother...our Maou! More than that, the insults you made to my servants will require your life!”

Kokabiel laughed with his nose at Buchou’s anger. He then said provokingly,

“Then try to destroy me! Maou’s sister! The owner of “Welsh Dragon”! Crimson-hair Ruin Princess! The one whom you are up against is someone who has been an arch-enemy of the devils since a long time ago! If you don’t see this as a chance, then your reputation will be looked down on!”

Kokabiel. I don’t know how much my Holy-demonic sword can go against him, but I have to do it!


It seemed like Xenovia, who was behind me, moved. When she went past me, she muttered.

“We will attack at the same time.”

After hearing that, I also moved ahead. I put strength into my sword, and went on slashing at Kokabiel with Xenovia! The one who slashed at him was Xenovia. Kokabiel created a sword of light with his hand, and blocked her using one hand with it.

“Hmph! Durandal huh! Unlike the Excalibur that was already broken once, that light is the real thing! Buuuuut!”



The air shook, and there was a buzzing in my ears. Kokabiel emitted an air wave from his other hand and made Xenovia’s body float. Then Kokabiel kicked Xenovia’s stomach.


Xenovia flew back with an anguished cry.

“It depends on the wielder. Girl! You still can’t control Durandal! The previous wielder was someone who had unrivalled strength!”

Xenovia adjusted her stance in the air and landed on the ground. She then went on slashing towards him once again. I also continued slashing towards him at the same time!

“Kokabiel! I will eliminate you with my Holy-demonic sword! I’m not allowed to lose anyone any more!”

“Ho! Attacks at the same time from a Holy-sword and a Holy-demonic sword! Interesting! Good indeed! Come! You can’t defeat me unless you do that much!”

Kokabiel created another sword of light with his other hand, and clashed with our swords! My holy-demonic sword. Xenovia’s Durandal. He was taking on our attacks as if it was nothing. Ku! Even in terms of swords, Kokabiel was above us!


Koneko-chan thrust her punch from behind him...


His black wings turned into sharp blades and cut up Koneko-chan’s body. Her body fell down to the ground, while blood came out of her body.


“Hey, looking away while fighting will easily get you killed!”

I let my guard down because of the damage Koneko-chan took, and Kokabiel’s sword of light came at me.



A crack appeared on my Holy-demonic sword! Ku! The strength of the solidness depended on my thinking. If I lost my concentration for a moment, then for that period of time, the hardness of my sword will go down as well. He grasped into that slight instant.


Xenovia and I were helpless against the shockwave created by Kokabiel’s body, which sent us flying. I somehow fixed my stance...... But Xenovia and I were breathing hard.

......We can’t win. That’s what went through my mind. The power difference between us is absolute. Even though I reached Balance-Breaker, there is still this much difference. The leader of the fallen-angels. He’s this strong!? No! I have to put that thought aside! We have to win! We can’t survive unless we win! I will win and live on! Asia-san and Ise-kun went to Koneko-chan’s side. Asia-san’s Sacred Gear activated and started to heal Koneko-chan’s wounds. That’s a relief. With this, Koneko-chan’s life will be safe.

“Kokabiel! It’s not over yet!”

I put strength into my Holy-demonic sword and stood up again! The crack on my sword disappeared and I went forward slashing towards him with no flaws!

“Hahaha! You still come at me? All right! Come!”

“Holy-demonic sword.”


I surrounded the fallen-angel by making swords covered with holy and demonic aura. With this I made my opponent stuck in that position. The only thing left was to attack then!

“You think you’ve captured me with this?”

The 10 wings of Kokabiel, who was smirking, started to become like swords and began breaking the swords around with ease. Ku! It didn’t work! I went forward slashing at him from the front. But the fallen-angel didn’t flinch at all, and he stopped my Holy-demonic sword with just two fingers!

“Is this it?”

Kokabiel sighed. My Holy-demonic sword that had been stopped couldn’t be moved at all! I created another Holy-demonic sword but that was also stopped with his other two fingers...... It’s not over yet! I opened my mouth wide, and imagined to create a Holy-demonic sword around my mouth. The third one! I held the grip with my teeth, and moved my neck to the side roughly! It seemed like he didn’t think of the third strike. He let go of my swords and stepped back. Did he receive damage from that attack just then? When I checked Kokabiel, there was a single scratch on his cheek. There was a bit of blood coming out of it. Even with that attack, I could only give him that much damage. So this was the power of one of the top echelons of fallen-angels...... Everyone here was making expressions of despair and breathed violently. Only Kokabiel who was at an advantage was smirking.

“But. Seeing that even after losing the masters you serve, you devils and followers of God can still fight, huh!”

Suddenly Kokabiel spoke. What was he trying to say?

“......What do you mean?”

Buchou asked with doubt. Kokabiel started laughing aloud as if he found it truly amusing.

“Fuhaha, fuhahahahahahahahahaha! That’s right! I totally forgot! The truth wasn’t revealed to you lower guys! Then I will tell you. In the war between the three sides, not only the Yondai-Maou but also God died.”

......! ......Wh...what...... What did he just say......? Everyone here was shocked and couldn’t believe what he just said.

“It’s normal for you guys to not know about it. Who can say that God has died? Humans are an incomplete bunch. Without God, they cannot control their hearts and obey the laws, you know? Even us, the fallen-angels, and devils couldn’t tell this to those below us. You won’t know where the information about God will be leaked from. Even among the three-powers, only the people at the top and certain people know about it. Though it seems Balba noticed it earlier.”

......God didn’t exist any more? No......that couldn’t be...... It was impossible......... Then what did we believe in while living in that institute......?

“After the War, what was left were the angels who had lost their God, the devils that lost their Maou and the majority of high-class devils and the fallen-angels who lost most of the fallen-angels apart from the leaders. So it wasn’t a mere exhausted state. All of the factions fell so low, that they had to rely on humans to continue their generations. Especially the angels and fallen-angels that could only continue their generation by mating with humans. Fallen-angels can increase if the angels fall. But pure-angels can’t increase their numbers after losing God. Even pure-devils are rare, right?”

“......Lies.........it’s a lie.........”

Slightly further away from me, Xenovia seemed like she started losing strength. She had a panicked expression that was too unbearable to look at. The active believer. God’s servant. A person who lived by serving God as her mission. If the existence of God was rejected and she lost the means to live, it would be natural to become like that. Even I...... I would be biting my lips thinking what my life meant.

“The truth is that another big war wouldn’t happen unless you do it on purpose. It means that all three-sides went through hell in the past war. Everyone decided that it was meaningless to continue having a war if the start of it all, God and the Maou, were dead. Even that bastard Azazel declared that “there is no second war” after losing the majority of his men in the war! It’s hard to bear! It truly is hard to bear! To lower your gun once you already shot it!? Don’t fuck around. Don’t fuck around! If we continued on from there, we could have won! Even so, he...! Is there any value in fallen-angels who can only live by inviting humans who possess Sacred Gears!?”

Kokabiel declared his argument strongly. His face was expressing anger. The real truth made an impact on us more than we thought. Asia-san covered her mouth with her hands, opened her eyes wide, and her whole body shook. Even if she turned into a devil, her belief didn’t disappear.

“.........God doesn’t exist? God......is dead? Then the love we were given by him is.........”

Kokabiel answered Asia-san’s doubt with a laugh.

“That’s right. It’s normal that there is no love from God and no divine protection from him. God is gone already. Michael is certainly doing well. He’s taking the place of God and is taking care of the angels and humans. Well, if the “system” used by God is operating, then the prayer to God, the blessing of God, and exorcism would function. But if you compare it to the time God was present, the number of believers decreased. That Holy-demonic sword brat over there was able to create the Holy-demonic sword because the balance between God and the Maou broke. In reality, Holy and demonic powers cannot merge. If the ones who rule the power of Holy and demonic powers, God and the Maou, disappear, then lots of unique phenomenons occur.”

Then the reason why my Holy-demonic sword was created was no coincidence. It turned out like that because God didn’t exist any more. What sarcasm. Hearing Kokabiel’s words, Asia-san dropped onto the floor.

“Asia! Pull yourself together, Asia!”

Ise-kun held her and called out to her. It wasn’t weird for her to get shocked. The majority of her life involved serving God. She sacrificed her life because she thought God existed. A lot of things must be happening inside her. Even if I did rebel against God, the majority of my life also involved believing in God. Even my comrades...... I felt complicated...... Ignoring us, Kokabiel put his fist up in the air.

“From here on out, I will start a war! I will take your heads as a gift! Even if it’s only me, I will continue from where we left off! I’m going to show Sirzechs and Michael that we, the fallen-angels, are the ultimate beings!”

......Lucifer. Michael. Both of them were enormous existences as recorded in the bible. Kokabiel was trying to take on something like that. He had that much power. We were trying to fight someone like that.

...We couldn’t win. He was totally in a different league from us. His motives were totally beyond us. He was someone who we shouldn’t have tried to take on in the first place... Even so... I tried to go towards him after griping onto my sword. But there was a bright red light that came into my sight...... It was Ise-kun.

“Don’t mess around! I can’t let you destroy my town. My comrades. Buchou. And Asia. Just for your selfish motives! And I’m going to become a Harem-king! I would be troubled if you get in my way!”

You might be trying to look cool, but that’s not it, Ise-kun.

“Kukuku. Harem-king? Is that what the Sekiryuutei desires? Then do you want to come with me? You can become a Harem-king right away! I will snatch beauties as we walk past. You can make love to them as much as you want.”


Ise-kun froze there on the spot while trying to make a cool posture.

“I...I won’t be deceived by sweet words like that!”

Wh...what was that pause just now!? No, it can’t be!? Ise-kun!?

“Ise! Geez! Wipe your drool! Why are you like that even in a situation like this!?”

Buchou also got angry. Of course. What are you doing, Ise-kun!

“...So...sorry. It seems like I’m really weak against the word “Harem”......”

“If you like girls that much, then I will do a lot of things for you after we return home alive!”

“Are you serious!? Th...then even sucking on oppai!?”

“Yes! If you can win against that, then it’s a cheap bargain!”


The jewel on the Boosted Gear glowed brighter than before!

“Fufufu. Suck. I can suck it. I can suck them!”

Ise-kun started smirking.

“Right now, I can even punch God. Ah, God doesn’t exist any more. Hahahaha!”

An intense red light that made me blink. I could feel an enormous power coming from his Sacred Gear.

“Yooooooooooooooooshaaaaaaaa! I’m going to beat you down to suck Buchou’s nipples, Kokabiel!”

With a reason like that!? The Sacred Gear increased the power by answering the thoughts of the possessor. The Boosted Gear responded to Ise-kun’s lecherous thoughts and was trying to release its power. Was that seriously okay, “Welsh Dragon”!? Buchou also had red cheeks and seemed embarrassed because he said it loudly. I truly felt sorry for her.

“......It’s the first time I saw a Sekiryuutei who releases its power just by the mere thought of sucking a woman’s nipples......... What are you? Who are you?”

Kokabiel asked while narrowing his eyes. Ise-kun said it up front with his chest put forward.

“I’m the “Pawn” of Rias Gremory’s group! Hyoudou Issei! Remember that, Kokabiel! I’m the possessor of a Boosted Gear that lives with ero thoughts and my hot blood!”

Until a moment ago, this area was filled with despair. But after hearing Ise-kun’s shout, it mysteriously gave me energy. It truly was absurd. Since I got involved with Ise-kun, I started to get strength from weird places. I was not a hot blooded character. But that was also okay. Buchou, Akeno-san, Asia-san and Koneko-chan who were supposed to be injured but everyone made a stance against Kokabiel. We could fight. We still hadn’t lost. Yes, it was not like we couldn’t win yet! Everyone’s feelings became one. Then......

“Fufufu. Interesting.”

The sudden voice came from the sky. It was not from anyone here. The first one to realise it was vice-president, Akeno-san, who was strong at reading different kinds of energy flow. She suddenly looked up. The next one to realise it was Buchou. Both of them looked up to the dark sky at the same time. I was in doubt but I soon realised it after that.


An unknown fear and nervousness ran throughout my whole body. That thing fell from the sky while overwhelming us with its presence and the power difference, which made me despair.


It descended while cutting the abyss sky by sending out a white light. If it came down at that velocity, it would shake the ground and make a crater. It would spread dust for sure.

But that didn’t happen. There was a white thing in our sights. A white thing was glowing, which didn’t even have a slight shadow in this dark night. It was floating off the ground by an inch. A white plated armour. There were jewels across various locations on the armour. It also had armour on the face so we couldn’t see the expression of this person. The eight wings of light growing from the back were giving out a divine glow in the dark night. But I was familiar with the person covered in white armour. It had a different shape and colour, but it was similar...... It was identical to the “Boosted Gear Scale-mail”. Possibly everyone aside from me who was at that place at that time must have thought the same thing. So all of us understood at the same time. We understood what the thing in front of us was.

“.........Vanishing Dragon.”

The first one to say that was the leader of the fallen-angels, Kokabiel. Just as I thought. The one opposite to the “Welsh Dragon”, the “Vanishing Dragon”. My whole body trembled. The feeling of my heart being grasped by it stopped me from moving. At the same time I was fascinated by the white appearance that emitted a mysterious light. Beautiful. My heart was taken by it instantly...... Kokabiel made a sound with his tongue by the presence of the white armour.

“One of the Longinus, “Divine Dividing”...... If you are already in armour mode it means that it’s in the Balance-Breaker state. “Divine Dividing Scale-mail”. Just like the “Boosted Gear” it truly is an annoying thing.”

......Vanishing Dragon in Balance-Breaker form.

“...So you were attracted to the “Red”. Vanishing Dragon. If you get in my wa......”

Before Kokabiel finished his sentence, his black wing went up into the air. Then there was blood coming out of him.

“It’s like the wing of a crow. It has a disgusting colour to it. Azazel’s wing is much darker and has the colour of everlasting darkness you know?”

I couldn’t catch his movement with my eyes. I was certain that a white object attacked Kokabiel. The Vanishing-Dragon had a black wing in his hand. From his voice, was the Vanishing-Dragon a young man?

“Y...You! My wing!”

Kokabiel became enraged because his wing was plucked off, but the Vanishing Dragon laughed quietly.

“It’s a symbol that you have fallen. There’s no need for wings for those who stooped down even below the earth, right? Are you still planning to fly?”

“Vanishing-Dragon! Are you opposing me!”

Kokabiel created a countless number of spears of light in the sky, but Vanishing-Dragon wasn’t intimidated by it and said clearly,

“My name is Albion.”


I heard the sound, and the aura around Kokabiel got reduced immediately. Half of the spears of light in the sky also vanished.

“One of the abilities of my “Divine Dividing”. It halves the power of those I touch every 10 seconds. Your power will become my power. You don’t have time! If you don’t defeat me quickly, you will become so weak that you can’t even beat a human.”

...Just like in the legend. The ability of the Sekiryuutei[1 2] doubles the power of the possessor and can transfer it to others. The ability of the Hakuryuukou[1 3] takes the power of their opponents and make it theirs. With the remaining wings, Kokabiel tried to go towards the Vanishing-Dragon, Albion. But he couldn’t catch him because he wasn’t able to keep up with the movements that could be said to be as fast as the speed of light. Then one of the echelons of the fallen-angels who was overwhelming us was being played around with.


“Damn you!”

He tried to attack Albion with a spear of light and a sword of light, but Hakuryuukou swung his arm to the side and vaporised them. While Kokabiel was having a hard time fighting, his powers were getting halved.


After a few sounds, Kokabiel’s movement fell so low that even I could take him on with ease. Albion sighed.

“......Already the power of a middle-level fallen-angel, huh. Boring. I thought I could have a bit more fun......"

Albion disappeared from my sight and went towards Kokabiel while creating tracks of light.


Albion’s fist went deep into Kokabiel’s stomach. Kokabiel’s body bent a lot and he vomited on the ground. He didn’t even have a trace left of the overwhelming opponent from before......

“...I...Impossible...... me......”

“What? You said a common phrase of a grunt. “Impossible? Me?” What’s after that? “This can’t be?” Is it?”

Albion laughed as if he found it truly amusing.

“I was told by Azazel to take you back even if by force. You acted a bit too much.”

“You! So that’s how it is! Azazel... Azazeeeeel! I......I......!”


Albion’s punch hit Kokabiel’s face.


Kokabiel crumbled down and fell onto the ground. The fallen-angel who had 10 wings went down...... Albion put the defeated Kokabiel on his shoulder.

“Looks like I have to carry Freed as well. There are things I need to ask him. We will deal with him after that.”

Albion walked to Freed who was on the ground and carried him with his arm. He then tried to fly up while spreading his wings of light after retrieving the two.

[Are you ignoring me, huh, white-one.]

A voice I heard for the first time. The voice came from Ise-kun. His gauntlet was glowing.

[So you were awake, red-one.]

Albion’s armour jewel was also glowing white. Were the ones residing in the jewels communicating?

[We finally met, but in a situation like this.]

[That’s all right. It’s our destiny to fight one day. Things like this happen.]

[But white-one. I can’t feel the hostility from you like before.]

[Red-one. Your hostility is incredibly low as well.]

[Looks like both of us have things that interest us more than fighting.]

[That’s how it is. We should be having fun by ourselves for a while. It’s not bad like this sometimes, right? Let’s meet again, Ddraig.]

[That would also be fun, huh. See you then, Albion.]

The conversation was between Sekiryuutei and Hakuryuukou. Both of them gave a farewell, but Ise-kun stepped up and seemed unsatisfied.

“Hey! What’s the meaning of this!? Who are you and what are you doing!? Because of you I can’t suck Buchou’s nipples!?”

Ise-kun made an angry face......... Hey, hey. Was that the part you were mad at? The possessor of the Vanishing-Dragon left, saying such a thing,

“You need strength to understand everything. Get stronger, my rival-kun, I will fight you one day.”

He turned into a white light and flew up. Everyone became speechless at the outcome no one had predicted. The magic circle of destruction that Kokabiel spread had already disappeared.

......It finished. Even if someone intruded, this town was saved. Then the corpse of Balba got into my sight. Maybe it hadn’t ended yet......... Because there was someone who took over his research at the Vatican headquarters. When I confront that person, what will I do with this Holy-demonic sword...... I still don’t know. But now...... Yes, just for now......


Someone hit my head. When I turned around, it was Ise-kun who smiled.

“You did it, Casanova! Hmmm. So that’s a Holy-demonic sword. It looks beautiful since the white and black thing is mixed.”

He was looking at my Holy-demonic sword with interested eyes.

“Ise-kun, I......”

“Well, let’s skip the complicated stuff for now. Anyway, we can say that it ended for now, right? Also the thing about your comrades.”


Thank you, Ise-kun. You thought and acted for someone like me.

“......Kiba-san. We can do club activities together again, yes?”

Asia-san asked me with a worried face. She was worried about me, even though she should be having a hard time after the existence of God was rejected. I really thought that she was truly a kind girl. When I was about to say “I’m okay”......


Buchou called my name. Buchou welcomed me with a smile.

“Yuuto. I’m glad you returned. Also to reach Balance-Breaker. I am proud.”

“...Buchou. I...... To everyone in the club......... Most of all, I betrayed you who saved my life once...... I can’t find the words to express my apology......”

Buchou’s hand patted my cheek. Buchou always comforts me like this.

“But you have returned. That is enough. You can’t waste the feelings of your comrades.”

“Buchou...... I will promise you once again. I, Kiba Yuuto, will protect you and my comrades for the rest of my life as the “Knight” of Rias Gremory’s group.”

“Ufufufu. Thank you. But you can’t say that in front of Ise, okay?”

When I looked, Ise-kun was glaring at me with eyes filled with jealousy.


“I also want to protect Buchou by becoming a “Knight”! But there isn’t anyone who can become Buchou’s “Knight” other than you! So take responsibility, and finish that task!”

He said it with a shy face.

“Yeah. I know, Ise-kun.”



Buchou’s hand was covered in a red aura making a dangerous sound.

......Ummm. What’s happening Buchou? Buchou smiled at me while I was in doubt.

“Yuuto. It’s a punishment for acting by yourself. 1000 spanks.”

The reinforcements from the Maou arrived thirty-minutes after everything ended. During that time, I was spanked while Ise-kun laughed on the ground. It was really painful, but it felt like I really came back.

Translator’s notes and references ↑ Vice president ↑ Red Dragon Emperor ↑ White Dragon Emperor

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