Hi, My Sweet Lil Moe Wife!

Chapter 1585 - 1585: The little boy
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Chapter 1585: The little boy

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Ling Xi, who was standing outside the door, was stunned. “Young Madam, is the young master not around?”

Ling Xi was shocked because everyone knew how protective the eldest young master was of the young Madam.

It was so late at night, but the young master didn’t open the door and instead asked the young mistress to do things. It was obviously illogical.

Ruan Mengmeng’s lips moved slightly. She could not admit that they were quarreling and in a Cold War.

“He went out,” she could only subconsciously reply.

Ling Xi didn’t suspect him and thought that li junyu was coincidentally not around.

The message she had received was for her to bring the eldest young master’s cousin, young master Cesare Redington, up.

Everyone thought that li junyu was staying in the Presidential Suite on the top floor.

No one would have thought that when the young couple quarreled, the great young master Li could not sleep on a bed, could not carry his wife, could not return to his room, and could only lower his status and go downstairs to live.

“Since that’s the case, I’ll hand Biao young master over to you first.” In Ling Xi’s eyes, ruan Mengmeng was the head lady.

Ling Xi trusted ruan Mengmeng and never treated her as an outsider.

“Young Madam, this is Redington family’s young master. According to seniority, he is also your younger cousin. His English name is Cesare Redington, but we usually call him young master yueze.”

Following Ling Xi’s introduction, ruan Mengmeng’s gaze gradually fell on the little boy who was standing some distance away from Ling Xi.

The boy had an extremely beautiful little face, fair skin, and delicate facial features.

Her hair was black, but her eyes were dark blue.

It was as deep as the ocean, as far as the eye could see.

It was a typical face of mixed blood.

Ruan Mengmeng suddenly remembered the man named Yueting.

Li junyu’s uncle had a special liking for peach-shaped eyes. She had even pretended to be li junyu’s girlfriend and had dinner with him.

According to his age, the little boy named yueze should be the son of Yueting’s uncle.

young master yueze, this is our eldest young master’s wife. She’s also your cousin-in-law. Ling Xi didn’t dare to get too close to the little boy, so he crouched down and whispered.

The boy’s dark blue eyes flickered as if he had heard her, but he did not say anything.

Ruan Mengmeng thought that the little boy was embarrassed, so she squatted down and reached out a hand to rub his little head.

Afraid that the child would be unfamiliar with her, she even greeted him in a friendly manner. “Xiao Ze, how are you? it’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m ruan Mengmeng, you can call me sister Mengmeng Yingluo.”

Before she could finish her words, her fingertips were about to touch the child’s hair.

The little boy, who had been silent and calm a moment ago, suddenly stepped back and squatted on the ground. (f)reewe(b)novel

The scream filled the entire corridor.

“Y-young master yueze!” Although Ling Xi had heard about young master yueze’s illness, he was always with li junyu, so she had never seen him when he was really sick.

She wanted to get closer to him, but it was obvious that yueze did not need anyone to get close to him.

Ruan Mengmeng was obviously shocked by the child’s abnormal behavior. Ling Xi quickly explained when he saw her shocked expression.

young Madam, please don’t mind him. Young master yueze didn’t do it on purpose. He’s just having autism. Ling Xi moved closer to ruan Mengmeng and said the last few words in an extremely soft voice.

Although she did not understand the psychology of autistic children, she always felt that this kind of thing should not be mentioned in front of children.

As for ruan Mengmeng …

After a moment of shock, she suddenly pushed Ling Xi away and left without a second thought.

Ling Xi, who had been thrown out the door by ruan Mengmeng: ‘K .

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