High School DxD

Volume 2 Chapter 4
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Life.4 The Decisive Battle Begins!

On the day of the decisive battle.

“I’m ready.”

I’m getting fired up in my room.

Right now, it’s 10 o’clock at night. The decisive battle will start in two hours, exactly from 12am.

Today our job as a Devil is off. We went home straight after school. That’s because we may end up wasting our stamina.

We plan to meet up at the club room 30 minutes prior to the match, so I can only stay here for about 90 minutes. But still, I feel the most relaxed here in my own room. So I want to stay here as long as I can.

If I go there, I will feel nervous whether I like it or not. Ah, I feel more nervous than the time I was waiting for my entrance exam results to our academy......

I’m wearing my uniform. I thought this will be the most fitting clothing for this. Rather, should I prepare clothing for battle purpose? When I asked that to Buchou,

“If my group has a uniform, then it has to be the uniform of Kuou academy. We are the members of the Occult Research Club after all.”

Buchou replied like that to me with a smile.

That’s why my battle uniform will be my school uniform. Well, if I was doing martial arts I could have prepared a dougi.

There are lots of banana peels near me. I ate all of them already, and that technique that I have been practicing ever since camp is almost completed.

I can do this. I can do this! My new ultimate technique!


Someone knocks on the door. Huh? Is it Asia?

“Ise-san, may I come in?”

“Yeah, sure.”

I get a bit shocked when I witness the clothing that Asia is wearing.

That’s because she is wearing a nun outfit. Obviously she doesn’t have her Rosario hanging around her neck. She also doesn’t have her veil on her head.

“Asia that outfit......”

“Y-Yes. When I asked Buchou-san, she told me, “Wear something that you feel the most comfortable in”. I thought about it a lot, and I found out that this outfit is the easiest for me to move around in. ......I’m not a Christian anymore, but I haven’t forgotten my beliefs. Even though I’m a Devil now......”

Is that so? This girl must have thought deeply about it.

I’m sure that you need a lot of guts to appear in a nun’s outfit for a battle between Devils, but if that’s what Asia chose then I don’t have any complaints. Buchou will also allow it with a smile.

“Yeah. You look the most natural in a nun’s outfit. You also look good in our school uniform, but you were dressed in that outfit when I first met you. Yeah, you look great.”

“Thank you very much.”

Asia makes a very happy face when I praise her.

“U-Umm, Ise-san?”

Asia suddenly becomes hesitant. What’s up with her?

“Can I sit beside you?”

“Y-Yeah. Sure.”

Asia approaches me who am sitting on my bed and then she sits beside me. She then hugs onto my arm tightly.

“W-What’s wrong?”

I panic, but I can feel her shaking through my arm.

“......I can’t stop shaking when I think that there is a scary battle waiting for us. But if Ise-san is with me, I will be okay.”


“Ehehe. I’m not scared if I’m with Ise-san after all. ......Can I stay like this until we leave?”


“......Can I stay with you forever from now on?”

“Yeah, we will always be together.”

I hold on to Asia’s hand gently and we stay like this till we left the house. After that, I didn’t feel nervous anymore and Asia’s shaking has also stopped.

Part 2

Around 11.40pm at night—.

The other club members and I have gathered in the old school building. We are waiting in our most relaxing positions. Everyone except Asia is wearing their uniform.

Kiba is equipped with a gauntlet on his hands and has some armour on his lower leg. He has his swords against the wall.

Koneko-chan is sitting on the chair and is reading a book. On her hands, she is wearing gloves that allow her fingers to be seen. It’s one of those gloves that martial artists wear. It looks pretty intense if a girl with a loli face wears it.

Akeno-san and Buchou are drinking green tea elegantly. Just to be expected from our Onee-samas, they sure are calm......

Asia and I sit on the chair quietly while we wait for the time to come.

Ten minutes prior to the match, the magic-circle glows and Grayfia-san appears from it.

“Is everyone ready? It’s ten minutes before the match.”

Everyone stands up after Grayfia-san confirms us. Grayfia-san then starts to explain about the battle.

“When it becomes the time to start the battle, you will be teleported to the battlefield through this magic-circle. The location of the place is in a different dimension used for battles. You may fight with all your power. It’s a disposable space so feel free to fight to your satisfaction.”

I see. A battle purpose field, huh. So Devils can prepare something like that as well.

Indeed if we fight somewhere in the humans’ world or Devils’ world, we can’t avoid destruction. So it means that we need a place where we won’t harm anything no matter what we do.

But leaving that aside, there’s something that I’m concerned about.

“Hey, Buchou?”

“What is it?”

“Buchou, you also have another [Bishop], right? Where is that person?”

Yes, that’s what Buchou told me before she reincarnated Asia. She told me she already has another [Bishop]—.

She told me that the [Bishop] is doing another mission, but why isn’t the [Bishop] here under this serious situation?

After I asked the question, everyone except me and Asia acts weird. It seems like I asked something I shouldn’t have. It feels like the atmosphere in this room has changed. All of them are keeping their mouth closed.

“Unfortunately, the other [Bishop] can’t participate. Though there will be a time when I will talk about that in the near future.”

Buchou says that to me without looking at me in the eyes.

Seems like there’s something complicated about this matter. I probably should stop asking about this topic now.

But what’s so important that the [Bishop] can’t appear for its Master’s important match? I can’t get rid of my suspicions. Grayfia-san then speaks under this weird atmosphere.

“This “Rating Game” battle will also be viewed by members of both households from a different location through broadcast.”

Are you serious? So they will be watching us? So they are going to view us like VIP members, huh. They sure must be having fun. Since Buchou’s parents are watching this as well, I can’t show them an unsightly scene.

“Maou Lucifer-sama will also be viewing this battle. Please do not forget about it.”

Maou!? Maou-sama!? Wow, that makes me nervous. Even the one standing above us is paying attention to this match!? Buchou then makes a shocked face.

“Onii-sama is? ......I see, so Onii-sama is also going to view this battle.”

......Huh? I think I heard it wrong. What did Buchou just say? O-Onii-sama......? I got confused so I put my hand up and ask.

“U-Umm, Buchou, you just called Maou-sama “Onii-sama”......? Did I hear wrong?”

But Kiba answers me straight away.

“No, Buchou’s brother is indeed the Maou-sama.”


“M-Maoooooou!!? Buchou’s Onii-sama is Maou-sama!?”


Buchou confirms it straight away.

Are you serious!? Seriously!? No, wait. But Buchou is part of the “Gremory clan”, isn’t she? I think her last name is different from any of the Maou’s last name......

Lucifer, Beelzebub, Leviathan, and Asmodeus. It doesn’t match with any of their last names.

“Are you confused because Buchou’s family name is different to the names of Maou-samas’?”

Kiba guesses what I’m thinking. It’s a bummer but he has it correct.

“Yeah, that’s it.”

Kiba starts to explain after I admit it reluctantly.

“In the previous Great War, the Maou-samas was in a critical condition and has passed away a long time ago. But there would be no Devils if there aren’t any Maou-samas. That’s why—”

The Devils decided to keep the names of the Maous and let it be inherited to the ones with enormous powers. So the current Four Great Maous are the Ultimate-class Devils that are the successors of the first generation Maous that has inherited their names.

So that’s how it is. Then “Lucifer” and “Beelzebub” isn’t a personal name but more like a managerial position.

“To tell you the truth, out of the three factions of the God, the Fallen Angels and the Devils, the Devils have the least power. We are actually in a tight spot but we are still safe because the current Maou-samas has a power equal to the previous Maou-samas.”

......So the Devils’ society is just somehow managing, huh......

I’m pretty shocked to hear that the Maou-samas that have their names recorded in the books you find in the libraries are already dead.

“So Buchou’s brother was chosen to be a Maou from the Ultimate-class Devils then?”

Kiba nods at my question.

“Sirzechs Lucifer—who is also known as the “Crimson Satan”. He is Buchou’s brother and the most powerful Maou-sama.”

—Sirzechs Lucifer.

Not a “Gremory” but a “Lucifer” huh. So he isn’t referred by his family name any more like Buchou is.

“......So that’s why Buchou needs to inherit her household.”

It can’t be helped since her brother became a Maou. Her brother has to carry the world of the Devils on his back. Amazing. Even Buchou’s family is amazing......

“It’s about time. Everyone, please head to the magic-circle.”

We gather to the magic-circle after Grayfia-san urges us to.

“Also, once you get transported, you cannot use the magic-circle until the game ends.”

So we can only return here after the outcome.

The magic-circle’s symbol changes to another one which is not that of the Gremory’s and it starts to emit lights. It’s also not the symbol of the House of Phoenix. Perhaps it’s the one used for the game?

While I was thinking about it, the light covers us and the teleportation begins.

Part 3

......When I open my eyes.

......Huh? I tilt my head when I witness the view. Obviously. Because this place is the clubroom.

What the, did the teleportation fail? But everyone besides me and Asia are calm and they aren’t even shocked about this situation we are in.

Also Grayfia-san is gone. Don’t tell me she teleported just by herself?


[Hello everyone. I am Grayfia, a maid from the House of Gremory and today I will be the arbiter of the Rating match between the House of Gremory and the House of Phoenix.]

School broadcast? It’s Grayfia-san’s voice.

[In the name of my Master, Sirzechs Lucifer, I will be keeping my eye on this match. By using both Rias-sama and Raiser-sama’s opinion, we created this battlefield which is a replica of the school, Kuou academy, which Rias-sama attends to in the human world.]

What! T-Then this clubroom is a replica? It’s exactly the same! The location of the furniture and even the scratches on the wall is the exact same so it really has a high reproduction of the real thing!

Oh, hold on. If I look out of the window, the sky is white. It’s supposed to be very dark since it’s midnight. So did they make a replica of the school in this world of white?

Just how extraordinary can the power of Devils be!?

[The location where both teams were transported will be their “base”. Rias-sama’s “base” would be the Occult Research Cub’s clubroom located in the old school building. Raiser-sama’s “base” would be the Student Council’s room located in the new building. For the [Pawns] to use “promotion”, please head to the enemy’s base to do it.]

That’s me! So I can’t promote unless I go to the enemy’s base. Due to the trait of my role, using “promotion” is absolutely necessary.

Similar to the actual chess, “promotion” is a special move you are able to do if the [Pawn] reaches the furthest part of the enemy’s base. I can change into any pieces besides the [King] piece.

So I have to reach the enemy’s base no matter what. Student Council room, huh. It’s at the corner of the highest floor in the school building. I have to head there!

Likewise, Raiser’s [Pawns] can promote if they get here. Unlike us, where I am the only [Pawn], they have 8 [Pawns]. If they all turn into [Queen], we are in deep shit!

[Queen] is the ultimate piece. It’s certain that we will be in danger if they are to promote.

It’s normal for [Pawns] to be sent first so they can take down each other. Does that means I have to take down 8 beautiful girls of [Pawns] all by myself......? Wow, I have rough roads ahead of me.

“Everyone, will you all please put this transceiver in your ears.”

Akeno-san gives everyone an earphone type transceiver.

Buchou says it while putting it in her ears,

“At the battlefield, we will be using this to communicate with each other.”

So we will receive the orders through this transceiver huh. This is an important item. I need to make sure I don’t break it.

[Now it’s the time for the commencement of the battle. Also, this match will continue till dawn in the humans time. So, Game starts now.]


The school bell rings. So this is the ring to signify the start of the match huh.

Like this, our first “Rating Game” begins!

Part 4

“First we have to take down Raiser’s [Pawns]. It will be troublesome if they all promote into [Queen].”

Buchou says it while sitting on the sofa. She’s quite confident.

Akeno-san starts to prepare tea. U-Umm, we are in a middle of a match, you know......?

“B-Buchou, you seem pretty calm......”

“Ise, the battle just started. The “Rating Game” is originally a game that doesn’t finish in a short time. There are times when it becomes a “blitz”, but mostly it’s a game that takes very long. Just like the actual chess game.”

I-Is that how it’s played? I thought it will be like those battles you often see in films...... Something like those “ultimate fight between monsters” types of things.

“The “Rating Game” has a meaning only if you use the battlefield to the fullest. Usually the base would be a fortress, a castle or even a tower. There are forests and rivers between the two bases and we battle using those areas. This time the school is our stage. Yuuto.”


Kiba spreads a map on the table after Buchou urges him. Wow, the whole map of our school.

It’s divided into grids and there are English alphabets and numbers on it. Oh I get it.

It’s broken into grid that is similar to a chessboard.

Buchou draws a circle around the old school building and the new school building with a red pen. Oh, I see. She marked our base and the enemy’s base.

“There’s a forest near our base. It’s safe to assume that this is also our territory. In other words the new school building would be Raiser’s territory. It’s quite possible that there will be an ambush when you enter their territory. The school field is visible from the new school building. So it’s dangerous to pass through here.”

She is right. The school field is visible from the new school building’s windows. Once we enter the battlefield, it’s impossible to teleport using the magic-circle. So it’s impossible to teleport from the old school building to the new school building. So we have to use our feet to move around then. Well, we can use our wings to fly, but we will become a sitting ducks. Also, I can’t fly yet.

“Then do we have to go through the sports ground to get to the new school building?”

Buchou chuckles at my question.

“Normally, yes. But the enemy will also know that. So he’ll have his servant positioned at the sports ground. ...... He’ll have his [Knight] or [Rook] positioned at one of the clubrooms located in the sports ground. No, if it’s a sports ground, you will need a person with “mobility”. So he’ll have one [Knight] and three [Pawns], a total of four servants positioned here. Then he’ll have control of the whole sports ground.”

Then Kiba says his thoughts.

“Buchou, it’s about the gym near the old school building. Shouldn’t we occupy this location first? If we capture it here then we will have a route to the new school building. The gym is a passage to both of the buildings so we could also restrain the enemy’s movements.”

Buchou nods at Kiba’s opinion.

“Yes, I also have the same opinion. First we will capture the gym. ......In terms of location, the opponent may have his [Rook] positioned there. Since it’s inside a building, it would be better to use the [Rook] with destructive power over [Knight] with mobility.”

......Wow, they started to talk about the strategy in a way that I don’t understand! W-Well, I’ll just follow the order! I just need to make sure that I don’t cause any trouble for them.

“......Yuuto and Koneko, you two set a trap in the forest. Take another map with you and make sure you mark the places where you set the trap in. I will make a copy afterwards and hand it to everyone.”



Koneko-chan and Kiba leaves the room straight away and takes a map and a weird looking tool box with them.

“Everyone else will be on standby until they finish setting up the trap. Oh, Akeno.”


“After Yuuto and Koneko returns, can you cast illusions and mists around the forest and the sky? Obviously a trap that only reacts to Raiser’s group. That’s how the start of the match will be like, though it seems like this battle will become intense midway through it. So I’ll leave the issue regarding the mists and the illusions to you, Akeno.”

“I understand, Buchou.”

Akeno-san confirms. The strategy has already begun. Both Asia and I don’t know what we are supposed to do.

“U-Umm, Buchou? What am I supposed to do?”

I think it’s bad if I don’t do anything. I want to do something!

“Yes. Ise, you are a [Pawn] so you have to use “promotion”.”


I reply to her energetically. Buchou waves her hand towards me. Hmm? What is it?

“Sit here.”

I sit next to Buchou because she told me to. She then points at her lap.

“Lay down here.”

—! W-Wait, is that......the legendary “lap pillow”!?

I-I can really......use that white legs of yours......am I really allowed to do it!?

“I-I will be in your care!”

I unconsciously bow my head to Buchou politely.

Gulp...... I start to put my head on Buchou’s lap slowly while gulping down my saliva.


I can feel a really soft sensation on my cheek. Ooooooooh! Why are you so soft, Buchou!? My head is about to explode because I’m having lots of physical contacts with Buchou!! Her actions towards me are too great for someone like me who am going through that age!

I want to grind my cheek on her lap, but I think my heart will stop!


I have tears on my eyes without even noticing it.

Lap pillow. Out of all the things I want to get done by a girl, it’s definitely among the “Top 10”. And right now it became a reality......

I can’t stop the tears that are falling from my. Man, what am I doing in the middle of an important match?

But a perverted student like me who has no luck with girls is getting this sweet treatment. Oh, mum and dad, thanks for giving birth to me!

Buchou sighs while looking at me.

“Geez. Why are you crying?”

“Sob, getting a “lap pillow” from Buchou, I’m so moved that the tears won’t stop. I will never forget this sensation. Sob, I’m happy that I was born.”

“If it’s just “lap pillow”, then I will give it to you again. You seriously are an overreacting boy.”

What!? T-This is absurd!? You will!? Why is Buchou so nice to me!? No, that’s not important now! So something like that is possible!?

Yes, I’ll ask her myself next time! Aah, my school life is so wonderful! I’m totally in a league over Motohama and Matsuda! Now I feel sorry for them. I just need to hope that their life will get better.

Ah! Asia is looking at me with teary eyes! And she is making a weird face. Huh? Is she angry? Why? She looks very unpleasant......


Buchou then puts her hand on my forehead.

“......I unlocked a small portion of the seal that I had cast on you.”

“Huh? Seal?”

The moment I say out the doubt I had, there is a big change in my body.


At the same time, I can feel a power growing within me. What is this? Amazing, it feels different than the power up that I get from my Boosted Gear. If that is a power I receive from elsewhere, then this power up is coming from within me and it feels comfortable.

What is this—? Buchou then says it my ear while I find it suspicious.

“Do you remember? The talk about where I used all my eight pieces of [Pawns] to reincarnate you?”


“At that time, your strength as a Devil was low so I had to put a limit on your power as a [Pawn]. You, who just reincarnated from human, didn’t have a body that could endure the power of eight pieces of [Pawns]. To put it simply, you would be the strongest after Akeno, so you needed to attain more power or else your body would break. So I just unsealed a bit of the seal.”

Unsealing it—. Then this power that is flowing within my body is my natural power.

“That training was meant to have you cope with the power of Boosted Gear and the [Pawn]. Though there are areas you still lack in.”

So there was actually a meaning to that harsh training! I’m glad that I went through that training by training hard!


Buchou then starts to pat my head. Aah, it feels so nice to have Onee-sama pat my head.

Is it me or is Asia looking at me with sharp eyes?

“Listen up, Ise. You have to beat your opponent even if they are girls, okay? You can’t hold back. They won’t hold back against you.”

“Y-Yes, I understand!”

“That’s a good boy. Use the “promotion” to change into [Queen]. The battle will change if you promote into the [Queen] that possess the strongest power.”

“But it feels weird for me, who am a guy, to turn into a [Queen].”

Buchou makes a small laugh at my opinion.

“It’s just a name for a role in chess, so you don’t have to think too deeply about it. We are already at a disadvantage by having fewer members than Raiser. So you have to prepare yourself to work over the limit. If we lose even a single person, our situation will get even harder.”

Buchou already thought about our roles carefully and has already made a plan for our move......

The battle can be settled if I charge up my demonic-power with my Sacred Gear and shoot it to the new school building......though it won’t be that simple, right? The opponent may also foresee such method, and they may have a counter-measure against it.

Also there is a limit to my attack which has powered up, and since I’m bad at using demonic-powers, I can’t do something like wasting it. If I have to do it, it will be safer to promote to [Queen] first, that way you can guarantee the power of the attack.

Yeah, I will just go forward while believing in Buchou and my comrades!

“Buchou! I will definitely make you win!”

That’s what I thought from the bottom of my heart. My true feeling. Yes, it’s better to tell her my actual feelings.

Buchou smiles after hearing that.

“Yes, I will be relying on you. My adorable, Ise.”

I will definitely make Buchou win! I won’t give Buchou to a jerk like that!

Like that, I was having fun with Buchou’s lap until Kiba and Koneko-chan got back.

Thanks to that, I’m fully pumped!

Part 5


I raise my spirit in front of the old school building.

Next to me is Koneko-chan. She will be my partner for the next plan.

“Okay then, Ise, Koneko. You won’t be able to avoid the battle once you get into the gym. Move accordingly like we discussed. That location will be an important place.”

Buchou sent us off at the entrance. Koneko-chan nods at Buchou.

“Yes, I will.”

Our target is the gym. We need to win the battle that will be awaits us. The ones that will be heading there is me and Koneko-chan. We are not allowed to fail. Yeah, we can’t lose. I can’t retire without even using “promotion”!

“Then I will be going as well.”

Kiba is getting ready to go by placing his sword to his hip.

“Yuuto, move accordingly like we discussed.”

“Roger that.”

“Asia will be on standby with me. But we will be going after we get a signal from Ise and the others. You definitely cannot be taken down. It will be over if we lose our healer.”


Asia also replies energetically even though she is nervous.

Asia’s ability to heal is our lifeline. Because of that ability of hers, we are capable of doing things that is a bit recklessly for our strategy.

Our winning factor is to protect Buchou who is our [King] and also Asia.

“Akeno, I trust you to move when you think it’s the right time.”

“Yes, Buchou.”

The strongest servant, Akeno-san. According to Buchou, the outcome will be decided with her move.

I will be relying on your ultimate move that is hidden behind that smiling face of yours!

Buchou steps forward after she checks everyone.

“Now then, my adorable servants. Are you ready? We can’t turn back now. Our enemy is Raiser, who is said to be a genius from the immortal House of the Phoenix with a promised career. Now then! Let’s go and blow them away!”


All of us replies together and heads off!

Me, Koneko-chan, and Kiba leaves the old school building!

“Ise-san! Everyone! Please do your best!”

I can hear Asia cheering for us from behind. We raise our hand and wave at her.

Now, there’s no more turning back Hyoudou Issei! I will have to be resolved and move straight ahead!

We run towards the gym. During our way towards the gym, Kiba leaves us to head to a different direction. It’s in our plan for Kiba to leave us at a certain point.

“Then I will be waiting for you ahead!”

“Yeah, you just do that!”

We split up after saying our good byes. He will do his job, and I will do mine!

I went towards the gym along with Koneko-chan.

Since the main entrance is connected to the new school building, we can’t enter from there. That’s because our intrusion will be caught by them.

We need to go in from the other door located on the opposite side of the gym. We went there and turn the door knob. It’s opened. It’s not locked.

But this gym, even the appearance of it looks like the actual thing. It’s the same with the old school building where it looks like the real thing. I will believe it if they tell me afterwards that “the stage took place at the real Kuou academy”.

We come into the back platform from the back door. Since the curtain isn’t down, the inside is visible.

I try to look at the court from the corner of the platform, but then Koneko-chan mutters.

“......Presence. Enemy.”

—! Even before I can get shocked at hearing that, a loud voice echoes within the gymnasium.

“We know you are there, servants of Gremory! We watched you coming inside.”

The voice of a woman. Raiser’s servants! So they saw us coming inside!

Then there is no need for us to hide ourselves.

Koneko-chan and I show ourselves to them by appearing at the platform boldly. There are four female Devils standing at the court.

The woman with a china dress, the twins and also—

There is the loli girl who knocked me down with a stick. I never thought I will meet her this quickly......

If I remember right, the woman with the china dress is the [Rook]. The twins are the [Pawns]. And the small girl is also a [Pawn]. I know it because we were explained about the enemies while having the photo of them shown to us at the clubroom before we came here.

Three [Pawns] and one [Rook]...... We are also a [Pawn] and a [Rook], though their numbers are double of ours.

Though due to our plan, we can’t avoid this battle.

“Boosted Gear, standby.”


The Boost begins. Yeah! I’m going to do it!

“......I will leave the [Pawns] to you, Ise-senpai. I will take care of the [Rook].”


Both Koneko-chan and I stand in front of our opponent. The china dress woman makes a kung fu stance and the small girl makes a stance with her stick.

Lastly, the twin girls grabs their chainsaws with a smile –hey, a chainsaw!?


The chainsaws starts while making a dangerous sound.

Wow! Are you serious!? Girls aren’t allowed to carry dangerous things like that!

“Disassembling time♪”

Both of the twins say that happily!

Hey! You can’t say things like that with a bright voice!

More like, I don’t want to be disassembled! It will be bad if I get hit by those chainsaws!


Koneko-chan and the china dress woman have already begun their fight a bit further away from us.

It looks like a martial arts match because of all the punches they are throwing at each other! Each hit looks powerful since both of them are [Rooks]. I think Koneko-chan is at an advantage because of her small build, which allows her to move more freely. But the china dress woman is also moving swiftly while doing tricky attacks.


The [Pawn] girl spins the stick professionally while making a sound. If my memory is right, I think her name is Mira.

Then I get a nasty flashback. I acted all mighty and ended up getting hit by that stick without doing anything. ......I don’t want to lose ever again!

“Split, split, split, split, split!”

The twins come right at me while grinding their chainsaws to the floor! The chainsaws are making sparkles and they swing them at me!


I can hear a nasty sound near my ear. Wow! That’s dangerous! I was just able to dodge it!

I tackle one of the twins with my shoulder and put some distance between us. If it’s a simple move like this, then the Boosted Gear won’t reset. If I get too carried away and attack them, the power will return to the original state!


A sound of something being pointed at me from behind.


I also dodge this attack by a margin as well. The stick passes through my armpit sharply! It’s an attack from the girl called Mira! I dodged it this time!

My body can move more than I thought! It was because of the training and also because Buchou unsealed some of the power of the [Pawn] pieces inside me!

I can do this! I can actually do this! I have confidence in my own power.

When I showed some confidence, the chainsaw grazes my cheek! From the pain I felt, it’s certainly bleeding. When I look carefully, my uniform is cut in different places. Ugh, looks like I’m in a pretty dangerous situation.


The second power up!

The girls still doesn’t hesitate to attack me during the boost! But—.

Yo! Haa!

I dodge the attacks that are coming from above me by moving my body to the side, and I dodge the attacks coming from the side by jumping and ducking down! I guard the attacks of the stick that is coming from the front by crossing my arms!

Yeah! I overcame all of their attacks! How’s that, dammit!?

“Ah, geez! This is so frustrating~!”

“Why isn’t it hitting him!?”

The chainsaw twins seem pissed so they start to step on the floor violently.

“......I can’t break through his guard.”

Looks like the stick girl is also irritated that her attacks aren’t hitting me effectively.

Too bad. I also trained like hell as well. I won’t be able to face Buchou and the others if I lose instantly!


Here it is! My third boost! It’s here!

“Let’s do it, my Sacred Gear-kun!”


I will fight them in this state! My whole body is getting overflowed with power! A powered-up state for a temporarily time! I won’t waste it even for a bit!

“I will take care of you two first!”

I run towards one of the twins. Fast! It may be weird coming from me but that’s a good dash!

The opponents can’t react to my movements for a slight moment. She swings her chainsaw after she realises the situation she is in, but my fist has already reached her!


One of the twin [Pawns] went flying with my hit.

“You! How dare you hit my Onee-chan!”

The little sister of the girl I just hit aims her chainsaw towards me, but I twist my body and hit the girl! The younger sister of the chainsaw twin falls down to the floor.


The stick girl with a childish face thrust her stick towards me! I will make sure it works this time!



I cut down her stick with my karate chop. Ouch! The stick is harder than I thought!

I hit away the girl who just lost her weapon without a moment to spare!


The young girl rolls on the floor while making a scream.


The sound of the china dress woman. When I look, the china dress woman has her hands on the floor and Koneko-chan is still maintaining her fighting stance.

Wow. I can tell that Koneko-chan is at an advantage by the looks of it.

“Geez! If we lose to a guy like him, Raiser-sama will get mad at us!”

One of the chainsaw girls fixes her position and makes a negative comment.

“We will definitely dissemble you into pieces!”

The twin turns on their chainsaws once again.

Fufufu, you won’t be able to act in such way any longer. I already accomplished the necessary conditions for activating my ultimate technique.

“Take this! My new ultimate technique! Dress Break!”

Click! At the same time I click my fingers, the chainsaw twins and the stick girl’s clothes gets blown away.

Yes, even their underclothes are blown to pieces! The white curvy bodies of the girls are exposed right in front of me.

Wow, all three of them still need some growth, but this is also wonderful in its own way!

Bubah! Lots of blood bursts out of my nose while I make a laugh loudly.


Their scream echoes within the gym. All three of them ducks down to the floor and are trying to hide their private parts.

“Ahahahahaha! How’s that!? This is my technique! And the name of it is “Dress Break”! I just kept on imaging the girl’s clothing getting blown away into pieces! I spent all of the talent I have in making a technique that will make all of the girls naked!”

Yes, you can say I spent all of my talent I have in using my demonic-power for this reason! I don’t have talent at using demonic-power in the first place. So I just turned what I’m good at imagining into reality by using up all of the talent I have.

This was all for this scenery I am seeing! Hahaha! Look, I stripped down the girls naked!

That’s why I peeled all of the fruits and vegetables with not my hands or a knife, but with my demonic-powers only! I peeled the vegetables and fruits till I would lose my mind.

The activation requirement is that I have to touch my opponents. Then I send them my demonic-power that is filled with strong imagination. And this is the result.

“You are the worst! You are the enemy of every woman!”

“Beast! You sex fiend!”

The chainsaw twins starts to bad mouth me while having tears in their eyes. I will gladly accept those words.

“......I misjudged you.”

STAB. Koneko-chan’s muttering I heard from far away impales my heart..... Then I heard a sound from the transceiver I have on my ear.

[Ise, Koneko. Can you hear me? It’s me.]

Buchou’s voice. It seems like Koneko-chan also heard it.

“Yes! Both Koneko-chan and I are safe! More like we are doing well right now!”

[That’s good to hear. But Akeno’s preparation is also completed! I want you two to move accordingly with the plan!]

Buchou’s order! I nod after exchanging a glance with Koneko-chan.


Koneko-chan and I went to the central entrance while ignoring the girls who are down on the floor.

“Are you running away!? This location is supposed to be a crucial place!”

Raiser’s servants become shocked by our actions.

Yeah, you are right. This certainly is a crucial place. A location that connects the old school building with the new school building. In chess, it will be the “centre”. It’s apparently very important. That’s why both sides came here! To obtain this place!

That’s why there is a meaning to this! To make this place as our decoy!

Koneko-chan and I leaves from the central entrance.


An instant flash. Then—.


A huge lightning falls down onto the gym with a sound.

When the lightning stops, the gym that is supposed to be in front of us gets wiped out.


Akeno-san’s voice.

When I turn around, I can see Akeno-san with a smiley face that is flying through the air with her black wings spread. She has her right hand raised upwards. And her hand is sparkling with electricity.

[Raiser Phoenix-sama’s three [Pawns] and one [Rook] retires!]

Grayfia-san’s voice who is the arbiter echoes through the battlefield.

Wait, so with that attack just now, the enemies Koneko-chan and I were fighting got defeated!?

Are you serious!? With that one attack!? Oh yeah, I heard this from Kiba before.

“The “Priestess of Lightning”, that’s Akeno-san’s nickname. Since Buchou isn’t the age where she can play in the official matches, not many people know about Akeno-san, but she is famous among certain group of people.”

P-Priestess of Lightning...... That’s terrifying. I will definitely die if I get punished with that attack!

......Yup, I will make sure I don’t make Akeno-san angry.

“We did it, Koneko-chan.”

I try to put my hand on her shoulder, but she avoids me.

“......Please don’t touch me......”

She says that with a scorn voice and she’s glaring at me.

Ugh, that reaction saddens me. Well, it can’t be helped for any girl to be alarmed at me if they saw a technique like that.

“Hahaha, don’t worry. I won’t use it on my comrades.”

“......Even so, it is a very low technique.”

Oh my. Looks like she hates me for real now......

[Everyone, can you hear me? Akeno did a perfect attack and finished it. With this, the first phase of our plan is completed.]

I can hear Buchou’s voice from the transceiver I have in my ears. She sounds really happy.

Buchou’s plan.

That is to destroy the gymnasium that was thought to be a crucial point. Also destroying it along with Raiser’s servants.

Koneko-chan and I went through the back door of the gym to enter, but we did this act while knowing that the enemies were watching us. We needed to have them battle us by making the opponent come into the gym as well. We simply needed to flee after we fight them for a certain time.

After that, Akeno-san destroyed the gym with her lightning from the sky.

We were a bait to make the enemy come inside the cage. Then we, the bait, left the cage and destroyed it along with the prey.

Buchou’s plan has succeeded! To throw aside the important location and use it to attack is something to be reckoned with! Defeating one [Rook] and three [Pawns] was a big plus! We still haven’t lost any of our members, so we started off with a good start!

[That lightning takes time to charge it to use for the second time after she uses it. So using it continuously is impossible. Though the enemy still has a greater number than us. We will also head out as soon as Akeno’s demonic-power recovers, so I will leave the rest to each of you till then. So please move on to the next phase!]


So Buchou and Asia are heading out. Me and Koneko-chan’s next move is......to regroup with Kiba and defeat the enemy located at the sports court!

It happens then.


A sudden explosive sound is made nearby. When I look at where the sound came from—.


Koneko-chan is lying on the floor a bit away from me while smokes arise from her. I went to her quickly and hold her!

Koneko-chan’s uniform is torn as if she was dragged into a bomb. There are parts of her uniform that are gone. Don’t tell me that explosive sound before is......


An unknown voice. When I look up, there is a shadow up in the air flying with its wings spread. It’s a woman dressed up as a mage and wearing her hood. It’s Raiser’s servant! So Raiser’s servant did this to Koneko-chan! I’m sure that is Raiser’s [Queen]! The sudden appearance of the strongest servant!

“Fufufu. When you hunt a prey, the best time to take them down is when the prey accomplished something because that’s the time when the prey is the most vulnerable. It’s enough for us to “sacrifice” many of our pieces in order to take down one of you. Your group has a small number of members to begin with. That alone will be enough to give a huge damage to your group, right? Even if you defeat us, you cannot defeat Raiser-sama. It’s useless to resist.”

The magician woman laughs as if she finds it amusing.

“......Ise-senpai...... Akeno-senpai......”

Koneko-chan speaks with a voice that is about to disappear.

“......I’m sorry ......I wanted to be of more use to Buchou and everyone......”

“Y-You don’t have to apologise! We were doing our job! It’s not a problem! Just wait, once Asia arrives, she can heal you—“

Koneko-chan’s body gets enveloped with light. The body starts to fade and then it disappears from here.


[Rias Gremory-sama’s [Rook] retries.]

A cruel announcement.

Buchou explained it to me before. When we take a certain amount of damage and get into a condition where we can no longer fight, we retire and get teleported out of the battlefield by force. The destination is a place with medical equipment.

That’s why it’s alright even if we’re hurt badly. It’s not like we will die. So Raiser’s servants that Akeno-san defeated and Koneko-chan were teleported there.

I know. I know that in my head. This is a match. But still I......I!

I can feel the weight disappear from my arms. ......Damn it. Damn it!

My body shakes with anger.

“Come down heeeeeere! I’ll be your opponent!”

I ignored about the next plan and started provoking the enemy who defeated Koneko-chan. Even I know it’s a foolish act.

But I still can’t forgive her. Koneko-chan was crying just before she disappeared. She was crying because of regrets!

She was still able to fight! Shit! If I had realised it much earlier, I may have been able to save Koneko-chan! I was getting ahead of myself because the first plan succeeded!

“Fufufu. What a noisy [Pawn] boy. Do you want to explode like that girl from before?”

The mage put her hands towards me! I’m going to get shot!

“Ara ara. I will be your opponent. Raiser Phoenix-sama’s [Queen], Yubelluna-san. Or should I call you the “Bomb Queen”?”

Akeno-san comes between us as if she is trying to protect me.

“I don’t like that name because of its bad taste, “Priestess of Lightning”. Though I was hoping I can fight you.”

“Ise-kun, meet up with Yuuto-kun. I will take care of here.”



I try to convince her but Akeno-san shows a serious face to me for the first time. My heart races. I can feel the extreme pressure from her.

“Ise-kun. You have your own role, correct? Go then. This matter here is my job.”

That’s right. I might just be a burden to Akeno-san. I need to focus on what I need to accomplish.

Akeno-san smiles at me who am biting down my teeth hard.

“It’s okay. I will avenge Koneko-chan. I will defeat this [Queen] with everything I have!”

—! A golden aura covers Akeno-san’s body! I can tell how powerful she is just by looking at it. Akeno-san’s demonic-power that is. The strongest person in our group, our [Queen]!

“Akeno-san! I will leave this place to you!”

After I say that, I turn around and head towards the sports court where Kiba is waiting for me.

Right after that, a violent roar of lightning and explosions echoes from behind me.

The battle changes from the opening to the mid-game—.

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