Hide in the Banished Palace and Level Up To A Big Boss

Chapter 466 - : Investigation Findings
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Chapter 466: Investigation Findings

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

The Golden Crow clan could not make up their minds either.

But Qing Ming was dead. Wu Lao San did not lend a hand, much less send a message back. With this point, Wu Lao San would probably not be able to continue living in the Phoenix clan.

Could it be that that kid was bewitched by the colorful world outside. Qing Ming was in his way?

Whether it was or not?

In any case, Wu Lao San could not escape responsibility.

Since that was the case, they could not let the Qing Luan clan confirm the matter.

In this way, their entire Golden Crow clan would be implicated.

The more it was like this, the more the Golden Crow clan became violent.

For a few days, the two clans argued non-stop.

The few clans still could not find an expert that could be sent out to investigate.

“I think your Golden Crow clan has a guilty conscience. We request to send out a powerful investigator. Why are you objecting?”

“Who knows if they are on your side or not? When the grievance falls on us, who are we going to complain to?”

The two clans kept arguing.

The other clans were annoyed.

The Swan clan directly left, indicating that they would not participate in this matter and would not investigate such a stupid matter.


The remaining clans all had various relationships with the Golden Crow clan or the Qing Luan clan.

“No matter who goes out to investigate, our Qing Luan clan must send out experts to follow.”

“Our Golden Crow tribe also requests the same.”

“I think you guys are feeling guilty!”


“We can’t send out too many investigators. If both your tribes want a quota, we can only send out one investigator.”

The Fire Phoenix shook her head and said.

With so many emperor level experts going out, the possibility of Heaven Path keeping an eye on them was too high.

The more experts went out, the easier it would be to expose their Phoenix clan.

At most, there could only be three.

Thinking about it, the Golden Crow and the Qing Luan were a swarm of experts going out. If there was a conflict between them, then the heavenly tribulation test would really benefit.

Therefore, the investigator in the middle not only had the ability to investigate, but also had to have the ability to mediate fights. His cultivation had to be high enough and stable enough.

Once he really found the problem, this investigator also had to be able to protect the evidence.

After thinking about it, such experts in the clan were basically all in the Swan clan.

If the Swan clan didn’t participate, then there would only be one or two.

If there were only one or two investigators, then the number of Golden Crow and Qing Luan following must be small.

Otherwise, they would be able to suppress them.

Finally, after discussing for half a day, Golden Crow and Qing Luan each sent out an early-stage monarch level, while the investigator was Zi Yuan.

Following that, the three of them packed their luggage.

It was already three days later when the Green Demonic Beast woke up.

After realizing that it had regained control of its body, it became excited for a long time.

Then, it quickly rushed into the clan.

On the way, it realized that the feathers under its wings had disappeared without a trace, so it turned around to search.

It returned to the valley once again.


A terrifying aura suddenly appeared.

The Green Demonic Beast was directly pressed to the ground.

A red shadow flashed in front of the Green Demonic Beast.

Before the Green Demonic Beast could raise its head, another green shadow appeared in the valley.

The Green Demonic Beast buried its head in the ground.

The Green Demonic Beast stayed in the valley for a moment. It took a swift glance. It didn’t care about anything else and quickly caught up with the red shadow.

After waiting for the green shadow to leave, the Green Demonic Beast raised its head from the ground,


Purple filled the valley.

Then, it chased after the two shadows in front of it.

“The Golden Crow clan is running so fast. Are they going to be okay? No, we can’t let them fight.”

Zi Yuan muttered and the shadow disappeared in a flash.

After Zi Yuan left for a long time, the Green Demonic Beast crawled out of the pit.

“It’s too dangerous here! I want to leave!”

If the feather was gone, so be it!

The peak of the emptiness realm was a cultivation that even the ancestors of the clan couldn’t reach.


It was enough for him to be free.

Besides, he only had a chance to break through if he was alive.

Moreover, he now had a trace of awareness and bloodline of an emperor realm expert.

It wasn’t that he didn’t have a chance to break through to the True Realm.

Leaping out of the valley, the Green Demonic Beast hurriedly ran towards the clan.

“No matter what happens, don’t come here anymore. Live well and don’t provoke any experts.”

He secretly swore.

The Green Demonic Beast carefully left the Shining Heaven Territory.

The three Phoenix race’s emperor level experts restrained each other and appeared in a mountain stream somewhere in the heavenly shine region.

“You must remember the rules in the outside world clearly. Don’t let out even a trace of your aura. Otherwise, don’t blame me for not warning you in advance if you are targeted by the Heavenly Tribulation.”

Zi Yuan took the opportunity to say this.

These words were clear to all the emperor-level experts of the Phoenix clan.

What they were worried about now was that Golden Crow and Qing Luan would leak their aura due to snatching things or emotional fluctuations.

Golden Crow and Qing Luan looked and didn’t say anything.

Both parties began to speculate in their hearts.

Heavenly Tribulation?

If they could let the other party die under the Heavenly Tribulation, it would also be a good method.

“You two can’t leave my sight. Let’s find out the location of the Qing Luan’s accident now.”

Zi Yuan said.

“This is human territory. I’m afraid we won’t be able to find anything!”

The Golden Crow scanned the area with his spiritual sense.

“I think you have a guilty conscience and don’t want to find the place where the Qing Luan’s accident happened, right?”

The Qing Luan mocked.

“Don’t say anymore. It’s indeed better to be careful in human territory. The Dragon clan’s experts said that there are emperor-level experts in human territory. We’d better find other demonic beasts to understand!”

Zi Yuan looked at the Golden Crow and then at the Qing Luan.

Then, she left with two emperor-level experts.

On a certain mountain peak.

Zi Yuan and the Qing Luan stared at the Golden Crow.

The Golden Crow was helpless and howled toward the sky.

This was the cry of the Golden Crow clan calling their own kind.

Not far away?

As long as they were in the same world, they would definitely respond when they heard the howl.

The Golden Crow cried for half a day.

Then, it waited for another day.

“No response?”

Zi Yuan frowned.

The Golden Crow’s expression was not good either.

“I think Wu Lao San must know that he has done something wrong and has gone into hiding.”

The Qing Luan said angrily.

“The matter is not clear yet. Don’t speculate!”

Seeing that the two were about to quarrel again, Zi Yuan hurriedly said.

“Wu Lao San, if you don’t come out, call for the Red Phoenix!”

Zi Yuan said.

The Golden Crow howled at the sky again.

Two days.

Two days in a row, there was still no movement.

The several emperor-level experts looked at each other.

What happened?

“Then what should we do now?”

“First catch a demonic beast and ask it where Qing Ming suffered the Heavenly Tribulation? Then search around the Heavenly Tribulation and ask if any demon beast experts saw the situation at that time.”

Zi Yuan thought for a moment and said.

A month later, Zi Yuan appeared in a group of demonic beasts and captured an emptiness realm demonic beast to ask.

The information she received shocked the three Phoenix experts.

“Why are so many emperor-level experts killed by the Heavenly Tribulation?”

“Are the experts who were killed by the Heavenly Tribulation also counted as emptiness realm demonic beasts?”

The Golden Crow asked.

“Let’s capture another one and ask! There might not be much information about emptiness realm demonic beasts.”

Half a month later, the three birds captured a True Realm demonic beast.

It was confirmed that four monarch level experts had died under the Heavenly Tribulation within twenty years.

“Are you sure?”

“During those few years, every once in a while, a tribulation cloud would rise from the sky. Then, the world would rumble and shake. Of course, I’m sure.”

The True Realm demonic beast that was captured stared at the three experts and said with a trembling body.

The expert who was hiding in the cave to cultivate and didn’t know where he came from brought him out with a whoosh.

He didn’t even have time to react.

He was definitely a peak-stage Supreme Level realm expert.

However, upon closer inspection, the three of them didn’t even have the slightest bit of aura. They looked like ordinary flying birds.

“Every once in a while...”

Zi Yuan frowned.

The Golden Crow was surprised, and the Qing Luan was bewildered.

“Where are these locations?”

Half a month later, three birds appeared in one of the deserts.

“What a powerful sword intent. It has been dozens of years, and there is still such a powerful remnant!”

“This Heavenly Tribulation is so strange!”

“It seems that this is not where Qing Ming’s died. I wonder who died here?”

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